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Ambrose, Thimble and Mirage

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03/25/13 13:30

Patio - X-Mansion

Ambrose asks Dani about getting some teaching supplies.

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==[ Patio - Xavier Mansion ]==

The rear patio of the Xavier Mansion is an expansive area of polished rock pavers interlaid to frame dual basketball and tennis courts, a dual volleyball court, and an Olympic sized pool. The west side of the patio offers a view of the glassed in dining hall whereas the east is occupied by all the courts and pool. South and north aspects are bordered by the male and female dormitories, respectively, and their covered connection links. There is a fully stocked outdoor kitchen which is partially covered, lots of patio furniture, a Jacuzzi, an access to other amenities. Beyond the pool and courts one will note the Xavier estate, an expansive property with a private forested area (north and south), and further east, by 100 or so yards, one will note Breakstone Lake and the small cove that is owned by the estate. Also visible, behind a copse of trees, is a small lake house.


It's afternoon and the students lunch break has just ended. The weather today is much better than it has been the last few days, the sun is finally shining though its still a tad chilly. Obviously not so cold to prevent people from enjoying the outdoors. Students, at least those that wanted to have thier lunch outside, are heading back into the buildings. Dani sits at one of the patio tables, her own lunch long eaten. A small poodle snoozes in her lap, and apparently she has recently been injured, a cast is on one of her ankles and crutches lay near her chair.

Coming out from his own lunch (he always ate separately, even from other teachers still.) Ambrose had several papers with color printouts and other things on it, looking a little bit frazzled. A glance up and he notes Mirage there "Ahh.. Miss Moonstar... Are you busy? Everyone else is in class and i just need a little advice I suppose. oh." the last was about the dog as he eyed it, pausing finally.

Dani purposefully clears her throat as two straggling students rush past her elbowing each other. It is enough to make them stop the rough housing, but not to slow them down, they quickly disappear into the building. "Not at the moment." she replies "Pull up a chair." she nudges the crutches out of the way with her good foot." The poodle opens his eyes at hearing an unfamiliar voice and sniffs in Ambrose's direction.

"Ah yes thanks. " he notes, pulling up a chair, though just out of reach of the pooch, eyeing it warily. Then he states "Its mostly about the procurement of supplies for my class. I know I have a budget, etcetera, however, some of the thigns are not usual, but I thik still acceptable. I suppose I want a second opinion."

The pooch in question is a black & white fluff ball of a mini-poodle, and looks completely harmless. "What did you need and why?" Dani asks without preamble. The poodle sits up in her lap and the woman makes a pained face, which makes the creature snaps its face in her direction and jump down with a yelp. "We may have whatever it is already. We keep some pretty unusual stuff around.

Ambrose nods "Well, I checked regular inventory with my ahh, clearnce and couldnt find it." he admits "But I am looking for ... " he shuffles the papers "To-scale hard plastic replicas of basic cells with removable bits - its kind of like those anatomicallyc orrect mannequins with the plastic innards and organs you can pull out. Also a DNA rendering kit for the standard classroom - just basic stuff not too expensive..." he lists off a few other things "The cell replicas are to help with Ruth learning the anatomy of cellular structure. I thought of printing up some 'raised images' too though as a simpler way of doing it."

Dani shifts slightly in her chair as she listens to what is needed she hmmms thoughtfully when he is done, "A lot of the biology teaching stuff was destroyed when..." she quickly remembers who she is talking to and doesn't contintue that statement "Well, we probably have what you are looking for, but since none of the teachers have needed it, it's all in lab storage." which Ambrose wouldn't have access too at least not that one. "How soon would you like it?

An eyebrow raises, and then the man nods "well if you can see if we have it then that would be wonderful. I would be very surprised if you have the cell-replicas though, I had to go to a TOYSTORE for it." he remarks with distaste "What is the dogs' name? And ahh... there i s no REAL hurry but I do know that students like hands-on things instead of just me talking at them all the time. I can find other things to occupy them until then though."

"What we don't have, we can order. If there is anything else you need just send me a list and I'll take care of it." Dani glances between the poodle, who is sniffing under some buses, and Ambrose "His name is Peanut." at his name, the poodle perks and looks back toward the two on the patio.

"An odd name for a dog. And ironci since poodles are hypoallergenic." Remarks Ambrose, sliding the list towards her "The rest I've already aquired from the storage I can access. Thank you very much as well. " he notes, offering a smile.

Dani cants her head to the side "I never thought of that." she looks at the dog "I don't think that would have occured to the one who named him either." she gives a chuckle at the irony of it as she takes the proferred list and scans it quickly. "But truthfully, he is as much a dog as Brightwind is a horse."

"... I ..." a pause, as he looks at her blankly "Who is Brightwind? Is he a... horse, or somethign horse-ish?" he asked, never sure around here.

"You saw /her/ in Florida, when Tawa attacked. The pegasus." though Ambrose was dealing with Ruth and Crow at the fountain at that point so he could have missed that part, but probably not the part before that when Dani went all Valkyrie on them. "Brightwind is a pegasus, they aren't just for myths anymore.

Ambrose blinks at that, then ohs! a few times "oh, is THAT what the... pegasus' name is. Sorry, I didnt hear it." he admits simply "Quite a fascinating creature. I admit after the shock wore off, I was curious to see its' genetic heritage." he admits

Dani gives a shake of her head "I don't think any DNA tests you tried on her would help. She's not from this plane of existance." she glances at the list in her hand again, then pockets it, "Though if you want to try I can provide you with a few strands of her mane, as well as mane samples from a regular horse, for comparasion.

Ambrose ahhs and nods "Fair enough. DNA tests are useless without somethign to compare it to." a pause as he considers that "Hrm.... hair follicles are very iffy... skin cells or blood is even better, but I understand entirely. A confession of mine: After I spoke to one of the Asgardians, I was sorely tempted to see if Odins' blood indeed showed a relation to all mankind, if I had the funding for that." he admits sheepishly

Another chuckle escapes from Dani, "I think the hard part there would be getting a sample from the All Father." she doubts of course that she would share any DNA with Odin or any Asgardian for that matter, considering her own ansecetory "Which Asgardian did you speak too?

"Ahh. I forget her name. Lovely lady...she showed me a ... portal? Image? Of dragons circling Asgard. I thin it was Asgard. It did not look like any City of earth. I told her I did not believe in dragons or 'gods', until I was shown proof. She offerd to show me closer, but we never got around to it." explains the man. "And yes, that WAS the catch to my plan. I doubt he would understand it was 'for science;

"And that was proof enough for you?" Dani asks with a doubtful tone. It took a trip there to convince her "Odin understands science well enough, but not in the same way you or I would. Science and magic in Asgard are pretty interchangable terms.

"So she said. And well, it was enough for me, for now. While it could have been a fake, I do not think it was. " remarks Ambrose.

"That's very open minded of you." Dani remarks as she looks at Ambrose thoughtfully for a long moment, "The opprotunity to ask him may even come up. That is if your last chaperoning duties didn't turn you off of that duty.

Ambrose shifts a little bit "It depends on if a lot of people will die again senselessly. Why, is a field trip to Asgard planned? " he asked, raising an eyebrow.

There is a nod from Dani "It's in the works. I doubt we will have a repeat of Disney in Asgard. Scott and I will be checking on how things are going there before taking the students, just in case. The same goes for Limbo.

Ambrose nods, shifting a little uneasily "I may be interested in going along then, depending on if you need me to." he remarks. "and if you are sure we've all gotten vaccinations for that. Going to another country, another world... same thing really."

"Don't worry about that, they don't have anything you can catch, or vice versa." Dani is doing her best to take his comment seriously. "Just don't eat any golden apples and you should be fine."

Ambrose looks doubtful at that, and remarks "Viruses and other things have ways of adapting." he notes simply, and nods "No apples, got it. I'll look up my norse mythology later for sure. How have you been though, aside from the broken leg? was that from the other day?"

Dani shrugs, her knowledge of viruses and stuff is basic stuff, she just knows that she has been to ASgard several times I no one got sick, unless you counted her terminal case of valkyrism "This," she gestures to the cast on the lower half of her leg "Is from an altercation in Manhattan. Some cyborg guy decided he wanted to tap into the Power Cosmic and use it to alter reality to something more favorable to him. Naturally, a few of us prefer this reality to what he had in mind.

Ambrose ahs and nods "I yes, I do as well. Well, kind of." he notes "are you always so ahh, busy? I must ask who tends to classes when you are all out there saving the world." he admits

"There is enough of us that we can sub for each other if necessary. It's become even easier now that some of the Avengers are teaching." she shifts in her chair again as the poodle jumps onto the chair, though sits beside her instead of on her legs "If it's a full scale crisis that takes everyone out to help, we cancel classes. Our version of a snow day." being a boarding school, classes go on no matter the weather or amounts of snow. "It's different from when I was a student here. There were only eight of us then, instead of the numbers we have now."

"Hrm. but... does everyone KNOW everyone elses' class? " he jumps in surprise as the poodle moves and nods "That makes sense yes. And you were? " he considers "I remember applying for the school. Before I knew what it defined as 'gifted'"

Dani shrugs at the first question "As well as any sub would. Even in normal schools a substitute teacher may not know the subject they are covering. Like them we just follow the plans that are left for us." she isn't sure what he means by the second question "I was what?

"Fair enough." remarks Ambrose "You were a student here." he repeats his "I did not know that, but it does make sense with what the students are like and yourself of course. "

"Yes." Dani quickly responds at the clarification "I was in the second wave of students that the Professor took in. Scott and Jean, along with some others that are still around, were in the first group. This place has been my home since I was 15. My classmates and I were the first group of New Mutants as well. The group that you helped chaperone in Disney is the second incarnation of the team." she offers in case he didn't know.

Ambrose nods "I see. Some of them at least I assume." he remarks "I wonder how many students realize I am not a mutant. At least, not by their definition. Oh, the terminology when we get to that point is going to cause SO much confusion. Perhaps."

Dani scratches the top of the pooch's head as he lays down at her side "I think it is safe to say that everyone knows that you aren't gifted in the same manner as they." she gives him a reassuring grin "But you aren't alone, they few students here as part of the Avenger's Academy aren't mutants either, and its doubtful they have the gene to become so." two of the three are perfectly normal mundane girls, who also happen to be the two youngest students at 10 and 11.

The man laughs a little bit and grins somewhat as well. "Well, it may reasure them by the scientific definition of the word, they most definitely ARE mutants." he chortles. "This has, I realized, caused an entire new terminology to become needed I realize. For example, there are 'born' mutants and ones that gain abilities through radiation and such after birth. Not to mention the term 'mutation' itself is standard in biology and genetics fields as something entirely different than capital-M mutant. I may have to write up a quick glossary of terms and add a fe new ones to keep confusion down." he rubs his chin, staring at the dog.

"I don't know if the Fantastic Four or the rest of those altered humans would appreciate being lumped in with us mutants." Dani isn't sure she likes it either, but she does understand where Ambrose is coming from "You should speak to Hank. He has a lot of expereince and first hand knowledge about mutants and genetics. If you haven't already, and can get him out of the lab.

Ambrose nods "Well it could also cause confusions of which we are speaking of... are we speaking of the natural ones or - ah, is the term 'altered human' the correct one then? " he nods "I think I have seen him. I admit the fur... makes me nervous." he shifts "But I will ask him what the appropriate terms are, and if there is nothing that is appropriate I will make suggestions."

"The two girls here are neither altered or natural mutants. They are the children of two active Avengers. There parents felt it was safer for them here than in a regular school." Dani nods "But yes, Hank is the one to go to. Don't let the fur fool you, he is a gentle man and wouldn't hurt anyone unless provoked.

"That does make sense, about the girls. " remarks Ambrose "They will get quite an education here..." he nods "Its not him I am worried about but... " he shook his head "Sorry. My paranoia is acting up. You may notice how... clean and tity I keep everything. Animals and even though I know he likely is very clean and hygenic, it still makes my sense tingle even if I try to shake it off. Call it a kind of phobia."

To keep things peaceful, Dani is going to assume Ambrose didn't just call Hank an animal, though her eyes do narrow slightly, "Everyone fears something...yours is just more noticable than most." and if anyone is going to notice the parnoia and fear it would be her, the one who can make fears come true. "Just stay clear of my room, it would scare you senseless." implying that her room is not so neat and tidy.

Ambrose doesnt notice the look, but he has a guilty expression on his face. He nods again to her "Well, clutter is fine. My apartment was cluttered. But it was ORDERLY clutter, with not a speck of dust. But noted." he smiled, weakly "I'm still unpacking most of my stuff come to think of it.

It's mid-afternoon shortly after lunch break for the students and Ambrose and Dani, with her poodle, are sitting at one of the patio tables. Dani, aside from the poodle also has a cast on the lower 1/2 of one of her legs. "For awhile I just gave up on unpacking entirely. And I always have an emergency bag packed, just in case.

Ambrose chuckles a little "I have one as well, as well as a first aid kit, all my information, and this." he reaches into a pocket, pulling out a well worn stack of recipe cards held together with an elastic. "I like being... prepared."

Janie does not exactly has an emergency bag packed, she has all her stuff packed up always. She never unpacked it fully and only a few days ago she had had even carried around all her stuff for a short time. Traval light. As she Spots her teachers, she has her backpabl with her - which is more or less her emergency bag, as it contain all stuff she would need to survive when she would be on the run. She notices the words about bein gprepared and emergency bag. "You don't need an emergency bag somewhere if you have the emergency supply at hand."

Dani looks at Janie as she makes her comment into the conversation "Free period Janie?" she asks glancing at the watch around her wrist. "I've never felt the need to carry mine around with me here. The security system is highly advanced, we would have plenty of advanced warning of any emergency that we would need to retreat from." not that the staff retreats from threats, the students yes, the staff not so much.

Ambrose glances to Janie as well, and blinks "Why do you carry that around everywhere? " he asks, curiously. "It cannot be ALL schoolbooks. I've seen what the other students bring to class!" he remarks, picking up his recipe cards as well "I carry a few essentials on me, but if I do have to run I do not want to be weighed down too much." he notes to them both

After glancing at her watch, Dani gives a slight frown "I have a meeting in 45 minutes. I wonder if I have enough time to hobble back to my room and change before it starts." she looks down at her casual attire, blouse, jeans and one mocassioned foot, the other being in the cast. "I'll get someone to escort you to the lab where the things you want are kept." she gently nudges Peanut from the chair and reaches down to grab her crutches.

"Be careful. I may want to reorganize it." he warns, and stands as well "I'll go and take care of some other things then. Thank you very much too. he smiles.

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