New Beginnings

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05/03/13 12:00

Dining hall

Pizza day at Xaviers, mixed up with several new beginnings

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It's lunch time at Xavier's which finds the dining hall busy and loud, especially with it being a Friday. It seems that the main entree for today's lunch is pizza, in all its splendid varieties. This aids to the excitement, what teenager doesn't love pizza day.

Sitting at a table near the patio windows is a casually dressed auburn haired woman, a stranger to just about all the student body, except a select few, like the two young girls she is sitting with. The student body is small enough that while they might not be known personally, there names would be at least, Rachel Carpenter and Cassie Lang, the only two mundane, non-powered students in the school and the youngest at 11 and 10 respectively. Though they are known to be the children of two of the Avengers. The three are talking happily as they enjoy thier lunch.

Pizza day... may its name be forever praised. With her freaky metabolism, it's one of the few days Chenda can put together a serving that's anything close to normal-sized, which means only one plate and a /lot/ fewer stares. At that, the result today is still five slices of assorted kinds of 'za. Carrying this armload, the gypsy girl looks around the room for someplace to take a seat.
There are one or two tables that look like they have seats open, but the one that stands out holds two of the youngest students, along with a red-haired woman who doesn't look familiar from behind. Now who could that be?
Curiosity gets the better of her better judgement, and she heads over that way, giving Rachel and Cassie a wave as she approaches. The irony of the oldest student here wanting to sit with the youngest is not lost on her. "Hey, Rache, Cass! How's stuff? Hi, ma'am. Visiting?"

The two girls are the first to greet thier fellow student, Rachel with a cheerful "Hello 'Chenda." and Cassie with an equally cheerful "Hi! Hi!" on the enthusiasm of youth. The greeting exchang causes Archene, ne, Julia to turn to look at who has come upon them "Well if it isn't Jennifer's former assitant." she grins up at Richenda "You should have told me you went to school here." her eyes move to Thimble, then back to Richenda "Would you two care to join us?”

"Good! Good!" Chenda replies, playfully mimicking the enthusiastic Cassie, giving both girls a nose-wrinkling grin just so they know it's all in fun.
But she has to look more closely when the woman with the two girls looks up. She knows that face! "Miss Julia!" she replies enthusiastically, setting down her plate and giving the friendly woman a hug. "I didn't even think of it! I really should've, especially with Rachel coming here after that campus-sharing agreement. How are you? What do you think of the school?"
And, glancing up at that other familiar voice, she smiles at the approaching classmate. "Janie, hi! I see you survived math period. Still eating light?"

"It's Friday, Richenda. And there is no fish, so salad." Janie replies with a weak smile, which she forced on her face obviously. Looking over the other two girls she then looks at Richenda again. "Math is not as bad as you make them believe. It is just not Art."

Returning the hug with good grace, despite barely knowing the teen, Julia "You couldn't have known at the time." she makes room at the table by moving over a few seats "Looking forward to summer break?" as soon as she asks one of the school's faculty members approaches and asks if they can talk for a few moments "Of course. If you girls will excuse me a few moments." she gets up and joins the staff member a few feet away.

"I really should've guessed, though. But welcome. And summer's looking good at this point," Chenda replies. She doesn't mention that she'll be coming back next year to do exactly the same thing as this year, only for a grade this time. Maybe it'll be better the second time, but she's not counting on it.
And then the Avenger is approached by one of the faculty, and she has to leave. "'Scused. Hurry back!" Chenda replies, with a smile. "You never told me you had such a cool mom, Rache. Is there anything else you're keeping from me?" she adds, just to tease Rachel.
And, back to her friend. "At least I don't see you growing fins and scales so far," Chenda ripostes playfully. "And math is /exactly/ as bad as I'm saying. It's just easier for some to put up with the badness. Have a seat? There's plenty of room."

Janie nods slowly, taking a seat next to Richenda. For the scales she hands out a slight puff with the elbow. "You don't grow fishy from eating healthy." Not as eloquent as the fishy tease, but true. "But why you want to better your grades? So bad?" She asks then, knowing that she will never make it into college herself with her grades, unless they give her a huge discount for having been through the worst parts of CPS. "You don't want to go to Harvard, do you?" Well, Janie has no intention to become Doctor or Lawyer.

"Ow! Jeez, Janie, could you eat some meat onto those bones of yours? They hurt!" Chenda ripostes, feigning pain. Being an acrobat, she's taken far worse beatings just from falls, but Janie doesn't have to know that, right? "And barring a miracle, I'm not counting on /anything/ raising my grades. I guess the world of work won't be opening its arms for nothing." With her difficulties concerning anything you just read and do nothing with, Harvard would turn up its Ivy League schnozzola.
She's just picking up her first slice of pizza when Miss Pryde steps over, giving her a tap on the shoulder and Janie a smile of greeting. Chenda looks up. "/Now/?" A nod. "Oh, all right, but I'm bringing my lunch with me."
She gives Janie, Rachel, and Cassie an apologetic look. "Sorry. Make-up computer stuff to do. I'll see ya in class, Janie. Rache, say bye to your mom for me?" She follows her friend and instructor out.

Janie sighs as Richenda leaves her alone with the young girl, looking at her own chips and sallad for some time. It is awkward silent for some time, before she eventually looks up towards the other girl "I'm Janie, and you?"

"I'm Rachel." the light auburned hair one says, she is obviously the older woman's daughter, "And this is Cassie." both have been quietly eating thier lunch, Rachel with a non-chalance and Cassie with a tad of hero worship like glances at the older students. They are all sitting at a table near the patio windows, eating thier lunches. Julia then returns to the table, sitting back down "Where did Richenda run off to?" her tone is curious though she shrugs "Did I hear you say your name was Janie?" she asks the petite woman.

Lunchtime, Pizza Day and Friday has the students both excited and a tad on the rambunctios side.

Ruth came tapping into the dinning hall to get a slice of pizza. What kind she could only guess at but she raised a hand in a tentative wave toward Janie once her lunch was collected.

Janie looks into the direction Richenda did left "She had to do something for Miss Pryde I guess. I just wonder where her dragon hides." she answers, nodding on the question for the Name. "Janie Wu, yes." she confirms then, looking over the two "And you are Rachel and Cassie. I guess you are Juniors?" As Ruth enters her field of vision she gives a slight whistle "Bit more to the right, Ruth."

The two young girls giggle at the assumption "No, we are both in 6th grade." Cassie replies, they are the only 6th graders so they have classes to themselves.
"They are here as part of the Avenger's Academy. Scott, Cassie's father, and I, thought they would be safer coming to school here as opposed to public school in Manhattan." Julia explains her eyes lifting to see the girl who Janie is talking too.

Ruth smiles at the friendly help and adjusts her orientation before approaching "Please if I might ask, would you all mind if I joined you?"

"Only if you ask again, Ruth. Ther's a free place just one yard forward and a half to your left. Next to Rachel and Cassie. Actually the first 6th graders I know here." Janie tells Ruth "How was class?"

"Not at all." Julia answers as well, gesturing for the girls to make room for Ruth to sit down "What classes are you girls taking?" she pushes her empty plate aside as she asks Janie and Ruth the question.

Taking Janie literally Ruth asks again "Please if you don't mind may I join you?" and then after waiting for Janie's reply to her inquiry she follows the directions given, feeling with her free hand for one of the girl's shoulders as a spatial marker. "Thank you yes, I'm Ruth, it's nice to meet you all. Are you two the only 6th graders, please if you don't mind my asking?" then smiles toward the adult in the group "Biology, and the mandatory ethics class as well as some extracurricular lessons and the usual training, thank you yes"

"Ruth... You do listen, right? You asked if I mind and I said only if you ask." Janie explains with a notso nice look, but she eases her face "Ok, I don't mind, but listen more careful next time." Then she turns the head ti Julie "Math, English, History, the usual stuff. I have quite some... uhm... let's better say that most classes I had until last year are likely invalid and thatI have a serious lack of grades." Actually all her grades from westport are invalid and void, resulting in nothing but this one year of valid grades since she was 14.

Julia eyes the two girls and thier banter with each other "Yes, it may not look like or be like every other american high school, but it certainly sounds like it." she means both the way they talk to each other and thier class listings.

Ruth turns her head toward janie "I did listen but your comment could be taken two different ways, yes sorry, I thought you meant I could only join if I asked again" thankfully ruth couldn't see the dirty looks. Then turns her head back to Julia with a nod "Looks can be deceiving in this place possibly more then others, sorry my apologies, tensions tend to spring up frequently between myself and Janie" a tone of regret in her voice at that admission "I currently have lessons with Mr Wagner, Bill and Miss Braddock, Miss Frost and also Mr Lebeau, round here probably more then any other school they keep us quite busy, yes thank you"

"It's not that I dislike Ruth." Janie answers on the defense or Ruth, looking at her double fries and salad. No, it is the fact that Ruth told her she would end in a camp that strains the relationship when they first met and for Janie that was still is a prophecy - even if ruth does not see that anymore.. "You forget the occasionally lessons of Mister Smith and Miss Moonstar."

Listening to both girls explain themselves Julia nods glancing at her watch as she does so "Well, it was nice meeting you girls. I have to get back to 'work' ladies." she takes her lunch stuff and gets up, "Bye Honey." she leans over and gives her daughter a hug then leaves.

Ruth smiles toward Janie withy a nod "Biology class with Mr Smith, yes and the scheduled lessons in the danger room with miss Moonstar. Can I ask you a question though, please if you don't mind?"

"Shoot, I can still choose not to answer when I know the question." Janie answers, munching on a piece of salad.

Ruth nods her head trying to think how best to word her question "Well forgive me then please but obviously there is tension between us and I'd like for it not to be there, so then..why? Why the tension why can't we get along like you and Richenda do, please sorry?"

"Do you believe in destiny? Because I do and I will explain it once and once only." Janie sais, taking a deep breath. "MissMoonstar told me you can see the future. And when I first met you, you said I will end in some sort of camp. Like this Auschwitz. That I will die there." Stopping she takes another breath "I may not see the future, but I know that you can't trick destiny. You saw my future, and told me, made what you saw destiny. Now tell me, would you feel easy like that?" With a small clappering sound she pushes the tray with the rest of her fries and salad away.

A sad look comes over Ruth's face as she listens "I see the past and the future, such knowledge drives a person insane sometimes, I do the best I can with it though, sorry yes. Destiny though...I'm not sure I believe entirely in it, to me time isn't linear, it's flexible and overlapping, rarely is something written in stone that has yet to come to pass, yes thank you. The future can be changed by what we do in the present, when I said that to you I didn't say you will, I said you would, as in would have been, I saw it and it was what happened to the others from your orphanage, the ones that disappeared, I saw things that had happened to you and things that would happen if someone didn't get you out of there, you would have been the next to 'disppear' from the orphanage and the fate that awaited you was worse then that place, yes my apologies. I beleive we are all given what abilities we have for a reason it's up to each one of us to put them to the best use we can, for me that's trying to prevent the bad things I see from happening because many things can be changed and prevented if we have warning of them. I do not complain about my abilities nor does it make me better then anyone else, I am simply me and I try not to burden others with what I see unless it is necessary to stop the bad things I see from happening, please I'm sorry"

"Wait a minute, you say you didn't meant that as a prophecy? You didn't intend to try to tell me what my future will be like?" Janie asks, a bit shocked, as she had seen it as such all the time. She stays silent several seconds, eventually sighing "I... I'm sorry." Janie eventually admits. "I mean..." Another sigh and then she extends a hand "Hello, my name is Janie Wu and I am gifted. I can weave clothing." she says, somewhat trying a 'new start'.

Ruth smiles softly with a nod "No it was the reason for me telling Miss moonstar about you and the orphanage cuz...that sort of thing is just horrible and you all were just kids, such shouldn't happen and it's wrong, I wanted it stopped, yes please" sniffling at the memory before dabbing her napkin at her nose "Sometimes I give warnings of the future to people if I see bad things will happen, but it's never a prophecy just a warning, yes thank you, a forewarning so things can be changed so it doesn't happen" nodding with an understanding smile at the apology, knowing it wasn't an easy thing to admit. Then smiles warmly and reaches out her hand to feel for Janie's "I'm Ruth, it's nice to meet you Janie yes thank you. I'm a mutant, I see the past and the future and I can weave a variety of things, please yes."


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