Natasha Returns

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Natasha Returns to Avengers Mansion

Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Captain America

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01/06/13 19:00

Avengers Mansion, The Den

After being away for two months, Natasha is welcomed back

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Steve and Wanda are seated on the couch watching the first few minutes of a remaster of "Casablanca," one of Steve's arms draped over his sorceress teammate and the other one handing her the bowl of popcorn they're enjoying for their evening in front of the flat-screen. "Hope you don't mind watching something schmaltzy," he says to her with a lopsided grin during a break in the dialogue.

Wanda is currently leaned up against Steve, taking the popcorn as she grins, "Schmaltzy? Do people still say that?" Her voice is light and somewhat teasing as she takes the popcorn, "Frankly, I like schmaltzy. And I love this movie." She rests her head on Steve's shoulder, smiling as they reminisce about Paris.

"--The two of you would appear to be just that," Natasha quips, finally breaking her watchful silence. How long had she been there, in the doorway? Dressed in just a swimsuit, her hair still damp, dripping slightly. Probably from the pool downstairs. The very faintest hint of a smile across her face in contrast to a blueish, bruised hue running around her right eye. Strolling into the room, towel around her waist, she flashes a hand-jerk, half-hearted wave at the two on the couch. Has it been two months since SHIELD called her away?

Steve blinks and cranes his head towards the doorway, careful not to disturb the comfortable position he and Wanda have set up on the couch, but reaches for the remote to press the pause button. "Natasha! Good to see you back! I'd heard you were away too... everything go okay?" His head tilts, noticing her shiner. "Or is that anything for public speaking?"

Scarlet Witch blinks at the greeting, then looks up and smiles, "Good evening, Natasha." She narrows her eyes a little bit at the shiner sported by her Russian friend, "Everything okay? Or is this a case of 'we should see the other dozen guys'?"

Wasting little time, Natasha strolls in front of the TV, towards the small fridge. She gives a quick, muddled chuckle at the question, "A little reminder that Fury frequently does not know all the facts before throwing me into the fray." Bending downward, she opens and peers into the little fridge, pulling out a small, generic ginger ale bottle. "Stationed in Japan--infiltrating a sadistic cult--" she slides next to the couple, on Wanda's side. "A mission that felt suffocating, like quicksand. I'm glad to be back." Taking a sip, she looks tired--almost achy. "I'd imagine that things've been completely calm and eventless here, yes?"

Steve looks a bit sheepish. "Must admit I'm a bit out of the loop on Avengers business. SHIELD had me out on extended assignment also. Neo-Nazi group on a tear through the Carolinas." He sighs. "Must admit Fury knows what will get my attention."

Wanda wrinkles her nose, "You didn't tell me /that/." She gives Steve a wry look, then shrugs a bit as she looks over at Natasha, "Since the Ultron business, it has been a bit quiet... mainly we've been working with the Four to figure out where, precisely, Genosha /did/ vanish to. Since it clearly isn't in the Negative Zone anymore." She hrms, "Also, I don't know if Carol has talked to you about things yet, but we're working a bit closer with the X-Men for training younger mutants and other heroes. Combining efforts, as it were."

Smirking, Natasha shakes her head. "I'm not sure shuffling all metas together is the best tasting soup, but I've not yet seen the effect." She downs a gulp, drinking the soda as if were hard liquor. "The disappearance of an entire place sounds unfathomable. And I suspect the Negative Zone provides unique forensics challenges." She gives a little laugh, "Has it been your task, then, Wanda? Holding the team together?"

Steve looks apologetically to Wanda. "Sorry, I wanted to hold it till the next team meeting... I'm not sure they won't be someone we'll run into again. I haven't spoken to Carol since coming back... we keep missing one another... but I have to say that's a great idea. I've thought for a while we should look into doing outreach for the other heroes in the..." His face then turns pale. "Oh no. Tony's benefit. That was tonight, wasn't it?"

Wanda looks about to say something reassuring, then she blinks, "Not me, that's Carol's job, Natasha." She sounds like she's about to say something else, then she blinks at Steve, "Oh, no, I need to get changed, and /you/ need your tuxedo." She kisses Steve on the cheek, then rises rapidly and hustles to her room, presumably to change.
With a little sigh, Natasha grins. "Quiet never lasts, does it? Perhaps seeing Tony's yammering exuberance is just what I need to reintegrate to America." Hopping off the couch, having only sat there but 2 minutes, she slowly moves to the door. Before leaving, she says, "I'll be seeing you there," with a forced smile.

Steve grins, knowing all too well how Natasha detests these things. He's not overly fond of them either, but Tony's a friend and an Avenger, plus it's for charity. "With bells on!" he calls to the Widow as he heads off to grab his penguin suit, idly wondering if he could fit his shield behind the jacket. Nah.

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