Need Your Help

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Need Your Help

Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch

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Kurt asks Wanda for assistance

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Another venture into the city, another moment for Kurt to spend with Wanda. This time it was a call saying he was there, wondering where they could meet. It all seemed swell enough, but this time he indicated he needed to talk about something, but couldn't answer anything over the phone. So they made arrangements to meet at a cafe near her new digs, Stark tower. The fuzzy elf made it, blue and all, most of New York once again to a state of indifference. They either don't want to look, or they are too metropolitan to notice because its so 'everyday' these days. Some do, some are tourists, heck some might remember the stint in X-Factor a few years back and all the PSA work for mutants that was done for a spell with his face on it. Though, he's probably not being asked for autographs unless its in Mutant Town ... and its not.
He has arrived at the time, in a hoodie and jeans, wearing toe-boots that look almost like tabi boots, just with bigger toes. He awaits at the counter for his compatriot to arrive, seemingly in good spirits.

Wanda walks in after a few minutes, possibly a bit late depending on what clock you're looking at, though not so much that it would be that noticeable. She smiles over at Kurt, moving towards him and placing her arm around his waist as she grins, "Hey you."

The elf doesn't quit hold back, he gives both arms to Wanda. "Hey, site for sore eyes," responds Kurt, with a hint of tired in his voice. The hold lingers a moment, he smells as if taking her in then gives up to place a table request for two, unless its seat your self. "Glad to see you again, if I didn't say it already, hexe-chen."

Wanda grins and returns the hug, "You too, elf." She places a kiss on Kurt's cheek, then lets the waitress lead on to a booth, following her as she keeps an arm around Kurt, "I've been missing you lately."

If there is a chair, Kurt will move over to hold it for Wanda, if its a booth, he'll still wait for her to sit first before moving to take his own place. Throwing out an order for some juice himself when asked, he says, "Can't get you out of the brain pan either," regarding the missing part. "I should figure out real work, get some place down here, find a way to spend more time together." Pausing, waiting for the waitress to leave, "But I fear, I'll have family issues before anything like that ever happens."

Wanda blinks, "Family issues?" Okay, that wasn't something she was expecting as she looks across at Kurt in the booth. Tilting her head a bit, "And you say that like I'd tend to say it... which isn't really a good sign, as far as I can see. What's going on Kurt?" She reaches out, taking Kurt's hand in hers and holding it tight as she smiles, "And yes, I've missed you a lot. It would be nice to have you on the Avengers, but I know how much you like Westchester... and we're not THAT far away."

Half smiling at the distance, Kurt nods, "Its within half an hour if I push myself." By his version of teleporting at least, Scarlet might have something faster at her disposal. Regardless, once drinks are dropped off, Kurt nods a thanks to the waitress, asks for a brunch sandwich. When she is gone after getting both orders, maybe, Kurt returns to the topic. "Its my father, I thought I was done with that issue, he wants to see me again. I've been avoiding him ... but I'm thinking I should go and see what he wants."

Wanda frowns a little, "Want me to come along?" She doesn't know /that/ much about Kurt's father, but she knows enough. "I mean, having some magical backup might not be a bad idea, plus... well, always good to meet the parents, right?" Her lips quirk a bit, at that, as she thinks about /her/ father.

With a hint of a sigh, then a smile, Kurt seems relieved for the moment. "That is what I wanted to talk to you about. I was wondering how to even approach that topic, I have to much guilt in pondering how to ask something like that. But ... ja ... I would appreciate someone coming with me. On my terms." It would seem he can't talk much about meeting the family, as he knows well her father, and even her brother. Perhaps one saving grace, despite his families track record, he's not the only one who is the black sheep by trying to do some good. "I met with Topaz recently, she is helping some siblings from teleporting directly to me, but they haven't stopped chasing. Its getting worse I think."

Wanda smiles, a little wickedly, "Well then, I'd be more than happy to 'meet the parent' with you, Kurt. It's definitely something that I think I can help you out with, in any case." She wiggles her fingers, tiny red sparks dancing between them as she then looks at the fuzzy elf. "A kind of magic, you could say."

"Did I already say how much I'm attracted to you," says Kurt throwing out his own grin, less wicked, more impish. "I need that kind of magic, assurance that I'll safely return and he'll stay where he is." Leaning over the table a little, his eyes delight up on the slight red sparks just a little, "I like that kind of magic, that magic that is you, you know."

Wanda grins, "Even if I'm no longer a mutant?" She gives Kurt a wry expression, "I don't know if it was the magic or what, but my hex powers never really turned back on. Of course, I learned enough from Strange and others that I can do those things anyway, just with my magical powers." Take THAT Bendis!

"Mutant or not," says Kurt, "You're the damned cutest little witch I'd ever seen." One hand comes up to her cheek as he leans over, "Powers or not, I couldn't stop looking at a face like this hexe-chen. So long as you'd have me in your life, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Unless it got too dangerous and you didn't have magical powers. Thankfully, we don't have to think about that."

Wanda covers Kurt's hand with hers, and smiles, "You're very sweet, you know. And we'll be fine. I'll see what I can do about keeping us out of mystical trouble from your father while we're there."

"You make it easy," being sweet that is, for Kurt, "Besides, we're in public, I have to be sweet. We'll save wicked fun for alone times, right?" Maybe the food is arriving, he sits back a little his hand trailing at her cheek, to follow to her arm so they can still hold hands at least.

Wanda keeps holding Kurt's hand, giving him a grin, "Fair enough... at least I live pretty close now." She pauses, then tilts her head, "When did you want to do this?"

Blinking as if playing dumb for the moment, "What, the wicked fun and you living close ..." Though the corner of his mouth turns up, as if he knew she was probably blurring the line with when they'd really go visit his father. "Sooner the better, I don't know what the Avengers might have on your agenda. A little prep time would be good, then off to visit dad, settle whatever account he's created."

Wanda nods, "Nothing major with the Avengers right now, just putting out a few fires, metaphorically, but things have been fairly quiet lately." She smiles at Kurt, "Which means that everything is going to hit the fan shortly."

"Maybe this news of my father is hitting the fan enough for you, lets hope it nothing else happens," responds Kurt, his hand giving hers another squeeze then, "I could use another few days with just you, you know. Forget the world, forget our clothes, find some fur carpet, a fire, and some champagne, see how the days go for a while. That sort of forget."

Wanda grins, "Well, after we get this business settled with your father... I'm thinking that can be easily arranged, Kurt." She raises her eyebrows at the elf, giving him a very sultry look.

Smiling, then a canine pull at his lips in a mock bite, he almost lifts a knuckle there to really play up the idea. "Then we should start right now," he says mirthfully, and follows up more quietly. "That's unfair, that look, now I won't be able to concentrate on what my father says, I'll say something to make myself sound silly ... and all the while I won't care. It is magic, all of you, hexe-chen."

Wanda smiles innocently, "Moi? Well, I'll do what I can to keep you safe, Kurt... how bad do you think this is going to be?" She gives Kurt a curious look, concern on her features as she regards him.

Still quietly, even though its more serious conversation, Kurt offers to her, "Considering last time, it had something to do with killing off his children in this dimension in order to return ... probably very." Bad that is, very bad, "This was more a request that I wasn't supposed to refuse this time, so I don't know what he is plotting or how he thinks he can use me. Perhaps not quite /dead/ seriousness, but ... no limit besides that is my guess."

Wanda nods, "Alright then, I'll be on my guard." She hmms, "We'll need to have a way in, and a way out, though I can probably manage the latter without too much of a problem."

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