Mystic Consultation (MGH)

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Mystic Consultation

American Dream, Topaz

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Voodoo Lounge

American Dream consults Topaz

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In addition to being a record of events, this log is also serving as an example of how the Marvel Heroic RPG system works in non-combat scenes. OOC notes are marked.

At the beginning of this scene, the Doom Pool for the MGH Event stands at 2d6,2d8. Topaz and American Dream have 1 plot point each.


All sorts of interesting people walk into the Voodoo Lounge. Amateur sorcerors. Artifact hunters. Minor demons. Wannabe occultists. Mystic scholas. Even the occasional random guy looking for a drink. How often, however, does a paragon of national virtue walk through the door of the Voodoo Lounge? American Dream, dressed in costume and carrying that famous shield, steps into the lounge, glances around once to establish exits, potential threats, and the like. Then Dream walks over to the bar.

There have been other Avenger's in the bar in the past, but none of them underage or with the reputation that American Dream has. If it were anyone else, the owner would probably have motioned the bouncers to intercept the under aged person and had them quickly escorted out the door. Topaz though gives the newcomer an appraising look her empathic senses reaching out the get a quick read on the young woman. Within moments of that she is prepping a non-alcoholic beverage, certainly something the woman would have ordered anyone and is placing it on the bar when she moves to sit down "Welcome. To what do I owe the pleasure?


Topaz chooses to empathically read American Dream. First, she builds her dice pool - Solo Affiliation (D6), Beautiful Empath Distinction (D8), Enhanced Senses power (D8), Psych Master Specialty (D10).

She rolls D6: 2, D8: 2, D8: 1 D10: 6. TOTAL: 8 and EFFECT: D8. The GM decides to activate the Opportunity and adds a D6 to the Doom Pool. The Doom Pool now stands at 3d6, 2d8. Topaz gets a plot point. She now has 2 plot points.

American Dream rolls to resist. Her dice pool - Solo Affiliation (D8), Inspired by Captain American Distinction (D8), Psych Expert (D8).

She rolls D8: 1, D8: 4, D8: 4. TOTAL: 8 and EFFECT: D4. The Opportunity isn't activated this time. The tie goes to Topaz and she gets an empathic reading off of American Dream.


Dream slides the shield onto her back. Her mood's calm. Collected. There's a hint of curiosity sliding under the surface as well. "Ms. Topaz. Hello again. I was hoping you can help me." She picks up the soda and takes a sip. "Thank you." So polite.
American Dream gets right to the point. She withdraws an evidence bag from her utility belt. Inside? A vial with a trace of ugly, yellow liquid. "This is what's left of the Mutant Growth Hormone that James Jones injected himself with in the subway. The police labs have run tests and can't find anything unusual. For MGH, anyway. Nothing to suggest why Jones had such an intense reaction to it. Since then, we've had several more incidents in different parts of the city. People taking MGH and then turning into a... golem of some sort. Glass. Wood. Plastic in one case. We need to get a handle on this. A comrade of mine once said, when science doesn't have the answers, magic does. I tried Doctor Strange but he doesn't seem to be in."

Topaz glances to the bagged vial and then back up at Dream. She listens to the explanation, intent, so she doesn't miss anything in the noisy bar. Her eyebrows form a slight V as the furrow with her frown "The creation of golems goes back millinia." she gestures to the other bartender "Watch the bar." she says to him quickly, then speaks once more to Dream "We will need to go downstairs for this." she moves around the bar to head in the direction of the stairs that lead down into the cellar.

Dream keeps tight hold of the vial as she follows Topaz down the stairs. Even a little bit of this substance could be dangerous. "I appreciate you looking into this. I don't know if there is a magical aspect to this but... if someone has figured out how to combine the mystic with MGH..." She shakes her head. "Dangerous."

Leading the way down the stairs Topaz quickly crosses the storage section and holds the curtain that divides the large cellar area back so Dream can pass safely through "My sanctum please don't touch anything. I won't be responsible for the results." she will follow Dream through, letting the curtain fall back into place on its own "If you could set the vial on the table." she points to the large round table "It would help if it weren't in the baggie. I have gloves if you prefer." she will grab some leather work gloves from the bench and offer them over.

Gloves come standard as part of the American Dream uniform. "No problem." She steps forward, opening up the evidence bag. Carefully, she draws the vial from the bag and then sets it down on the table. She's careful not even to touch the table itself. Then she steps back.


Topaz's player decides to spend a PP to create a 'Magical Library' Resource (D6) based on her Mystic Expert (D8) Specialty. She now has 1 PP left.

Now, she rolls to analyze the sample of MGH. Topaz assembles her dice pool: Solo (D6), Pupil of Doctor Strange Distinction (D8), Enhanced Senses power (D8), Mystic Expert Specialty (D8), and her 'Magical Library' Resource (D6).

Topaz rolls D6: 5, D6: 1, D8: 4, D8: 2, D8: 3.

The GM activates the Opportunity afforded by that 1 and gives Topaz a plot point. Her PP pool goes up to 2. Instead of adding a die to the Doom Pool, the GM steps up an existing die. The Doom Pool now stands at 2d6, 3d8.

Topaz chooses to spend a PP to add an extra die to her total. She now has 1 plot point. Her TOTAL is 12 (D6: 5 + D8: 4 + D8: 3), EFFECT: D8.

Because Topaz isn't rolling against a specific character, the Doom Pool is used to oppose her. It stands at 2d6, 3d8. The roll is - D6: 2, D6: 2, D8: 3, D8: 7, D8: 2. TOTAL: 10. EFFECT: D8. Topaz succeeds in analyzing the substance.


Topaz takes a book from one of the bookshelves and quickly flips through it as she moves to the table. Book held open in one hand she circles the table, touching each cardinal point and speaking a word in a long dead tongue. Sigils flare to life on the table as she does this. Moving back to the north point she scans the page in the book and closes it, keeping her finger at the spot "Millinia ago golems were divine in nature. Adam was a golem of clay before God breathed life into him. Your sample has a spark of the divine, but more I cannot tell you. Not without a larger sample.

"There is magic?" American Dream says, frowning. "Fantastic. As if MGH by itself isn't enough. What does a spark of the divine mean? Are we talking the same sort of magic that made Adam or the Golem? Or something, I don't know, Asgardian or Olympian? Or like the Native American dieties that attacked the mansion last month?"

"I cannot say." Topaz says with a shrug of her shoulders "I'll need more of the drug to get a better reading of it. This is not enough and it has been through to many hands." she takes the book and reshelves it "I doubt Doctor Strange could tell you much more. The magic is there, yes, but faint and severely diluted.

American Dream nods. She's too stalwart to sigh dramatically. "If I get hold of a bigger sample, I'll bring it by. Magic being involved opens up a whole new dimension to this. It could be Loki playing his usual tricks or Amora the Enchantress or any number of other gods or... I don't know. There's too much I don't know."

Topaz stares at the sample, listening as Dream speculates "And that is just a short list of the possiblities, and while dangerous, at least they are easier to reason with, than say Mephisto." she gestures to the sample "Did you need to take this back or would you like me to take care it?"

"I can add this to whatever other samples you manage to bring me. More small samples would have the same effect as just one large sample. Though the latter would be preferred." a few more places on the table are touched and more sigils flare to life "An anti tampering ward, just to be safe. Usually the curtain is enough, but if the creator of this drug is a 'Power' or mage of some type they may be able to locate it.


Topaz spends her remaining plot point to create another Resource called 'Magical Wards'. Again, this is based off her Mystic Expert Specialty (D8) so it is a D6 Resource. Should someone try to steal or touch the MGH sample, a D6 will be added to the dice pool to stop them.


"And if they're powerful enough, the wards won't stop them." American Dream adds. "I understand, I think. I don't think they'll care for such a small sample, though, when they're obviously peddling this stuff in the streets. I'm working other contacts, too. See what I can find. I might call on you again. I appreciate this, Ms. Topaz. Thank you."

With a nod of agreement Topaz begins to lead the way out of her sanctum "The Avengers can call on me anytime. Any help I can provide is freely given." the curtain is drawn back again and she follows up the stairs into the bar proper.

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