Necrosha: Quite A Surprise

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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Utopia - California

This Just In: Rahne is pregnant!

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The Place: Utopia
The Setting: Evening
What's Been Happening: 'Necrosha.' Selene has brought the dead back to life in Genosha in an effort to attain godlike status and power, and the X-Men have been battling her hordes. Bad memories have been brought to the surface in the wake of numerous old friends (or enemies) they've faced, but it's either fight or give Selene an easy path to potentially ruling the world.

Wolfsbane's returned from a mission there, not entirely herself. She sits upon a rocky area of the islant that was once Asteroid X, looking toward the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco itself with sharp eyes. Even from there the bridge seems to glow with the sun low on the western horizon. She's huddled over herself, arms around her knees after sipping at a half-empty bottle of water next to her. Head's down and she looks generally out of sorts.

Were it not for the rumour mill, which moves fast on the small island nation, Dani would have had no clue that her friend was back from her mission. It's been awhile, but she has finally come to terms with being a normal, non-mutant person. It takes a lot of questions and eventually she has to bribe Bishop so she can use the security systems to scan for the woman. Eventually she is found and Dani wastes no time in zeroing in on the location. Treading carefully across the rocks, she waves "Rahne!" she calls out, it isn't until she is a few yards distance that the vestiges of what little rapport remains between them kicks in, and that only remains from thier shared connection to Asgard and the fact that she is still a valkyrie.

Queasy is the first thing Dani would pick up on, Wolfsbane having not even changed out of her uniform yet. It was in for the water, out to sit off to that part of the island alone. "Dani.." she begins, grimacing as she looks up. "I didna think anyone would find me here." She leaves it at that just now, putting the onus on her longtime friend to inquire further.

A grimaces crosses Dani's face as she experiences a brief wash of sympathetic nausea, "I'm not anyone Rahne. I though that was established ages ago." she glances out over the water to the GGB as she takes a seat on the rocky beach "Not the most comfortable of places but you can beat the view." she takes that view in a few more moments before her gaze turns to Rahne. Concern over rides any bruised feelings she may have had that her friend didn't come see her when she arrived, "Okay, the island isn't moving, so it isn't motion sickness, you aren't prone to that anyway." she pauses a moment "You have a cast iron stomach so it can't be something you ate. Was the mission that god awful?

"Hrrr.." It's not much of an answer to the reminder of the deeper bond the two have always had, but Wolfsbane nods slowly. "It's really rather pretty, th' view. But I feel like I just got off a roller coaster an' I canna get muh legs back." She then erupts into a sizable yawn, not the norm for someone who's often more active at night. "It's na th' food, either. I've been eating th' same things, maybe a wee bit more a' times." A hand extends to grasp a nearby rock, more like a boulder, as another wave of something hits. "' th' fightin' was bad, but..well..I saw Catseye," said sadly.

"Considering the circumstances that's enough to make anyone sick." Dani is sympathetic there, she has had her fair share of encounters with the resurrected Hellions recently too. She places a supportive hand on the other woman's shoulder "Could be just over taxing yourself. Maybe you should go see Hank or Dr. Nemesis and get checked out.

Wolfsbane merely frowns, adding after a moment, "It's horrible an' abomination, what she's done tae them an' th' memories we had o' them." Her shoulder is tense, muscles almost feeling knotted in how tight they are, and she shakes her head. "I've been doing everything th' usual way with muh training, habits an' all th' rest. Why would they find anything wrong?"

"It is." Dani simply agrees not going into further detail about that being a part of the reason they are trying to stop the Black Queen "I don't know. In the years that we have known each other how often have you had stomach issues? It's probably nothing, just emotional stress or something but betting checked out won't hurt.

Wolfsbane doesn't look any more pleased by this, wrapping her arms around her in a self-hug as she rocks back and forth slowly in place before stopping. Bad idea. More nausea. "Might be best," she murmurs, moving to her feet slower than usual. "I was having trouble staying focused in th' fight as well. I had tae pull back before I put anyone in danger."

Dani gives a incredulous look "Might be? It is." on other ocassions she might have joked about Rahne possibly contracting some zombie virus during her missions, but since it was people they knew and were close too that were those not quite zombies, she doesn't, that would be in bad taste "And the sooner the better. If you want I'll go with you, especially if it is Nemesis on duty. I wouldn't subject anyone to his attitude alone.

Wolfsbane grumbles something under her breath, and though there may be no cause for it a flash of irritation rises in her, approaching a low level of anger as she clenches the plastic bottle hard enough for it to burst on her, soaking her hand with what's left inside. "I dinna need ye babysitting me, Dani," she starts. "I'm nearly an adult grown noo. I.." The thought is interrupted by the mention of Dr. Nemesis and the frown returns. "If he's there I'll wait until Beast replaces him. I dinna want tae seem him right noo." The moment of anger has suddenly disappeared without so much as an explanation for it, nor an apology yet.

Their rapport is enough to give Dani a warning of the snappish reply that follows the flash of irritation, so though she feels a bit surprised at it, it doesn't register on her face, "Moody much?" she remarks blandly, she figures that Rahne is being snappish because she isn't feeling well so doesn't get snarky back "I'm asking because I am worried, not because I feel like some doting parent. That's Moira's job not mine.

"What?" Wolfsbane seems confused at the question, squinting Dani's way before shaking her head to dismiss it. Bringing up Moira doesn't lead to anything else along that train of thought as she shakes the excess water from her hand before placing it at her stomach as she jumps from a couple boulders to others and more solid land again, the bottle finding a home in a trash bin as soon as she's spotted one. "Let's get this over with an' ye'll see it's nothing big."

She doesn't answer or elaborate, better to let moody lycanthropic mutants least as far as that is concerned. Dani gets to her feet both her expression and emotions tightly checked. Though her worry seeps through, "If everything is a-okay with you, a huge steak dinner is on me tonight." she begins to go across the rocky beach, taking it more carefully than her friend

That mood perks up, though Wolfsbane still carries a slightly tired look to her expression. "Deal. An' I can tell ye're worried but everything's gaunae be fine. Ye'll see. Noo let's go see Beast." Fortunately he'll be the one on call when they get to the Utopia medlab, which comes as a relief to the shifter. It's only after a glance toward Dani that she begins, "Dr. McCoy? I've na been feeling quite right lately. Maybe we can have a few tests done?"

Is hopeful that is the case, and though it is easily felt through their link she also vocalizes it "You are probably right and I'm probably being paranoid, but at least we will know for sure." she follows quickly to the lab and greets Hank before he he sees to all the tests and such.

Wolfsbane allows herself to be subjected to scans, blood checks and whatever else Hank puts her through, though once or twice she accuses him of taking advantage of the chance to prick her with needles or run high-tech pieces of equipment over her, doing so with a hint of a grin that's a contrast to the other end of the spectrum outside. The wait isn't long, either. Soon the blue-furred mutant returns and has a few words he gets right to the point with, though they're spoken with a clear, strong dose of curiosity:

"Miss Sinclair, I'm happy to report you're the picture of health. What you're experiencing are the normal side effects of someone...pregnant with child."

Dani stares at Beast for a long moment, then turns to stare at Rahne for an equal amount of time and then that stare goes back to Beast and she shakes her head "You sure. Maybe you should run the tests again. Just to be safe." yes, she just told Beast he is wrong.

Open surprise is the best way to describe the wolfen mutant's expression now. "I'm na sure I heard ye right. Did ye say..pregnant?" She nods quickly to Dani's suggestion, finding what she's just been told impossible to grasp. "There's just nae way I could be--"

Beast merely shakes his head and gives a lengthy explanation filled with big words that cements the fact the tests cannot be wrong, ending by asking Rahne to think back to what she might have been doing around a certain time based on the results.

Though that fur covers Wolfsbane's skin, it's not hard to imagine her going pale. " was after muh pr..I mean, after Hrimhari an' I met up again.." She trails off, looking like she's seen a ghost. "Oh Lord..."

Dani cants her head and looks puzzled at some of the explanations that fall from Hank's mouth but in the end she nods, and her gaze goes back to Rahne "Geez, you're getting more action than me lately. You would think for being such powerful beings they would have a better form of birth control." she puts an arm around Rahne's shoulder "I guess you have a long distant call to make."

It'll come through the link more than anything visible, but the emotions that go with a pale expression shift to what'd come from a deep blush as Wolfsbane tenses from the teasing and the attempt at consoling or comforting her. "Oh God, oh God, oh God.." she murmurs, hands darting up to cover her face at the thought of breaking the news to Moira. With a swallow she pushes off from the medbed she'd been sitting on and runs for the door. "This isnae real! I canna be a mum' with him th' da'..?" It might be something she'd dreamt of many nights after first meeting him, but the difference between fantasy and reality is strong. Her voice crosses from disbelief to an unwillingness to accept to something hinting at fear before settling into a certain realization. "I'm muh mum's own daughter. I've got tae tell him, an' Moira, an''.." Things are about to get very interesting in the life of the Scot.

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