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Mandy Medusa

Armand and Empath

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05/01/13 16:30

Theater District - New York

With the true Empath returned, he is up to his old tricks. First victim: Armand!

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It is the first of May, and spring is in the air. Standing outside a TV shop, a confused looking Manuel stares at the screen when new coverage shows Reed Richards speaking on the alternate reality versions having ended. Standing in front of the window to the shop, Manuel still appears dressed as his alternate self though. Tattered coat covering torn clothes and appearing younger than this reality’s version.

Its that early afternoon end of shift that has Armand leaving a small bakery, carrying a white paperbag of brownies and he is currently munching on it and he's walking down the sidewalk that leads past the TV shop and he freezes up, staring for a few moments at Manuel before edging forward slowly and cautiously, ducking his head and trying to look away. He wears the dark jeans and white button down blouse with the dark green apron, his hair pulled back in a low ponytail. He walks past and then sighs, walking backwards to just stare for a moment. "Are...are you doing okay?" The words are hard to get out.

“I’m not sure. I knew about the reality switches, but I would have thought I would have returned to my reality. This world is so different than home. It is a miserable place. I miss being with the X-Men. For the last month, I have been here. Trapped.” Manuel sighs as he looks to the ground and then finally looks to who he is speaking and has a feared expression looking afraid, “Stay away from me! I know who you are, Mandy Medusa!” He presses his back against the window to the TV shop covering his eyes.

Armand just stares at Manuel for a few moments, brow furrowing and he opens his mouth before taking a deep breath and sighing softly as he takes a step back, taking another bite of his brownie, eyebrow raising. "...I am not sure who you are...monsieur...perhaps. I know a man who is looking to you and he is very cruel." His jaw sets and he blinks slowly.

Staring a few moments at Armand, he peeks out from his hand to look at the lad, “Oh. . .in this reality, you are not evil.” Manuel breathes a sigh of relief. He exhales, “Sorry, you look like someone who on my world is incredibly powerful and evil.” He hmmmmns, “Who is looking for me?” He asks confused.

Armand blinks and offers the bag of brownies. "I baked, you need the sugar I believe." He looks a tad concerned however. "Oui, the ahh powerful and evil ting is not" He swallows. "No, I mean...who is /looking/ for you."

Patting his stomach, “Thank you. . .” He looks over the bag of brownies, “I could literally eat anything.” Quickly reaching into the bag, Manuel grabs a brownie. He smiles for a moment as he chews on it. Then he makes an awkward face. He makes gagging noises and spits it out, “But this is disgusting. . .” He tosses the entire bag on the ground, “Perhaps in this world, you are really Mandy Medusa.”

Armand takes a few steps back, eyes widening and he looks at bag on the grand and he frowns. "What is a /Mandy Medusa/?" He has to ask. "Do you not like chocolate chip chocolate fudge brownies?" His nose wrinkles before taking a deep breath and he holds up his hands. "Come, we can find you food somewhere else, okay? What do you want or need...?"

“I love chocolate chip chocolate fudge brownies. But whoever made those clearly has no skill with baking.” Manuel spits out the remaining few pieces in his mouth, “Seriously, I have been homeless and have tasted better food in the garbage. . .whoever you bought those from is either a cruel person or an idiot.” He takes Armand’s hand, “Any food will do. . .as long as it is not anything from the store where you bought those.” He sighs, “Mandy Medusa, on my world. . .well it is a long story. Mandy was really Armand. He was a student with a weak power. No one really liked him. He had powers with his hair. But nothing worth mentioning. He was a real asshole though. Finally, he got mixed up with some girl named Blindfold. An awkward ugly girl who could see the future. She promised to help him out with a situation and ended up being part of a mutant cult based out of the Xavier Institute. He ended up transforming into this hermaphroditic Medusa type. His/her hair turn into a medusa and he/she could turn people to stone with a simple look.”

Armand's eyebrow just raises and he looks thoughtful as he listens. "And the ah...Manuel, also known as um, Empath that looks like you, he is...manipulative and hurt me in different ways. He...can make you feel things that you are not feeling. He terrifies me." His jaw sets as he hears mention of 'Blindfold' and the like and the entire story just makes him cry, his eyeliner runs a bit as he carefully dabs at his eyes with a sleeve. "Come, we will get you a burger and fries."

Noting the crying Armand, Manuel hmphs a moment, "Yes, I heard the Manuel of this world is very powerful and should be feared." He walks a moment with Armand towards a nearby burger joint. Once inside and order placed, Manuel takes a seat, "I am sorry that I made you cry. Knowing about your future can be difficult. When it was determined that I was from the future. . .it was devastating to me to know how some of you would all turn out. . .all I can offer is. . .you are aware of what will happen to you. . .Just be careful. . ." He holds his hand out over the table to grab Armand's. "I am sorry for what my counterpart did to you. . .but I hope you don't let it happen again. . .this Blindfold, well. . .you seem more in control of yourself and a nice person. You won't fall for her tricks in this timeline anyway. . .or I hope not. For your sake and the sake of your family. ." He stops himself when the food is brought over.

Armand is quiet for a few moments, tilting his head to the side and his own order is simply some type of cheesey fry contraption and he settles down, taking Empath's hand when its offered, trembling a bit before exhaling softly and shaking his head. "I have had...many a person meddle in my affairs since I came to this city, claiming to know mon future. So much has changed but..your story..." He rubs a hand over his face and just gives a small nod. "Oui, Ruth she...has...her issues, and we often clash. Perhaps this is a good sign, oui?" A weak smile as he fidgets a bit. Ahh, Food!

Offering a smile and an affectionate touch, Manuel starts to rise a moment and sits next to Armand. “Well, I can only offer my advice. If she ‘has her issues’ then perhaps. . .you should trust your instincts.” He pulls his hand up towards Armand’s face and brushes loose hair from his face, “I love the X-Men and the institute, but for a time, it becomes a. . .well. . .just be careful. Bad things will potentially happen to you, if you are there. And you seem so sweet.” With that, he leans in planting a kiss on Armand’s lips. He smiles and then moves back to wear he was sitting and begins to inhale his burger. “Just be careful and you should be fine.”

The hair brushed out of his face starts to fade to a lighter brown before is it quickly fades back to a darker brown and Armand blinks slowly, listening closely and then he blinks as he's kissed. He takes a moment to reach for his drink, taking a sip of his soda before setting it down and picking up a fry. He blinks again. "Ahh, oui. I...merci, I..." He gives a nervous little laugh, blushing lightly. "Perhaps I will just ah, be concentrating on getting my GED otherwhere place, yes. I may be able to go to um, culinary school."

“Yes, well, hopefully you will be able to cook better than whoever made those brownies. . .yuck.” He takes a swig of water and then he makes an odd face. He seems to be in pain and then slumps over in the booth and falls under the table. A few seconds later, Manuel appears. Looking as his true self on this world. He also looks confused and then stares at Armand and looking first confused then angry, “Armand. . .what is this?” He peers about to find himself in a restaurant and dressed oddly.

Armand chuckles softly. "I will keep that in-Monsieur!" He quickly gets to his feet as the man slumps over and falls over, scrambling around the table to Empath's side before he...takes a few steps back before he tries to put two and two together. "...Non..." He pales a bit.

Pushing Armand away, “I am not sure what has happened here, but. . .” Manuel gets to his feet and notes how he is dressed. “Whoever has done this to me will pay for this.” The lone waiter in the diner gasps and Manuel looks at him. The man freezes in his place and suddenly becomes overcome with fear and runs back into the kitchen.

Armand just takes a few more steps back, watching Manuel with teary eyes and a clenched jaw. "Non..." Somethings are too good to be true. He moves a hand towards the back of his head, tugging the tie out that's holding his ponytail back as he exhales shakily. "Monsieur! Come now, you fell and hit your head."

Pointing his hand at Armand signifying an emotional attack, Manuel stops. “Bah. . .not worth my time. . .I am somewhat confused with only the haziest of memories. I was here, but was not. . .something about you being careful or needing to heed a message.” He pauses and takes a non-combative stance, as he simply looks to Armand.

Armand freezes up at the hand, trembling a bit as his hair starts to fade into a shade of black, he's on guard...but he just blinks several times. "There has been an issue lately with alternate realities and maybe you should go back to your hellhole of an academy and have a full diagnostic doctor ting done and see what's happening there. Oui, I think this will be good."

Shaking his head, “I am not at the academy anymore.” Manuel lifts his hand up and starts to make his way out but when he reaches the door, he looks to Armand, “I am not sure why, but I feel the need to say be careful of. . .well. . .not sure whatever I warned you about.” He looks to the ground and opens the door.

Armand calms down a bit and his shoulders lower as he gives a small nod. "Merci...for...what you did warn me about. Oui." He sits back down at his table slowly and reaches for his drink, blinking several times.

“Well, no idea what it was.” Manuel shrugs and makes his way out of the diner. As soon as he is outside, he smiles widely and reaching into his pocket, pulls out a little device. Pushing the button, the image inducer deactivates. No longer looking like an impoverished New Mutant. He is dressed as he usually is. A regal and expensive looking outfit. “Idiot” He laughs as he walks away. His mischief complete

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