Nearly An Argument

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Nearly An Argument

Ares and Arachne

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National Archives Rooftop - Washington, DC

Ares and Arachne nearly have an argument, but don't and have another conversation entirely

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[ Washington, DC ]

The city of Washington in the District of Columbia is the seat of government for the United States of America. The location was personally selected by President George Washington and the city laid out by Charles L'Enfant. The streets are broad and tree-lined, with a particularly impressive display when the Japanese cherry trees bloom each spring. The focus of the city is the area surrounding the Mall which includes the White House, the Capitol building, Supreme Court and Library of Congress among other buildings. Also located at the Mall is the famed Smithsonian Institution.


As the crowd started to gather around and the heroes spoke amongst themselves, Ares made his departure. Not really trying to draw attention to himself, he wasn't really trying to avoid it either as he rent that tear in reality that allowed him to flicker out of existence. A short sharp flash is seen, barely a faint pop of displaced air, and then he's gone.

For most that's the last they see of him that day. Yet if one were particularly perceptive they might catch a distant flickering flash similar to the one that was on the mall. It's atop the roof of the National Archives that Ares appears without fanfare. It's from that distance and with that vantage point that he considers the recent events. There's something dour in his expression, his gaze unfocused as he recalls what occured. A short shake of his head is given as he simply stands there for a time.

As the rest of the heros deal with the aftermath of taking down Ronin, Arachne begins to head away from where the rest have gathered. She did take a moment to catch her breath and allow the adrenaline rush to wear off, but that just gave her mind time to process. The news was that marial law had been declared in DC and in situations like that people can get stupid. The kind of stupidity that leads to looting and rioting and that's the last thing that the city needs right now. With this in mind she departs the National Mall focusing her attention on the rooftops, scanning the skyline to find a building that will suit her purpose and in doing to sees a flash of light where there shouldn't be one. Of course she is going to go investigate.

What she'll gain from such an investigation is at first what might be considered a security risk. There were a few camera spheres atop that rooftop of the National Archives, but they seem to somehow have been crushed recently. It at least grants the tall man some measure of privacy as he crouches on the edge of the roof, his elbows resting upon his knees and his fingers interlaced. There's a furrow to his brow that looks almost thoughtful as he considers the distant fallen robot but the ebb and flow of humanity around it as well.

If she's able to close the distance in time, she might also notice him shaking his head. Once.

The National Archives wouldn't be her first place to perch and watch the city, at least not the city watching she had intended, but that plan has been sidetracked. She moves quickly, very quickly, sprinting across rooftops when she can and swinging where appropiate. It's only a matter of minutes before she reaches the building upon which the man views the scene of the robots defeat. Not wanting to be seen before making the roof, she makes sure she takes a route that isn't in his line of sight. Scaling the opposite side of the building, she pulls herself onto the rooftoop to perch on the ledge.

She's good, at least he doesn't give any sign of recognizing her approach until she's on the rooftop itself. He straightens up, turning to face her when she makes that final climb. Standing atop the very Romanesque building. One eyebrow cocks curiously as he considers her then he gives a small nod along with a faintly lifted hand as if to offer her greeting.

"The other Spider-Woman, if I recall."

"Let's just stick to the name Arachne. Shall we?" she stands and steps of the ledge, taking a moment to take in the view of the surrounding area. There is no surprise of finding Ares on the rooftop, though there maybe some releif in the fact. After helping with Ronin she probably isn't in any state either mentally or physically for another fight, though if necessary could do so. She looks to where the giant robot is laid out on the 'Mall' and frowns slightly "At least we prevented a tragedy from happening.

"There are others around the world," Ares straightens up slowly to his considerable height, standing tall over her though not terribly so. He turns to look at the woman, one eyebrow cocked as perhaps some thought flickers through his mind, a thought unvoiced at least.

A few steps carry him away from the edge of the roof, gravel crunching under his feet as he moves. It's once he's partially past her that he glances aside and tells her, "I am considering if I should aid against the others as well."

Her gaze follows him, though since her upper face is covered with her mask that can only be determined by the turning of her head "Yes, but I have hope that the others that were dispatched to deal with those robots will be successful as well." unseen brows go up, then a thoughtful look crosses her face "That would be generous of you. If I could be in mulitple places at once I probably would help as well." she refrains from commenting that him helping in mulitiple places is a good start at wiping his slate clean of recent actions...that would just be rude.

"Of course you would. You are a hero." There's something sardonic in those words, a joke hidden in there somewhere and whether it's on her or him it's hard to tell. He turns back and lifts his chin as he considers her. Those dark red eyes fall heavily upon her form as he seems to stand in judgement, his expression grim and measured. After a few moments pass he says simply. "You are the one who is a parent, are you not?"

Arachne stiffens under the heavy gaze, though from pride or just refusing to be intimidated is hard to pin down, could be both. Either way her mouth turns down in a slight frown at the question, which she doesn't answer immediatly "I would rather that not get out. That puts her at to much risk." her expression goes from a displeased frown to one more like concern. "Though it could be argued that just donning a costume does the same thing, but as you said, I'm a 'hero'. Though I am growing to dislike the word.

"You are wise," Ares does not break his gaze upon her, though his head shifts slightly to the side as if trying to gain another angle from which to perceive her. "I had intended to speak with you before matters became what they are."

He turns away then and walks towards the edge of the roof again, casting his gaze down upon the denizens of the city. Some of the civilians are starting to come out of their various hiding places. They look dishevelled, having been in cover for a week and some, clearly recovering from the trauma but there's an elation to them that for now they're clear of danger and imminent demise.

He looks back at her and asks, "Why is it you do what you do?"

Following him to the ledge, her step lighter and only making a whisper of noise as she cross the roof, "For her mostly. To make the world a safer place for my child and for thier children." she gestures to the crowds gathering in celebration. She gives a sigh, "It's a bit cliche, but true." like him her gaze is below, but that is not where her true attention lies, "It will be a busy night, tonight." she comments referring to the revelers below.

Folding his arms over his chest, Ares looks down there as well, though his features are perhaps not as forgiving or as generous. There's some aspect of him that almost seems to resent those people down there, even as they cavort and occasional cheers go up. His brow remains knit and his expression sharp, but then he lifts his voice as he tells her, "I at first planned to sit matters out. I argued with myself, that this is what they deserved."

He shifts his gaze somewhat, lifting it to the still smoking hulking remains of Red Ronin far off. "Until finally I asked of myself what Alexander would wish me to do. And so I came."

Aracnhe turns to him at his words, her ire obviously rising "What /they/ deserve? What gives you the right to determine what /anyone/ deserves? Your ancestory? Your powers?" she only pauses long enough for a breath and she points to the street "Those people, no one," she stresses "deserves to live under opression, be it robot or human." this time she shakes her head in disbeleif at him "What they deserve is to live with thier spirits and free will intact. Whomever this Alexander is, maybe he's the one that should be thanked instead of you.

The tall man's eyes narrow as he looks back towards Arachne. For a time that smouldering gaze seems to gleam all the redder though no words come from him. It's with that escalation of the conversation that some of the faint shackles Ares felt held his behaviour in check fall away. She most likely doesn't notice this, though the faint cues are there in the slight tilt of his head and the growling curve of his lip.

Yet for all of that he's remarkably controlled. He takes a deep breath and then tells her levelly. "Alexander was my son." He looks off towards Red Ronin then says simply, almost damningly. "My being an Avenger killed him."

In light of that news any anger or maybe disgust Arachene was feeling drains away. Though she doesn't offer him pity, she can tell that he wouldn't welcome that "It's not easy being an Avenger, a parent or loosing a child." her own expression suggests she would be devastated if something were to happen to her own daughter "But what did he," she points to a specific person below "or she," another person singled out "or the other 6 billion people on the planet have to do with that? You are not honoring his memory by taking out your anger on innocent people.

"I do not take it out on them. You would know if I chose to do such." Ares' expression is grim as he says as much. He gestures with a wave of one hand, as if brushing past her words like so much detritus. "I simply do not feel this compulsion to save them." He grimaces as his gaze drifts back to them. "I know I should feel something, but I do not. Is it enough to do such even if you have no care nor connection to them? Do only the actions count? I act at times only due to his memory."

There's another shake of his head as he looks back to her. Then there's a small smirk as he says simply. "This was not how I had intended our first meeting to go."

"That's not how it looks from where I stand." she simply says her head tilting slightly at him. She could go into a bit about the whole greif thing, but that's not what is needed in this case. What is needed is digression, which he seemingly offers "Oh really?" her mouth quirks upward, amusement taking over, "You had some big introduction planned? I'm flattered.

A small snort came from him as he waves one hand to the side, as if trying to remove some of her amusement with such a gesture. "Hardly a big introduction. Just I intended to pick your brain as another single parent at the time." He folds his arms over his chest and looks at her levelly, gaze unwavering. "I wasn't even sure it was you, since there are like a dozen of you spider-heroes." He gives a small grunt, as if oh so condemning of their existence.

She seems to meet his gaze while they talk, but with the mask it is ever in doubt. With the turn of conversation away from the crowds and recent events, she moves away from the ledge. It would only take one person looking up to see them and she probably doesn't want the attention at the moment "And what kept you?" she asks as she nods in agreement about how many spider-folks there are, but it's not like she had a choice, it has a persona assigned to her.

There's a wave of one hand, gesturing openly as if the world had escaped him. Then he tells her simply, "Circumstances. Matters progressed. Speaking to the only other Avenger who had a child they were raising fell into the background, there never was time nor chance."

He shakes his head, "And then the attack on the city, I half-expected to be imprisoned at the end of it."

"I'm surprised you weren't as well. And looking over the incident report and meeting minutes afterward the option came up more than once. I think the only thing that saved you from that is the lack of places that could contain you." she points in the direction of where cleanup of Ronin and the National Mall has yet to start "And helping with him is a good place to start in making up for your part in that mess.

There's a grimace, "I offered myself to be imprisoned. It is insulting that they would not accept such simply because I could escape should I so wish. My word is not without merit." And indeed, it is a matter of honor with him.

At the last of her words, however, he scowls and points at her. "I do none of this to 'make up' for anything. I do it only for one reason. Perhaps one day that reason will no longer be as compelling. Perhaps not."

She nods at him offering himself up, "Had I been part of the decision making process I would have insisted on it myself, but since you seem to not feel any remorse or guilt over what happened," she lifts a hand to pull the mask off her face so he can see her narrowed blue eyes, "What you caused to happen, imprisoning you would have been nothing but an empty gesture."

"I did what I felt had to be done," Ares opens a hand absently as if the ghost of an idea or concept were flitting from his grasp. He murmurs levelly, "So few of you 'heroes' ever must face the truly difficult decisions. The luxury of your idealism is paid for by those of us that must make them. The lives of those who passed in New York, against the lives of several worlds? I would do it again."

"You could be right, but as I live in this world, you will have to forgive me that it is my main concern." the mask gets crumpled in her hands as she holds them down in front of her. "Very few of us 'mortals' can relate to the concept of other worlds, other than this one. What you done may have the moral thing to do, how you did it, well.." she lets that drop.

Her response actually seems to take him aback. So far he hasn't received even a grudging admission that what he did could even have the ghost of a sliver of a chance of being correct. So he stops in mid-tirade and instead looks at her again. Without his rage, without his indignation he is left with the simple truth of what she says. But what is more he's also left looking at this beautiful and defiant young woman who stands opposite him and speaks her view.

Finally, he says simply. "Then at the least we understand each other."

Her head cants to the side, a lock of hair falling before an eye at the movement, "Perhaps we do, in this. I tend to take a bigger view of things then others do. I have to, I have more to think of than them." in case case, them would be the other Avengers and heros.

"So now that the initial discussion is over, is it time for us to have a misunderstanding where we battle each other until we realize that we must work together to save the world, etcetera etcetera?" Ares folds his arms over his chest, his features still soured and annoyed, yet at the least she might have enough of a handle on him to be able to read that that is perhaps his attempt at humor. He crinkles his nose, then waves a hand and adds, "Bah."

"I think I'll have to raincheck the epic battle, two in one day." she shakes her head "Not for me." she then laughs at the joke between them, her eyes sparkling with amusement "Besides I would hate to crush that huge ego by defeating you." which is she says with no seriousness what so ever.

"Yes, for it is truly a fragile thing. And I did hear the news say that you bested a giant robot. I would be a fool to tempt fate so." If Ares were to ever go legit he'd have a good job as some comedian's straight man. He then lifts his chin as he looks at her and then says levelly. "So tell me, have the Avengers invoked some sort of ritualistic rite of shunning in regards to former members, or are you allowed to associate with the likes of me?" He meets her eyes calmly, made curious by her reactions and her mannerism.

A momentary perplexed looks replaces her amused expression at what she deeds is an unusual question, "I associate with whoever I like. The Avengers have no say whatsoever in who I socialize with. It would certainly be amusing if they tried though..for me at least." she gives a shake of her head "Not so much for them. "What kind of association did you have in mind?" she certainly gets straight to the point.

"If you grant me leave to call on you again, perhaps by the time I do so I'll have come up with something suitable." Ares unfolds his arms, resting his hands on his hips as he looks to her. "That'll give you time at the least to find a sitter and for me to find something else to wear asides jeans and a t-shirt." As he says this he actually looks thoughtful as he almost absent-mindedly asks her out in a staggeringly roundabout fashion.

Despite the fact that he just alluded to a date and didn't come right out and say it, which she finds amusing but refrains from showing it. No need to accidently cause insult where it isn't intended "I'm presently staying at the Avenger's Mansion." she pauses and frowns slightly "Though given recent history perhaps it might be best to meet elsewhere?"

"Again, you show your wisdom." Ares comments with that faint smirk still there upon his rough and worn features. He lifts a hand to scritch a nail along the stubble of his beard thoughtfully, as if pondering this quandary for the ages. He looks towards her and cocks an eyebrow, "Once this entire robot fiasco if over, and if there is still a world remaining of people who still do such things as attend dinner then we can decide on a place and meet there."

There's a pause, then his brow cocks as he adds, "Though Merrakesh is over there, and it is amazing." He points just down the road as he adds, "However we could just disappear somewhere off to Paris, defeat the giant robot there, and then can fall into each other's arms beneath the Eiffel tower or some other suitable landmark."

She nods her agreement "Yes, right now we...well I, should try to figure out how I am going to get back to New York." she is unable to rip holes in space/time and just go where she wants. That said she glances in the direction he points and looks down at her costumed figure "I'm hardly dressed for dinner." and eyebrow quirks up at the rest of his suggestion "As much as I like robot fighting and the rest of that perhaps that can be saved that for maybe a third date." her lips quirk into a smile.

Scritching his chin still, clearly giving it a measure of thought he considers the distance. "I'm not sure if they would even be open at the moment. Though I have heard tell that they stayed open once even during an alien invasion, so who knows?" Ares turns his gaze back upon her, "However, most of your objections can be overcome if you so wish. The proprietors of Merrakesh are known for their discretion, particularly if I ask it of them."

There's a pause and he extends a hand towards her, "If you wish to return to New York then I can aid in that. Though, again, perhaps best we avoid the mansion for now."

"As tempting as that sounds I think right now I'd be better off with getting back to my daughter and to get some sleep. Fighting a 100 foot tall robot may have been easy for you, but for me it was tiring." she reaches out a gloved hand to take his offered one and takes a few steps toward him, "I will take you up on the lift home though. The roof on the Chrysler Building will be fine.

"Tsk," Ares says as his strong hand curls around hers. "No stamina." He'll turn with her, drawing her just a touch closer. It's not much, and there's no presumption to it, but it's close enough that she'll be able to feel how staggeringly warm he is standing next to her, almost preternaturally so. Then there's that subtle scent to him that is all steel, and blood, and exertion like a man after a hard day of labor.

A moment passes as he concentrates and then there's that flicker of light again, that subtle tearing in reality that is little more than a heat shimmer. He'll hold her there for a moment as he says simply, "Please close your eyes, the transition can be difficult." And if she gives him some indication of agreement... he steps through.

She grins at his chiding taking it in the teasing fashion it was offered "Only compared to some." him she means. Being closer she now has to tilt her head up to look at him "This isn't going to make me sick or turn me inside out out anything?" she has heard from others how teleporting can have bad effects on people, despite her concern she closes her eyes, trusting that he will get her back home safe and in one peice.

"Maybe just a little inside out." And with that they flicker out of reality.

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