Mud, Sweat and Almost Tears

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Showstopper, Radiance, Mercury, Finesse, Wolverine and Mirage

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Danger Room - X-Mansion

Another training session for the students

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It's bright and early and per the school schedule it is the first of many assesments that will be made for students. Each month a number of students are picked to go through the testing until by the end of the year all the students have been assesed. The students that were picked for this month were sent notification as to when and where they had to be for thiers. To make things faster the students go in pairs and compete in an obtascle course. In this case the assesment isn't so much to test powers but a test of physical endurance.

Dani or Ms. Moonstar to most of the students waits in the Danger Room for the next two 'victims', tablet in hand so she can take notes of the testers performance.

The Danger Room has been programed into a large field with a large lake and wooded area. There are a few of the obstacles that can be seen others are probably hidden in the woods or on the other side.
Mercury believes she should let other students have a go at the Danger Room, but she shows up, anyways. Already in her uniform, the metallic girl waving at Ms. Moonstar, "Hello, Ms. Moonstar." she says, smiling, "Do you mind writing me in if there's still room in the DR group today? I figure I could go at it again if not enough people show up to fill the group." she nods.

Aaaah, the Danger Room. Ever since the Danger happening that he's not all too thrilled about setting foot here. That was an enemy the X-Men didn't destroy, after all. And the AI is precisely the same, to boot - who's to say it wouldn't turn on them again? Obviously not in the best of moods because of those memories, he enters the room relatively quiet. He does produce a mild 'Hello' to Dani, but that's just about it.

Looking up from the tablet device as the two enter, Dani "Good Morning, Cessily, Seth." she marks Seth as present for the assesment on the device and then flicks through the screens "You aren't scheduled to have your assesment until December Cessily, but you may join this one if you like. You will still have to participate in that one though, since it will be testing something else."

Well, it beats sit-down classes! Chenda Gray steps into the Danger Room, clad in her basic black X-catsuit, gloves, and boots, her black hair ponytailed at her nape. Sooner or later she'll put together a costume, but for right now, with little in the way of team prospects, it just isn't worth the trouble. She waves casually to the small gathering as she steps in, then edges back to do a little stretching.

Finesse arrives in the Danger Room in a rather quiet manner, dressed in her costume, with her batons attached at the leg. She seems rather cool and unexcited for someone without much experience with Danger Room simulations. In her hands she holds the note with the set time, and she holds it up for Mirage, "I am supposed to report here, correct?"

Mercury nods softly to Ms. Moonstar's words, "I know. I figure I could just use the training, if the group doesn't fill up, you know?" she says, smiling, before looking at Seth and Chenda, and waving at them, "Hey, guys."&R

"Yes Jeanne." Dani replies as she marks her present as well "Chenda I take it you would rather do your run now instead of tomorrow?" she glances at the device in her hand to mark down the two additional runners. She makes a grand gesture with a sweep of her arm "Today you will be doing a 10 mile run. At each mile their will be a different obstacle to over come." she looks at the four gathered "Since there are more than expected you will be in teams, helping each other get past them if necessary. Powers are allowed, but the rules of the obstacles must be adhered to. If you are supposed to climb, you climb, if you have to swim, you swim, and so forth. Pair up and hit the start line." she points to the obviously marked starting point.

Finesse looks between Seth, Mercury and Richenda, not looking about to choose someone to pair with on her own. Instead, she shows her absolutely charming nature, as she quips, "anybody who wants to breeze through this can pair up with me." Talk about a cocky teen.

10 mile run? There are times Chenda's not sure if she's enrolled in school or apprenticing to the United States Marines. She's fit enough, but that's still a lot of shoe sole to wear out, especially at high speed. "I guess that answers /that/ question, Seth," she mutters. She manages a smile for Mercury, along with a quick wave.

Team up... a song runs through her mind, but she quashes it and looks around the little group. Just enough for two pairings. She passes over Finesse on general principles. Working with her means putting up with an unpleasant, perpetually-suspicious perfectionist. "Pass, Jeanne. But I'll work with anyone else," she offers.

Seth looks at Mirage, "So, we have to run... But, can we 'run'?" He proceeds off to the starting point. He looks at Chenda, confused. "Huh? What question?" He looks around, shrugging. "I'm good with whoever wants to pair up with me."

Mercury looks at Finesse and arches one eyebrow. "True to the namesake..." she quips, giggling softly, before looking around for the other students, and she smiles at Chenda, "How about we pair up, then?" she offers.

With an annoying little hint of a smile, Finesse nods at Richenda, "expected as much, good luck." She then turns to look between Seth and Mercury, waiting to see which of them will pair up with her. Seeing Mercury approach Richenda, she turns to look at Seth, "well, looks like you lucked out with an easy time, let's go..." and she heads for the starting lineup before Seth can even reply.

"Good luck," Chenda replies, and smiles back at Mercury. "Call us a team, Silvergirl. Let's get ready!" And she steps up to the starting lineup. "Hope you brought your track shoes!"

Dani moves to the starting line herself, but stays to the side "Wouldn't that leave your partner behind Seth? To fend for herself?" she then gives a shrug "You 'run' however you feel like, just make sure you do the obstacles by the book." she waits for the everyone to line up and get into position then takes out a starter pistol, which she aims into the air "Ready." she looks at them all, "Set. Go!" she fires a shot into the air.

"Aw, shucks...", Seth replies. He looks at Finesse as he readies himself. "Please, tell me you got a trick up your sleeve to widen your pace... Or super-speed of some sort." And as the shot is heard, he darts off, either not straying far from Finesse, or fighting to keep up with her. He's not leaving the partner behind.

Mercury walks up to the starting line and nods to Chenda, "Alright, then. Let's get crackin'." she grins softly, before getting in position. Once she hears the gun shot, she tenses for a moment, "Let's go! Let's win this!" and then she bolts, following the course, her mind wondering what kind of 'obstacle' it's going to be. Like barriers, or the more dangerous obstacles like... LAND MINES! :P

"Let's get through it alive..." Chenda murmurs as she dashes from her position, already settling into a quick, ground-eating stride. Sure, the paintball thing wasn't lethal, but accidents happen, particularly when you're doing risky things like clearing unknown obstacles! "Eyes open, Mercury! Don't want to fall over the first speedbump!"

"My trick is called solving problems and reaching the goal," Finesse quips to Seth before she sets off running at the go mark. Having very recently been a member of the Olympic Gymnastics Team, she's in very fine shape, but if need be, she'll measure her pace to stay on the same line with Seth. It is a team exercise, so she'll make it a point not to lose him. As he also seems to be set on keeping pace with her, they should probably do well to stay together.

The running course is well marked, with a rope at knee height running along each side. There is plenty of room between the ropes for everyone so there shouldn't be any fighting for space.

In the distance the first obstacle can be seen from the starting point. A large black wooden wall blocks the course. The wall is 12 foot tall and has two horizontal planks that run the length of it. The first is up the wall 5 1/2 feet the other 4 feet above that one. The other side of the wall is the same.

From the top of the wall the next obstacle can be seen. Looks like that one will involve swimming.

Mercury chuckles as she runs, "It'll take more than a 'speed bump' to stop me!" she says, grinning, but then she sees the wall. "Really?" she asks, smiling, "Come on, I'll pull you from up top." she says as she throws her arms up and elongate them to grab the upper board, then quickly flowing up to the top, stretching her body to easily reach the top of the wall. Then she looks down and elongates an arm down for Chenda, "Here, grab my arm and climb up!" and she braces herself to pull Chenda up, to help her in the climb.

"Seth, do you need help, or are you good with climbing?" Finesse asks as she shows her gymnastics prowess in easily lifting herself up to the first plank, pausing a moment to look at Seth and check if he needs any help.

Quite the acrobat, Chenda actually smiles at the sight of the wall. "Really? I guess we just found one, then! You got it, I'm with you!" And she leaps for the lower board, clambering expertly up and catching hold of Mercury's stretched arm. Then she pushes off /hard/ with her feet, letting the stretchy girl pull as she pushes to get herself to the top even more quickly!

After an expert landing at the top, she looks down at the path, and at the water beyond. "Looks like we're gonna get wet, Mercury. But I can give us a push in the right direction! Dive when we get there and keep hold of my hand!" She vaults down from the wall and dashes for the next obstacle!

Seth is not an athlete at the same level Finesse is; all his exercise has been focused on keeping in a good shape, not a terrific shape. So, boost. How? Well powers, baby! In a way that he projects his energy for a horizontal thrust, all to keep up with Jeanne. And so, upon reaching that first obstacle, he comments to Finesse, "Nope. I think I'm good." Yep. Microbursts from his feet give him just enough momentum to jump upon the platforms and easily reach the top. Obstacle one down, he proceeds off to the next.

With Seth going all the way past the obstacle, Finesse continues flipping her way up the obstacle, before she clears it along with Seth, "let's head out for the next one...hope you swim well."

The course winds around, making a sort of horseshoe bend as it leads to the lake. The next obstacle sets at the edge of the lake, its pretty much a 10 foot high diving platform that the runners have to climb up using one of the two ladders, jump from and swim across the lake. The water in the lake is very cold.

Shortly after the four took off running, Dani departs the Danger Room proper, to watch the race from the observation booth. As they four get to the first obstable she takes a few notes as to how each on worked together and how the obstacles was circumvented. It should be noted that the whole thing is being recorded and will be included in each students academic file.

Finesse doesn't have any holds as she reaches the ladder and immediately starts climbing in a hurried pace, not slowing down for a second, she's almost keeping to her running pace in how dextrous she proves, quickly traversing the steps of the ladder, she already knows Seth can thrust himself up so assumes he'll easily catch up. Looking down at the water with a steeled gaze, she quips to Seth, "keep your focus on the goal and it'll help you not mind the water temperature, I assume it's not just keep on going." She then pauses one moment before jumping in, "you can swim, right?"

Seth shrugs at Finesse's reply right after he jumps in. He disappears into the water and, just a couple moemts later, the luminous effect of his powers shows up under water, the focal point glazing along the surface. "LIKE A ONE-MAN JET-SKI MOTORBOAT!!" Vroom!

With Seth proving even less sociable then her, Finesse just shrugs and leaps into the water, making a mental note for the next set of obstacles. She's perfectly fine going silent and adjusting on the fly, not using powers she's nowhere near as fast as Seth, but she does swim with the swiftness and ease of an Olympic swimmer.

Taking point for her pairup, Chenda reaches the edge of the lake. "Okay, Mercury, grab my hand and I'll give us a boost. Jump in on three!" And in she goes! Mercury, with a shrug and a smile, is right behind her.

And seconds later, a power-seed flickers to life and bursts behind the gypsy girl and her partner, sending them surging ahead. Throwing them back at regular intervals, she uses the concussive force of the blasts to send the two of them across the lake in surges, swimming in between.

With creditable speed, she reaches the other side and clambers out, helping Mercury onto shore. "We're still in this. Let's keep moving!"

Once the lake is past the running course continues, still marked by the ropes on each side. The runners still have a good three quarters of a mile to go before they hit the next obstacle, part of this goes through the woods on the other side of the lake.

As the four run the next section they come upon a large swampy area, over which tight ropes are hung. The ropes are a good three feet above the swamp and go from trees on one side to trees on the other, there is ladder access to the start of the tightropes. There are multiple ropes so pick one and get across.

As Seth didn't seem to intent on communication before, this time Finesse doesn't stop to ask him if he needs assistance, she just hurries up a ladder, and starts rope walking across to the other side. Most would probably expect to see a crawl along the rope, but she walks almost as if she was walking on a floor, not slowing down for a second, and she does she remarkable balance.

Mercury was NOT expecting that, no sir. She screams a bit in surprise at being propelled like that by Chenda's explosions, "A little warning, next time?" she says, as the two leave the water, "If I had a heart, it'd be pounding so hard it'd jump out of my chest!" she says, as she starts running again with Chenda, until the two reach the next obstacle. She blinks, and then looks at Chenda. "I guess it's Pitfall time. Or Tarzan. Your pick." she chuckles, before starting to quickly climbing the ladder. She grabs one of the ropes, and gives it a tug, "Hmm..." and then she stretches one of her arms up, to see if she can grab one of the tree branches.

"Sorry! Sometime we've /really/ got to sit down and go over what we can do," Chenda agrees, running for the swampy spot. And then she sees the ladders...

"Oh, this is /easy/!" the gypsy girl exclaims happily, clambering up a ladder near Mercury's. Within seconds she's moving along the rope, making good time. Crossing branches hold little fear for her, as she can crouch and slip beneath them, using them for balance. "Watch for loose branches!"

Seth sighs as he reaches the next obstacle. Rope balance is not one of his fortes, to be sure. But he proceeds on, though one's gotta admit a bit of grace is something more to be desired out of the glowing mutant. So, he proceeds on, his arms extended for balance, while trying to keep focused on maintaining his center of gravity over the rope. Yes, the chance of that happening is just around the corner...

And Seth misses it! As a result, he loses balance, although his quick thinking allows him to grab onto the nearby rope. With patience, he hoists himself back up, then observes. If he grabs hold to the rope, and propels himself, jet-style...?

Take a look at Seth, the mutant rope slider! Whee!

The course continues through the woods and comes out onto a field where two more obstacles are lined up for the runners. The first is a set of fires that block the path. There are three fires that block the path, each is two foot wide, but are less than a foot in height. In this instance any means necessary to get over the three fires that block the path is permissible.

After that there is more running before the course is blocked by a mud pit that is covered with an electrified barbed wire fence, though until the wire is touched in isn't obvious that it is a live wire. It has enough juice going through it to sting but not enough to cause serious harm, just a welt or two. There is no going over or around this one. Slogging through the mud on hands and knees is the only option.

The first part of the instance is easy for Seth. He looks at Finesse and he tells her, "Quickly, take my hand!" His hand is already extended to reach out to her...

Mercury managed to pass the rope test without much problems. Cheerleading and Gymnastics back at high school paid off! But the next two obstacles gave the metallic girl pause, "Aw, geez. Really? Fire and Electricity? Ugh..." she sighs. At least the fires don't stretch all over the place, so she just runs around them, so she goes without a problem, until she stops at the mud lake. "I ain't touching that." she points at the wires, before she kneels down and starts crawling under the wire. "Ugh... this sucks." She thinks about melting and flowing, but she doesn't know if she'll be able to flow in this mud, so the usual way it is.

Finesse was measuring the distance, and was thinking about proceeding with impressive tumbling fits to get across the fires, but as Seth extends his hand, she takes it. No point taking a risk when it can be avoided altogether, "thanks, Seth," she quips, prefering the team work over doing this solo. It should be good enough for the first obstacle.

"Fire... at least it's low!" Chenda dashes forward and jumps, hurdling the first blaze, the second, the third... and then seeing the next obstacle. Mud. Ick. And a fence. A barbed wire fence.

"Oh, yuck... good thing this outfit seals! Right behind you, Mercury..." Grimacing, Chenda drops to all fours and crawls for it. So much for the movie she'd wanted to watch after classes. She'll be spending that time in the student laundry, waiting for a free washer!

This is /tight/... Seeing that this is going to take forever (and be quite disgusting besides), Chenda reaches up to clear some wire. Which turns out to be electrified. "Ow! Oh, talk about /cheap/..."

Well, she's not going to let a shock stop her. She reaches up and activates her disintegration power at full strength, clearing wire for several inches above herself and Mercury, gritting her teeth and fighting through the pain and distraction of the shocks. This ought to speed things up!

Carried past the fire obstacle by Seth, Finesse is not yet in position to get started on the second obstacle, but she does see Richenda just in time to realize the wires are not to be touched. Just perfect, she's done her hair perfectly, and now she has to go through this. "Lovely...," she doesn't look pleased one bit, but she also seems determined enough to not stop because of a bit of mud. Okay, a lot of mud.

Seth's plan: as soon as Finesse grabs his hand, he proceeds to fly/jump over the whole of the fires, landing with Finesse on the other side. "Come on, to the next obstacle!" And, as he reaches it, he grabs a dried branch and dares to touch the barb wire with it. When he notices there's a shock, he purses his lips. "Gotta get through this one..." So, he starts to crawl in the mud, sinking deep into it, enough his face is almost covered in mud. And what's worse... his hair gets stuck in one of the wires. So, he tries to pull, and not only he'd not going, he's electrocuting himself as he moves. It looks like he's saying something, but his face is covered in the mud pool.

Pursuing her lips in distaste, Finesse drops down flat on the ground and starts to crawl in a ninja fashion, allowing her to slip with relative ease though her pace is slow and she gets caked in mud for her effort. She does slow down when she spots Seth in trouble, and slithers along his side, turning her head sideways as she mutters at him, "stop moving, I'll help you," and very carefully she brings up one hand, causing her to sink further into the mud on one side, as she squints one eye to try and gently untangle Seth's hair from the wiring, grimacing as she tries to avoid getting zapped. "You're supposed to keep your head as low as possible for something like this," she comments as if that provides any help.

"Nhmph muh hemph, muh herh guh shtuck!", Seth says as his head is just about submerged in water. After a moment, he taps Finesse on the shoulder, and makes a signal for her to move away and stand clear.

As Seth seems to have a solution, Finesse leaves him to it, and continues along the path until she clears the mud area. When she comes out of the other side, she doesn't look happy at all, as she turns to look at Seth's progress.

Chenda crawls out of the yuck, brushing watery mud from her eyes and face, then offers her hands to Mercury. "Gah! Now I know how a wet cat feels. Let's hurry... the sooner we're done, the sooner we can clean up!"

Mercury grumbles as she gets off the med, and she tries to get as much mud off her hair as possible. "Gah, what I wouldn't do for the next obstacle to be a swim one again, to wash off all this damn mud..." she says as she stands up with Chenda's help, "Come on, let's go." she says, before taking off again.

And from behind Finesse, Seth is charging up. And as Finesse gets up, she can see him releasing that energy upwards, dispersing a good portion of mud off him and severing that metal on which he was getting his hair entangled. Then, he uses his energy to dig up a bigger hole through that mud hole in front of him, and he now passes through it much easier, and no further entanglements, as he reaches the end of the obstacle, he looks at Finesse, "We were losing time, and I was starting to lose my patience. I igured I'd cut out the niceties." He starts to run again, saying to Finesse, "Coming?"

Once the mud obstacle is navigated the path wends and winds through the heavy boughs of the forest. It's some distance until it's aiming almost straight back to the mansion. For a moment the participants might even think it's home free, with that damned mud caking everything and fatigue starting to set in... for those that feel such. The silhouette of the educational facility is there almost in reach.
Of course it's at that moment when the first concussion charge goes off with a /WHOOMPF!/ It's not much really. Might at most feel like a punch to the stomach if one is right there next to it. But it's loud, shocking, and terribly disconcerting. Also it's meant to break a person's attention, make them lose focus and not notice what happens next.
With a low growl from one of the trees drops Logan in his black and yellow uniform. "Last obstacle kiddos." He snaps his arms open wide and there's the loud /SNIKT!/ as six blades slice forward between his knuckles, gleaming silver in the sunlight as he growls. "Gotta get past me."

"Asking if I'm coming? You were the one careless enough to get his hair tangled," Finesse snorts with a shake of her head as she gets right back to running, which is not quite as pleasant once one's clothes are caked in mud, and movement isn't as fluid, yet she still persists without delay to ponder how uncomfortable she is at the moment.
When the unexpected explosion occurs, however, Finesse gets distracted by getting knocked down from the concussion blast. She doesn't linger down, but she doesn't keep running once she gets back on her feet, "if this is a minefield, this exercise is a bit much..." Finesse comments, wondering how they could be expected to successfully navigate a minefield, without getting a map first, but then it's all made clear when the real obstacle presents itself. "Wolverine...," she peers sideways at Seth, making sure he's okay, the explosion having disoriented her a bit.

"Hurry, Mercury! We're almost..." And that's when something explodes! Chenda stumbles, going down and rolling. Reflexes kick in to save her from injury, and she levers her grimy self into a kneeling position.

*SNICKT!* "Oh, fudge... I think this is where the whole teamwork thing really comes in," she murmurs, looking at the gym instructor/human food processor with a grimace of pain, some anticipated rather than felt now.

"Oh well, if ya gotta go..." The gypsy girl summons up a power-seed, hiding it in her cupped hands. She primes it for maximum concussion and maximum sound-blast, and hurls it at Logan's feet!'

Mercury runs as much as she can despite her tired state, but then she nearly skids to a halt once she sees Wolverine showing up, "Oh crud..." she murmurs, "He's the real deal, or just a simulation?" she asks. Either way, those shiny claws look real sharp... "So what do we do?" she asks Chenda.

Seth was taking the lead for his team now, and immediately recoils as something explodes in front of him, and he's knocked back to the ground. He's not moving, not until Logan stops talking. After a moment, he proceeds to gather himself, painfully so. Then, as he looks at himself, he begins to whimper. "Oh, g-god... Oh, god!" He clutches his stomach, energy glowing, and covered by his hand. "Oh god, I'M HURT!! SOMEBODY, PLEASE HELP ME!!" Yes, he's sobbing, and the adrenaline levels are high enough...

There's another /CRACK!/ as that blast from Richenda explodes at his feet, yet the X-Man is already leaping to the attack, propelled in part by the impact. At first there's a flicker of motion, a swirl as Logan's claws slash out towards Finesse even as the young woman evades the slice. But then Seth's voice lifts and the Canadian mutant's eyes snap to the side.
It's a bare moment of distraction, and if such is Seth's goal then mission accomplished. It's just enough before he realizes that if the safety overrides haven't kicked in...
It's an opening, however. Just enough of one if one of the other students want to seize the initiative.

Finesse leaps out of the way when Wolverine goes directly after her, and she prepares for a hand to hand fight, getting one baton in hand, before Seth cries out and draws attention. Nobody called the exercise has ended, and so she responds by hurling her baton at the back of Wolverine's head, only looking briefly at Seth, measuring how severe could be his pain based on his body language. If need be, she will stop fighting and go to his aid.

Chenda's on her feet in an instant, ready to throw again, power-seed humming in her hand... and then Seth goes down! The gypsy girl's dark eyes get big and round with horror as he screams in pain. "Seth?!"
And then she catches his body language. He's not hurt! Seven months of this and she /still/ can't get used to damage protocols.
But it looks like Logan's distracted! She mentally flicks the power-seed over to a flash-bomb and hurls it at Logan's head! "Mercury, run for it!"

Mercury watches as Wolverine jumps into the fray, and she was about to make it, when whatever is going on with Seth does not stop the clawed berserker. She thinks about just rushing past, to use the distraction, but... "This will bite me in the ass..." she grumbles under her breath as she goes to help Seth instead of rushing to the finish line. "Seth, are you alright?"

Seeing the opening caused by his ruse, Seth isn't one to let it pass. His hand - no, make that both his hands now - build up with energy. And he joins them both, firing both bolts into one huge beam, straight at Wolverine! He now has to think, though: what if the guy can dodge this blast?

And it's almost like a perfect storm of synergy occurs between the students in the danger room. Logan's engaged with Finesse when suddenly there's a blinding /POP!/ It's enough to give him that bare instant of distraction as he staggers back on one foot. It's almost exact in that moment when Seth's double blast bursts across the distance and /SLAMS!/ into his chest. It sends the elder mutant hurtling across the distance to /CRUNCH!/ into the trunk of a large tree.
There's smouldering, there's the smell of burning, and what's more there's now an opening between them and the mansion where they actually have room to make it...
Of course if they glance in his direction they'll see a pretty angry Wolverine snarling with a vicious curve to his lip slowly rising to one knee with one hand trying to push himself to his feet. Another costume ruined, and there's definitely a look of bloodlust in his eyes.

"Nobody said anything about actually taking Wolverine down, it's all about making it to the finish line, so go!" Finesse screams at the others while already starting her mad dash to the finish. If she knows exercise routines well enough, she assumes the trial here in part is about following the directive. Wolverine delayed behind should means, they have gotten past him so long as he can't catch up.

Chenda, mistress of distractions, gives an exultant whoop as the near-simultaneous blasts send Wolverine flying out of their path. "WHOOOO! Go, run for it!" And she dashes for the finish, too, glancing back long enough to hurl another power-seed in her wake, this one keyed for concussion and more noise. They're home free as long as Wolverine can't catch up, true. But there's no rule against making that as hard as possible. It'll slow her down, but it leaves Mercury free to run for it!

Seth widens his eyes as he notices Logan getting up. "What I heard was right... This guy's really hard to knock out." He hears Finesse's recomendation, and he nods, taking flight. "EVERYBODY GRAB ON TO ME!" Yes, everybody. Wolverine's fury might be lashed out at whoever in this state.

If Seth is offering a lift to make the arrival at the finish line faster, Finesse will take it, as soon as they're within reach, she'll go for grabbing a hold of him.

Mercury gasps as she sees Wolverine ready to make heads roll, her eyes widening, "Chenda, we need to go. NOW!" she says, reaching for her teammate's arm to grab it as she starts to run! Come on, we need to get to the finish line!" she says. In her shock, Seth's offer goes unnoticed.

Perhaps he's aided by the chaos of what seems to be panic flickering back and forth between the students as they try to decide upon a course of action. But being a creature of primal mind, Logan has no such hesitation. His features are contorted into a snarl, there's a wildness in his gaze that is almost terrifying. With no more words, only a heavy roar and a growl he leaps after them.
He's fast, so terribly fast. And the students only have a moment or two at the most to get away before he's on the stragglers. The /POP!/ from the orb hurled by Richenda goes off yet somehow it doesn't seem to dissuade his charge. It's almost as if he was taken entirely by that berserker rage.

Grabbing as many as he possibly can, Seth darts off in his flight, top speed recorded at 100 mph. That's fast enough to get away from that raging monster, right? Uhm... right?

Mercury opens her eyes wide at that, "Oh crap oh crap ohcrapcrapcrap..." she starts grumbling and she starts running faster, doing her best to try to reach the finish line. She looks up at Seth who's flying, and wonders she should pound his head in for the little 'somebody help me please' trick that got her delayed. But, for now, she needs to survive! "Chenda! Stop that and run!!'

Once someone (or everyone) crosses the finish line, marked with a red flags, Dani's voice will come over the comm system, "Logan, stop terrorizing the kids." over the comm it is harder to tell that she is trying not to laugh, "Good job, all of you. You displayed some good team work out there. Now go get cleaned up. Thanks for the assist Logan, drinks are on me." but not literally of course.

As quick as that, one moment the raging murderous face of Logan is barreling down upon the poor defenseless Mercury... and then those words come across the comm frequency.
And it's as if a switch is flipped. Logan draws up short, then says simply to Mercury. "Good job, kid." He straightens up and already the skin of his chest is reknitting, the burn softening from the livid pink that made it look like a sickly thing. He reaches into a pocket, pulls out a cigar... and lights up as if to signal the end of a good day's work.

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