Never Gonna Happen

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Never Gonna Happen

Sandman, Blindfold, Phantasm

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Southwest Manhattan - Rooftops - New York

Blindfold and Sandman offer help in dealing with the Order of Saint George. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Southwest Manhattan - Rooftops - New York ]==------------------------

Now this is where the action is. Skyscrapers, tall buildings and other monstrosities litter the streets of this section. All of them providing a delicate labyrinth of rooftops for aerial travel. With the Financial District, Chelsea and other areas of economic interest below, this could prove to be a breeding ground for criminal activity.

It is the first day/night of 2013 and how does Sandman spend it. . .while out on patrol, of course. No matter the want and need for celebration, he is a hero first. He is an Avenger!

Making his way through the rooftops as he shifts between human and pssamic form, the hero brings with him Blindfold this evening for patrol. Since she was home for the holiday, this particular holiday anyway. Sandman has opted to bring her with him. One, her powers will most likely alert him to any danger making his patrol easier. Two, and more important, it is good to give the students a full education. X-Men may not patrol, but Avengers do, so maybe she will become one in the future. As he carrying her aloft using his sandstorm form, but protecting her from harm in this form, his disembodied voice offers, "Happy New Year, Ruth!"

Blindfold smiles behind her right knit scarf over her lower face, she'd opted for her x-uniform. "Please call me Blindfold when I'm helping in this capacity, thank you, no no offense taken. Happy New Year Sandman! Hopefully we make this year better then the last, yes thank you"

Another year, the same routine. With New Year's landing on a day other than Sunday, there were a surpluss of those who got too much in the spirit of things finding themselves unfortunately locking themselves out of their own cars. As for tonight, Phantasm's on the watch for those who may already be setting out to marr the symbolic clean slate the previous night's festivities gave them. The Raven's wings are spread out as the solitary purplish black bird glides over the night life, coming to a stop on one of the many rooftops that provide a good view of a chunk of the Chelsea area.

Not quite nothing the raven even though they are about to land on that roof. Sandman's body safely deposits Blindfold on the roof and his body begins to appear more human, "Yeah sorry and hopefully 2013 is much better. But I guess you can see how the year will turn out. . .can you tell me my future?" He is half joking.

Blindfold smirks toward sandman "yes thank you, but I will need a crystal ball, a vial of pig's blood, and chicken knuckle bones. Sorry my apologies I can't see everything"

Setting down on the roof, the bird's wings have only lowered a bit as Sandman's sandstorm approach comes into view. Not prepared for this, the wings twist as they act as sails, throwing the bird over to the other side of the roof, "Oh Fu-" Woosh!

Laughing at Blimdfold's comment, Sandman smiles and appreciates her sense of humor. He hasn't noticed the bird, but does hear a familiar sounding voice, "Phanties?" He asks as he looks towards where the bird fell off the roof and beginsto make his way towards that spot.

Blindfold chuckles "I think he got caught off hairs by the wind from our mode of travel, yes sorry" unfolding her cane from her pocket she began trading her way in the direction of the voice

As the bird falls down the side of the building, the body flops as he rights himself. The three foot wingspan is fully on display as he starts to fly upwards. As for the expression upon his face, he doesn't seem all that amused as he sets to put himself back up on the rooftop. "God damn it, don't call me that." Talons reaching over, he steps towards the ledge and rights himself into place before he looks towards Blindfold, one wing lowers while the other one raises in a wave.

"Well. . .well. . .look who it is." Sandman smiles and when the bird appears, "Happy New Year, Mi. . .er. . .Phanty. . .er, Phantasm." He smiles as he turns to Blindfold, "Yeah, heâs fine and all."

Blindfold smiles toward the sound of phantasm's voice with a wave of her free gloved hand "It's good that you're alright phantasm, yes thank you" then smiles toward sandman with a nod and a smirk "Nice save yes please, I was in Paris during that incident thank you, yes"

Hearing his actual hero name, Phantasm's irritable expression fades. "Happy New Year to you two as well." He tilts his head in indication to Blindfold as he looks to Sandman, "Another Avengers ride along thing?"

"Something like that. . ." Sandman offers, "We are running out of Avengers, so we are accepting just about anyone. . .Blindfold is auditioning for her spot the team. If she does well tonight, she will join the rest of us."

Blindfold smiles toward phantasm "happy New year too you as well, thank you yes, and hopes of it being better then the last as hopefully each year will continue the pattern." blushing unwittingly at the praise from sandman "I do what I can to help, that's all thank you yes. Though you might be able to add someone to the ranks if you can persuade him, yes thank you" turning her head toward phantasm with a grin "Though it shouldn't be difficult, he just had to look within himself for the answer, please yes"

The bird's head tilts, as he looks towards Blindfold, "Well, that explains much, d-" He pauses as Blindfold breeches the topic first matching her glance. The bird's features makes it easy for him to maintain his poker face as he looks right on back at the blind girl. "There are more important things right now."

Blankly blinking at Blindfold, Sandman shrugs and smiles as he is not really sure what she is talking about. At times, Sandman will just shrug and smile instead of waste his limited intellect trying to figure it out. "Well, I was kidding. Yeah, Avengers are good and there is an age limit. But you never know in the future. We could always use a precog. Don't have any of them." He looks to Phantasm, "Yeah, we don't have anyone like you either. . .wall maybe VIzh, but not really."

Blindfold smiles innocently toward phantasm "Nothing is more important then your dreams, they make everything worth while and you could do more good, yes thank you. Although on the other subject, I'd talk to the lawyer, someone had to pay his bill" then smiles toward sandman "It is an option to keep in mind, one of honor, thank you yes I will keep it in mind"

The bird gives a feathery 'thumbs' up. "Well, the funny thing about that word is that you don't have to be exactly the same as someone to be like th-" He pauses, looking over to Blindfold, "His lawyer?"

Again has no idea what is being spoken about. So he taps his foot and starts to whistle a bit. Sandman whistles a little diddy by P. Diddy. He looks around and ponders some other not intelligent thought cross his mind.

Blindfold tilts her head before turning it side to side add she listened and tried to keep her ability open. Nodding then to phantasm she grins "Yes please, on your 'other' subject" she clarifies before cluttering sandman in "phantas deep down has a dream to join the team, yes thank you"

The bird's head tilts upwards, looking to the sky, "Annnnd back to this." He looks over to Sandman, "Apparently so deep down I don't realize it yet. Probably because I'm bit more concerned about that whole Order of Saint George bullshit going on." He looks over to Blindfold, "That's the basic gist of that, right?"

When it is announced about Mike's dream. The whistling of the ditty stops. Sandman has an odd expression on his face and then suddenly starts laughing. He laughs so hard that he snorts and instead of saliva and snot sand comes out. He then stops, "I'm only kidding." He looks to the bird, "In all seriousness though, Mike, No way in hell that's going to happen."

Blindfold shrugs "Your privacy, but yes my apologies, I was trying to respect your privacy and decision to keep things separate, I still have much to learn though, my apologies I'm sorry" then gently taps sandman on the shin "I'm sorry forgive me fir can be quite brutal sometimes. It could very well happen, yes indeed" then turns her head back to phantasm "Since you bright up the order of saint George business though, was there not a man involved that went to court and had a lawyer he couldn't possibly afford himself, please if you don't mind? I would speak to the lawyer and see if he has any information, someone had to pay his bill, yes please?"

The bird's eyes narrow as Sandman dismisses the possibility rather easily. He doesn't reply to Sandman and instead turns his body fully, presenting the bird's backside to the Avenger as he focuses entirely on Ruth. "You want to talk to Constantini?" He grows quiet, considering the suggestion.

Realizing how that came off, "I was only kidding with the laughing, but I am serious. It's not gonna happen. Now way I am going to let you join the team." Shifting his form to a sandy form and moving his body to see eye to eye with the bird. "It's too dangerous. Seriously, last month, I got my butt handed to me. Weâve all had it rough on the team. You are a good kid, Mikey. Too good for the team. We can die at any minute. Some of us already have, not just physically. I care about you too much to see ya do that to yourself." With that he has said his peace, "So how I can help with the whole Order of Saint George thing?"

Blindfold slowly tilts her head side to side "I think my age and appearance might work against me, he'd likely see me as just a disarming add that might be sometimes it hardly gets respectful attention, but yes I do think he could have some info, thank you yes. His defendant certainly couldn't afford him so someone else was likely footing the bill yes if you don't mind my asking?" then turns her head up to sandman "We could all die any day and the more good we do the more risk there is that we will die sooner, it is a measure of doing our jobs well, the better we are at making the world a better place and saving lives the more people want you out of the way. Despite the knowledge of that there are few that still strive to do the two of you who are here on patrol rather then enjoying the holiday, yes thank you"

"I'm close to your age, and I already get pulled into your Avenger business from time to time anyways, dumbass. Paris wasn't the only time I've had to come and help." The bird mutters looking over at Sandman, starting to look towards Blindfold once more before another thought causes him to glance back at Sandman once more in a warning tone, "And don't call me Mikey." He starts to look over towards Blindfold. "Okay, we've already got that this lawyer's good so if you go about things the wrong way with him, that'll probably get him even more to work with with getting people off the hook if charges ever get pressed."

With the topic changed, Sandman starts to chuckle again and then listens as the two continue to speak about the lawyer and ponders thoughts on how he could possibly help or at the very least add to the conversation.

Blindfold nods "lawyers are very cunning and sly and we wouldn't want to top him off, yes please. I may be good with confusing people but that isn't on purpose, sorry my apologies. Tact and deception are not my forte, no thank you. Hmm you can't talk to him that would definitely top him off, so who then if you don't mind my asking please?"

The edges of the wings raise in a shrug, "I don't know, a different lawyer? If you're going for evidence type stuff there's probably some stuff they can help you with. If you're just wanting to fish up leads, then someone who's good at getting information without tipping them off is going to be needed." He looks over to Sandman, "So, you have any suggestions on people to try? You guys have GOT to have access to a lawyer or two...or ten."

"Well, if you want to go the lawyer route. Then Matt Murdock, Jeryn Hogarth, and Emerson Bale have helped out the Avengers before with legal issues. Stark Foundation probably has a ton of other lawyers too." Sandman hmmmns, "And as for people capable of getting information. Any of the Avengers could probably do it. I could. Or if you want someone in particular. Black Widow could do it. Moondragon, she's a telepath. Psylocke could too. Is this more stealth or more specific information, scanning his mind psychology stuff, or scare him for info?"

You paged Sandman with 'I just realized how much like Mike's father he's going to sound with his next pose.'

Blindfold shrugs leaving it up to Mike to decide which route he wants to go "Miss Grey might also be willing, yes sorry, it's up to you though phantasm"

"Anything that doesn't tip them off that we're on to them." Phantasm decides, "It's obvious that Orsini's known so the leads brought about by watching him are pretty much dried up which has made things a bit harder to dig up. If we're going to take care of this we need to figure out as much as we can about who is in this group before tipping them off. So, not the scaring."

"Well, I'll be honest. Moondragon or Black Widow might not consider it 'big' enough. I would say maybe reach out to Ms. Grey or Psylocke. If you know them. If not. I can speak to someone on the team. You have helped us, so maybe you cold ask Ms. Marvel. She might be able to do it too." Sandman ponders a moment, "Probably best route to go."

Blindfold considers "I could certainly speak with Miss Grey if you like, yes thank you. Though this order of saint George is likely quite wide spread and has most likely been around for a very long time, this is the top of the iceberg likely, please thank you"

At the constant repetition of the name and recollection of other times that name has been mentioned, Phantasm nods at that suggestion. "Ms. Grey should be fine." He looks over to Blindfold, giving a nod, "As for what we discussed on that other rooftop. It's ok to give her the details of this issue. Well, except for that one part. I can at least PRETEND that it makes a difference." Off to the distance, there's the sound of raised voices starting to occur. Phantasm sighs, glancing to Baker, "Well, that's my cue. Happy New Years, folks." Wings spreading, he takes flight, heading towards the source of the disturbance.

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