Moving In

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Moving In

Lightspeed, Blink, Showstopper, Wolfsbane

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New Mutants Home, Valhalla NY

People begin to fill the place the New Mutants have set up for themselves.

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-----==[ 412 Old Orchard Street - New Mutants Base - Valhalla, NY ]==---------

After going down a bumpy dirt road through the forest the trees end and a large cleared out area opens up. This area is at least an acre or two in size, easily able to fit the large Victorian-style farmhouse, with a carriage house to one side and a large garage on the other. In front of the garage sits a classic, mint condition Jeep and a pickup-truck.
Covered walkways connect the carriage house and garage to the covered porch that wraps around the house.
Behind the house is a large red barn and a small horse stable with corral, as well as a swimming pool. Acres of woods surround the cleared out area and there probably isn't another house for a mile in each direction, if not farther.
A sign hangs on the screen door telling anyone that comes up to the front door what this place was been dubbed, "Villa Valhalla."


Only seventy-five, the temperature on this weekend day in the beginning of June seems perfect for spending time outdoors. Or moving stuff indoors. Some people come by moving van. Julie Power, on the other hand, came by spaceship. A white spaceship, gorgeous and streamlined, is parked in the backyard. The wings are folded up in order that it might fit in the limited space. Julie's in the process of picking up gear and flying it up to her room, through the open window. The ship helps by using large waldo hands to remove stuff from inside the cockpit and place it out on the lawn.

Blink looks around as everyone is moving things in. Since she's been travelling light since childhood, she has all her things moved in already. An easy feat for the teleporter. As she sees everyone working hard, she thinks to offer her services, but shies away. Even after spending time back at Xavier's, she still doesn't feel like she belongs here. Like she even deserves to belong here. The only reason she agreed to return was so that she could have an eye kept on her so she couldn't hurt anyone again. She finds a spot on the lawn to sit and observe, as an outsider looking in. Like Buffy feeling odd after being pulled from Heaven, Clarice feels equally odd after Selene pulled her from her own version of Hell.

Whatever the weather, work's still got to be done, and Chenda works in the city when she can find a job. She's just getting home now, or so the sound of an approaching 750cc motorcycle engine says.

Moments later, a slender figure in leathers turns an old orange and black CBR into the driveway and up towards the house. The helmeted head of the rider glances at the spaceship parts showing around the edge of the house a few times, before the bike comes to a stop. The engine rumbles to a halt, leaving uncertain silence in its wake.

Chenda casually dismounts, pulling off her full-face helmet and hanging it casually on one of the handlebars.. Though her old, familiar cheerful sangfroid is firmly in place, hints of the strain of the last three years can be picked out in a faint tightness around the eyes, and less energy in her movements. But as she walks around the side of the house, looking around at the spaceship and the moving waldo arms, her eyes finally fall on a certain pink elfgirl. The smile that follows is straight from three years and almost two inches of height ago. "Blink... you made it! Welcome home!"

There is soon a fourth person nearby as Wolfsbane exits the carriage house upon becoming aware there's activity about the property. Upon spotting the spaceship there and assisting Julie with a few things, she comments in a dry humor, "Och, good thing we're mostly in th' middle o' nowhere. That'd draw a lot o' attention most anywhere else." Her steps are somewhat slow, a large bottle of water in her right hand. Her belly is round as can be, the maternity clothes she wears hiding very little at this stage. "It's moving day, then?"

"Sorry." Julie says with a laugh as she floats down from her room in the middle of a rainbow glow. "This was the easiest way to get everything her... oh my GOD you're HUGE!" Julie zips over to Wolfsbane, a rainbow trail following her. She is immediately on her knees, pressing her ear to Rahne's belly. "Ooooh. Heeelllo in there!"

Blink looks up as Chenda arrives and smiles slightly. She stands up to greet her friend, but just waves. "Yeah, I.... figured I could work on some atonement by helping out with the group." She says solemnly. "And this way..." she shrugs and stops. She doesn't want to complete the sentence and make everyone in the group afraid of her. Even though she does fear that she'll snap back, or something will cause her to go all Darth Clarice again. "This way I can help get you all where you need to go, quick and quiet-like."

Then, just as the usually-permanent sadness looks to subside, in it comes again like a roaring wave when she sees Rahne. Necrosha was all a blur but she does remember hearing something about Rahne getting caught in the middle, and since Clarice was a big part of Necrosha, in comes the insta-Guilt. She fakes a smile,as she's been doing often lately, and waves to Rahne. "Looks to be. I better not see you lift a finger or else I'll have you back in your place quicker'n you can stop me." She just blinks and watches Julie curiously.

Of course, Chenda can't just wave to Blink. Especially not when she sees that plasticky smile. Whatever Clarice has done in the past, it's in the past, and she's practically family. She steps in close and gives the other girl a tight, warm hug. "It's so good to see you again. I hope you'll be here a long time."
She lets go and half-turns, watching Rahne and Julie. "So that's our space cadet? I was wondering."

Eep? Rahne moves back a half step at the exuberance in Julie's approach to greet her and pay a particularly specific one to the child inside. She smiles in spite of whatever surprise there may be from that, her free hand settling at the side of her stomach. "All th' times I've seen other people pregnant, I never understood how they could handle it. Noo I think I get it. I feel verra close." She eyes Blink for a moment, then a couple longer ones. She does recall what happened with her around in Genosha, but after that pause she offers, "Hullo, Clarice. I hope ye've been doing better." It isn't difficult for her to 'see' the way the teleporter is. Afterward she offers Richenda a wave and jokes, "Ye be careful with yuir hugs around me. I nearly feel fit tae burst."

Julie giggles and pops up to her feet. "Sorry. Its just so awesome. I mean, you're going to have a baby! 'scuse me, one second." She floats over to the white spaceship, which is in the process of retracting its waldo arms and closing the cockpit. Julie spreads out her arms to "hug" the cockpit glass. "Thanks, Friday. I'll take it from here. Give me love to Katie, okay?"

The spaceship actually responds, the voice rich and warm and not at all mechanical, though it does have an odd echo. "Of course, Julie. Call if you need me." Then the white craft rises vertically into the air before taking off.

Blink cringes slightly at the physical contact and then hugs Chenda back lightly. "I... hope to be here as long as I'm wanted." She says before turning to Rahne, shrugging. "One day at a time, they say." She still just watches Julie in shock, not really knowing what to say to the wee bit.

"Never doubt that you're wanted, Clarice," Chenda replies softly, leaning close. "Or valued, or loved. If you feel it creeping in, come find me, even by phone."

She strolls over to join Rahne and Julie, giving Rahne a cautious hug. "See? Careful!" she teases back. "Wouldn't want you to pop!" Giving Rahne a pat on the back, she turns and offers a leather-gloved hand and a smile to the spaceship's owner. "Hi! I'm Richenda Gray... but just call me Chenda. Welcome to Villa Valhalla."

There's a lawn chair outside the carriage house and Wolfsbane has a seat there after the rest of the greetings are taken care of. "I never thought th' day would come, but it could be any time noo. Tomorrow, next week, it all just..depends." She's careful with any other details, given what's been said so far, and she squints toward the ship as it gives its farewell for the time being. Blink draws a nod from her and a sympathetic expression. "Look..I've na had th' chance tae say it before, but tha' was all Selene's doing. She brought back an' twisted th' lives o' a lot o' people, some o' them friends o' mine. She's gone noo an' ye're yuir own person again." A sniff of amusement follows Chenda's title. "We may need tae add tha' as a sign."

"Julie Power. Lightspeed." Julie accepts the hand. "Sometimes part of Power Pack. Nice to meet you." She smiles brightly. "Don't mind me. I'm just super excited to be here in New York. Its been forever. Even if this isn't the city itself."

Blink nods to Chenda lightly. "I will. Thanks." She says softly, barely able to hold onto her voice. Then Rahne begins to talk about The Incident. She nods as her green pupiless eyes fill up.. "I.. I know... Thanks.." She says. It's not nearly enough but it's all she can get out at the moment. As Julie introduces herself, she just nods. "I.. I need to check on my room." And before anyone can object, she's gone in a 'Blink!'.

"Nice to meetcha, Julie, and no biggie. I'm loving the place, myself," Chenda replies with a matching smile. "Just as quiet as the school, and the city's only a convenient ride away." She nods to the front of the house. "Let me know if you ever want to come? My bike'll hold two if you'd rather not fly."

She looks back to Rahne and Clarice. "I guess that's still eating at her," she says softly to Julie. "From what I know, it wasn't her fault at all."

"I've seen what Selene can do tae people, an'..." Rahne shakes her head, frowning as she sips at her bottle of water after adding, "It's na something I want tae think about right noo if I can help it, na with me so close." She settles a hand over her tummy again. "She'll come around, I'm sure o' it. An' this is a good place, I think. Dani an' I talked about it. I think once she saw th' name o' th' town it was a done deal, though."

Julie giggles again. "I don't think I could ever not want to fly. But the offer is nice. Thanks." While the serious conversation about Selene goes on, she grabs hold of a few items and flies them up to her room. Rainbow trail following her from ground to second floor and back again.

"Watch the windowsill!" Chenda calls after Julie, seeing that the girl's armload of belongings is going to be a tight fit. She doesn't comment on Selene, but she does shiver. And she's wearing warm riding leathers.
She gathers up another chair for herself, and one for Julie if she wants it, and sets them up on either side of Rahne. Perhaps it's some protective instinct. Settling into hers, she unzips her jacket to let in some of that wonderfully cool breeze that's coming into the yard. "Yeah... just have to give her some time," she agrees. "Clarice is balancing on glass, though. We'll have to be careful of her feelings."

Wolfsbane observes the rainbow trail, something about it causing a brief smile to show up. "Well..I hope she gets over it. Some people never do when it comes tae really bad things, and I canna imagine much worse than what she had tae deal with." There's another pause and she murmurs, "It's always Genosha, somehow." Then she gives her stomach a look and smiles. "But I'm verra close tae having a great thing in muh life."

Zip! Julie flies down from the window, landing in the chair. "This is easier when Alex is around. The whole neutralizing gravity thing." She closes her eyes and sighs, softly, as she takes a moment to breathe. "Sounds pretty bad, whatever happened in Genosha." She opens her eyes and glances at Rahne. "As bad as when the Marauders went after the Morlocks?" Her lips purse into a frown. "One of the worst things I've ever seen."

Chenda doesn't comment on Genosha, but a cloud seems to flit across her face. She smiles and nods to Rahne, laying a hand gently on her baby bump. "Verra close," she agrees, playfully mirroring her friend's accent. Then her eyes widen and she looks at her hand and giggles. "That was a kick. /Somebody's/ getting eager to come out, I bet!"

She looks over at Julie as the blonde settles into her chair. "It was bad," she says simply. "Nobody who was there talks about it much, including me. Think Marauders times... a lot."

Wolfsbane doesn't quite grimace from the sensation - by now it's nothing new - but she does at the attempted accent. "Ye'd best leave tha' tae me next time," she half-smiles, only a partial one because of the mention of the Marauders. "Things best left in th' past," she declares. "How are yuir brothers an' sisters these days, Julie?" A good, safe topic change, far as she's concerned.

"Alex got a perfect score on his SATs. Mom and dad posted that on the fridge." Julie rolls her eyes. "Katie's working on some advanced computer project with Friday. That was our spaceship. She just left. I don't know if you've ever met her. Jack's Jack. Still a punk."

"I thought I heard you call her Friday," Chenda recalls. "I'll have to say hello the next time she's around. Are your family ever around New York? They sound like people I wouldn't mind meeting." There /might/ be a hint of envy in the gypsy girl's voice. A family is something she keenly misses.

She grins at Rahne. "Aye, that Ah will," she replies, playfully mangling the accent rather than going for the precise imitation of earlier. "Gootta leave the hard stooff ta th'experts, aye?"

Wolfsbane rolls her eyes at Chenda. "Maybe ye're a wee bit better than I thought. Showoff." Julie receives a little more attention just now as the update is given on what the others are up to. "Oh, aye. Friday. An' it's good tae know they're doing well. It's been a long time since we did much o' anything, right?" Now she rests both hands on her belly, just studying it for a few long moments. Must be in contemplation over the pending birth.

"Together? Since before we moved out of New York." Julie agrees with Rahne. "It was... umm..." She closes her eyes, trying to remember. "Maybe when we were helping Rebecca? The mutant who could teleport? Or was it the thing with the demons..." She sighs and opens her eyes. "I've been doing this since I was eleven. Some of it, like, blurs."

Chenda just chuckles and leans back in her chair, sighing contentedly. "Not a polite question, I know, but how old are you now, Julie? It sounds like you've been in this business a long time."

"When ye've done so many things, it gets hard tae remember some o' it," Rahne admits, adjusting her position in the chair for better comfort. "These past few months, it's been hard knowing I canna just run off an' do th' things I'm so used tae."

"I'm seventeen now." Julie answers Richenda. "When I was eleven an alien space horse came to Earth and gave me and my siblings powers before he died. My sister was the youngest superhero on the planet for a while. Kicking butt at the age of five. She took down Kurse, once. That's an invulnerable guy who kicked Thor and Beta Ray Bill's butts."

"Sounds like it's been quite a ride from the beginning. Six years of superheroing!" Chenda says, impressed. That Julie and her sibs did this from such tender ages says volumes about her and them. "You've all been fighting the good fight longer than me, that's for sure. I spent my whole first year running for my life, and trying to figure out what happened to me."

Wolfsbane wonders to both of them, "Do ye ever think about what things might have been like if ye never had powers?" Her fingers remain splayed where they've. "I might still be in Scotland for all I know. An' it sounds like Katie an' Squirrel Girl should get together an' trade tactics," she finishes by suggesting to Julie.

Julie giggles at Rahne's joke. But then her face grows serious. "Sometimes. During the SRA thing, I was part of a support group. Teenage heroes trying to give up the life. But I realized I had my powers. I've saved the world. Multiple worlds. More than once. I have them for a reason." She opens her mouth to say more but then her phone belts out the theme to Lord of the Rings. "Whoops. Got to get that. Its my mom. I'll talk to you both later." She grabs the phone and hovers up out of her chair, then flies up through the window into her room.

"Not much," Chenda admits, as the question draws her into a dark place in her mind. "Sometimes I think everything would've been fine, but then I remember what was happening. Maybe some of the circus would've been okay, but nobody would've known who was making our people disappear and it would've kept happening 'til somebody did. Might not've been much of a circus left, then." A thoughtful pause. "But I guess there might've been one at all."

She lifts a hand to wave as Julie flits off with her phone, letting it drop dispiritedly to the chair arm once the rainbow trail has vanished. "Saved the world, and other worlds. Must be nice to be useful," she says sardonically. "I couldn't even save my family."

It's after Julie's gone that Rahne is left to listen to what Richenda says about the past, dragged up by the question. "Och, aye," she murmurs, frowning. "Some things, ye canna go back an' think about how it may have been different. I forget about tha' sometimes. I mean, I've wondered what it would be like if I didna get pregnant. I thought long an' hard about it many times, worrying over what I should do. I think ye can see where I ended up with tha'." She gives much thought to the next part. "I've wished a' times tae give back everything if only muh mum made it through muh birth, but everything tha' happened since then has made me who I am noo. It's th' same with ye an' I think ye've done fine."

Chenda blushes. "Sorry," she murmurs. "I think you can see why I don't think about it much. But it's a good point." She offers up a weak, tentative smile. "Thanks for snapping me out of that, Rahne."

She looks across the back yard to the carriage house. "Are you sure you're okay out there? It's pretty small for a family." Says the girl who grew up in an old Winnebago.

"I've learned a thing or two from talking tae th' students," Wolfsbane answers with another thin smile before glancing back at the carriage house. "It's large enough. Ye can see inside soon, maybe once I've had muh child.'ll just be th' two o' us." This does leave her to look saddened.

Seeing that look, Chenda leans over again, hugging Rahne sidelong. "Careful again," she teases. "But seriously, talk to me if you ever need a babysitter. Or just some company. I'll make time."

Wolfsbane briefly leans in the direction of it, though her movements are kept somewhat muted. "Oh, I'm sure there will be enough turns tae go around helping watch muh boy. I've na seen any scans..they're all blocked for some reason, but I just know he's a boy. Past tha' I couldna tell ye." Then she moves to her feet, indicating the carriage house again. "I'd best get back in there. I feel a nap coming on."

Chenda rises with Rahne. "At least you know to buy the blue diapers and not the pink ones," she encourages, walking with her and pausing to open and hold the door. "Sleep well, Rahne. We're only a buzz away if you need anything," she recalls, thinking of the house's intercom system.

Wolfsbane sniffs, amused. "Maybe later on, but for noo I think th' white ones will do well enough," she replies, a hand against the frame of the door before she passes inside. "Aye. I'll catch up with th' rest o' ye later."

Chenda stifles a smirk at the thought that it's more likely that all of them will catch up to Rahne first in her condition, leaving it unsaid. "Later indeed," she agrees, shutting the door behind the wolfwoman.

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