Mutant Mistake

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Beta Ray Bill, Cyclops, Rogue, Seth, and Tanya

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06/01/12 20:06

Upper East Side - New York

Beta Ray Bill and Rogue talk. Cyke shows up. Tanya bumps into Seth.

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Dressed for the warm evening in black trousers with a brown polo shirt and red sunglasses, most would not expect the ordinary looking man to possess the power he does nor be the leader of the premiere mutant team, the X-Men. Scott Summers walks out of a brownstone and down some steps. He has a briefcase with him and had just finished meeting with parents of a mutant and potential student at the Institute. Deciding between returning home or perhaps allowing himself the rare evening to relax. He ponders the decision as he makes his way towards the subway.

Tanya strode down the street as well, her lips pursed in concentration as she walks down the street, absent mindedly. A purse was thrown over one shoulder and she carried a raincoat over one arm as she spoke rapidly in spanish, obviously in some sort of argument with the other person.

Immersed in his thoughts, a young man comes walking up the street, a hoodie covering his head and so he was hoping most of his face, but no go. He has a pair of dark sunglasses over his face as well, but they don't hide it. They don't hide his mutation at all. So, people are looking at him as he passes by, and they whisper on his back. Others stare at him. Others walk away. A couple girls even scream, and one of them runs off into the street, almost being caught by a car. The boy doesn't give a damn, as he keeps walking towards the apparently assembling group, apparently unaware that it's gathering.

Rogue laughs a bit "Sugah, some people and reasonableness ain't never been acquainted, hell people over who gets to pray to who. The problem with what you are talking about" and the smile disappears "is that who gets to decide what genetic or cyber thing, 'cause people around have many different ideas what we should look like and they ain't willing to work with each on that, me personally Ah like all the diversity."

"Some augmentations are allowed only by the highest governmental decree, due to the danger-" Bill pauses as a strange *chrrp* sound comes from a pocket. He takes out a device...smooth and ovoid, with coloured shapes pulsing beneath a translucent surface. As he taps one of them, a female-sounding voice can be heard coming from it, "Bill? This is Skuttlebutt, incoming transmission via S.W.O.R.D. via the Avengers..."

The voice heard may be known to some here: "How about we don't do the kill everyone thing? Ares is an ass..."Yes? Okay. Hello. Bill...this is Annie. Gogo? Yeah. I'm standing here in Harlem with Loki. I was wondering if you could possibly talk to him? I really don't feel qualified."
"Loki. -Again-." Bill notes, then speaks into the 'phone', "This is Bill. Getting a location now...has he harmed anyone?"

Spotting his teammate, Scott stops midstep before exiting down to the subway. “Well, so much for time to myself.” He smirks and is actually pleased to see her. As he has been busy with the school, Scott has admittedly neglected time with his teammates and friends. So he changes direction and walks in her direction, noting the person she speaks with.

Sighing in frustration, Tanya fumbled with her phone a moment longer, not even looking at where she was going now as she continued in Spanish "<Yes father, I am being careful. no Father, I am not putting on a 'cape' and going out every ni-" It was at that point she walks full-on into a young man wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, yelping in surprise. The phone drops as she stumbles back a step, startled.

Seth GAHS!! as he's snapped out of his reverie. His brain immediately processes 'under attack!', so as a result the guy applies one quick movement meant to knock the would-be opponent away, then taking flight a few yards off the ground, both hands glowing and aimed at Tanya; his face shows that of an intense fear running through him. And it's likely not to sit well with the onlookers, as the imagery of 'dangerous mutant about to blow up the street' may be about to kick in at any time...

Rogue listens to Bill until he interrupted by his communicator and waits till he finished "Aint't Loki that evil trickster Asgardian, whats he up too?" and notices Scott and waves to him "Hey Scott over here." She also notices Tanya, and goes to wave until she bumps into Seth and he goes on the offensive. "God, first Enchantress and now this, Ah guess when it rains, it pours." she says to no one in particular, as she starts move over to Scott and the trouble.

<Sorry about that, I was not paying attention>" stutters Tanya in Spanish as she tries to right her sunglasses. Then she freezes, seeing the glowing hands "<Woah, easy there. It was a misunderst-> Wait, let's try english instead." she changes halfway, sounding embarassed at using the wrong language. Her hands come up slowly "I did not mean to startle you. Easy there..."

"Interesting expression," Bill notes to Rogue, "For it may indeed 'pour' before the day is out...forgive me, but I feel somewhat responsible for my oath-brother's sibling - despite my better judgment, I should look into this matter." He looks back to the 'phone', the lights shifting and sending up a very tiny 3D map of the city, with Harlem highlighted with a small dot, "Close enough to walk, should I not to startle him...again my apologies." Bill says before he takes off down the street at a dead run, dodging the crowd, vaulting the occasional mailbox and fruit stand...

As he makes his way towards Rogue, Scott catches sight of the incident between Seth and Tanya. Not one to overact, but one to respond. He gestures to Rogue making a swooping gesture and points to Seth as he begins to adjust his ruby quartz lenses. Not completely removing them yet, but getting ready to should he need to as his hand is towards his face, he speaks into his com, “Rogue, fly the kid out of here now. May not do anything, but too many people can watch. Fly him away. If he is hostile knock him out. If not, stay nearby and we will rendezvous.”

Rogue nods "Ah'm on it Cyke." she says into her communicator quietly and looks around briefly before lifting off to grab Seth before anything bad happens to Tanya or anybody else.

Seth is just about to power down, and he begins to lower his hands. "I-I'm sor..." And he's grabbed from behind by an unknown assailant, one who's carrying off. "HEY!! Get off me!!" He kicks and writhes to get himself free. Of course, those hands are now trying to find the boy's gripping target...

Tanya relaxes a little as Seth begins to reassure her back. Then he was grabbed and lifted off. Her eyes widen and she pulls her sunglasses off, peering up after Rogue "Hey, what the..." she states, just as shocked as Seth was as she steps forwards a few, her face torn on what exactly to DO in this situation. "Anna?"

Speaking to the com, “Fly him away from prying eyes. . .and talk to him. . .if he gets out of hand, put him down. But if not then just find out his story.” When Rogue flies the apparent danger away, Scott walks towards Tanya to see if she is alright. Surprised to see Tanya, a stranger refer to Rogue by that name. Scott approaches, “Are you alright, Miss?”

Rogue flies with Seth "Ease off Sugah, Ah ain't going to hurt ya, we just need to go somewhere to talk, away from the people you almost blasted." and flies off with him.

Turning about quickly, Tanya pauses as Scott approaches. She slips her sunglasses into her pocket "A little startled yes." the spaniard replies "He just surprised me. It was entirely my fault for not paying attention."

Meanwhile, her phone on the ground squawks spanish. She glances downto it, but did not want to just turn her back on Scott. That was rude.

'Okay, reason! Reason, Seth! Give her a chance', the kid thinks. Then, a second later, he's saying, "Then you can prove your good samaritan intentions by letting go of me, lady", he replies back to Rogue with a little more anger in his tone than he'd care to let on. "I can fly on my own."

“Well, as long as you are alright then.” Scott hmmmns and looks over the woman, “And you know Anna?” Scott gestures as any spectators who saw what happened seem to leave as Rogue and Seth are gone.

Rogue sets down Seth on a nearby rooftop and faces him "There ya go, now Ah ain't gonna hurt you, Ah just want to talk about ya and ya abilities, so ya say you can fly as well as shoot energy out ya hands?"

"Yes, we met the other day in Central Park. She watched my back after I punched a guy for harassing a young mutant and his parents." she
explains. "Ahh, excuse me for a moment..." She walks over to pick up her phone, switching to Spanish "<No, I just bumped into someone Father. Yes I'm fine. And yes, I punched someone. In the gut. No, he lived. The Shadow didnt come no. Listen, I will call you back. You're breaking up... >" click. Parents.

Seth hmms, squinting his eyes at Rogue, then shakes his head. "No, sorry. That's not really how a conversation works around these parts. First you go and say, 'I'm insert-name-here, and you are...?'" Yeah, he's defensive. So much so, he's looking around on that rooftop for anything out of the ordinary or out of place.

“Ah, how did she watch your back?” Scott asks as he wants to see how much Tanya knows about Rogue. “But nice to see you standing up for mutants? Oh and I am Scott.” He extends his hand out for her to shake.

Putting her phone away, Tanya takes the hand with a smile "Even if I had no choice, I would have anyways, mutant or no. They were bullies plain and simple. She arrived... I think she flew in, I was trying not to look away from the bullies - and made sure they didnt try anything since I was rather outnumbered. After Myself, Beta Ray Bill and Annie convinced them to leave, she made sure they were long gone and that we were all okay. I'm Tanya Rivera. You are a friend of Anna's then?"

Rogue looks at Seth and nods "Sorry, Ah got caught up in everything, Folks call me Rogue" She is trying to be professional so why use the codename. "and what's ya name?"

Seth crosses his arms, again defensively. After a long moment, he replies, "Call me Seth." He shifts the weight between his legs, "And yes, it seems I shoot energy out of my body. And fly. Beats walking, just avoid the air traffic and the screaming." He moves to back himself against a wall. "What about you? Looks like you got the muscles on you to go with that flight."

“Well, Tanya.” Scott pauses a moment as he shakes her hand as he received a mental summons, “I am a friend of Anna’s and unfortunately, I must go.” He bows his head, “But I am sure I will meet you again.” He starts to head back towards the subway but speaks via com to Rogue, “I have to head back to the mansion, ASAP. Assess the situation, if this was some kind of mistake and he meant no danger then leave him be. If he puts up a fight, then bring him to the police.” He heads on the subway and is gone.

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