Necrosha Aftermath: A Price Must Be Paid

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A Price Must Be Paid

Wolfsbane and Nightcrawler (Dr. Nemesis briefly emitted by Wolfsbane; Hrimhari, Hela, Elixir & Pixie are mentioned NPCs)

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Utopia - California

Wolfsbane and Nightcrawler talk about their situations before she and her baby end up in serious jeopardy.

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The spot on the rocks that offers a view of the Golden Gate Bridge has become a favored one for Wolfsbane over the past couple weeks, especially once learning the news from Beast with Dani there to hear it as well. The side effects have continued, a frequent reminder of what everyone around Utopia is now aware of, but now she's finally begun to show. It's just a little but it's there, a more visible reminder that serves to make it more real.

What have the others thought? It's mostly been supportive, proof of a larger family coming together. Perhaps there are some who frown at the identity of the father to be, the implications of it, and a couple times it's led to Rahne snapping at the person who had a negative comment to make about it. In fact, it's one of those comments that's led her back to that partially secluded vantage point, eyes narrowed on the seemingly shining bridge due east as the sun sets to the west, the wolfen mutant brooding. It's not bad for a January evening.

As there seems to be more activity, coming and going, things to do and keep abreast of, especially those of a covert nature, Nightcrawler has found himself literally at the end of barely stopping to smell the roses or enjoy the views. Despite the majestic view of the city at large, it seems there is the underlying reason of why they must be here presently to drive the blue elf. He's been constantly uniformed, either going or ready to go. When he finally does have a moment and having a spot of rest, Kurt makes ready to get about the island and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet himself. Or just explore, enjoy some freedom as the case might be.

Thus as he's leaping, springing and bamf'ing about with his curiosity abound and an eye for the majestic scenery beyond the waters that surround them, it comes as a surprise that he chances upon someone else. More likely, with her senses, she'll be aware of him first but when he does notice who it is and him noticing her eyes longing for beyond the waters, or another time or place, or just reflective thought, he'll slow down and approach. Clinging and crawling over rocks, he'll announce himself at a respective distance to the young woman, "So, I'm not the only one who needs a little space?" It could go into a joke about teammates and hygiene, but he intuits that might not be called for in this moment.

Wolfsbane can be seen wearing her own costume, the dark blue and yellow thing she's stuck with for most of the last few years now. If it's too cold here, it doesn't show. Arms wrap around her knees, eyes distant on whatever she's looking at now before a subtle shift in her position gives away her awareness of Nightcrawler's approach. Where he's been until now, she's not been aware. However, her initial reply isn't the most welcoming. "Leave me be, Kurt. I'm na in th' mood for talk." Not quite a growl there, but close.

"Nein," he says slowly, coming just a little closer but not quite because of her tone, affording some respect. "No talk, pelzigen-chen. I'll just enjoy the view." He turns to sit where he is, half on another rock perhaps, at a different vantage point. A brief afterthought he amends, "I could use some company if you don't mind ..." Then lets it hang and goes about looking off at the horizon line.

"There are other places ye can..." Rahne begins to say, only to stop herself before finishing the pointed suggestion. She tightens her position, seen as shifting in place to wrap her arms more around herself as he takes a seat nearby. "Company? Why, have ye come tae tell me what I've done is wrong? I've heard it enough already from a few people." So that's what it's about.

Pondering a moment, Kurt blinks his bright yellows at Rahne as he turns to regard her. "Welche ... nein ... no ... you did something wrong? I wasn't aware of this pelzigen-chen. I am not here to throw the first stone or any stone. Ask Logan, I've never condemned his actions." As if for context, Logan would get the first stone if he was going to throw any.

The young woman slows her fuming mood with a sniff at the mention of Logan, raising a brow toward him. "Are ye saying ye've na heard th' news? Tha' I'm gaunae have a child?" Here she uncurls from herself, gesturing toward that small bump just beginning to show in her belly. "Tha' I'm pregnant?" Wolfsbane finishes, studying him for his reaction.

If he has, or if there is surprise, it is masked in Kurt's features. There is a widening of eyes to show some surprise, but this doesn't mean bad and by the slight smile, it might be good from his standpoint. "Wunderbar Rahne," says the elf, leaning in some, "Is it a boy?!" He assumes all the same, "I'm just putting it out there, but Kurt has a nice ring to it ..." Mostly it's playful, he's not judging and there are no real suggestions. Sort of a way to say he's not going to pry, but perhaps his reaction is better than most, there is some genuine warm-felt congrats in all that without throwing a baby-shower.

"I' sure yet." His reaction to the news takes Wolfsbane a bit out of the sharp mood he found her in, though it's hard to shake it fully. A ghost of a smile follows the suggestion of what name to use, though she says, "Have ye heard..all th' details, then? Who th' father is?"

Blinking a moment, Kurt lifts a finger to his chin to rub at it, "No ... wait, was it me? Is it a weird timestream slip up, I'm the father but I won't be the father until the future when I go into the past." Then he raises playful eyebrows, "Should I be looking to time travel now ... how far back should I go?" Then he grins even more and shakes his head, "Nein, I have not heard who the father is, perhaps I do know him though?"

That /does/ bring a low growl to Rahne's throat. Moody wolfgirl. "Kurt, this is nae time tae joke around. Please." It's certain the realization weighs heavily on her and she goes back to looking more at the bridge than him, almost visibly putting up a shell around herself once again. "It's should remember him from th' first time we were in Asgard." She realizes something, adding, "Th' wolf prince. Ye probably didna know his name then. He came back when Asgard appeared on earth an' we..well, ye know."

Still a smile, his face takes on a more serious demeanor when she asks that he be more serious. He listens and nods, catching the realization at wolf prince reference and not by name alone. Further clarification that he does not know any real details, he returns to her as she concludes, "And this prince of yours, Hrimhari, he will be joining you here, to care for the child?" No asking about marriage, holy obligations, this that and the other, only curious where that circumstance may play out as he hasn't seen the wolf prince meandering about the island.

"I..hope so," Wolfsbane answers, but it's clear the whole thing weighs heavily on her. "Kurt, from th' moment I first met him part o' me wished for this someday, but noo tha' it's happening I dinna know what tae do or think. I went tae Scotland again a while back an' spent some time with Excalibur, an' I finally faced Reverend Craig after learning he was muh father all along. I told him he had nae more control over me but as I sit here an' think about it, it's hard na tae feel like I've sinned. I'm na just pregnant from someone I'm na married tae, he's na even o' this world!" Technically he might be now, given the circumstances with Asgard and the rebirth of so many there, but that's not on her mind.

Even though the priesthood thing might have been some illusion, that doesn't mean Kurt wasn't aware of the whole process or the knowledge gained through his own real affiliations with the church. He shakes his head just a little, "I wouldn't count that as a sin, but since you've professed it openly, I imagine its easily forgiven. Let us not forget, it's not the act, but the love. You hope Hrimhari may come to be with you and enjoy the raising of the child, it is something you have thought about. Perhaps not in the right time, but God works in mysterious ways, Ja?" It is questioning in that he doesn't know what she might be planning as goes carrying the child and such, but he is making no assumptions either.

Godly as she's tried to be, so many times has Wolfsbane come up short of that, the same as countless others. That doesn't make it easier. She says, "I do want tae spend th' rest o' muh life with him, but I dinna see us standing next tae each other in a church taking our vows." This is said with a self-aware sniff, more like a snort. "But I'm na even sure what our child will be yet. I know it's na a natural thing, but th' other part o' me? I dinna care. I love him, Kurt, an' he loves me. We knew tha' back then. I dinna think I could ever be happier with someone else." Occasionally she casts a glance his way but a lot of what she says comes while staring out toward the San Francisco Bay, high ridges of land to either side of the way in toward that bridge.

Kurt listens quietly then nods his head, more watching her than the backdrop of the city and the bay itself. When she sums up her feelings on the situation, the elf offers to her, "The church and vows are for people who feel the need to have a priest formalize or verbalize what they feel in their hearts. But I recall the Sermon on the Mount ... Jesus called those who pray so openly hypocrites, or vainglorious even. To really be heard by God, one should pray alone and quietly, for He knows what is in your heart." Then taking the Pillsbury butter knife and putting it aside, not that he has one, he says in his own words, "You only need do what you feel is right Rahne, your faith will not abandon you. You may live forever and never speak a vow before any but the one you love. Intimacy is spiritual. I am happy for you in this moment, but sorry that thoughts may be conflicting for you."

"I suppose that's part o' th' path I must walk," Rahne answers with a slow nod, hands and arms crossing to hold herself by the opposite shoulders like a self-hug. "I try tae do right an' I pray for guidance, but Hrimhari's in muh heart an' I know he's who I want tae be with. He feels th' same about me. Whatever anyone else thinks o' tha', I guess it's na as important. Someone can condemn me all they want, but I've been condemned all muh life just for being this in th' first place." A hand shifts to gesture toward herself. "But I'll remember yuir advice. How have ye been?"

There is a slow nod from Kurt, when Rahne talks about not being able to change those who might try to condemn her and basically taking a turn the other cheek approach which in theory might be nice but he knows the reality all too well. Then he shrugs a little. "I've been. Busy is a good word. Still not sure where I belong yet, but my path seems to keep leading me here." Broad enough in context to mean the X-Men as 'here' not the physical location. "I wonder if I will be able to continue to contribute."

Wolfsbane watches him for a time, longer than it feels, just studying him in some way. During a moment well in the past now, she'd reacted poorly just at the sight of him. Things have changed considerably. "Why would ye na be able tae contribute?" she wonders, head angled to one side as she asks it.

Moving to sit more regularly, buttocks to the pavement proverbially, his feet sway a little as does his tail in mild contemplation. "I can teleport and I'm quick at it, but a lot in the past I've been relied upon to move members about, into battle, out of battle, covertly, and such. There are better teleporters now, less detectable teleporters, who can teleport farther. That cannot simply be my role anymore and most everything else I've done was second-best ..."

So it's a usefulness thing. Rahne rubs the side of her head, fingers along an eartip as she thinks about this. "Tha' doesnae mean ye dinna have a place around here. I've been an X-Man noo for a while an' Wolverine can do everything I can but shift an' he's way better, but I can still help in different ways. Ye're still one o' th' quickest people I've ever seen, ye're good a' staying oot o' sight, an' ye can still teleport in a fight tae get th' advantage."

"Ja," says Kurt ponderously, "But that comes from training. As soon as the kids get that down, they can be better. I would like for them to be better than me. I know what it feels like to be a teacher and want them to surpass what you put into their heads and bodies. That comes with swallowing the truth, that they will be better suited to do the job in the future I think."

"Then be th' one tae make sure they get tae be tha' good," Wolfsbane says, her own issues forgotten for the moment while listening to Kurt's. "Since I had a squad o' muh own back a' th' school, I started tae understand tha' some o' this is like a cycle. Th' New Mutants were th' first group after th' X-Men an' th' rest o' ye tha' joined, an' noo most o' us are old enough tae be adults as well. There's always something we can teach, but it's na like it makes us, I guess, obsolete, aye?" She finally finds a place for a joke. "There are nae mutant retirement homes I know o'."

Chuckling just a little, Nightcrawler nods, "No, we die in battle. Old mutants would be weird right?" The thought of himself being fuzzy, elf and wrinkly sort of doesn't make a good image in his mind. "Or, that could be my next objective, mutant home in Florida to retire to. I think you're onto something Rahne."

Wolfsbane sniffs again. "Aye, I think some o' yuir hair's turning gray already," she retorts before eyeing the coast again from their spot. "There's just always something we can do. I know tha' much." She begins to rub gently over her stomach after that.

A nod, an agreement, always something to do. Kurt watches her hand, smiling more, warmly even. "Can I?" He asks, unlike some people he won't just touch a pregnant woman's tummy, but he figures it doesn't hurt to ask.

"Hmm? Oh." Wolfsbane's a few seconds slow in responding, but when she looks at him it's with a brief swallow before glancing back down. "Hold on, I.." Then comes a grimace as she shifts in place as if trying to get more comfortable. "Just give me a moment. Cramps, I think.."

Still smiling a little, Kurt keeps his pace, but offers, "Maybe we should get you back, so you can rest. There are some beds around here right?" As if he hasn't sat down long enough to find his home on the island even. There is a hint of concern in his eyes, a touch of empathy at these cramps.

Wolfsbane begins to nod, but it's interrupted by a hiss of actual pain. "Oh God.." she scrapes out, eyes squeezing shut as she doubles over and almost /falls/ over as a hand braces against the rocks, the other clutching at her stomach now. "Kurt..somethin' wrong. Help.." Panic in her eyes, horror in her expression. "Th'' medlab, please.."

Moving more quickly, he comes to scoop her up in his arms. Sure, not as strong as her by any means, but he can certainly lift, or support if she stops him. "I have to carry you for safety reasons," he doesn't want to disorient the child in womb, a side effect of his abilities. But he'll get her to the medlab as quickly as he can.

"C-careful.." Wolfsbane nearly begs for the gentle touch Kurt's already there to give her, grimacing as she pants for a breath that isn't full of pain. It doesn't happen. She clings to him but she's tense, cringing with every motion. " much," said before she passes out with a cry.

That's how she'll be delivered to the medlab, Dr. Nemesis the one on call this time. Perhaps it's best that she's already unconscious, as she's never felt that comfortable around him compared to Beast. Elixir lies comatose in an adjacent bed, Dr. Nemesis directing Kurt where to set Rahne down as soon as he gets there. Scans are performed, her costume drawn away to expose her stomach with a sheet for decency further up.

Kurt does his best to stay out of the way, but remains to help if Dr. Nemesis needs it, as he does often with his limited medical expertise. He stays quiet to let Dr. N perform his duties once explaining what's happened so far.

Once Dr. Nemesis is told this, it all seems to make sense to him. After he's sedated Wolfsbane with an injection, he turns to explain. "There's a problem with the child, the physiology differences. She's not strong enough to handle it and it's going to tear her apart if we don't do something about it fast." Already, there's evidence of deep bruising around her stomach and abdomen, visible even with the fur there.

"Wherever that prince of his is, probably Asgard, find a way to get him here immediately. There isn't much time left before we lose not just the baby, but her as well. I'm talking minutes here," the doctor orders.

Chances are Pixie or someone else with the ability to teleport great distances in little time will be needed - perhaps going back to Kurt's self-questioning - but Hrimhari will be found and at Rahne's bedside in time to get the news, only to run out to make a howling plea that's heard and answered by none other than Hela, the Goddess of Death.

The price? Steep. Refusing to save both Rahne and the baby, the ruler of Hel forces Hrimhari to choose one life - but in exchange for his own, for she has a soul to claim one way or another.

In a moment of cleverness it's Elixir the prince bids her to revive, and as he disappears with Hela instructions are left with Kurt to give to the healer, along with a message from the Asgardian: he loves her and will find a way back to her somehow, someday.

And so, three lives are saved: Elixir, Wolfsbane and her baby, the mother made capable of carrying it to term, but at the cost of the father. It is something to be thankful for but a great sorrow at the same time, cemented by the sobbing wolfen woman who cries herself back into a deep sleep, knowing she might never see Hrimhari, her prince, again.

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