Morning Pranks

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Showstopper Thimble

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Showstopper's Room - Xaviers

Girls in the morning.

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A week has passed since the shopping expedition and almost one since Janie did confess being a bit fond of Richenda. With a slight knock to the door or Richenda's room, Janie tried to look for her - or more see her.

It's a moment before the door opens. Dark eyes peer a bit blearily out at Thimble, then Chenda pushes back her sleep-mussed hair and smiles. "Whoa... morning, Janie. You're up early!"

Janie seems not a bit asleep still. "Used to get up early." she mutters slightly, having been up since an hour or more already. "Thought you might be awake..." she adds then.

"Oh... I'm sorry, I forgot," Chenda replies, blushing. "I was just waking up when you knocked. I try and sleep late on Sunday, to make up for all the sleep I lose during the week." She steps back, drawing the door open welcomingly. "Want to come in?"

Janie nods after a little thought, stepping in fully clothed. She wouldn't mind if Richenda wore just pyjamas, as she had seen worse. "Why you lose Sleep?"

Chenda, as she shuts the door behind Janie, is revealed to be wearing sleepwear, all right: untied drawstring pants that are trying to come down worn with a cropped, longsleeved top, both in an oatmeal color. "Just... busy, mostly. Studying, Danger Room sessions, counseling, team stuff... it piles up. Sometimes I think it multiplies," she adds wryly.

Janie shakes the head slowly. "You need to need less sleep." she comments, looking around "your roomie is out again?" it's more a fact then a question. She barely sees her own roomie, even if they are on the same team.

"I wish I could. But that's like needing less food: If you try too hard, you'll suffer for it," Chenda replies, stepping closer to give Thimble a hug. "And yeah, Noriko's out. I'm sorry to say I'm getting used to it."

Janie is still not really used to hugs and sudden signs of affection, but she does not fight it, eventually putting her arms arohd Richenda slowly. And pulling her pants up manually. "need to look where those go."

Chenda, for all her faults, really does give good, warm hugs. Still, she blinks as Janie reaches down just in time to catch at her pajama pants, which were just beginning to slip off of her hips. She chuckles as the other girl draws them up over her black-and-white striped panties. "Leave it to you to know where my clothes are, Janie," she teases gently. "Thanks."

Janie looks a bit perplex on that "should put a rubber twist into them. no losing then." she contemplates as she holds them where they belong, not using power to tie them in the front.

"Well, that's supposed to be what the drawstrings for. But I guess it got pulled loose in the night. I'm not the quietest sleeper," Chenda replies ruefully. She looks down and giggles. "So, what now? I don't think you can hold those all day," she teases.

"You can tie them or get dressed." Janie remarks, having thought about the options. Sure, she could tie it close, but why? It's not necessary at this moment.

"Getting dressed requires clothes, which I can't get with you holding up my pants," Chenda points out. Which is not logic, really; it's just her teasing Janie. "And if I tie them, I have to stop hugging you, and I'm not sure I want to do that. You're a good hugmate."

"but getting dressed means getting undressed first to change." Janie remarks truthfully, pondering about that last thing "What makes me good?"

"You don't stiffen up anymore, and you don't struggle. I'm actually a little surprised you don't hug back," Chenda replies. "You don't seem cold, not with me."

Actually Janie has her hands around her, just holding up her pants. "Not really used to it." She remarks, her head more on hight with her hugging shoulder. Should she ever hug some tall girl or Jean, she would be halfway to have her face in their cleveage.

"We'll have to fix that. Sometimes I think there's a really sweet girl under that thick shell," Chenda observes. "I mean, how many other people would stand here holding up somebody else's pants?" The last is said teasingly, but not the first.

Janie ponders "quite some I guess. It's embarrassing after all," she remarks after some seconds. "And I doubt I am sweet."

"Well, only to the person with the pants," Chenda replies, stifling giggles. As if to test the idea, she reaches over and playfully tugs on Janie's pants, pulling them down if the other girl doesn't resist.

Tugging down a pair of jeans is not as easy as some sweatpants - especially if they are a bit more clinging then usual pants. Where is the point in manipulating fabric if not to fix up very old second hand stuff? Well, the downside is: her clothes most times have only little leeway to being moved if not opened properly. "Hey..." she says, letting lose Chenda's pants.

Chenda, being the prankster she is, knows well how to pants somebody. And in this case, it only takes a little time to get those jeans unfastened. Of course, her own pants end up around her ankles, but she'd figured it would happen.

Thimble snorts a bit on the try, but is not fast enough to stop it entirely, but can stop it halfway by turning her knees outside. And then pulling her jeans back up, making sure all is ok to the jeans. "that's mean," she comments.

"Sorry," Chenda murmurs. "I keep forgetting not everybody shares my sense of humor." She actually helps Janie pull the jeans back up, holding them so she can do up the fasteners. "And I should get dressed, since I have no pants, anyway..." With that, she waits until Janie's done with her jeans, then steps over to the closet to grab her clothes for the day.
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