Musical Interlude

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Musical Interlude

Blindfold, Richenda Gray, Seth, Vaughn

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09/03/12 22:00

Xavier's School Courtyard

Four students relaxing around the fountain.

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Sitting on the edge of the fountain, Vaughn's attention is focused mainly on the old, weathered acoustic guitar that he is playing. A soft tenor's voice that is clear, yet almost timid can be heard for those listening, as he sings along with the song that he's playing, which happens to be Natasha Bedingfield's Wild Horses. Even sitting outside, he voice has a polished sound that is only achieved by most singers in the studio, and the look on his face is unmistakingly serene.

Blindfold came walking along quietly tapping her cane as she followed her ears along the sweet smooth notes that wafted thru the air like the western breezes thru the manes of wild mustangs of old

Music? Out here? That doesn't sound like someone's boom box? Chenda could totally get into that. She's on her way from the garage to the house now, gearslinger on her back. But the sound of the music is enough to draw her away from the house and out into the courtyard, following the strains of lyrics and guitar.
It's a long moment before she spots Vaughn on the other side of the fountain. A faint smile makes its way onto her face as she moves closer. "Hi. Cool song."

Vaughn looks up with an almost startle, "Oh, um.. hey.. Sorry.. It didn't get loud did it? I really wasn't paying attention... I was just kinda tryin' to chill." As he looks up and over to the source of the Chenda's voice, he sees the tap-tap-tapping of Ruth's cane. He grins slightly, "Hey Ruth... you out for a stroll or is there some impending doom you need to warn someone about?" His tone is joking as he says it.

Blindfold chuckles shaking her head "No, just following my ears this time rather than my visions, thank you, please. You sing very nicely and yes that is quite an understatement" smiling softly

Chenda grins. "No, you were fine. I was just coming in from town when I heard you," she explains. "I wanted to see who sang so well." At the sight of Ruth, she steps over to give the blind girl a quick hug. "Hey, Ruthie! How are ya?"

Vaughn nods slightly, "Sometimes when I'm not payin' attention, I sometimes amplify without meaning to... Why I came outside to play... " He twists his shoulder slightly, "Thank you both for sayin' it, but it's not that good... I was just goofin' off." He grins slightly, "I do take requests... If I have heard it before I can probably play it... I kinda have an ear for music... go figure, huh."

Blindfold eeps, chuckling as she gets a quick hug and hugs Chenda back "Thank you yes, I'm doing well Richenda thank you" then grins shaking her head bemused at Vaughn "Requests hmm? I like songs you can sing to that have imagery and a story to them myself, sorry, sing whatever you want" reaching a hand into the pocket of her hoodie ready to press record should Vaughn put on a similar performance.

Chenda gives Ruth an extra affectionate squeeze and steps back. "Good to hear it. Oh! Your jacket's ready. Sorry for the delay. I can get it to you when I go inside." Funny how that delay coincided with Kitty returning to the school, actually.
She looks back to Vaughn. "Requests, huh? Smoke on the Water's probably too electric by nature... I'll think of something."

Vaughn is sitting on the edge of the fountain, with Chenda and Ruth nearby. Shaking his head, "I'm not sure I know that one.. but I'll try to listen to it." He grins and plays a few notes on the accoustic guitar, which comes off with the whine of an electric hooked up to a speaker, "That really isn't as much of a limitation as you might think." He has a beat-up guitar in his hads.He ponders for a second, "I think I got something... feelin' a little classic rock mood..." He starts playing the gentle chords of Kansas's Dust in the Wind. He begins singing, this time a little louder so the two person audience can hear more easily, "I close my eyes.. only for a moment and the moment's gone... all my dreams pass before my eyes with curiosity..."

Blindfold giggles at the extra hug from chenda and presses the record button on her tape recorder as she listens with a soft smile. Picturing the song in her head as the lyrics paint the picture, drifting from Vaughn's mouth.

"Oh... right. Sorry. I see a stringbox and I think 'acoustic'," Chenda replies with an apologetic smile. She takes a seat on the edge of the fountain, not far from Vaughn.
And then Vaughn plays /that/ song. On a lonely highway, it'd be sort of melancholy, but here, so close to the mansion (and everything that goes with it), it's downright depressing. Chenda manages to keep that smile on her face, but it turns rather more plastic. At least she doesn't have to say anything.

"Nice." Seth comes from the sky landing near the group. "Kansas is always a classic." He sorta inspects the guitar Vaughn is using. "And their words a truth to consider." He smiles. "Hey, guys."

Once he's finished, Vaughn looks over at the other two, "Well, Lucy is acoustic, but doesn't mean that I can't tweak her sound a little if need be." He cocks his head slightly as he looks at Chanda. "I take it that you're not a fan of the song? Guess I should have checked before I started playin'.. " He smiles over at Seth, knowing that the other boy plays as well and takes the compliment rather to heart. "Thanks."

Blindfold clicks the stop button with a smile and waves to Seth as he comes in but gives Richenda a curious look "What were you saying about my jacket, I'm sorry, forgive me, I'm having a bit of trouble recalling" then turns to Vaughn "Would you like to hear how you sound? I haven't heard a voice like yours outside the radio, yes I'm quite serious, you're welcome"

"Huh?" All the lyrics about things slipping away had sent Chenda's mind wandering someplace else. "Oh! No, I like the song, and you sing it very well. It's just... it's me. Don't worry about it," she replies, once she realizes what he said. "Do you know anything less sad?"
She glances up, giving Seth a faint smile and a wave rather than interrupt Blindfold's recording. Except she's turned it off. Oh, well. "The one I was doing up for you, from the mall? It's ready to be tried on. No rush, just whenever you get time."

The glowing boy looks at the recorder, then looks at Vaughn, "Planning to get on with a musical career so soon?", he kids. "if you are, just do me a favor... If they record companies start dictating what you should sing, and how to sing it... Quit the industry, before you suffer the 'Justin Bieber' effect." He shudders at the thought. "My alarm clock turned on yesterday at the sound of that abomination, I now need to get myself a new one. And I got up late to boot, since I immediately went back to sleep. Thank god for light classes at this time of year..."

Vaughn chuckles to Chanda, "Sorry, guess I'm feeling kind of melancholy..." He shrugs slightly, "Guess it probably happens to good chunk of us..." He blinks at Ruth, "That's one of the problems.. I can see every mistake my voice makes... every little wobble.. and I hear them too... Perfect pitch is not a gift. It's a freakin' curse." He starts playing an acoustic version of Matchbox 20's Bent. Before he starts singing, he looks over at Chanda, "Better?" Then shaking his head, he responds to Seth, "Nah, man... don't think there's any chance of that happening...Being Bieberish or anything really."

Blindfold smiles at Vaughn "Isn't the natural fluctuation sought after?"

"A little," Chenda replies, looking relieved. "We all get that way. It's just usually mild." She glances over at Seth, nodding emphatically. "I'm totally with you. I'm wondering when the industry's going to choke itself to death with stuff like that."

Seth shrugs, "You'll never know till you try..." He looks at Richenda, and narrows his eyes a little. "We all got out ghosts, now don't we?" His words show empathy. Then he smirks, "They're earning their millions... The only way they'd choke themselves to death, would be if someone shoved their millions down their throats, or they ODed on the drugs they buy with said millions." Yes. Leave it to Seth to be that blunt. "The favor to the world? If you see them choking to death... don't call 9-1-1."

Vaughn shrugs, "Maybe... " He smirks slightly and starts playing a little Tracy Chapman. He waggles his eyebrows at Chanda. "Give me one reason to stay here... and I'll turn aback around... said I don't want to leave you lonely.. you gotta make me change my mind... Baby, I got your number... and I know that you got mine..." The guitar's sound starts out sounding normal, then transitions into an electric blues sound, as he starts concentrating a little.

Blindfold smiles and folds up her cane into its sections before putting an arm around Vaughn and Chenda with a squeeze "No reason to be sad when we all have each other" easy for her to say

Chenda nods quietly to Seth. "Yup. Not always the dead kind, either." The blunt speech doesn't faze her, and she refrains from commenting, just nodding again. Growing up in show biz, she can appreciate bluntness, especially when she agrees with it.
She glances over at Vaughn, blinking at the eyebrow waggle, and grimaces at his choice of music. "It wasn't..!"
And then Ruth squeezes in between them, all affection and reassuring words. Chenda tenses... and then slowly relaxes, sighing softly. Because, as usual, the blind girl sees the truest of all of them. She leans over a little and gives Ruth another hug, this one grateful.

Seth looks at all the events taking place; the hugs, the affectionate words. He hehs, "This would be where the corny soundtrack would enter, if this were a movie..." He laughs harder.

Vaughn smirks, "I could always do sing Bette Middler's Wind Beneath my Wings... No.. no I don't can. I think I'm physically incapable."

Blindfold still had her family intact and loving, she didn't know what it was like to lose a family. So Ruth just hugged Richenda and put her head on the other girl's shoulder "What for my horses?"

Chenda can't kick Vaughn or Seth, so she doesn't, just hugging Ruth a little tighter. She knows all too well what it's like to lose a family. Maybe the best thing she can do is keep Ruth from experiencing it.

"I think I got just the one..." Seth holds his hand out to Vaughn, pointing to his guitar. "Can I...?"

Vaughn looks at Ruth, "Country? Country? I'm offended that you'd even suggest it... " He smirks with an impish grin, "But for that remark.... " He starts playing the guitar with a chipper, but slightly odd tune. "There's a girl in my room and her face on the wall with no eyes. There's a girl in my room and her face on the wall with no eyes. Girl with no eyes, who can she be? Girl with no eyes, she's looking at me. There's a girl in my room and her face on the wall with no eyes. If I make a sound she'll know that I'm stirring inside. If I make a sound she'll know that I'm trying to hide. Girl with no eyes, who can she be? Girl with no eyes, she's looking at me. Beautiful girl, who does she see? Beautiful girl, she seems to be staring. " It ends with a little bit of finger work that at least to his vision is almost spiraling music. He then hands Lucy, the guitar, over to Seth, "Sure thing..."

Blindfold chuckles at Vaughn's mock wounded professionalism "I always listened to what was already playing, which was usually what someone else had chosen for a radio station, sorry, yes it could have been worse...I could have asked for some Johnny Cash" she teases Vaughn before he starts singing again. Hugging Chenda reassuringly as she listened with an amused smile

"Nothing wrong with Johnny Cash," Chenda murmurs, staying close to Blindfold. "How many music stars do you know who build two careers in one lifetime?" She can't help a speculative look at Blindfold when she hears Vaughn's latest song.

As soon as Seth gets the guitar, he checks it for tuning and fretboard sturdiness. "Here's the music I'd pick for these hugging moments..." He makes a small sliding sound over the bridge to make an harmonic arpeggio, and then starts strumming the chords. Queue the lyrics, he sings, softly: "I came to tell you how it all began. Nothing seems to work out right. I'm broken down again. So hold me now, and say it's not forever. Cause maybe someday... In time..." He then raises the tone of voice to queue the chorus: "Things will go my way!"

Vaughn smirks, "And he did an absolutely killer cover of Nine Inch Nails Hurt." As Seth starts to play, he quiets up and gives Seth attention.

Blindfold grins "Don't know much bout him just like a few of his songs like 'a boy named sue'" then Seth is singing and strumming and she quiets to listen hugging Chenda closer with a tender rub of the girl's arm.

"That boy made a comeback, too," Chenda reminds Ruth with a faint smile, glancing over to Seth with an appreciative smile. He's got it exactly right, and not just the chording or the pitch.

Seth finishes the song, eventually. He spins the guitar in his hands once he finishes, and hands it back to Vaughn. "Well, or something corny like that", is said to the gathered group.

Vaughn smirks, "Nah, man, that was great... " He glances at his watch and sighs, "Well, unfortunately for me, free time is over... " He looks at Seth, "If you drop Lucy off in my dorm room when you're done, you can keep her for a little bit... I have a study session that I have to get to though."

Blindfold gives Vaughn a squeeze before "Very nice, yes thank you Seth" then presses the face of her watch and it announces the time "Oh my gosh, crud! I have to go too. I have sword practice with Kurt"

Well, that announcement makes it clear that Hug Time is over. Chenda leans back, stretching a little. "Sword practice... careful, Ruth!" she says, handing the other girl her cane. She braces her hand on the fountain lip and leans back, sighing. All good things...

Seth nods, "Sure thing, Vaughn." He brings the guitar back to his lap. "It'll be there, no worries. Catch you later." Blindfold leaves too. "You too, Ruth."

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