Mutant v. Mage

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Empath and Topaz

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Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village

Empath and Topaz duel - Winner? You be the judge.

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==[ Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village ]==

One must descend a flight of black slate stairs flanked by walls papered in rock concert programs before discovering...

This is no ordinary urban mecca. This is no sports bar, no yuppie hipster watering hole. This... is the famed Voodoo Lounge.The lights are recessed into the wall, and of a golden hue, dimmed low enough that one can see where one is going, but still be able to consider the atmosphere intimate. People more than a dozen feet away will appear as mere shadows until one is right up on them. The walls are paneled in mahogany wood. The bar, that travels down the left side of the room is teak with a black marble top, polished to a fare-thee-well. Taps are visible just past the lip of the countertop. There's a recess in it so that a bartender can slide drinks to the waiting patrons. Behind the bar, the expected mirror -- this one beveled on the edges. Glasses and more elaborate drinkware hangs upside down from a wooden rack above.

The barstools appear to be leather and wood, but they are reinforced to handle patrons of superhuman size. The floor is carpeted in plush brown carpet, thick enough to sink into, though nothing seems to ever reach it if anything is spilled. There are cozy tables and booths clustered at the front and back of the room. A long, thickly stuffed leather sofa, also in brown, is along the entire front wall and side wall. A hidden moving light casts random shapes and sigils around the room in muted hues -- slowly enough so it's ambience-enhancing rather than disorienting. Potted palms flank the door and stand in the corners. There are hanging plants above the tables, leaves dripping lazily down toward the floor, but not enough to impede anyone there. Carefully hidden speakers pipe music into the room that varies from the contemporary to the exotic. There is no television behind the bar. The back wall has a floor-to-ceiling fountain that trickles away serenely. A few feet in front of the back wall is a modest stage, also set with small tables if there's no one performing.The entire vibe is like someone set a bar in a cozy little alcove in some exotic place far removed from New York City.

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Early evening, just before happy hour, finds the Voodoo Lounge, relatively empty. There are a few customers at the bar, and the entertainment is setting up on stage. At the beginning of the week happy hour isn't typically all that busy so there isn't much in the way of staff, just Topaz tending bar and two wait staff to see to the tables.

The two waitresses are busy setting up tables while Topaz cleans up the empty glasses and beer bottles from a group that just departed.

Making his way into the bar, a young suave Spaniard enters the bar. At his side, an equally attractive young woman with an almost blank stare. <Manuel, is this the place you have chosen for us?> The young woman speaks in Spanish. He simply nods his head. He points to a table and commands, "Sit there and wait for me." She nods and kisses his cheek as she happily walks to the table. He himself heads straight to the bar and when he notes the bartender. His eyes zoom in. Like a deer in headlights, he makes his way over, "Fancy, seeing you again." An empath of his and Topaz's ability would note the young woman with his is not emotionally or mentally all there.

Looking up on hearing the door open and footsteps come down the stairs, Topaz starts with her usual greeting, "Welcome to the Voodoo Lounge." she calls out before looking to see who it is. She turns from putting away some glasses when she is addressed and the warm smile she is about to give fades, "That is one way to put it." her eyes go to the woman at the table, and she frowns at the blankness found there "That is not acceptable." she brings her gaze back to Empath, and is is not her usual happy one. "I can only assume that is your doing.

Making a faux gasp, "I knew it. . .You are somehow. . .you are an empath as well." Manuel grins, "Yes. . .I take full responsibility. . .what are you going to do about it?" The arrogant mutant offers as a challenge. . . for him. . .this is all a game.

Topaz doesn't even dignify the question with an answer. Instead she just shows him what she is going to do about it. The bells on her braclets start to chime as she begins to rotate her hand. Canting her head to the side, her eyes narrow and begin to glow as she reaches out with her mystical empathic abilities and begins to unweave the mental chains that have been forced upon the woman.

Already gaining a sense of what Topaz is attempting, "A contest. . .and the prize. . .the woman. . .I never thought you would engage in such. . .Challenge accepted." He turns to the woman as well. Finding Topaz's ability within the woman to be great. Empath strains as his eyes begin to glow as well. A sign usually reserved for more powerful displays of his abilities. He finds himself a bit overwhelmed and finally is forced to release the woman.

The woman finds herself free from Manuel's enthrallment. Confused she looks around, unaware and very afraid. Manuel yells to her in Spanish. The woman looks upset and confused and simply runs out of the lounge. Resting to sit at the bar, "Round 1 to you. . .But. . ." As there are a few patrons and a band setting up, Manuel attempts an area wide empathic attack on those present, hoping to cause chaos within the lounge.

The lounge suddenly feels ominous and outright chaotic as customers first feel a sense of dread and then utter panic. The band setting up feels similarly. Band members starts fighting amongst each other as the few patrons run amok or begin randomly weeping in fear. Chaos born and chaos created. The few workers who were present begin to rip into each other. A table is thrown and people are just starting to get hurt. Manuel turns to Topaz, "Enjoy. . .and I ll have a rum and coke."

Slapping her hands on the bar, a pulse of calm can be felt rushing through the room, but it isn't enough to stop the patrons from rioting and trashing her bar. She gets a pained expression as all the rage washes over her. She may not be able to calm the people but she can keep the damage to a minimum. A few words are uttered and her hands glow as her arms raise. All the patrons and staff are suddenly lifted up to the ceiling and pulled away from each other.

With the bar in utter chaos, Manuel watches as Topaz is able to use power to lift the patrons up. He grimaces as he notes Topaz is capable of much more than he is. Better to make the exit now, before he faces her full wrath. Content in the knowledge that he has caused chaos in her home. He rises, bows his head, "Until next time, my dear." He makes a speedy exit.

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