New Atlantis

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The New Atlantis

Namor, Mockingbird, Kylor of Atlantis and the Atlantean council (emit'd by Namor)

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12/04/12 13:00


Namor and Mockingbird learn about the 'new' Atlantis and a potential Atlantean super-group

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-----==[ City of Atlantis - Atlantic Ocean ]==--------------------------------

The architecture of the city reflects the best features of many ancient cultures such as Ancient Egypt and Rome, yet has a sleek, unique style that is all its own. The main road into the city leads to the central square, and then continues onward toward the royal palace. The main square itself is lined with statues of the Atlantean gods, some fearsome, some beautiful. As with any other city, there are shops and theaters, schools and homes, and likewise, its unique landmarks - particularly the looming architecture of the Circus Marinus to the west. Looking to the north, the city seems less constructed, giving over to more natural terrain as well as the central temple of Atlantean worship.


When last we left our heroes, they had been approached by members of Atlantis' milita. One of them politely asks Namor and his guest to accompany them to the council of leaders. Namor accepts on behalf of both Avengers, and soon enough they are in a large chamber without much furniture but plenty of room to pace (or to swim) while talking.

The Atlantean Council consists of a warrior, a scientist, a doctor, a trader and one Atlantean who must surely be the underwater version of a career politician. "Greetings, Prince Namor," this last councilor begins. "Greetings, Mockingbird of the Avengers." He holds out his hands to indicate the rest of the council and the few others lurking in the edges of the chamber. "Welcome to the new Atlantis."

Namor returns the greeting with his most imperious nod, then goes back to eyeing a few of the councilors with interest and a hint of familiarity - maybe he knows them. The politican is not one of those Namor seems familiar with.

Mockingbird follows along readily enough, mostly keeping quiet and keeping in the background. This is Namor's arena, so she'll follow his lead. Giving a slow nod that's intended to be gracious, she replies. "Thank you for the warm welcome." And aside to Namor, she arches a curious brow.

Namor catches the look and shakes his head slightly. "I've been away from Atlantis for months...much has changed here." Then he turns back to the councilor who welcomed them. "What do you mean by the 'new' Atlantis?"

The councilors begin taking turns talking about how Atlantis is ruled by a council, the members are chosen from among the various branches of citizenry to ensure that all Atlanteans have an equal voice in decision-making, and that things have worked out so much better than under Attuma.

Mockingbird listens to the explanation, sorting through the accounts. "And the ruling council model of government, it's been effective?" she asks simply. "I'm curious, because typically a pure democracy like that develops functional issues over time. In the United States, we balance an elected legislative body with elected leadership and an appointed judicial system."

Namor nods in agreement with Mockingbird, then raises a fist. "It takes a strong hand to lead in times of crisis. The United States also has a president who leads the country in times of war."

The Council seems to take in the comments, a few starting to have side conversations with themselves. Finally the representative from the Science faction admits, "It's only been three months since the council was formed. And there have already been, ah, difficulties." The Military councilor hmphs and looks away. The Political councilor looks pained.

Mockingbird smiles a little and steps forward. "Hey, no one ever said that running a nation was easy. Take a look at the surface world, and you'll find plenty of examples of how it can go wrong. But I think you'll also find some examples of success." She pauses to look from one to the other before she adds. "The difference really comes down to being willing to make changes."

Namor's face is a bit stony. He waits until Mockingbird is finished, which indicates it's not her or her words that he has a problem with. But once she's done he pins the Military leader with his gaze. "What sort of difficulties, exactly?"

The Military councilor blurts out, "We can't keep the city secure with all these foriegn visitors. And the Council has 'agreed' to make an equal division of resources between the militia, the science labs and the other councilor's interests." He waves an bracer-clad arm at the other councilors. "Our milita is half the size it was under Attuma!"

Mockingbird cants her head at that, folding arms over her chest. "So with a militia that's half its former size, does that mean your forces are inadequate for defense and security?" She almost adds a question about being adequate for military conquest, but bites her tongue before getting that far.

The Military Councilor hems and haws, then finally admits, "I don't know. We haven't had any major battles or issues requiring a muster of the milita. But it's only been a few months since the reductions. I've been in the militia for years, and sometimes the times of peace are long." Clearly a warrior at heart, you can tell he almost wants to add 'too long'. "But I only know that we are weaker than we have been since Prince Namor was on the throne." The Trading Councilor finally speaks up. "Yes, but we've never seen so much growth and prosperity either. Even IN Prince Namor's reign." He blanches slightly, and shoots a panicy look at Namor, who's expression has been steadily darkening all this time. "Ah, that is to"

"Think nothing of it," Namor says in a dangerous tone that also seems to imply 'but watch your mouth'. Then Namor turns to Science, Trade and Politician, as if daring them to add anything.

Mockingbird's blue eyes flicker with amusement, but she somehow manages not to smile. "The trick, of course, is maintaining a suitable balance to meet your needs. Or actually, the -real- trick is assessing and understanding your needs adequately." That's why she asked the question the way she did, of course.

The council begins 'discussing' the situation and the city's needs. It goes about as smoothly as any political body - meaning it's only a few steps removed from an all-out argument.

Namor shakes his head, seemingly bemused now, and turns away from them to say something to Mockingbird when one of the Atlanteans who had been lurking at the edges of the chamber swims forward. "Excuse me, Prince Namor. I'm from the Science faction...can I speak with you? And with Lady Mockingbird as well."

Mockingbird folds her arms again, and this time she doesn't hide the smirk as she watches Namor's reaction to the 'governmental process'. She turns towards him as well, but before he can speak the Science representative joins them. Lady Mockingbird... file that one away for later... turns her attention towards the man. But Namor was addressed first, so it's his place to answer.

Namor glances at the Scientist in irritation. "Yes, what is it--" He pauses, a flicker of recognition crossing his features. "Kylor? Is that you? I thought you were part of the militia."

The scientist seems flattered to be recognized, but nods. "Yes...that was before the Council. But also, I have..." he pauses and looks around, then adds in a lowered voice. "Powers. The Science faction gave me the power to control water. There are others like me...some with the same powers, some with others."

Mockingbird raises both brows at that, and amusement fades quickly to concern. "Wait a sec... Kylor. You mean the Science faction just -gave- you the power to control water? What's that mean? You just...." She waves her hands about randomly, then continues. ".... what? Wave and the water smacks someone in the face?"

Kylor nods at first, but then shakes his head. "I'm not that powerful, yet. I can make it flow in a different direction, and lift things, but not fast enough to...ah, 'smack someone in the face'. Some of the others maybe, who've had their powers for longer, could do that." He looks between Mockingbird and Namor. "It's not everything that I asked for, but with practice and strategy I should be able to do more than I ever did with the milita."

Namor listens with interest, eyebrow quirking up regally when Kylor is finished. "And the others who were given powers? They asked for this as well...?"

Mockingbird purses her lips, arms folding over her chest again. "I'm also curious how this was done." she offers, mostly to Namor. "If they could give Kylor here powers, couldn't they give powers to the whole militia? With training, this could be turned into a significant advantage."

Namor nods thoughtfully. "That -is- an interesting idea. Kylor, what...oh, what is it?" he sighs.

Kylor has been practically bobbing up and down since Mockingbird asked her question. He finally blurts out, "But we can't give powers to everyone. It doesn't always work, and, and...well it just doesn't always work." He drops his voice even lower. "The Atlanteans who don't get powers...they don't always survive the process."

Mockingbird blinks at that, blue eyes going wide. "You mean you're...." she begins in a loud voice, then lowers it and glances about before continuing. "... experimenting on your own people? Seriously?" Her gaze shifts from Kylor to Namor and then back. "And you call -us- barbaric. Just how... active... is this program?"

Kylor frowns. "We volunteered," he begins. "And it wasn't so much an experiment as operation. Like the Medical faction would do if someone was sick. Only we were never sick, just...we just wanted powers." He seems to relax slightly. "And after the first Atlantean who died, the program was suspended. No new procedures are allowed."

Namor doesn't seem as offended as Mockingbird at the dangers involved, but then he nods in approval at the news that the program is no longer active. "So those of you that have these powers -- what are your plans?"

Mockingbird doesn't look convinced, keeping her arms foldes as she shoots Namor a -look-. "Also, how many subjects -were- there in the program? This could very well upset the current diplomatic balance between Atlantis and the surface world. There are those in my government who -could- make the case for superpower development as a precursor to war."

Namor looks to Kylor, expression grave once more.

Kylor gets a far-off look for just a moment, doing a quick mental count, then replies, "Five. Myself and Four others. Seven others underwent the procedure but didn't develop powers. The last one is the one who, ah, died." He looks from Mockingbird to Namor, eyes wide. "But this was the Science faction - we didn't want powers for war. Only to defend Atlantis. And to be heroes. The surface world has so many heroes..." He pauses and then adds, "The program was started after an Atlantean was altered by a doctor from the surface world."

Mockingbird's expression remains impassive at that, and she offers. "You don't need to have powers to be a hero, or to even serve your nation well. There are plenty of examples of that, already." The the implications of his words sink in and she blinks. "Excuse me? Did you just say one of -our- doctors experimented on an Atlantean?" Giving Namor a glance, she looks back to Kylor. "Where is this Atlantean now?"

Kylor thinks about that. "He doesn't come to the city much. I think the changes were undone, but he's still not himself somewhow. His name is--" Kylor recites some Atlantean name.

Namor's eyes widen as he hears it. "It was no human doctor that did that," he snorts. "It was a witch named Spiral. She changed him so that he could breathe and live on the surface, but then he could no longer survive in water." He shakes his head. "I made her undo her work, but I feared there would be other lingering effects. In his mind if not his body."

Mockingbird looks from Kylor to Namor, not recognizing the Atlantean name but looking a bit relieved that she doesn't. No, it's best that the man hasn't made it onto S.H.I.E.L.D.'s list. "Wait a sec, did you just say Spiral?" It's a familiar name, and the woman's file is extensive. Bobbi hasn't seen all of the details, but she's seen enough.

Namor nods grimly. "The same. If she's the reason Atlantean Science has turned to this...power creation, I may have to speak with her again." He looks at the Council, who are still debating and have now moved into trivial government details. "Are you ready to return to New York, Mockingbird?" He waves an arm at the council. "I'm happy to see that Atlantis is being led with wisdom and cooperation," he practically spits the words. "But as I feared, they still require someone with the strength to protect them from threats beyond their own."

Mockingbird purses her lips and she nods. "This thing with Spiral bothers me, Namor. But yes, I think I'm ready to return." After all, she now has some research to do. Nick Fury is SO not going to be pleased to hear about this.

Namor leads the way back to the vehicle that brought the Avengers here.

Behind them, Kylor's eyes seem to drift as he considers the possibilities. Someone with the strength to protect Atlantis from threats? An underwater super-team...?

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