Mutant Outreach

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Blindfold, Cyclops, Seth, Surge, Vaughn, and Beak, Dust, Staff & Patients of Clinic

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07/08/12 14:56

Carlos Reyes Memorial Clinic - Mutant Town

Scott and students volunteer at the clinic.

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Sunday afternoon, the weather is a little less humid, but the sun is still out and New York is in a record heatwave. The heatwave has affected many of the city’s residents including mutants in Mutant Town. Outside of the Xavier Institute, Scott has seemingly been spending much of his time doing outreach work and encountering youths in Mutant Town. So, opting to give students the chance at extra credit, Scott has brought a small group of students with him to volunteer at the clinic. So dressed in clothes akin to scrubs, Scott adjusts his ruby quartz lenses as the students appear behind him and dressed similarly. The students are Beak, Dust, and Surge. Smiling, Scott points to the admin office, “Barnell and Sooraya, go the office and they will send you to a different department. Noriko, you can come with me to the children’s ward.” Beak and Dust head to the office leaving Scott with Noriko.

Smirking and nodding his head at being called ‘sir’, Scott leads the way. A doctor and a nurse, both human leads them to the children’s ward. A grouping of five young mutants ranging in age from 8 to 17 gather, either in wheelchairs or seated on the floor in this section of the ward, which is a play room. Various toys and dolls are strewn across the floor and there is a small TV, black and white and attached to it is an old school Atari system. Some kids play ‘Pong’ on it, but are just very sad and appear bored. Scott ponders, “Noriko, any ideas on what we can do to cheer them up?”

Surge nods and glances around, she sees herself almost a bit as she sees the young mutants, closing her eyes for a moment. The electronics in the room go staticy for a moment but then normalize. She thinks for a moment, "Not sure." she says softly. She does seem to be thinking though.

A Little girl with lidless black eyes, she can’t be more than 8 comes over and tugs on Surge’s pant leg, “Excuse me. . .pretty hair. . .blue. . .favorite color.” The girl then holds up a raggedly doll with a few strands of hair. The hair has been colored in with crayon to look blue. Scott smiles, “Why not talk to them. These kids have it bad. They have been injured or hurt. And they have been abandoned by their families or their families killed either by bigots or by their powers.” He sighs a bit and then walks over to the nurse and the doctor leaving Nori with the girl and a few other kids who stare at her.

Surge nods and finds a place to sit. She smiles to the girl, "Hello, I am Noriko." she says softly. She isn't sure what to say, maybe get the kids to open up a bit, " of course I mutant myself. She holds up her hands to the kids showing the fancy gauntlets. "These make it safe to be around me." she says and nods, "I ended up in places like this now and again."

The little girl smiles and when Surge goes to sit, the girl hugs her tightly and waves the doll in front of her. “Her new name is No-ri-ko.” The little girl, “My name is De-nice.” She looks at he gauntlets, “Can I touch them?” The little girl’s lidless eyes give off a puppy-dog like expression to Noriko.

Scott and the medical staff talk. Dr. Heredia offers, “We ordered some Chinese food from Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant I hope you and the volunteers like fried rice. We ordered a whole lot for all of you as well. And there will be some chicken, beef, and pork, brought in too for the kids. The delivery guy should be here any minute.” Scott nods and pats his stomach, “That would be nice an dI am sure the kids will enjoy it.”

Surge blinks and flushes as she hears that, ", thanks." she stutters. She cauchs her head to the side and then nods, "yes, just be careful." she says softly.

As if on que, Vaughn walks down the hall, carrying a cardboard box, filled with the large order, having been directed this way. Earbuds in the delivery boy's ears. He looks in the directions of the staff and Scott. "Um.. I have a delivery order?" Well, seeing Scott here makes some sense as to why he's always down the street at the bodega.

Scott and the doctor walk over to Vaughn. The doctor pays the bill and starts taking the bags of food to dispense to the staff and children. Scott smiles at Vaughn, “So you are a delivery man. Nice, hopefully you get good tips.” Scott fishes some bills and change in the pocket of the scrubs he is wearing and gives Vaughn a healthy tip, thirty percent. “Good to see someone delivering out here in Mutant Town. A lot of people are afraid to deliver here. Despite you being a mutant, it is still good to see someone delivering out here.

Vaughn shrugs slightly, "Not generally... most of the time it's just whatever change is left over when they round to the next dollar." He gives a half-hearted smile, "But it pays the bills, I guees." As Scott gives him a substantial tip, the smile widens, "Gee thanks." Then there's the mutant remark, and Vaughn blinks and stumbles over his words, "I.. I.. I'm not a mutant.. what makes you think I'm a mutant?" Looking around at the mutant children, "Not that I have a problem with mutants, but I'm didn't.. I mean I'm not a mutant."

Shaking his head, Scott sighs as he hates outing mutants and whanot, but this is a safe place, so Scott offers, “Oh sorry. I thought you viewed things differently than most. You can see sound as opposed to others who simply hear it. You name was Vaughn right.” To be fair and hopefully put Vaughn a bit as ease, Scott holds his right hand a few inches from his own face and with his left hand removes his ruby quartz lenses. He does this when the doctor and nurse are busy with the kids on the ward allowing for privacy. A thin beam is fired from his eyes and absorbed into his hand. Scott speaks, “I am a mutant too.” He then closes his eyes and puts the lenses back on.

Vaughn looks positively horror-strickened. "How do you know that?" He swallows, "I haven't told any-one that... " He chews on the right corner of his lower lip. Even in his state of agast, sarcasm laces across the tip of his tongue. "Never would have guessed it, seein' that I keep seein' you in mutant town. Most norms don't come here, if they have any say in the matter. So is that your power? You can diagnose mutants... like CSCAN-Guy or MRI-Man?"

“Yes, we have seen each other in Mutant Town quite a bit. And since ‘norms’ don’t come by here. The same can be applied to you. Most ‘norm’ delivery people won’t set foot in or near Mutant Town.” Scott throws some of Vaughn’s logic back at him.
“And it is a small world among the mutants, even in New York City. I understand your reaction, but there is no need to be afraid or put off by your secret, which is safe with me as I presume mine is with you.”

Vaughn cocks his head, "I work for a place in Hell's Kitchen.. If they'll send me out on deliveries there... they'd probably send me on delivery to Baghdad in the middle of a bombing. My boss delivers to mutant town _because_ no one else will." He pauses, "Best tips come from here since the customers generally are more appreciative of the delivery." He frowns, "I'm just starting to have friends again.. I don't want to lose them cause they find out about me... "

“Not too worry. Your secret is safe with me.” Scott extends his hand, “I am Scott, by the way. Your friends with Ruth and some of the other I met on the 4th of July, right?” He smiles, “Your power to see sound is pretty interesting. I’ve never met anyone with that particular mutation though I have met mutants with sound based powers, just not quite like that.”

Vaughn shrugs slightly, "I'm not sure I'd say we're friends... I've just run into her a couple times... actually just the twice.. And yeah, I heard you introduce yourself to that musician, Rex... " He grins slightly, "If I'm concentrating... I can read the words in the pattern.. It's like listening with your eyes." He rubs the back of his neck slightly, "You said you have met others that can deal with sound. What else can they do?"

When asked about specific sound manipulator abilities, Scott’s mind works like a computer as suddenly mental files on Banshee, Dazzler, Kylun, and Siryn pop into his mind. “Well, sound manipulation and sound energy is pretty amazing. I’ve met people who can manipulate sound through vibratory actions that allow them to fly or fires off devastating sonic blasts. I know another sound manipulator who can absorb sound and release the energy into light effects. And I know another person who can mimic any sound he hears. There really is no limit to what you could do. . .especially with training. How you manifest your powers could be pretty interesting and a lot of potential there.”

Vaughn blinks, "Fly?" He shakes his head, "Don't think that I'm gonna try that one." He cocks his head, "I can do more than just see... I can tweak the soundwaves.. make them louder or softer... sometimes even change them to something else." At the reference to the sonic blast, he shifts uneasily.

“Well, the outcome of mutancy varies from person to person. Not all sound manipulators can fly.” Scott notes the uneasy shift from Vaughn, “I take it that you have a sonic blast on time of being able to alter soundwaves and ‘see’ sound?”

Once again, Vaughn drags his canine over his lower lip. "I've only done it a couple times... It kind of scares the crap out of me, whenever I do it... The first couple times it was an accident... " The teenaged boy seems massively uncomfortable thinking, much less talking, about it.

“Well, hopefully you are not forced to use it and hopefully you get the training you need. Sonic blasts can be dangerous to you or to others. Powers in general. It can be a very scary, especially for someone so young.” Scott offers, “Why not stay and have some of the food? Or do you have to get back to Hell’s Kitchen?”

Vaughn pauses for a second, "I might be able to stay for a little bit. I'll have to call in to the restaurant to see if they need me and tell them to call me if they get in an order for delivery, so I can head back." He grins, "I think I'll pass on eating though." He holds up his hand, "Not that the food isn't good... It is, but I bring home left-overs from the restaurant almost every day... It gets a little tiring."

Nodding his head, Scott looks over the food and watches as some of the students, staff, and patients seem to be enjoying it. “Well, I’ll have to take your word for it.” He begins to move over to the table set up for the food and begins to prepare himself some food. At the table are Beak, a young teen mutant, literally a human-looking bird and Dust, a young Muslim teen wearing an abaya with a niqab over her face. Both nod and bow their heads to Vaughn, “Vaughn, this is Barnell and Sooraya. They came with me to volunteer and help out.”

Vaughn calls into work and says that he'll be a bit unless they need him. He walks over with his hands shoved in the front pockets of his jeans. He nods to the two. "Hello." He looks over at Scott, "I should be able to stay for a short bit, but I doubt for very long."

Beak and Dust acknowledge Vaughn and then resume eating and go over to some of the patients. Scott finishes preparing his plate, fried rice and orange chicken. He is dressed in scrubs, but has on his ruby quartz lenses. “Well, good. It might do you good to spend some time volunteering here too. There are always mutants around. You never know who you could help or who could help you.”

Vaughn scrunches his shoulders slightly. "I guess.. If I ever had any time... I pretty much have to pull as many shifts as I can to pay my bills. Not that I really know how I could help out... I guess I could come around ever so often and play for the kids... You know when I can."

“Well, anytime you have to offer, I am sure would be appreciated, Vaughn.” Scott grins as he starts in on his food. Some of the patients move to the table. The little girl who was earlier playing with Surge walks over. She is dressed in pajamas and has fully black lidless eyes. She holds a doll with crayon-colored blue hair. She holds it up to Vaughn, “This is No-ri-ko. My name is De-nice.”

Seth walks in, cursing under his breath. His clothes, luckily scrubs are tattered, and his hair is smouldering. He takes a seat, and looks at Vaughn, and then at Scott. He's not saying anything, but his look is silent anger.

Vaughn looks down at the little girl. "Hello, Denice. Hello, Noriko." He reaches down to shake the doll's hand. He smiles slightly, obviously not completely unaccustomed to dealing with small children. His golden brown eyes filled with unasked questions at Seth's state and expression.

Denice looks over at Seth and points, “Why he mad?” Scott follows Denice’s and Vaughn’s eyes to Seth. He lets out a little sigh and takes a seat by Seth, “Is something the matter, Seth?” Beak and Dust look over at him too, but remain quiet as they ponder if he did something or if something was done to him. Noting the tattered scrubs, “What happened?”

Seth proceeds to explain, "You know that three year-old demon-like kid who spits fireballs? He decided to throw a fit when the nurses tried to give him soup..." He sighs, massaging his temples. "Now, try to imagine firing back at him while he spat a fireball at me, with just enough intensity to deflect, but not rip his head clean off."

“You did not fire back on the child, did you?” Scott asks. Both Beak and Dust wince and note the tone of Cyclops’ voice. Some nurses with a rather angered look appear in the ward all of a sudden and Scott simply shakes his head.

"The kid is fine, cooled off the moment I managed to grab him. Timing my blasts was the big trick", Seth replies. He then blinks, "The whole room the kid is in is a mess. Which I didn't cause. And he fired! At me! /Straight/ at me, meaning to hit! I just used my blasts to disperse the fire."

Sighing loudly, Scott waves off the angry nurses who return to their department. “For the remainder of the day or any other time you come back to volunteer (if you are even allowed to) you are to stay by my side or one of the X-Men, Seth.” Beak and Dust look away, but think Seth will be in more trouble, whether that is true or not is dependent on Cyclops, who for the moment is glad no one is hurt. Scott passes his plate of food to Seth. “Here. Using your powers like that will leave you a bit phased out, so eat up.”

Blindfold walks in tapping her cane ahead of her with one arm carrying several sodas, one for each of them, and heads over to the table.

"Fine by me if I'm not allowed to", Seth replies as he notices he's got the really bad evaluation coming. "If the nurses couldn't handle that fire hazard, they shouldn't be throwing the guy who's got the least experience dealing with these sorts of cases into the mix." He adds, "I even had to take one of them from under the beds, given how she was pinned by the flames." He shrugs, "I just did what I could with what I had, since nobody else would. If I acted against policy, then here I stand, guilty as charged."

As Blindfold joins the them, “Hello, Ruth, how has volunteering been for you so far?” Scott stands up and goes to prepare a plate of Chinese food for her. “Hopefully it wasn’t too much for you.” Beak and Dust wave to Blindfold.
Blindfold waves to Dust and Beak and passes out the sodas "No, thank you, not too much for me. It's been a good change, people aren't mean about things, just curious. When you have a moment though later, not here, can I talk to you about Mike please, thank you" there was one soda that didn't get passed out though

Hearing from Ruth about Mike, Scott responds, “Alright, a little later.” With that, he makes his way over to where the nurses were, but shakes his head as the nurses peer at Seth. Scott stops short and announces, “I will be back shortly and then we will head on out.”

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