Mugging with a Side of Stabbing

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Havok and Mirage, Fer de Lance

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Hell's Kitchen - Manhattan

The pair interrupt a mugging

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==[ Hell's Kitchen ]==

Alex catches up with Dani just as she's heading into an alleyway where she thought she saw a familiar turn down. The individual could have been Harpoon, but he wasn't in costume so it was hard to say.

Alex, who just happened to be in the area shopping for a new pair of sneakers noticed that Dani was near with his communicator/tracking device. He calls to her while 20 feet away, "Hey! Dani." as a greeting.

Pausing just beyond the entrance of the alley, in the shadow of the building, Dani pauses upon hearing her name. She watches the familiar figure go down the alley, taking note of where he goes before turning in the direction of the more familiar voice. Leaving the alley, she waits for him to get closer before speaking "Hey Alex." her attention strays back to the alley before returning back to him. "You have quite the timing don't you?"

"Why, what's up?" Alex asks as he closes with Dani.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people litter the sidewalks and countless vehicles cruise the streets. It's New York City and quite busy in the mid day as people move here and there in their daily routines.

The person Dani thought was Harpoon stepped into a side entrance of the alleyway.

"I was following a lead Ruth provided me the other day." Dani answers with a slight tinge of frustration in her tone "It didn't go well." she stays close to the alley to keep out of the way of the foot traffic that passes back and forth. "I was headed back to Ship, thought I saw Harpoon so was going to investigate." she gestures down the alley.

"Harpoon?" is said with a hint of annoyance, yet eagerness. "Let's get 'em.", is added by Alex as he starts moving down the allway (assuming she spied him in that direction).

Dani moves to follow though she does reach out to keep Alex from charging forward to fast "Not so fast." she says in a low tone "He was in civvies so I am not positive of ID." she then points to the side alley he turned down "He went that way." she'll then continue down the alley, doing her best to keep her footsteps quiet, which isn't hard with all the traffic noise at the moment.

Alex wears his new sneakers, but he's not really sneaking (nor trying to be a clod). He does slow and matches pace with Dani. The alleyway is filled with rubbish, trash cans, dumpsters, graffiti and the ocassional dead body (but not this afternoon).

Turning the corner, they both see Fer-de-Lance standing over the body of the person Dani saw turn out of the alleyway (into another alleyway junction). She has blood on her wrist blades and looking up to see Dani/Alex, she hisses <and rolls initiative>.

Whether the guy was Harpoon or not is a moot point now. Dani quickly recovers from her surprise at turning the corner and encountering a violent mugging going down, "By law I am required to give you a pretty speech about giving up and coming with us, but I can already see you aren't in the mood to listen, so we will do this the hard way. Unless you do want to give up now." (holding action)

Fer-de-Lance chooses to leap forward (defensively - white result no effect) and start lashing.

Since she had originally came into the city to question a few harmless persons who had information she needed, Dani saw no need to bring a multitude of weapons, especially the ones that can't be concealed. There is a subtle flick of her wrist and the knife that was hidden by the sleeves of her jacket falls into her hand. As the woman leaps foward she slashes forward with the knife in a feint to keep the woman at bay.

Fer-de-Lance slashes at Mirage with her right talon, misses. But now she's in hand-to-hand range with Mirage and won't be stepping back.

Havok tries to manuever himself to the side with the hopes of giving Mirage some melee support (since he cannot blast too well into melee), instead, he trips over a dumpster and goes down.

With the Fer in a better striking range, drops into a more defensive stance, like she was taught. Something else Dani was taught, fight dirty and that she does. Twisting the knife in her grip so the point is toward her elbow, she steps forward and throws a right hook. Her intent is not to punch the woman, but for the knifes edge to strike the woman in the face instead of her fist.

She is knifed across the face and that seriously pisses Fer-de-Lance off.

Havok gets back to his feet by rolling to the side and up. He lunges and grabs at Fer-de-Lance. Though he misses, he is still on his feet and behind the snake. Now she has Mirage in front of her, and Havok in the rear.

Fer-de-Lance doesn't get to have two attacks, however she does impale Mirage with her blade, doing 20 points of edged damage to Mirage's midsection. She screams, "Die, Bitch!" as she james the 1' long blade into Mirage.

Havok yells, "Dani, she's too close!" seeing that Mirage was stabbed.

Fer moves around Mirage to put Mirage between herself and Havok (trying to get out of his reach - even though his attacks suckwithdraws the blade from Mirage's midesction and attacks Mirage's flank with the other blade, driving it deeply into her.

There is an quick inhale of breath with a painful grimace as the blade bites into Dani's section. As the blade is withdrawn her free hand moves to press against the wound, blood oozing around her fingers. When she second blade impales her leg there is another hiss of pain followed by a growl of anger. Dani quickly realizes she should have just taken the woman down immediately and quickly rectifies her mistake. Before the shock from her wounds kicks in. The knife falls from her hands as she goes through the motions of lifting and drawing an imaginary bow. It's not imaginary for long as its focuses her powers and she lets loose her stunning arrow.

Fer-de-Lance is caught off guard by the energy bow and was already ducking. Instead of dodging away, she dodges straight into it and then goes down with a solid thud.

Havok closes with Mirage and says over the com, "SHIP! Slide us to the medical bay, now!"

The body-slide takes but a second and the holo-doctors/nurses engage Mirage as soon as the duo enters. Dani will be placed on a bed and the procedures will begin.

Dani is naturally in a state of shock by the time the bad lady goes down and they arrive in med bay so she is in hardly any condition to protest the treatment, if even she wanted to. Passing out is probably inevitable too maybe even before she is given anything to put her out for the procedures.


Thirty minutes, perhaps an hour later, Dani will wake in a comfortable med-bay bed where Alex is seen a few feet away talking to one of the holo-docs.

It takes a few moments to process exactly where she is and why, as she does that Dani stares at the ceiling above her "Did we win?" she finally asks, albeit groggily, as she turns her head toward the voices.

Alex looks over and moves to stand beside the bed. "Totally. If we were in the negative zone."

A hand goes to her midsection, to feel the bandage that now covers the worst of the wounds "Still a win." she pushes herself to her elbows, wincing "I've got to stop waking up in here." she comment idly as she looks from Alex to the holo-doc "Am I free to go or am I stuck here for the next 24 hours?

The doctor notes, "You're free to go, however do nothing that will rip, tear, damage, compromise, or otherwise pull your stitches. You will be staying here tonight to allow the regenerator to work while you sleep. So be back within 4 hours."

"Well that's no fun." Dani protests, though she isn't all that serious about it. She slowly sits up and gets to her feet, though she seems not to be able to put to much weight on the leg that was impaled "Help me upstairs Alex?" she asks, she assumes he would anyway, but politeness doesn't hurt.

Alex will wrap her arm around his shoulders and then scoop her up so he can carry her. He's perhaps a little over-helpful, but to him it's more fun this way. He only notes, "How bout I carry you instead." and starts walking, regardless of any potential protests.

Dani opens her mouth then quickly shuts it again. She was probably going to protest but thought better of it instead she just puts her arms around his shoulders "That'll do."

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