Moving Past the Past

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Psylocke and Sandman

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12/04/12 16:55

Cove - Xavier Estate

Psylocke and Sandman meet and share

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It is early December, but thankfully snow is not in the weather report. Bill Baker, not dressed for the weather, is dressed in his usual green and black striped shirt and brown trousers. He has summoned Mercury as he stands at the edge of the cover, which is of course on a sandy beach He sticks his hands out and weaves the sand like a conductor with an orchestra. "Ok, good. Not too cold." He ponders some form of training for his young mentee as he awaits her arrival.

Dressed casually for the cold weather, Betsy is out taking a stroll on the grounds, reacquainting herself with her surroundings. Keeping her mind open, she senses someone out by the lake, and her curiousity gets the better of her as she makes her way that direction.

Noticing Psylocke, Sandman stops a moment as the sand just drops onto the beach, “Oh. . .Hello.” The Asian beauty quickly catches his attention and he smiles, “You’re not young enough to be a student. . .But I don’t recognize you from the X-Men and X-Factor that I have met.” He walks towards her, “I am Bill Baker. But some know me as Sandman of the Avengers.”

A smile touching her lips as she spots the man on the beach, Betsy inclines her head as Bill makes his way towards her, her own steps continuing until they near each other. "Oh, no, not a student. Even when I first got here, I was a bit old to be a student, though there are always things to learn." The rather clear British accent is strikingly at odds with the tall woman's appearance. She offers her hand to the man, "A pleasure, Bill Baker, I am Elizabeth Braddock, or Betsy, if you want. Former X-Man. Possibly still. I'm not sure how that works. And I've just recently returned to the mansion." A light, melodic laugh escapes her.

Tilting his head and having a bit of a quirk, “Wow, I am sorry. I wasn’t not expecting that accent or voice to come from your body. But I suppose mutants come in all shapes and sizes.” Bill bows his head and firmly shakes her hand, “But nice to meet you, Betsy Braddock. I was in a similar situation with the Avengers a year ago. I had left and not under the best of terms, but was welcomed back. . .with a probationary period, of course.”

"Oh, don't apologize. It is a terribly common thing upon first meetings. And oddly, nothing at all to do with my mutation." The tall Japanese woman shakes her head a bit as she returns the hand shake, "Long story, not really fit for introductions." She steps back with a smile, "Well, I do not think I will be put on probation, but I'm not sure what role I intend to take up beyond helping with the students as I can. Back for one night, and Jean is already trying to hand off telepathy and unarmed combat lessons to me." Betsy offers a melodramatic, very put-upon sigh, then grins.

Laughing a bit, “Jean, the red-head, right? Cyclops’ girl. We are so busy I haven’t really met her aside from a quick orientation thing.” Sandman shrugs, “So you are a telepath and you can fight.” He laughs, “You would make a good ninja assassin.” He chortles, “Yeah, as if. . .”

"That would be her, yes. Practically runs the place these days, I imagine." Betsy offers then lets out another laugh as she steps back, offering a Japense bow of sorts, back straight as she bends forward, her hands sliding down her legs before she straightens, "Psylocke, resident psychic ninja of the X-Men, at your service. Still the only one I hope? Also, former Captain Britain. Though, another long story, there."

Bowing informally, he blinks a bit, “Oh so you are a ninja. . .cool. And A Captain Britain at that. . .jeez. It would be interesting to sit down and talk about your life. Seems you are very different compared to the other X-Men.” Sandman laughs and scratches his chin, “We don’t have any ninja on the Avengers. . .” He shrugs again.

"Oh, what tangled webs we weave. Or get dragged into might be more fitting." Betsy comments with a mischievous smile. "And who needs a ninja when you have Captain America and Thor?" She shakes her head, "A very bad Captain Britain, at the time. I was much younger, and not as good at it as some people. But, we all have our troubles. Some more odd than others." The Japanese woman lifts a hand to wave vaguely, "Though, I'm sure if you spend much time around the school I will have plenty of chances to spill my life story to you."

“Well then all the more reason for me to come up here more often.” Sandman shrugs, “I have to admit. It is weird being here. I am not a mutant. Most of the students know me from my criminal past and every now and then I hear ‘flatscan’ tossed about. The staff are pretty good about it. But it is still weird.”

Psylocke shakes her head faintly at the mention of flatscan, "Racism is such a terrible thing, and it is sad how quickly the oppressed can become the oppressor given the opportunity." She smiles at the man, "Many people have pasts they are not proud of. What we are doing now is what is important."

“That is very wise of you, Betsy. And yeah, it is what I am doing now though it sometimes doesn’t seem enough.” Bill then smiles, “But I need to get over my past before and not let what others think affect me negatively.”

Psylocke nods as she listens, small mouth still curved into a smile, "Trust me, I am terribly familiar with worrying over what other people think. But, you have hit the nail on the head. It is easier said than done, but we can't let the thoughts of others affect us in ways that are bad for us."

Nodding his head, he looks back to the mansion and realizes the time, “Well, I have to get back to New York City. I’m on Avengers Duty this evening.” He bows and kisses Betsy’s hand. “Thank you for the chat and I look forward to seeing you again.” WIth that Sandman steps back, his body shifts to its pssamic form, flesh and blood to sand. That sand that makes up his body begins swirling and then lifts up into the wind. A tiny localized sand storm hovers up Psylocke, “Good evening, Betsy Braddock.” With that the storm moves skyward and southward towards New York City.

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