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As with any dynamic universe, things change and the story develops even when people are not looking. Here are some game notes that your character may or may not be aware of (depending on faction and resources).

Deathbird escaped the Shi'ar prison that was once thought inescapable. It is suspected that she was aided by Nebula; but rumors are just that, rumors. During her reign, post Operation: Galactic Storm, the Shi'ar empire absorbed the Kree Empire and Deathbird ordered the reconstruction of Hala (capital of the Kree Empire which was decimated by the Nega-bomb which destroyed the Supreme Intelligence). It is suspected that Deathbird fled to former Kree space (it is believed she has many friends within that domain) to plot her revenge over Lilandra and the X-Men.

Neverland - A secret mutant concentration camp located in central Canada, Neverland was a clear representation of what the government is capable of. The facility itself was exposed and brought down by X-Factor and all the captive mutants were freed. Since the reveal, this facility has been denied by the government as a conspiracy and disavowed any knowledge of or controlling stock in. The "Director" of Neverland escaped during the X-Factor raid and has not been seen since.

Ex Neverland Mutants - Most of the captive mutants have disappeared back into society. Those that were Morlocks have returned back to the underground tubes beneath the streets of New York. Some mutants had been brainwashed by the Director and were made to work for him. Mentallo, Persuasion, Box, Domino, Cecilia Reyes, Sienna Blaze, Wildchild, Marrow, Washout, Sabretooth, Sauron, Msmero, and many others were utilized as field agents. They too were released from the mental manipulation and are back on the streets.

X-Factor - In recent months, X-Factor stepped down from US Government employment due to the Neverland Incident. The team acquired the original X-Factor team's base called Ship (Celestial Ship). The ship landed upright in the heart of Mutant Town and now appears to be a futuristic skyscraper with a large X on two sides of its upper floors. X-Factor works as a super hero team and is sanctioned by the tri-state area to operate in conjunction with law enforcement.

Villain Tracker - Be sure to check for information on villains before you emit them. They may be in prison, dead, or unavailable for use.

Heavy Metal Horde - During the month of July, the entire world area came under siege from robotic assailants. Ultron was behind the attack and used a nano virus to corrupt robotic appliances, beings, devices. Giant Robots held cities hostage while smaller robots tried to enforce Ultron's will of order. The former super-villain turned super-hero, the Super Adaptoid, was corrupted by the nanovirus and turned once again into a super-villain who was subsequently defeated by Hercules, Ultragirl, and a New York Police detective. Eventually, the super teams of the world defeated the robots and the Avengers took down Ultron.

Heavy Metal Horde Changes -
--- During the HMH plotline, the Xavier Mansion was destroyed by Sentinels. Since then it has been rebuilt and a new batch of adventures await new students and faculty alike. Recently, the Avengers and X-Men came together to develop a new charter that allows non-mutant students to have a place to go for an education.
--- Genosha was also a casualty of the HMH plotline. Fearing the destructive forces within Genosha, Ultron caused the island nation to be transported into the Negative Zone.

Shadows of the Underworld - During the month of June, the tri-state area came under assault from shadowy demons from the underworld. This was all due to a conflict between Ares, Zeus and Hades. Manhattan was hit hardest and civilians were forced to stay indoors to avoid the shadows. Eventually the heroes of the city were able to defeat the onslaught.

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