Music Concert Consult with the Blind

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Blind Music Consult

Blindfold, Rex Gregson, Rogue

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Mutant Diner-Mutant Town

Rex consults with Ruth about her concerts

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A school night for Ruth and after dinner she'd gotten a sweet tooth craving. Somehow despite having ice cream in abundance at the mansion she'd talked Rogue into bringing her out to the diner, ruth could be convincing at times. "Yes thank you for accompanying me Miss Rogue" Ruth sat with Rogue drinking shakes at a booth. "Aw that's alright Sug, good ol' treat now and then hits the spot like nuthin else"

"Ruth is that you??" a familiar voice comes across the Cafe. A young woman stands up, then perks as she does realize it WAS ruth, and waves... then awkwardly stops "Over here! Hey! I been wanting to talk to you girl!"

Blindfold turns her head at the familiar voice and smiles with a wave "Hello again Rex, it's nice to meet you again yes thank you. You wanted to speak to me??" evidentally not many people sought her out specifically to consult as her tone was quite surprised "Rex please meet Rogue, rogue this is rex thank you please"

Rogue smiled and waved Rex over before offering a hand shake with one gloved hand. Even in civilian clothes Rogue was Rogue was Rogue. Few knew her real name and there was little hiding the shock of white hair thru her locks "Nice to meet ya Rex sug. you a friend of ruth's?"

"A pleasure ma'am." notes Rex to Rogue, taking the hand to shake it warmly. She recognised the woman, though was still learning all the local heroes "Yes. We've met a few times in the past. Mostly bumping into each other." she waves to invite them to her table "Can I pick up your dinner? And Yes I did Ruth, if you didnt mind that is. I was thinking about my next concert coming up..."

Blindfold smiles and slides from her seat as rogue nodded and picked up the shakes from the table to guide Ruth over. Rogue was keeping a low profile but even still, her hair was rather unique. As they took a seat with Rex, Ruth smiled and shook her head "I don't mind at all thank you no, but would mike be better to ask? He's doing the tour with you isn't he? and he is in the same business I'm afraid I never played an instrument myself"

"Yeah, but he isnt in the demographic of people I'm trying to include in my next concerts. You dont have to be a musician for this." a pause "Basically I want to try and include other ways than just fancy fireworks and costumes to thrill my audience... sure, music itself is a very audial thing, but with concerts, its usually a mix of visual and audial - the dramatic guestures, the fireworks and mood lighting. I want to try and bring this to the next level by finding a way to create moods, thrills and such feelings with the other senses, and thought you uhm, may be able to help with that."

Blindfold smiles softly with a nod "I can certainly try to help best I can, yes please. What are you looking for?"

Rex Gregson wells "Some way to get it more... not really interactive, but somehow ..." she pauses "Visually, I dicate the mood of the music via lights and colors. But of course, that woudlnt work for those who cannot see. outside of Audial, what would you say could 'set the mood' of something for you?"

Blindfold considers this "Hmm that is tricky...are your concerts outside or indoors, please if you don't mind?"

"They can be either... usually for my big touring concerts, we know ahead of time if they are indoors or outdoors and plan accordingly, since they all are... kind of themed I guess. I try to be consistent when doing tours too. This upcoming one is an outdoor concert - a bit crazy considering its in November." she chortles.

Blindfold chuckles softly "Textures are a bit difficult in the conventional sense, but the feel of the wind, the temperature both can set a mood. Scents as well yes thank you. Different ever notice how the air smells different an hour or less before a spring thunderstorm? Or how you can smell a snow storm coming? The crisp air of autumn and the falling leaves? The wood smoke from chimneys in the winter that clings to your coat and hat when you've been outside for hours.." almost sounding wistful for those picturesque seasons "Or your favorite smell of someone cooking in the kitchen. Smells play a large part in things. You could even do flower petals in front of fans that drift over the crowd"

Rex Gregson hrms, rubbing her chin at this. SHe pulls out a notebook to make notes "Ooh, I like that idea. We've used snow before and confetti... artificially made 'real snow' of course so its harmless. What about 'stereo' sound? I just thought of that - sounds coming from multiple directions?" she asks curiously. "Scents may be tricky on a wider scale, and I'd hate to set off allergies."

Blindfold nods smiling "directional sounds can be effective too yes thank you. Scents would be tricky and allergies could be problematic though fairly rare. Snow must have been amazing, and a good bass is felt like a pounding almost more then some hear it"

Rex Gregson smiles "Oh, if I could get the permits I'd use CANNONS, even blank firing." she remarks "I suppose allergies though are an accepted risk at concerts with smoke effects and all that though. And yeah. I sometimes have to take a break after a deep song cause my stomach rumbles." she laughs "So directional sound, sensations like bass and movements like that, plus hrm... temperature sounds tempting, but tricky to do on a large scale... although with dispersed heaters we could bring up the temp. Cooling is trickier. Fans could do it too."

Blindfold chuckles nodding "If you do a piece that has the sound of rain or pindrops, you could drop glitter or something from above onto the crowd, anything spherical would create a tripping hazard though sadly yes I'm sorry. I experience most things by hearing and smelling that other people experience by sight. where most people see the snow or rain I hear it and feel it, I smell it in the air. Actually paint could be a nice sensory addition to things for both the blind and the seeing, you could announce it on your webpage or flyers so people are aware before they arrive that there will be use of paint, that way you're not held liable for clothing. People who could see would have fun with the paint and people who couldn't could also experience it"

"Hmm... I dunno about painting my customers... while some of the Shock Rockers like to put fake blood all over, I'm not QUITE that extreme.... but maybe artificial rain, very lightly and briefly... ooh, a mist machine maybe! Just enough to cool or wet." notes the rocker with a smile. "Oh, the warning works too if I ever do something bloody, like maybe at hallowe'en."

Blindfold smiles and nods "A washable paint might work but yes thank you a mist machine could definitely have the desired effect. Powder bursts could also be implemented"

Rex Gregson nods "Yeah, I'll have to see about that one. Some places have rules on what effects can be used and when and stuff. " she remarks with a grin "I'm excited now. I can't wait to try some of these out."

Blindfold smiles with a soft giggle "I'm very glad I could help, yes you're welcome" taking delight in rex's excitement

Rex Gregson ohhs "I just had another idea... some powerful lights can produce some warmth. I wonder if such a thing could be used to kind of indicate the source of the lights when we do some light shows? you know, warmer on say, the left than the right?" she muses.

Blindfold looks interested as she nods "If they can produce enough warmth to be felt then yes that would be interesting"

Rex Gregson nods "I'll have to see... safety always comes first at my concerts. Even with the acrobats." she remarks.
Rex Gregson says, "Thank you sooo much by the way Ruth!"

Blindfold tilts her head "Acrobats? could put noise devices on the acrobats so they beeped or something, yes thank you I'm glad I was able to be of help!"

"Reminds me of the old tradition in Europe of putting whistles on pidgeons before releasing them." remarks Rex, chewing on her pencil ponderously

Blindfold smiles "Really? I didn't know that. People who lack one senory ability tend to have other senses that are stronger then most people's, the other senses adapt to compensate for the lack of the one sensory ability, sorry, forgive me, it's a well known fact but often forgotten"

Rex Gregson nods "It was for celebrations and stuff. Could be interesting though." she muses "I dont always have acrobats, but 'sound machines' may be cool. And yeah, its not something we think of a lot I guess, we who have all five or six senses... or however many there are. I wonder if my vision will increase when I lose my hearing? Its a real possibility, even with earplugs."

Blindfold wows "It's really that loud on stage?" clearly ruth had not been to many concerts.

Rex Gregson smiles "The largest speakers are on stage. While nowadays the speakers are dispersed all around for better dispersement of the sound, it IS a 'forward facing' thing for the most part. And the fireworks and other things are aup there too. I usually wear a combo of earplugs plus an earbud, so I can hear the techs and others. You could see sometimes... oh sorry... the Drummers, being furthest back, sometimes will be seen wearing almost military grade sound muffling headphones too. But even that doesnt help as the sound of course goes THROUGH your body. I get tinnitis quite often during a busy season."

Blindfold giggles at the slip up and waves it off "No no, it's alright happens to everyone really, yes thank you" then wows "And people think it's all goofing off and having fun" talk about job risk!

"It can be fun. but it can also be stressfull... on the road all the time, glaring lights, stupid fans throwing bottles at you on occasion. Dealing with groupies and things... Some handle it better than others. Alice Cooper for instance, used to drink heavily to cope with touring. He doesnt anymore, but it got to the point where he fell off a stage drunk."

Blindfold nods listening as it was all pretty new to her, then pulls her cell phone out and speaks in a command before sliding it over to rex "That's my number if you want. If you ever want to get in touch with me about other ideas or..anything really, thank you yes"

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