Movie Night

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Movie Night

Captain America, Scarlet Witch

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02/06/13 21:00

Avenger's Mansion

Steve and Wanda watching a movie and being cute. Not for diabetics!

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Steve is stretched out on the couch, an open bottle of water resting on the coffee table in front of him. On the TV plays the second act of "Mildred Pierce." Steve watches the movie passively, occasionally reaching forward for his water bottle for a sip.

Wanda walks into the den, ears perking up as she sees the movie, and more important to her, who's watching the movie. She creeps quietly in, and crouches down by the head of the couch, kissing Steve right on the top of the head as she whispers, "What /are/ you watching, love?" Apparently, she's never seen this before.

Steve grins and tilts his head upward to give her a reciprocal smooch on the cheek. "'Mildred Pierce,' it's this movie that came out about six months after the war. Based on an old noir novel about this woman who tried to raise her daughter as a single mom. Unfortunately, the daughter was a status, fame, and money-obsessed brat who considered her mother a commoner. So the mother marries this well-to-do playboy in order to cater to her daughter's preferred lifestyle... and the daughter ends up having an affair with her stepfather." He grins and shakes his head. "And people say my generation was blind to this kind of thing."

Wanda laughs, "Why Steve, you saucy soldier you... I had no idea." She grins impishly at Steve, tilting her head, "Care to make a bit of space for me there for the rest of the movie?"

Steve moves himself further toward the end of the couch. "Of course. I'll not spoil the ending then, since I read someplace it ended differently than the book did. Thought I'd spend at least a little time catching up on some of the cinematic classics I missed while I was in the ocean."

Wanda slips up next to Steve on the couch, "Well, good, because I've never seen it... strange, I've seen most of these movies, but not this one." She rests her head on his shoulder, curling up quite comfortably against Steve as she quiets to watch the film.

Steve nods, watching a scene between Joan Crawford and the actress playing the contemptuous daughter. "Neither have I... I guess they did a cable miniseries version of the book a couple of years ago that was closer to it. Used to be a Joan Crawford fan, she'd served in the American Women's Voluntary Services and all... then I wake up to find out that business about her adoptive children." He shakes his head.

Wanda nods, "Yes, you never really know about people in the spotlight. Everyone has those dark parts of themselves..." She then gives Steve a sly look, "Well, almost everyone." A rather sultry wink, then she goes back to her cuddling.

Steve grins and snuggles next to her. "You, my dear, may show me your dark side whenever you like." A few minutes of the film pass as Crawford's character is seen losing her chain of restaurants due to the greed of her daughter and husband.

Wanda grins slyly, "I think we've done that a few nights already." She wiggles her eyebrows at Steve, "You didn't seem to mind it at all then, this is true." Her lips curl a little wider, and then she murmurs, "Besides, you've met my father."

Steve chuckles. "That is very true. More than once, I might add. I still remember the slight tug on my shield every time I got near him." He looks over at her, the movie forgotten for a moment. "We'll find him, Wanda. I'm sure we will."

Wanda leans in and kisses Steve lightly on the lips, "I know we will." She snuggles back in, her hair trailing down against the soldier as she looks at Steve with a warm expression, "I know he's always respected you."

Steve nods. "I have to admit, despite our rather inflamed differences of opinion over the years, I do too." He smiles, "And besides, I'm looking at something I've got no shortage of thanks to him for."

Wanda laughs very softly, "Well... now I'm distracting you from the movie." She kisses Steve again, then slips down a bit, sliding down on the couch and resting her head in his lap, watching the television.

Steve settles back in to view the rest of the movie, which has reached its dramatic climax, that of the stepfather's refusal to marry the daughter, to which the daughter responds by producing a gun and shooting him.

Wanda blinks in surprise, murmuring, "Well, I definitely wasn't imagining /that/ as an ending." She turns her head, smiling up towards Steve, "Did you expect that... because I certainly wasn't!"

Steve shakes his head. "I guess that was the difference in the movie and the book. I guess the book basically ended with the two of them running off with one another and Mildred left heartbroken and penniless. Then again, I remember Hollywood censors in the '40s demanding that the evildoers in every movie had to receive some measure of comeuppance."

Wanda snickers, "As opposed to today, it seems. Though I do like the movies where justice is, in fact, served." She nestles against Steve, content to lay on the couch with her head in his lap, looking up at him, "You have no idea how gorgeous that makes you, do you?" Her lips quirk a bit, "Just that old-fashioned morality, it's so... devastating. In a good way."

Steve chuckles, his fingers stroking her auburn locks as the film's closing music plays. "I guess I never really gave it much thought, but it's kind of you to say so. Much as I have to say that slightly wicked playfulness of yours appeals to me as well." He takes up the remote off the couch's armrest and switches the power off both the TV and the DVD player. "Well, that's one movie down."

Wanda smiles, "Wicked playfulness hidden under a veneer of respectability? Though, with some of my previous costumes, I'm not sure if I'd go quite that far..." She looks up at Steve, "So, what now? Another movie, or something else?"

Steve chuckles. "That's true, but you made every one of them look good. Ummm, yeah, I suppose I could watch another movie. Though you seem so comfortable there, it almost makes me not want to disturb you in order to peruse the shelf for a new one."

Wanda hmphs a bit, "Need to talk to Tony about hooking up a DVR or something. Can't believe he didn't upgrade that yet." She grins at Steve, looking quite innocent, "Well, if we don't watch another movie, whatever /shall/ we do?"

Steve grins. "Well, I could spirit you away to a more private environment to explore the possibilities if that sounded at all a good idea."

Wanda smiles, "Oh my, I suppose I could be swept off my feet with that." She slides up to a sitting position, looking at Cap, "Which private environment were you thinking of?"

Steve smiles innocently. "Well, if I recall the mansion's layout, your room's not that far away..."

Wanda laughs softly, "Catch me if you can?" With that, she nimbly hops to her feet, scrambling as she knows Steve can catch her a bit /too/ easily if she doesn't get a head start now!

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