Morning Rituals

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Skids and Mirage

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Pool - X-Mansion

Sally and Dani have an uneasy, but all ends well.

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==[ Pool Area - Xavier Estate ]==
This Olympic sized pool stretches north and south with the shallow end to the north. On the southern end there is a high and a low dive as well as a Jacuzzi tub adjacent to the poolside. Surrounding is a patio of flat pavers with many lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas and other affectations for pool side enjoyment.
From here one has a clear view of the pool area, the tennis/basketball courts and even the patio and mansion. All around the Xavier estate is laid out in north, east, and southerly directions. Most of which are dotted by various copse of trees, a dense forest and one can even catch a glimpse of the lake to the east between the trees.

It's early morning and the day promises to be a nice one. The sky is clear and the air already pleasantly warm. Currently all the students are in the mansion grumbling about classes, homework and training room sessions over thier breakfast, which leaves the pool area empty of distractions and splashing bodies to swim around. This gives Dani ample opprotunity to do her usual morning swim.

Ah, the times she rarely got. Grumbling about school. Ah, well. A pair of fleece shorts and an old X-Factor t-shirt worn, simple flip-flops. The blonde, sighing a little as she exits the mansion, cup of coffee in her hands, taking a small sip from the mug as she looks over the lone swimmier, recognizing her but not disturbing her. Some morning rituals are best left to not be disturbed.

Coming to one end of the olympic size pool, Dani flips under pushing off the wall with her feet and repeats the same a few more times before coming to a stop an the end and quickly pulling herself out to sit on the edge "Morning Sally." she greets as she notices her "Dining hall a crazy crush this morning?"

"Dani." she says in greeting, "Mmm, just the usual grousing of upcomming finals, and training sessions, and how all the teachers here are not fair." she says with a grin. The blonde, stepping over to the other woman, kneeling down, holding her hand out for the other woman, "Me, i'm just deciding where I'm going in the fall." she says softly, "Talked to Jean about it and she's happy for me, gonna do the normal thing, ya know?"

Taking the offered hand Dani gets to her feet "For college you mean?" she goes to grab her towel from where is hangs on the back of a deck chair "That's great! Have you at least decided whether you are going to stay in the northeast?" she wanders back over to Sally as she runs the towel over her head "Or have you decided to ditch the horrible winter weather and go someplace warmer to school?

"Mmmm, I am going to the midwest, away from the craziness. Like...nothing bad ever happens in Colorado, on the scale it does around here, or somewhere in that general area, just...away from everything, where someone's gotta know me and call me to get me, cause then i'll know it's important." she says while stepping back, sipping from her mug, "Not sure I can stick around here with everything that's gone on, especially after all that stuff with Stryfe, just wanna like...get away." She steps back though, "Waht about you? Sticking around here for time being?"

"Not since I left the state at least." Dani says with a wry chuckle. She is from there and plenty happened while she has there, and plenty seems to happen when she visits. But that's mostly just who she is. "That's understandable. I don't know if you heard but we got Rusty out. Unfortunatly he is the the powered wing of Rykers waiting his trial date, but he isn't under Stryfe's thumb anymore." a nod is given "For the foreseable future at least.

There's a flash in her face, and for a moment she looks ...pissed off, "He doesn't deserve to be there." is all she manages to say as she turns away from Dani, "We didn't deserve to be locked up, and even after all the good we did, and noone came for us." she says, "He above me deserves to be free, with me, /here/." she says a touch of ice to her tone back to the other woman.

She isn't surprised by the reaction and schools her sympathic look for one of basic understanding and agreement "I know Sally and I agree. We've hired the best attorneys money can buy, and as long as he stays put and doesn't put up a fuss they think the judge will let him off on probation or at most serve out his sentance here, with a GPS tether." she lets out a sigh running her fingers through damp hair, "That has a big mess. Had Stryfe not been blown into the far flung future with Cable, he would probably be home by now.

"Just don't, Dani, Anything short of the same freedom I have, is unacceptable. We were left alone when Freedom Force took us, we had chances to get free, but we stayed, because you all taught us to do the right thing, and then Stryfe showed up and we had no choice, and for that, he's in a jail he should have never been in, and i've used almost everthing I had to clear my name, so nothing short of freedom, is what's right." she says, a touch more passionately than she ever speaks about anything, "He's in a prison, for being a mutant, that's why he's there, because someone got hurt when his powers came too, because his buddies payed a girl to be there with him, and he got scared....because people hate us!"

Dani takes a step back at the vehemence of the woman. She wasn't there so she can't deny what happened "I can't begin to imagine what you went through and I don't know who the idiot was that decided to leave you two with Stryfe instead of going in a getting you out..." she pauses there realizing that going down that path won't help "I'm surprised you even came back considering the way you were betrayed." she doesn't comment on the rest, there really is no need.

She takes a slow breath, "It's...It's done with, really, it's over and done with." she says with a slightly defeated tone.

"If it wasn't so early and you weren't under age I would suggest going down to Harry's and knocking a few back." Dani might be a bit of a rule breaker and loose cannon herself, she isn't going to go to that extreme "But I think if I tried that one I would have a headache for a week from Jean yelling at me." she rubs a temple just thinking about it.

"Funny, Jean offered to take me there before I leave..." she says, taking a half-turn, looking back at Dani, "We should make it a girl's night, maybe get Illyana to join us too?"

Securing the towel around her waist, Dani grins at Sally "Well color me surprised. You can count me in on that one." she looks thoughtful for a moment, the mention of a girl's night reminding her "I'm planning a week long bachlorette party for Jean in July. Will you be back from your stodgy college life for a week long party in Madripoor?

"Maybe, I dunno Dani, but if I can, count me in." she says with a smile, "Fow now it's back to picking out just where I do want to go..." she says, "And.. you and Jean figure out when we're going to Harry's, i've got a good ID that'll work." she says with a small smile, before starting to head back into the mansion.

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