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Blindfold, Jean Grey, Seth

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07/10/12 19:30

Memorial Garden - Xavier Estate

Seth is commiting to his punishment, and Ruth approaches to offer help. Jean enters and offers a different kind of help.

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-----==[ Memorial Garden - Xavier Estate ]==----------------------------------

Dedicated to those who have fallen, the gardens bear markers and statues that represent mutants and non-mutants alike who worked dilligently towards the establishment of rights for all.


Blindfold comes in tapping her cane to find her way around and turns her head to Seth "Hello again, it's good to meet you. I had feeling you'd be here, but if you do not mind me asking, what are you up to?"

Punishment. Yes, Seth took it, part of his recent deeds at the Reyes Clinic in Mutant Town, and then the screw up with Vaughn. He's here with a rake and other gardening tools, cleaning up the Memorial Garden. And he's really been working at it, given how he's all dirtied up and sweaty; heck, you could mistake him for the caretaker. "Welp... Isn't it obvious? I'm cleaning up a mess by proxy, while I clean up my own."

Blindfold frowns "Can I help, please? After all you weren't the only one to make a mess, I should have stopped you from talking or done something, I'm sorry, my apolgies for that. I still need to speak with Scott. Would you please promise me though not to run any programs in the danger room, please?"

The interest to continue grading essays stops shortly after the conversation with her boyfriend. Still in comfortable garbs, Jean clings to her duties as Headmistress and makes her way around the mansion, finding her quarters before she rounds the various student hangouts. The grounds are next, and the distinctive noise of a rake mixing with the psychic touch of a mind presses the telepath further outside. "The only mess that was made has now been cleaned," Jean greets with an air of authority. "And it looks like Mr. Garland has done a fantastic job in cleaning it up." Her smile is ever-present and inviting.

Look at the air of happiness on that young man's face. "Thank you, Ms. Grey. I..." And the damn passing bird decides to 'throw a bomb' on one of the graves as if this was japanese bomber hitting the proverbial Arizona on the Pearl Harbor movie. *Plop!* He looks at the pidgeon crap, and at the bird that goes tweeting around as if mocking him. He closes his eyes, facepalms. And his hands start to glow. Of course, he was also made to clean the bird crap off the graves. "I. Will. Shoot. That! Damn!! PIDGEON!!" Nervous breakdown, an inch away.

Blindfold turns toward the female voice "I'm sorry, excuse me, but...Seth didn't do it on purpose and I'm afraid I should have stopped him, my apologies, yes, it wasn't his fault and we covered it up on the spot. If anyone is to blame for the exposure it is me I'm afraid, I'm sorry. What of Armand? He could certainly use friends and is in quite the pickle, I'm sorry, thank you" then turns her head toward Seth "Let me help, you seem you could use it please, thank you." and turns back to jean "I'm sorry, my apologies, Miss Grey? I don't think we've met, please, thank you"

The stir in emotions radiates for the elder telepath to see with her mind's eye, and the young male's words also indicate his frustrations as well. Her steps lightly begin again, and she finds herself between the gravestone and Seth, an assuring hand placing against his shoulder. "It's okay, Seth," Jean says, "Calm yourself. Don't allow your powers to take hold of your frustrations." She gives him a moment, and then turns to Ruth mere feet away. "Good evening, Miss Aldine. Don't worry yourself about those matters. We will ensure than everything is situated."

"Oh no, Ms. Grey. I'm not allowing my powers to take hold of my frustrations. I'm just gonna use them to vent my frustrations out. I got a flock of birds crapping the place up for the last hour, and right after I clean up. No way, I'm drawing the line." And, Seth's aiming. And the bird, who seems to be watching quietly, suddendly becomes agitated as Seth aims a finger at it, tracking its erratic movements. "You're no longer the word..."

But then, it dawns on him. "What... what the hell was I doing?" He lowers his hand, taking a deep breath.

Blindfold nods to Jean "Yes, thank you ma'am. It's just that Mike is validly worried about Armand and asked for help. Mike also expressed some things to me and when I met Armand he gave me his number... I would like to help if there is a way please, thank you?" moving over to the gravestone and puts her hand on it..but winds up putting her fingers in bird crap and wrinkles her nose "Uhmm...I think it can wait, thank you, I'm sorry" feeling quite awkward she backs up to turn to leave.

"Allowing your powers to take control of your frustrations," Jean answers with a smirk. Inside, she knows he will not fire, not because he can not, but because he has been through too much to ruin it all now. Jean senses this inner turmoil through him. Her hand becomes more comforting for her student, rubbing his shoulder quite motherly. "We will talk shortly, Miss Aldine," she responds behind her to Ruth, turning to ensure she is on her way before returning to Seth. "Tell you what. Let's put all of these gardening tools away--" Telekinesis grasps each of the tools and lifts them in the air behind them. "--and take a walk, shall we?"

Seth falls to his knees, looking at the floor. "I was about to shoot... I was about to shoot some... some stupid bird..." He shakes his head. "I-I'm sorry, Ms. Grey. I-I'm not fit for this. I'm not fit to be here. I'm damaged goods. I almost shot some stupid bird, cause my emotions were getting the better of me." But he does get up, slowly. And starts walking.

The dramatics are a bit of a surprise to Jean, but she knows she is getting through once he stands back up. The pace of the walk begins slowly, stepping through the gardens and passing various statues of individuals that were advocates for equal rights. "It's hard, I know. The temptation to do that to all my students sits on the edge," Jean says, continuing. "And then I come to the realization of why I am here. Why are you here, Seth?" She looks at his as he readies a response, the garden equipment still floating behind like armored ghosts.

Seth thinks for a moment. "Because I got no place to go. Because out there, in the world, I... my family... we have no future. Out there, we'll be caught up in mutant hatred, or by people from the russian mob who wants my family wiped out." He sobs. "But mainly, I'm here to learn control. Control over my abilities, over what I can do."

"Precisely." The tone of her voice is calm, soothing, and confident. In a small attempt to help her student, Jean sends a small wave of comfort in his direction, unnoticed and unseen. "You are here because you want to build your future, and controlling your powers - controlling your emotions - will allow you to do that." A gardener working in a patch of roses takes notice of the floating equipment and quickly disposes of them, allowing Jean to mentally breathe a bit easier now. "Professor Munroe is a keen example of controlling one's abilities. Very much like yourself, she was taught how to. But, more importantly, she learned how to willingly. Are you willing to learn and develop under our guidance?"

"I'm willing", Seth replies. "But how can I control my abilities, if I can't even hope to control myself? Look how easily I was about to blast that bird." Well, Seth is visibly tired, and his mental state doesn't help much.

She takes note of his willingness to learn, filing it into her mind to be mentioned later. "Rome wasn't built in a day," Jean answers, her smile directed at him as they round another statue. "As long as you willingly try, as you mentioned you would, then progress is bound to happen - and we'll help you along the way. Now, it's getting late and you've done an excellent job. If you go wash up now, you'll have a little free time left before study time begins."

Seth nods slowly, "And I'm not expected to suffer extra for what just happened back there?" He then requests, "If it's all the same to you, I think I'll take this period for some early sleep. I'm mentally worn out after this episode." Yes, and he's visibly crying. "And, there's one other thing... I thought that the change of scenery would make me feel a lot better that I could put the past behind it... But... But I think I was wrong." He takes a deep breath. "I think I need therapy."

Jean grins, shaking her head at Seth's inquiry. "Mister Summers did not assign you those duties to make you suffer. A punishment, or a consequence, is to help you learn. In your particular instance, we're very adamant about maintaining our home's secret - for your safety." Jean's expression turns serious at that mention, illustrating the importance of one's actions. But her soft fingers wiping the liquid from his face is an opposing indication. Jean was never good at being the bad cop. "If you need anything, let a member of the faculty know, and if you need me, I will always be here for you," she replies, tapping the temple of her head. "Now, scoot, before another bird feels the urge to give you a present."

Seth shrugs, "I meant suffer the consequences. But thank you, Ms. Grey, for taking the time to speak with this nutjob." He feels somewhat better now. And with that, he heads off inside, to the showers.

Jean smiles as he heads off, picking a rose from a nearby branch and smelling it deeply. She keeps it with her as she heads around the mansion to finish her duties.

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