Music of the Night

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Music of the Night

Vaughn Keith Blindfold Morbius Gypsy Moth Ambrose

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07/11/12 20:00

Abandoned Warehouse, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

An interesting mix of people find themselves at a rave in an abandoned warehouse.

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Clues had been planted throughout the city of the impending rave. Of course, its promoter didn't go throughout legitimate channels - otherwise it would not have been allowed. The old abandoned warehouse has been transformed. Yeah, it's still a warehouse, but now, it's a warehouse filled with several thousand feet of Christmas lights and rotating spherical lamps filled with blacklights. It isn't until the sun has long sense left the sky and the night air is filled with neon, does the thumpa-thumpa start. The music is orchestrated from a small platform where a form stands behind the mixer. An oversized hoodie is pulled up and down. Wrap around sunglasses, even in the darkened warehouse, obscures a good bit of the dj's face. The music fills and flows the warehouse from nearly all directions, fading and fusing from music element to music element seemlessly, as if they almost fade from one to the other.

Although new to the direct area, Keith seems to have found himself in 'the right area' for the party. Adorning his own bright blue hoodie, a plain white t-shirt, and bright blue cloth shorts his attire looks a bit too preppy to resemble the scene expected at the rave. Though with his obvious smug look upon his face he's not expecting to get too much flake about not wearing the expected partying attire. He slowly walks into the warehouse scanning the area as though expecting to see something or someone outside what might be considered typical at one of these local gathering. Wading through the masses as he goes.

Enter Sybil Dvorak. Beautiful. Exotic and, most importantly, the person who provided the bank for tonight's little shindig. She flows through the crowd like a living special effect, dressed in tight pants, a revealing top, and some sort of living fiber that curls and coils around her like a pet. Begging for her attention. She moves through the crowd, a faint smile on her lips. Today wasn't very good for her main business but it is quite pleasing to see the coffers of this little venture filling up. Hedonism in young people... it isn't as refined or imaginative as it can be in their elders but there's so much enthusiasm that goes into their debauchery.

Someone else stalks through the crowd, parting it like a shark through flashing minnows. Black leather, violet fabric, night-black hair, and chalk-white skin, here...for a change, he fits into the scene, indeed, more than one pair of eyes follows him in awe, envy, or open desire, despite his terrible, predatory mein, or perhaps -because- of it. Morbius, the Living Vampire, is here tonight...not for amusement, but in search of a particular man, one he suspects is connected to the Drago Family's business, a 'case' he's been following of late.

He knows that here, in this place, he won't stand out -quite- as much, and he wants to talk to the man before he decides if his target lives or dies.

One could only guess how a blind girl found out about this, but here she was in a purple top and blue blindfold wearing blue jeans the music thumping thru her body as she moved thru the crowds excusing and apologizing over and over and over.

As the black light swashes over paler colors, like Morbius's skin, the become truly luminous. The same can also be said for the ample amount of skin being shown on the rave's "Hostess". DJ V almost conducts the music like a maestro before the symphony, as he gyrates along as well from his elevated posting. He holds his arms out and all music stops, then as he bounces into motion so does the dark German techno's resounding pulse. What the young may lack in creativity, they certainly make up for it in sheer energy, as the crowd bounces and grinds like there is no tomorrow.

Keith wades through the crowd stopping here and there clearly checking out others as he goes. He slowly lowers his hood off his head exposing his dark spiked hair. He looks to be having a good time bobbing his head to the music before directing his gaze up to the DJ booth. His gaze locking intently at the sight of DJ V swaying to the beat. It's clear the man is lost for the time being as though somehow he found the ability to block out all surrounding distractions for a while longer.

Blindfold weaved her way around the crowd, if there was one way to get to know modern music, a rave was it and it was one thing even a blind girl needed no eyes to enjoy. She turns her head up in the dirction of the DJ booth and the familiar feeling up there. But while most fade into each other, all here for the same reasons dressed vaguely the same...a few figures stood out, the more curious she headed for, finally coming to tap her cane on a 'preppie' foot "Oh excuse me, pardon me"

And the Living Vampire finally spots his target among the noise, the -irritating- UV black lights, and the gyrating bodies. The scent of humanity is overwhelming in this enclosed space, purfumes, incense, shampoos, sweat, and beneath it all...ohhhhh, beneath it all...
His crimson-stained eyes close for a moment and he shakes his head to clear it of the terrible thoughts that, for a moment, swam to the surface. The young man in question is wearing a black hoodie with bright yellow trim, shining in the light, he also wears a pair of wraparound shades, white sneakers...easy to spot. But as the mutated scientist begins to make his way towards his target, some frenzied whispering starts up among a few of the gothier attendees...
"Is it him?"
"No way!"
"Gotta be a costume."

Isn't it lucky for the young turk in question that a figure steps between his little party and the living vampire? Sybil Dvorak spotted that pale flesh and the unusual nose from a mile away. She moved through the crowd, swimming with the experience of a born carouser and the help of her powers to shove aside those who wouldn't move for her.
"Michael Morbius." Sybil purrs. "That is you, isn't it? We have a mutual friend. Jack Russell."

Keith is suddenly thrown back into reality as his foot is prodded. His gaze snaps to the ever so obviously blind girl as he says, "Hey, watch where..." He then stops suddenly as it dawns on him. "Oh God, I'm sorry." He reaches out setting his hand on one of the girl's shoulders before saying, "Are you lost or something?"

Now with a creature like Morbius in the crowd some eyes are likely to get drawn that way, but with Gypsy Moth _and_ Morbius more than a couple sets of eyes and ears are focused on the pair. Perhaps it might not be polite, but Vaughn allows the equipment to actually do their job more on their own without his unique assistance as he focuses on the speech of those dealing with the small crowd that seems to have less interest in his music. A bit of jealousy? Perhaps, but as he returns his attention the music, it suddenly shifts to something with a bit more intense tempo and beat. His voice echoes out across the warehouse, "Come on, people, are we here to talk... or are we here to par-ty?" With that the volume intensifies to the point of feeling the beat as it pulses slightly through the air.

Blindfold smiles in Keith's direction "No, my apologies, it was my fault. Not to worry, happens more then you would think, thank you. No, thank you, I'm not lost, I came to listen, I was hoping to take in some modern music. You're new to the area right?" but with the music thumpa-thumping she had to yell to be heard."

Morbius draws to a stop as he is addressed. His eyes lid slightly as they sweep over the woman before him. It's a look of pure assessment, devoid of any desire...he doesn't know her on sight or scent, but she -looks- like the type of woman his friend Jack might have spent some time with. He likes the wild ones.
Of course, the question on his mind is what does this one -want-? People always seem to -want- something when they approach him like this. To aid? Unlikely. To attack? No. Bearing's all wrong. To use? Yes...this one feels like a -user- to some extent.
"I'm afraid I'm a bit busy at the moment, young woman." he rumbles in a condescending tone, "Unless this is important-" he leaves it at least slightly open, no sense in being -completely- foolishly impatient.

Keith nods slowly at Blindfold before yelling back, "Oh, okay! Yeah, I'm new to the area..." He then pats Blindfold on the shoulder before looking up hearing the DJ's taunt. "Well looks like this place need a little spice in it's life..." He then nods confidently before scanning for a large surface area that's empty. The look on his face looks as though he's set to expose his abilities to the whole of the warehouse. Maybe he's a good dancer?

"You are hunting on my territory, Morbius. It ends. Now." Sybil's eyes narrow, "You may wait until your chosen prey leaves. Or chose a different day but at this time and in this place? Mine. Your fangs stay in your pretty little mouth." It might be almost comical... the woman with the Romanian accent lecturing the vampire. Except there's nothing comical about the way those strands of glowing fiber flow menacingly around her body, as alive as the snakes of medusa.

Blindfold smiles and catches Keith's arm "Not a good idea, I'm afraid, sorry. No, forgive me, this isn't Mutant Town. Please, if you would, keep a lid on it, no exposure please? My name is Ruth, it is nice to meet you, may I ask your name please?" did she somehow know what he was about to do?

The pallid features of the pseudo-vampire betray no fear at the display. Instead, he speaks to the woman in a voice that is at least somewhat more even-toned than initially, "Despite what you may have heard, my...condition is somewhat stabilized now. I'd -hardly- attack someone in the midst of a crowd like this. But I -am- hunting. Information, and I will extract -that- as I wish." he bridles slightly and wonders whether to attempt to use his still-relatively-new mesmeric abilities to just get this woman out of his way.

The warehouse has been cleaned up and covered in white Christmas lights and roaming black lights. It is filled with a younger crowd of teens and twenty year olds. Almost as if was timed to perfection, the music sudden fades from a high energy techno song to Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy's remake of Bella Lugosi's Dead. A slight smirk eases across the lips of the dj whose face is mostly obscured, except for the lower third.

"Wrong." Sybil says, "You will do nothing of the sort. You paid the cover charge to get in, so you are welcome to stay and enjoy yourself. You are not to harm my guests. Nor to try to intimidate them or assault them or so forth or so on." She sighs, "Really, Michael. Do I need to spell it out for you? Wait for your informant to go outside. Then deal with it. I don't care what happens outside these walls."

Keith gets his arm caught as Blindfold almost instinctively knows what his plans were to become. He tilts his head and says, "Oh, hey. Alright... the name's Keith." He looks around quickly to ensure no one has heard the Blind woman before he leans over to whisper something to her. "Um, how'd you know all that?!"

Blindfold smiles at Keith and leans toward him "I see better then most that have sight, thank you, yes. It's not safe to be displaying openly, I'm afraid, sorry. Even Mutant town where such are accepted things are still played down, not brazenly open, no I'm sorry"

The door swings open and closes - just one of many entrances or exits happenign tonight. The tall, rather old man for this crowd comes to an abrupt halt. His dark blue eyes widened incredibly as he stared one way, then another, then back again. He trembles just a little bit, before being pushed out of the doorway and into the crowd. Moving along the edges, the wide-eyed gentleman conveniently makes his way towards Blindfold and the others, blinking rapidly whenever the list passed over him "... This is NOT what I was thinking." he mutters, in a soft, faint voice, eyes seeking out where these cups of alcohol may be coming from on the way over. Finally, he finds a cart, and a hand darts out to pick one of the drinks - ANY of the drinks, and toss a wrinkled up, marked bill at the cartkeeper, quickly opening it with a practiced twist of wrists.

Morbius frowns slightly, but he keeps his teeth behind his lips for the moment. That puts him off a bit, her addressing him by his given name. He doesn't hear it very often anymore. That and they're definitely starting to draw notice. Sybil, after all, is exotic in feature and dress, and he is - well, what he is.
With a soft, notably animalistic exhalation, lost in the music to any not right by him, his posture relaxes, just a touch. He replies to the woman, "If you are a 'friend' of Jack's, then out of respect, I'll indulge you." he's not backing down so much as acquiescing, and making it clear. Damned predatory instincts are hard to fight down, sometimes, and he plays 'alpha' like a pro.
"And how do you know Jack?" he asks, curious, a touch, as is his nature as well, but he keeps his eyes on his target. He won't be difficult to find later.

The music keeps with the dark mood but the beat starts to move back not a more dance appropriate pace. The DJ loads several songs onto a play list and lets the player take over, while he steps to the back of the raised platform. While out of sight, Vaughn gets rid of the shades and the cowl-like over-sized hoodie and moves out onto the dance floor, wearing a three quarter sleeve pale grey shirt and faded jeans, both of which extremely snug. Having a hand in the set up, he finds one of the few spots where the black light is set to constant, enjoying the energy of the crowd for himself for a moment at least, before going to get some much needed water.

Keith nods slowly looking around as though casing the area before leaning back into the girl. "Oh, I wasn't planning to make it completely obvious. I still have amaze most with my tumbling and other gymnatics skills." He then chuckles leaning out with a growing smirk on his face. "Anyways, I think you're right. Maybe it is better to just dance and admire the... people." Keith tone and accent finally become apparently. He's clearly from somewhere in Ireland. "Now are you sure you're alright lass?"

Sybil glances over her shoulder. "That one?" She asks, noticing which man Morbius is staring at. "Hmm. As it happens, I believe I owe his family something." She turns and narrows her eyes. The young man in the black hoodie with the bright yellow trim begins moving towards the exit. Not under his own power, either. He simply begins banging through the crowd as if being manhandled there by two invisible hands.
"Jack is a friend of mine from out west." Sybil notes as the young man in the black hoodie tumbles through the exit, out into the night. "He speaks highly of you. So, I am doing you a favor. Your prey is now outside my territory. Do enjoy, Michael."

Continuing along, Ambrose becomes aware that he doesn't quite fit in with this crowd, style wise either. But he had booze, and tried to relax some, despite his gritted teeth biting back a shriek. Without looking where he was going, he walks into a beam of black light, eyes half closed against the glare of others. Abruptly, he walks right INTO someone, the beer in his hands sloshing so violently that a portion of it left the bottle in order to douse BOTH of them "Hark!"

"He needed my help, and I...sympathized with his plight." Morbius says simply, "I can't help but notice you've not said who -you- are, either." He seems somewhat sardonically amused by that omission." he adds, in the same tone, "I also can't help but notice you've just come up with a rather clever way to make me -leave-." It seems he understands the game she's playing to some extent.

Blindfold nods smiling to Keith "I'll meet you again Keith" of that there was no hint of question in her voice "Bea care and take care of yourself, yes, please" and bobbed her head to the music. Now where were the other two that stood out from the crowd..well now three, but when she looked toward the two getting a lot of attention she froze with a look of terror on her face as she visibly began to tremble

"You're the doctor, Micheal. You figure it out." Sybil says. Then she steps away from Morbius. Does she meld with the crowd? No. Probably not. She does, however, walk away from the vampire. There are other things to attend to. Other spots of trouble to defuse. Other wrinkles to smooth out. The bosses' work is never done. Now, where did she put that riding crop...

Oh as if the shirt wasn't clinging enough already, now it is soaking wet with cold beer. "Hey!" The shout isn't actually angry, just extremely surprised, as he had allowed himself to get momentarily lost in the music. The teenager looks at the source of his sudden hops-infused bath, then looks up him up and well up. His eyes move to the hand and the beer, "I think that counts as alcohol abuse." He pulls the clinging shirt from him slightly at the neckline, then shrugs, and just peels it off and chunks it towards the base of the dj's stage.

Looking somewhat distressed, quickly Ambrose pulls out a neatly folded, perfectly clean hankerchief, unfolds it neatly and then starts wiping up his own hand and where it spilled on his own clothes, actually 'tut'ing, lost in the music entirely. Only then does he look back up to apologize "I am sor-EE." a pause. He blinked. Shook his head "... you were most certainly NOT shirtless ten seconds ago!"

Keith nods at Blindfold as though somehow completely speechless before parting ways from her. It's clear the vague interaction both creeped him out a touch and also made it a bit curious about the woman. It's only when Keith moves and bumps into a nearby party patron that he stops to look up toward the DJ stand once more. "Ah, damn it. Now where'd he go?!" He looks quite upset about something before he shakes his head and begins dancing into the crowd once more.

Vaughn looks at the man that is too well dressed for a rave. He smirks slightly, "Yeah, but that was before someone decided to pour half a beer on me. If you're looking for your kid, then I'd check with the bouncer at the door, especially if you got a picture of them." He's assuming that Ambrose is here looking for someone, most likely a run-away, and not for the music.

Blindfold staring in the direction of the pseudo-vampire stammering horrified <all she saw was visions of death, death, death and more death, all covered in a curtain of blood. A woman very loved found dead and was then fed upon. A an ER..There were different encounter with a motorcycle riding man with a flaming skull for a head> She felt sick to her stomach even with the icy knot of fear in her tummy.

Morbius watches the women depart for a moment. Interesting, he'll have to find out just who that was. Shouldn't be too difficult to check around. Her looks and whatever she was doing with those fibers should be enough to do it. But for the moment, he begins to head purposefully for the door his target had been shoved out of.

As he moves, the little knot of young people watching him shifts and trails, just a touch, in his direction, but not -too- close.

"My WHAT? Sorry, I haven't had a goat sin-ooooh." a pause as things hit Ambroses' mind finally. He blamed the lights. He then takes a drink of the beer and shook his head "No. I am here for my sanity, although I do not think I would find THAT here either." he continues, starting to shout now over the noise of the music.

Vaughn continues dancing along with the music. "Sanity is highly overrated and by far purely subjective." His eyes move to watch Morbius move through the crowd and head out the door. Well that is one less thing to worry about. As he does his eyes land upon Ruth, and there is about eight million more. The smile fades just for a second, as he wonders what chaos the blind girl will cause. He looks back towards Ambrose, "Personally, I just take it a day at a time and hope for one of those moments of peace... Like now." He closes his eyes, as the music shifts, despite the dj seems to be vacant.

Bobbing his head along to try and fit more 'in' and not look so awkward, Ambrose' nose flares a little bit. He had his eyes closed at this point as he replies "Sanity may be overrated, but all things in moderation - including overrated things! Too much insanity and well, you go insane!" his eyes open and then blink, following Vaughns' brief gaze to the young girl. A pause, and he tilts his head "What's wrong with her??" he asks, seeing the pale features and terror.

Keith looks around curiously as the music shifts and clearly he's searching for the DJ in the DJ booth. It's only when it's clear the DJ isn't appearing anytime soon that Keith continues dancing his way around the warehouse almost seeming as though he's searching for something whilst dancing.

Vaughn smiles in agreement, "You don't think I do this kind of stuff every night? Tomorrow I go back to delivering food for the restaurant I work at... Not actually living life from time to time will also drive you insane." He looks back over to Ruth who hasn't moved yet. He frowns, "She attracts trouble... Not really sure what's wrong with her right now... I probably should go check."

"Oh, nothing wrong with living life at all. " remarks Ambrose, drinking a good half bottle in one swig "I wish I could more often if it didn't kill me! Yes, let's go check on this entirely unknown young, possibly blind woman standing frozen to the spot. Two unrelated, unknown strangers, one possibly twice her age."

Blindfold gasps, breathing heavy and turns her head this way and that, before moving toward the nearest wall and feeling along for a door way, bumping into people as she tried to move thru the crowd, apologizing profusely and endlessly. Her lip quivering and her voice shaky.

Keith seems to turn himself around, clearly finding the DJ isn't coming back anytime soon. Though wading through the crowd he spots Blindfold once more and her escape in progress. He begins rushing toward her side shove people this way and that to get to her sooner.

Vaughn shakes his head, "Only one stranger.. I happen to know her." He moves through the crowd as well. The shirtless teen moves over, "Hey, Ruth! What's wrong? Do you need something to drink?"

Blindfold sniffles shaking as though she were crying, though no tears fell, jumping startled as Vaughn approached "Death..blood... so much..." had someone come to the rave and slipped the blind girl something when no one was looking, mean pranks. Turning her head each way, distantly realizing Keith too was near but seeming rather out of it.

Keith meets back to Blindfold's side when Vaughn is speaking with her. He seems to be catching up with the boy before he nods between the two of them. "So you're alright, then? You don't need assistance?" He then suddenly seems to get distracted as he gaze goes back to the other man seeming to be concerned with Blindfold. "Oh, why hello there!"

"Ah good. " remarks Ambrose as he follows Vaughn along, watching the woman carefully. His lips pull down in concern at that and he pulls out another hankerchief - a clean one, and moves to place it in her hand "Breathe through it. Like a paper bag. It helps calm down. Take your mind off it - no deep breaths,t hat just makes it worse! Count maybe! Do math! What is the square root of a hundred?" he asks, his eyes intently upon her.

Vaughn nods slightly, "It's alright, Ruth... the vampire is gone. He was after someone else. It's all okay." Yeah helps when you can zone into a conversation across a crowded, music-filled warehouse. He looks up as he realizes where he is in the track list that he left playing. He pauses, "I'll be right back..." He quickly turns and disappears in the crowd. About two minutes, later the hoodied, sunglass-clad dj returns to the booth and sets a new play list to go.

Blindfold nods still sounding like she was crying and suddenly had a hankercheif pressed into her hand. Nodding her head she followed the directions "Oh dear me...I'm sorry...My apologies...I wish I had brain bleach...So much blood and death..." shaky on her feet with quick unsteady breaths she tried to concentrate on regaining control. Holding the hankercheif to her nose and mouth she focused on steadying her breathing.

Keith watches the other two concerned men seeming to soak the surrounding in before the DJ moves to his booth once more. Turning to face the booth an audable sigh is emitted from Keith. "Mmmm.... now if only he could stay there longer than... well seconds?"

A firm hand moves to reach around Blindfolds' upper arm to mostly support her, Ambrose nodding "I know the feeling, very much. Try and focus on something else." he states, his voice as intense as his gaze. He'd been there, although typically the other way around. "Easy there. Keep breathing through the hankerchief." it smelled nice. like Bounce. "Focus on other things. Not just images but THINGS. What is the root of a hundred?"

Aw, poor Keith. His wish doesn't seem that it's going to happen. The dj is at the booth for only a moment, then he disappears again. A couple minutes later, a shirtless Vaughn appears with several little cups of dark liquid. "Rum and cokes... " He holds one to Ruth's hand. "Sip it slowly.. this should help to cut the edge." He offers one to Ambrose and another to Keith.

Keith looks a bit disappointed until the shirtless boy come back around. Seems the boy can get over not seeing the dreamy DJ and trades the sight for the eye catching shirtless man. "Oh? For me?" He reaches out taking one of the drinks growing a bit red in the face as he does. "Nice music, huh?"

Blindfold smiles in Vaughn's direction with a smirk at Keith before taking the small cup vaughn's offers "Yes, thank you, I appreciate it" taking a small sip of the rum and coke before tilting her head at Ambrose "The square route of one hundred...yes, thank you...the square route of one hundred would be...ten if I'm not mistaken? I...think I need to call someone for a ride, please, thank you"

Keith nods at the grouping once more before his pocket begins to lighten and the vaguest of buzzing can be heard. He pulls out his phone as the glare strikes his face before nodding slowly. "I'm sorry dear people, I must take leave for the evening." He then looks to Blindfold before setting a light hand upon her. "Be well dear, I trust these men will take care to get you home proper." He then nods his head at the older man before bowing his head toward Vaughn. "I hope we meet again gents." He then turns on his feet and proceeds out of the warehouse without further question.

Ambrose relaxes a little bit, the cup now held between his thumb and forefinger, mostly empty beer bottle clutched between others. He looks down at Blindfold, nodding as she started to relax further "That can be done I think, if you will be okay. And yes, it IS ten." he approves at that, quite pleased.

"If you want it. You don't have to take it." Vaughn takes a sip of his own rum and coke. He nods softly to Blindfold. "Sure thing, Ruth. You got someone who can pick you up or do you need a cab?" He smiles slightly as Keith leaves. "Well, at least, he didn't quote some cheesy song."

Blindfold smiles shyly to them all and sips her rum n coke "Take care of yourself Keith, and do be careful please, thank you. I'll meet you again" then turns her head toward Vaughn "I think...a cab will be fine, yes thank you Vaughn" before finally turning her head in mabrose's direction "I will be alright, yes, thank you. Just need a night's rest I suppose, thank you"

Ambrose nods "If you say so..." a pause, and he looks at the hankerchief "Ah.. you can keep that now." he states uneasily, wrinkling his nose a little. Then he tosses back his rum and coke, taking it all down in one shot.

Vaughn glances one last time as Keith disappears in the crowd, "I certainly hope that he isn't going to be walking any distance in this neighborhood, or he'll be like P.T. Barnum put it "A fool and his money are soon parted". " He watches in mild amazement at the way Ambrose just shot the cup of cola and alcohol. He looks to Ruth, "You sure you're okay? I.. I'm kind of working for the lady that's throwing this thing, and I need to get back to looking after things..."

"I will stay with her until she gets into the cab. If anyone tries anything, I will use my rapier like wit and keen intelligence. .." he finishes the beer and continues "To convince them to be somewhere else."

Blindfold smirks at Vaughn "Yes thank you, he does seem naive doesn't he?" and this coming from her?? "Yes, I understand thank you, I'll be alright" managing a shy chuckle at Ambrose's words "dear me, I'm so sorry to have made such a fuss to cause such a scene"

Vaughn smirks over to Ambrose, "Or you can tell Jack over there." He directs his gaze towards one of the obvious security, "And he'll take care of it." He puts his hand on Ruth's shoulder, "Nah, not much of a scene really.. there have been a lot worse tonight and the party has another two or three hours still to go." He sighs, "Speaking of going, I need to if I want to get paid for tonight." With that he disappears into the crowd. Not much after that, the hooded DJ V returns to the booth and starts the dance floor up with renewed vigor.

"Well its either that or continue drinking and wake up the next day wondering why I slept over at the house of a teenager." remarks Ambrose dryly, handing the cup back as he watches Vaughn go. Then he remarks to Ruth "We all have our moments. Do you want to go to security? I understand if you trust them more than some strange man hanging out at a Rave who's average mean age is half his."

Blindfold smiles shyly and finishes her rum and coke "Yes, thank you, though you're not so much of a stranger as you might think. I should get home though before my aunt starts to worry, thank you again, yes, for your concern"

Ambrose raises an eyebrow as he moves to guide her towards the door then on an arm "Oh? Have we met before? " he asks, suddenly on guard, but also intrigued.

Blindfold smiles shyly again and takes his arm as she carries her cane in her other hand with a slight shake of her head "Not exactly, no, I'm sorry, but we all have our secrets don't we?"

"indeed we do. And it is only a matter of time before I deduce your own, dear." remarks Ambrose with a touch of his usual arrogance.

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