Morning Of The Sentinels

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Richenda Gray, Nightcrawler, Blindfold, Cyclops, Havok, Leyu Yashida, Wolverine, and LOTS OF SENTINELS

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07/20/12 09:30

Front Grounds - Xavier Estate

Sentinels have the Xavier mansion for breakfast. Fortunately, they don't last long enough for dessert.

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-----==[ Front Grounds - Xavier Estate ]==------------------------------------

A sprawling green lawn, perfectly manicured, surrounds the front of the mansion. The driveway from the south <and the main gate> has wound itself through trees and many shades of greenery. It comes to rest in a small circle. In the midst of this circle is a simple, marble fountain. A set of wide steps leads up to the front of the structure. The mansion itself stands of deep red brick and stone, rising 30 or more feet with a shingled roof and mighty green ivy reaching up the walls and around the windows. Additionally, the mansion reaches many yards east and west with small footpaths going in both directions.

The first wave came without warning. Cloaked until the last moment, the Mansion's defenses didn't have time to react. Six Sentinels didn't so much fly down as plummet from the sky. Right onto the mansion. Thirty foot tall, robotic missiles that leveled the Mansion in a matter of seconds. The only upside there? The six Sentinel cum missiles were vaporized in the process.
The second wave attacked right after the first, decloaking as they stormed the ground from all sides. Ten more Sentinels that moved in concert, sweeping the path ahead of them with disintegration beams fired from their chests. The pitched battle between mutant killing robots and the school's defenses was fierce. In the end, the defenses are totaled but the Sentinels lost four of their number in the process. Six more remain, positioned evenly around the remains of the mansion.

OOC: The mansion is heavily reinforced and, much like an automobile, designed to crumple while creating safe zones (pockets where the wreckage crumbles around you but doesn't come slamming down on top of you). Therefore, some people will be trapped or unconscious (which explains why not every mutant in the mansion is coming out to fight), while others (you guys) should be able to free yourselves.

Havok blasts his way out of the basement level, a beam of plasma emerges and streaks through the air in an upward angle, and creating a crumbling hole in which to escape. He quickly climbs the rocky debris and will realize he needs to take cover. Concrete block!

This is really starting out to be a bad day. Chenda Gray had come outside and into the botanical garden, only to find one of her instructors in some distress. Seconds later, the garden was struck by debris, most of it the same color as the mansion she'd come out of moments before.

It doesn't take a tactical genius to realize that this is emphatically Not Good. And a quick look around showed that it was getting more so by the second. Huge Sentinels versus automated defenses, and the battle was going heavily in favor of the Sentinels from the get-go.

But at least it gave Chenda some crucial seconds. "Leyu-sama, we've got to go! They'll notice us any second, and this garden's gonna be a deathtrap!" Lots of foliage, lots of heat from weapons, and Leyu's fire-based powers would trap them in flaming debris quickly. "We've got to find some clear ground and help the others..." She trails off. At this point, she's fervently hoping somebody else survived.

Indeed quite able to free himself through teleportation during Sentinel-pulted-Sentinels and subsequent laser light show that tore up the mansion, Nightcrawler winds up on the Front Lawn as he escapes that current wreckage inside. Coming too on all fours, crouched in some of the shrubbery, he'll take a moment to assess the situation facing the Mansion - the six remainin Sentinels - as well as look for others emerging. As much as he would want to help survivors, his current best bet is to remain outside for the current threat to at least ensure there will be survivors to help trapped survivors. Planning to try to start handling one if necessary, he'll start moving towards the one closest the Memorial Garden.

Those tree stumps aren't going to clear themselves. At least such is what Logan thinks as he's made his way back from Builder's Depot in Salem Center. It was a decent day to start, a perfect day to get some work done. But then when he reached the gate to Xavier's compound he saw some of the hints of smoke climbing up from the wreckage, caught the scent of mayhem on the wind.

Ditching the truck at the wrought-iron gates, Logan reaches up, grasps the lip of the fence and then yanks himself up and over with a twist. He lands and immediately breaks into a hunched over run, moving quickly towards the scene of carnage yet trying to keep some measure of stealth to his movements. Speed is important right now over stealth, but not being seen by the giant robots is also a good thing.

Pulled out of her crying jag by the explosive arrival of the first wave, Leyu Yashida isn't waiting around to debate or discuss. She is upset. She is in tears. But none of that matters when lives are on the line. She's a doctor, and there are now potentially dozens in need of her aid. Leyu tucks a small piece of paper away and erupts in flame, leaping into the air to streak ahead of the student who should be headed /anywhere/ but those additional sentinels. Of course, she has never faced sentinels before. She has no idea what she's getting into. To her, they're just big anime robots in need of a lesson in humility. So here it comes: a wave of super-heated solar plasma. Apparently she too has come to Kurt's conclusion: first, deal with the threat, /then/ save the victims.

Six Sentinels. Their heads turn while their bodies do not move. Scanning the grounds. Searching for prey.

Sentinel One's gaze locks on Havok as he crouches down behind masonry. "Primary target located. Subject: Ms. Marvel. Primary strategy: Physical force." Anime style, the Sentinel's fist launches lick a rocket powered battering ram, ready to crush Alex AND the concrete block he's hiding behind.

Sentinel Two locks onto Chenda as she runs from the garden. "Primary target located. Subject: Energizer. Primary strategy: Girliness." A Sentinel lifts its arm and a rainbow spray (ROYGBIV) streams towards Richenda's position. It would be pretty, if the spray weren't made of seven different types of acid.

Sentinel Three locates Nightcrawler, crouched and waiting. "Primary target located. Subject: Spider-Man. Primary strategy: Spider-Man is a menace." Much like Two did for Richenda, Three lifts its arm and from its fingers spray out a liquid. This time, a rather nasty and teflon coating.

Sentinel Four's head spins completely around, facing away from the mansion. It seems stealth is no match for mutant scanning technology. "Priary target located. Subject: Captain America. Primary strategy: Commie stomp." Four pivots around and runs towards Logan, attempting to stomp him flat to the ground.

Sentinel Five notices the plasma coated Leyu flying toward it. "Primary target located. Subject: Human Torch. Primar..." The words are cut off as the plasma washes over the Sentinel's head. Parts of the head do melt, molten plastics, ceramics, and liquid crystals oozing down half the giant robot's face. That doesn't stop it from releasing a spray of liquid nitrogen in Sunpyre's direction.

Sentinel Six does not attack any specific Xer. Instead, it sweeps its head back and forth across the wreckage, searching for survivors.

Wearing his super suit, Havok finds himself behind a large chunk of concrete. He knows not to use the communicator but realizes that others may not be so aware. He takes the chance and announces over the com: "DO NOT USE RADIOS, THEY TRIANGULATE YOUR SIGNAL. ABOVE ALL, TAKE THE SENTINELS DOWN!" and then goes radio silent, cutting off the device as he runs to take cover behind another area of concrete debris... He wasn't even aware of the missiles, but he's all defensive at this point so he's only caught in the shockwave, kicked forward, rolls and hides.

With a short and low /SNIKT!/ Logan's claws slice forward from between his knuckles. He doesn't break stride as he moves, he's darting up alongside of the road when he hears that dull droning mechanical voice. He's fought Sentinels before, too many of them, and when he hears that voice his features tense into a severe grimace.

For an instant he's out on that driveway as the giant robot barrels at him. He snaps his arms open wide as if getting ready to catch whatever the Sentinel throws his way. It keeps coming... and coming. Then he tries to time it just so, almost like a matador as the giant robot's foot comes down towards him. He leaps forward, adamantium blades flashing as he roars and tries to take a chunk out of what would be the Sentinel's achilles, trying to strike out as he passes and seeking to avoid the crunch of that heavy foot.

Good thing for him, although he's red, blue and black clad, Nightcrawler is not Spider-man. Better still, he doesn't have to swing from wall to wall to do his thing, he just goes. So with a Bamf, he makes the attempt to escape the incoming liquid teflon coating spray meant to slow down or capture Spider-Man. Assuming he makes it without much, or none at all, of the stuff on him, he's going for his best tactic against the behomoth robot, teleport to the thing and attempt to dismantle it piecemeal. While the head has been a good target, its also the most dangerous lately after Nimrod disrupted his teleportations. Perhaps similer to Logan, he's gone for the legs, attempting to remove a thigh, he latches on and tries to teleport the leg to the lake.

The student doesn't have much choice. Even if she'd rather not be fighting Sentinels, GirlySentinel doesn't share her reservations. On top of that, there aren't a lot of people out here to fight these things!

Seeing those big glassy peepers turning on her and that arm coming up, Chenda takes a few running steps and dives to one side and forward to get away from that arc of pretty destruction. At the same time, she shoves the panicky, peaceful little coward she usually is back into a corner of her mind, to stay there until her friends and loved ones are no longer in danger. Power-seeds burst into life in her hands, swollen with potential and ready for maximum burst and flash. "Strategy: GIRLINESS?!! I'll show you how a girl fights, you overgrown windup toy!" she shouts, hurling a bright yellow concussion blast at each foot!

The Sentinel is quick for its massive size, but that's not saying much. Sunpyre twists and rockets as far out of the way of the oncoming liquid nitrogen attack as she can, though it'll still sweep over her legs. That puts her fire out from her calves on down, but Leyu pushes with the fire from her hands, redirects herself, and then falls - straight down - right at the now-exposed neck of the sentinel. "Human Torch? Fine. FLAME ON!" she shouts as she falls, a ball of searing solar plasma, right down into the guts of the sentinel, starting at that exposed neck and on down the inside. It'll have to shoot through itself to get her now.

Sentinel One's fist lays there in the wreckage of the mansion, having destroyed more of Xavier's dream and put a dent in the protection metal layer between what used to be the ground floor and the lower levels. One's robotic voice intones. "Primary target located. Subject: Primary strategy: Darkforce limpets. A tube slides out from One's mouth and there's a THUMP THUMP THUMP sound. Three basketball sized, black balls fire down toward Alex. If they make contact, they will stick and grow around him, trying to engulf him in a cocoon of black blobbiness that cuts off his sunlight.

Sentinel Two's feet are no dented, as Chenda's blasts shove nice craters into the metal. . "Primary target located. Subject: Meltdown. Primary strategy: Ignore." Two turns and heads for the mansion. "Continue destruction."

Sentinel Three finds itself missing about one half of its left leg, as Nightcrawler teleports it into the lake. The Sentinel stumbles and falls to its knees. "Primary target located. Subject: Magik. Primary strategy: Dimensional disruption." From the Sentinel's chest fires a beam of energy that blankets the entire area. The dimensional fabric of the area is vibrated... and those who are attuned to other dimensions find themselves torn at as their molecules try to flee to that other dimension.

Sentinel Four stumbles forward as well. As Logan's adamantium claws rip pieces of its armor away, it catches itself and then turns around. "Primary target located. Subject: Sabretooth. Primary strategy: Fire." The Sentinel pours out napalm. From the chest, from its fingers, from its eyes and mouth. The flaming jelly blankets the area in front of the gate, seeking ot hit Wolverine in an area attack.

Sentinel Five, meanwhile, finds itself infiltrated as pieces inside of it melt away thanks to that plasma sheath. "Primary... t-t-t-t-t-target locat-located. Sub-subject: S-sus-sunfire. P-pr-primary strategy: Electocusion. The Sentinel's entire body becomes charged with electricity, inside and out. Leyu suddenly finds herself inside a generator.

Glancing around, Havok realizes that there are combatants already on the field. He notes Kurt bamfing around, the growl of Logan, and the plasma of Sunpyre. He's hearing the words of the Sentinels, but has really no idea how to parse it other than something is off (or there are others here that he cannot see).

In reflection, he's glad Dani isn't here, she'd be pissed about having to fight robots again and he wonders where the rest of the X-Men are; Colossus is probably holding up the super structure preventing it from crushing kids, and others may be trapped elsewhere.

After his moment of metaposing, Havok decides what he needs to do, command;

Havok steps from behind his shelter and while moving toward another 'safe' location he yells, "DOUBLE TEAM THEM, GO FOR CENTER MASS - THEIR BRAINS ARE IN THE CHEST!"

He's running, trying to be a moving target and avoid being struck. Using all of his movement to clear some space and avoid dangers and attacks. No time for him to attack (still defensive).

As for Logan, he skids to a halt after that pass beyond the Sentinel's leg. He spins, rounding on the giant Robot just in time for it to explode into a wash of flame, waves of it causing the air to ripple as it splashes around him. One foot planted, instead of pressing the attack he turns and _dives_. Tucking into a roll he manages to put a tree in between him and the Sentinel, but not before his right side is splashed with the clinging flames. Another roar rings out as the terrain starts to go up around him as well. There's a silvered slash as adamantium claws slice once, twice... three times through the trunk of that tree and sends it falling towards the giant robot. Not likely to damage it, it might at least foul some of its sensors and give him a momentary distraction as he darts to close again.

It's ignoring her... a sigh of relief doesn't escape Chenda, though. She's well aware that there are people trapped in the wreckage of the once-stately house, and it's heading right for it! The gypsy girl can hear Havok's words, but with Leyu in the middle of one of them, she can't communicate with her. Still, maybe somebody else is in earshot. "SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! ONE'S GOING FOR THE HOUSE!"

And she acts, summoning her power seeds for another double shot. She'd aimed too high earlier; now she goes for the dirty tricks instead. As GirlySentinel The Would-Be Homewrecker starts to take a step, she hurls one seed at the ground its foot is about land on, blasting it away and trying to cause a stumble. The second seed is hurled at its back to try and topple the thing short of the house!

On his way back from the lake, Nightcrawler falls under the blanket of dimensional disruption. While his molecules pull towards the other dimension, he has the distinct disadvantage of not being able to stay in that dimension either. This leads to a slight alteration of how he moves now, being he starts to bamf as if at random and while he has targets in mind, he doesn't go near as far as he wants. Thus, that movement is more like a stutter of purple smoke as the elf moves forward, trying to return to the action. Catching the shout, he calls out between dimensional shifts around the lawns, "Havok .." *bamf* "Hit the" *bamf* "one I" *bamf* "Dropped" Hopefully there could be a clear shot at the chest as its struggling on knees and missing one leg. He tries to make his way to Sentinel Two as Chenda points it out, same tactic, to take a part of its leg, but he's hesitant to get to close least he bamf inside of it or part of the mansion.

Deep inside Sentinel Four, Leyu Yashida - otherwise known as Sunpyre - lives up to her name. Even as the robotic behemoth tries to shock her, Sunpyre reaches deep down inside herself, doing her best to ignore the ache and pain and spasms from the electricity getting through her plasma sheat, and unleashes her solar plasma in a devastating burst, melting away everything she can reach, generators, robot brains and all.

Sentinel One steps forward, its foot coming down and crushing what's left of the mansion's fridge. "Primary target located. Subject: Havok. Primary strategy: Darkforce limpets. Again, more of the black balls are spit from the Sentinel's mouth. A dozen this time, all seeking to splatter onto Havok, grow, and rob him of vital sunlight.

Sentinel Two steps forward, straight into the crater Chenda just made. The motion sends it off balance and her second attack succeeds. It falls, hard, slamming into the ground. Already, though, it is getting up. "Primary target located. Subject: Unknown. Primary strategy: Destroy." Two turns its head towards Richenda and unleashes eyebeams of kinetic force. Enough to turn a steel wall to rubble. Even as the eye beam blasts out, however, Nightcrawler forces the Sentinel's left leg to teleport partly into the Sentinel's right leg, turning them both into a crumpled mess.

Sentinal Three knee walks, turning until it can face Kurt. Tracking his short teleportation hops across the field. "Primary target located. Subject: Nightcrawler. Primary strategy: Increase dimensional disruption." The Sentinel redirects power into the dimensional disruption wave. It continues to radiate across the mansion grounds, blanketing the area with more and more dimension ripping power.

Sentinel Five explodes. There's no other word for it. Sunpyre goes nova in its chest. Luckily for everyone, the Sentinel's chasse contains most of the blast as it falls apart. Pieces of Sentinel splattering everywhere, some of the wreckage literally burning.

Don't forget there are six Sentinels. And Sentinel Six? Its digging into the mansion's guts like an ant-eater searching for termites to eat.

Having cleared the black bouncing basketballs of doom, Havok hears the request from Nightcrawler. Coming to a stop against a chunk of concrete (partial cover), Havok focuses on the indicated target and with both raised hands, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM he blasts toward the chest of the dimensionally disrupting danger, known as Sentinel #3.

The down side - he's stopped and the darkforce droplets of disaster will come into contact with him after he releases the blast. Hopefully the rest of the X-Men will show up and save the day.

Sentinel Four finds itself with a faceful of tree. Not enough to do any real damage but enough to cause it to stop spraying forth flaming napalm death. It grabs the tree and throws it, sending the trunk crashing into the outer wall and destroying a section of it. "Primary target located. Subject: Wolverine. Primary strategy: Calculating."

It's perhaps just enough of a distraction that it allows him that split second to close upon the half-hobbled robot. Logan, still partially aflame, leaps forwards even as the Sentinel hurls the tree aside. It's just enough of an opening for him to leap at its side, seeking to stab his claws into the armored carapace of the machine and then slash through in the shape of a giant X upon the mutant hunter's torso, looking to end it with him hanging by claws inside the machine as he tries to slash at its juicy innards with one arm.

As the sentinel containing Sunpyre finally explodes outwards, raining melting parts, the mutant doctor falls, still flaming, out with all the ruined bits. She takes flight again, heading for the sentinel now trying to dig down into the underground structures of the school, after the survivors there - please, let there be survivors! She heads for the back of its neck and launches herself down into that joint, melting her way through the supposed weak point of its armor and trying to get down deep inside again. No one is close enough to hear her fervent prayers. They're in Japanese, anyway.

"Aw, did 'ums faw down?" Chenda taunts in the wake of her successful attack. "Booyah!" And they say she's not good enough to be an X-Man!

Actually, they might have a point. She's standing still, and that makes her a target. And GirlySentinel isn't down for the three-count. More like one and a half! Fortunately for her, she didn't take her eyes off of it. Equally fortunately, these things tell you what they're going to do! "Oh, stupid girl," Chenda whimpers, diving for the ground as those eyes light up...

And pass overhead harmlessly. Nightcrawler's timing couldn't have been more perfect. Chenda looks up, scrambling to her feet already. "Kurt! You are /awesome/!" she gushes gratefully, and dashes for the Sentinel, hurling another pair of full-power seeds at its chest while it's teetering on its ruined legs. If it's on the ground again, it'll be a lot less dangerous to them.

"Can't ..." begins Kurt, but doesn't quite finish it, now that the dimensional disrupter is ripping at him from here and pulling to the as of yet unknown dimension he teleports through, his eyes are starting to roll in his head. More purple smoke, less visibility on the elf in question. Hopefully Alex hits the mark and he lands back on good old Earth (616). As for know, the pull towards the other dimension is two great to fight and still as he can't go there, he's caught in a loop that sends him into blackened unconsciousness, only the purple smoke and his 'see through' body remain, near to where he was when he conjoined the legs of Sentinel Two.

Sentinel One's limpets attach to Havok and begin surrounding him. They'll impede movement and block him from absorbing more power. "Analysis: Succesful attack. Conclusion: Follow-up attack." The Sentinel's runs forward and brings both fists down in an attempt to turn the limpet covered Havok into limpet covered mushy Havok guts.

Sentinel Two can no longer move, its legs literally fused together thanks to Kurt's teleporting. Still, it continues to attack. It rolls over and sits up and tendrils escape from the palms of both hands, seeking out Richenda. Trying to grab her by both wrists and ankles and then tear her apart completely.

Sentinel Three takes a shot to the chest. Full on, plasma power causes it to stagger backwards. Cracks appear in the strangely Iron Manish chest window and the dimensional disruption wave ends. "Analysis: Disruption disrupted. Conclusion: Exterminate." A strange, black light beam lashes out from the Sentinel's eyes, seeking to liquify Kurt's insides.

Sentinel Four, meanwhile, has some very nice slash marks across its chest and a Logan hanging on, digging into its innards like a rabid... well... wolverine. "Analysis: Alert. Alert. Alert!" The Sentinel tries to smash Logan, bringing both fists down at him with full force.

Sentinel Six staggers forward as it is slammed into by Sunpyre. This time, however, without preexisting damage, the armor is enough to resist the plasma sheath. She doesn't burrow inside. Instead, the Sentinel turns. "Target acquired: Sunpyre." From all ten fingers spray liquid nitrogen, filling the area. Trying to extinguish Sunpyre's flame.

With the burns upon his body still healing and the entire right side of his head clear of hair and still smouldering, Logan doesn't lose aim. He's focused, entirely intent on killing this thing, destroying it, ruining it. The berserker starts to rear its ugly head as he growls, slashing away, metal screeching and circuits popping.

He snaps his head to the side as the creature draws back its great fists, and then when it tries to crush him with its giant limbs he flips _up_ to land on the Sentinel's shoulder, blades flashing at the side of its neck as he roars angrily in defiance.

In a last ditch effort when the dimensional disruption is dropped and the death ray is fired at the elf, Alex FOOOOM's at his friend, not full blast, but to try and move the unconscious teleporter out of the path of the death ray. Knowing how much damage the other can normally withstand, hopefully, he takes the calculated gamble and fires at Kurt's leg to send the elf sprawling, "Benedict Wagner, need an assist!" Sprawling on his back, hopefully the death ray from Sentinel Three misses, though some of his suit smoldering as regular smoke rises off his leg now where the suit burns away thanks to Havok's plasma, he gets a bead on the goo covered Alex and, summoning his endurance, he does a double bamf to get his friend out of line of the charging Sentinel One.

Having been awake the entire night from Blindfold's premonition of impending doom with hints of sentinels. Scott Summers, ever vigilant and prepared leader and co-headmaster, makes preparations. The lower levels of the underground portion of the mansion are filled with students and X-Men attending to some injured and making preparations for more.

Coordinating the logistics for the survival of the group, Cyclops opts to finally make his presence known. Grateful to X-Factor and those who are standing against the Sentinels and have made an already impressive attack and defense. Having arrived from the rather lengthy tunnel used by the Blackbird and hoping for surprise, the elder Summers brother marks his explosive entrance with a full optic blast aimed primarily at Sentinel One as Kurt attempts to teleport Alex away. "Stay away from my brother and get the fuck out of my house!" Very upset and very un-Cyclops like, the man is mad as evidenced by the blasts and comments.

It's down again! And... it's attacking again! "What is this thing, a giant Swiss Army Knife?" Chenda exclaims as the metal spaghetti shoots out in her direction, aiming high and low. She jumps and somersaults, barely escaping the lower tentacle... but the upper one whips back and wraps around her wrists as she lands, jerking her to the ground! "OW!"

The bruised waif winces and tries to twist her hands enough to grab that tentacle around her wrists. It's strong... but with a touch, she can disintegrate a section and sever it!

Presented with a sentinel that is apparently immune to her solar plasma, Sunpyre has little warning and no hope at all of avoiding as she splats herself against the armored collar, and is then doused with jets of liquid nitrogen from every direction, dousing her flames and cutting off the oxygen required for the plasma to continue burning. Quite chilled and frankly bruised, the Japanese heroine should be indulging in fury at /once again/ being mis-identified - for pity's sake, she's even a public heroine here in the States! - but she's lucky to still be conscious, and won't be for long with no air to breathe.

Sentinel One's fist comes down. Thanks to Kurt, however, there's nothing in its path. Instead, more of the mansion is smashed to ruins. Sentinel One turns, seeking a target. That's when Scott's optic blasts catch it full in the side. The Sentinel staggers but then turns full attention on the leader of the X-Men. "Primary target acquired. Identified: Cyclops. Strategy: Darkforce limpets." Much like it did with Havok, the Sentinel sends out black balls. Half a dozen that try to cling to Cyclops and expand in order to block off his access to the sun.

It is true. Richenda begins disintegrated the incredibly dense material of Sentinel Two's tentacles. However, is it fast enough? Because the tendrils are electrified as the Sentinel attempts to taser Richenda into unconsciousness.

Sentinel Three, like Two, cannot walk because of the missing part of its leg. It stays stationary and tries for a different target. Lasers lash out. Kurt and Havok are only back in this dimension for a second before a laser beam seeks to burn through their bodies and end their lives.

Sentinel Four slams its own fists into its chest. Already damaged heavily by Wolverine, the Sentinel manages to break the casing on its computer system. It falls to the ground, spasming and non-functional.

Sentinel Six watches as Sunpyre falls. Almost casually, it lifts one foot and begins to bring it down upon her chilled form, seeking to destroy her for good.

As the great machine topples over, Logan rides its shoulder down and leaps off at the last moment. There's no look back for now, it's too damaged to continue and there are other more important targets. He breaks into a run up the driveway, rushing along quickly as he moves towards where the others face the remaining robots. He doesn't move as quick as the giant mutant hunter, however, so it'll take him a bit to get there.

With Kurt having successfully gotten Alex out of the way of Sentinel One, Scott grimaces. Again, clearly angered by the attack on his home, his students, his friends, and his family, Cyclops mentally strategizes who is where and doing what, the spheres of darkforce fly at him. His visor opens wide in a long beam. Instead of blasts, he attempts to long continual stream and attempting a fencing move, but using his beam instead of a sword, he attempts to parry the limpets flying at him and turning his head attempts to ward them off and hope to strike any sentinels that may be in his line of sight as he swings his head about.

Given no choice but to teleport again, Kurt pushes himself through the dizzying purple smoke in another bamf. Perhaps the last one he'll muster today given the ripping from earlier, still as he moves he turns himself to try and protect Alex instinctively. His destination is to drop off Alex with his brother. Reuniting the brothers, he explaims, haggardly, "Cross the streams or something, Gozer is winning this round." In this teleport though, he'll only try to pull Alex along to free him from the limpet's he acquired from Sentinel One. That said, he'll start a crouched run on all fours towards Sentinel Six that is preparing to stomp on Leyu. Grabbing whatever he can from the grounds, he'll throw it at the Sentinel. His intention to distract the Sentinel from outright crushing Leyu but also, he tries to get to Leyu as quickly as he can for a diving tackle to get her out of the way of the foot, unless she get's herself free somehow.

"Dude," says Alex to his brother, "Try to blast its brain, like, the one that is damaged," a suggestion to aim, if Scott get's the chance, at the cracked Sentinel Three - the more down the less to deal with maybe, but hopefully if he (Scott) keeps the area goo free, he can focus more on FOOOOM'ing Sentinel Three.

It's working... it's working! Just another second... one second too many. "AAAAUNGH!" Chenda screams as the hateful machine continues its doggedly persistent attempts to being her down, gritting her teeth against the pain. She forces her mind to stick to the job, disintegrating the charged tentacle bit by bit...

And so suddenly it's a surprise even to her, the shocking stops! The exhausted, bruised, and now burned gypsy girl collapses to the ground, faint tendrils of smoke rising from her spot-singed clothing. She's barely aware of Leyu falling not too far away, spotted liberally with white gunk, and Cyclops coming to the rescue just a little farther away, but her vision is blurring even as she rolls over, pulling the now-inert tentacle segment away from her body. That was close.

And it's going to be even closer for Sunpyre if somebody doesn't help! Chenda tries, power seeds flickering and sparking as she summons them. "NO!!!" she screams hoarsely, hurling them at the ground under the leg the murderous machine is standing on. Between Kurt's dive and her blast, at least /one/ of them ought to stop Leyu from becoming a little greasy spot.

With oxygen restored - apparently these sentinels do not use nitrogen foam, but no one here is going to advise their designers of that tactical error - the downed form of Sunpyre coughs and chokes, spasming on the ground as her body struggles to recover. Then the ground explodes, and something hurtles into her half-blinded form, sending her tumbling away she knows not where. "Ow." is about the most useful comment forthcoming, as she tries to shake some sense back into her scrambled brain.

Due to being disoriented, still, from the limpets, Havok's blast missed Sentinel Three.

Sentinel One's limpits are incinerated by Scott's optic blast. One of the advantages of having perfect geometrical understanding of the area. The edge of the blast also catches Sentinel One as well, putting cracks in the chasis. Sentinel One begins running forward, towards Scott and Alex. Trying to remove the advantage of distance from the twin brothers and make the fight a physical one.

Sentinel Two loses Chendra. It retracts the remains of its tentdrils and reaches out, seeking to grab and squeeze. It can no longer walk but still has a better reach than any basketball player ever.

Sentinel Three misses Kurt, barely. Just like Alex, disoriented from the limpets, misses the Sentinel. Barely. Its laser slices into the ground. It once more scans, seeking a target. Finding Nightcrawler to be in a completely different place, the Sentinel's chest plate glows and a sonic blast screams through the air, seeking not to destroy but to disorient and make it impossible for Kurt to perform his amazing acrobatics.

Sentinel Six does not stomp Leyu flat. Why? Well, for one thing, Kurt pushed her out of the way. For another? It is distracted by how the ground under one foot suddenly vanished into a crater. As it falls, the Sentinel kicks in its boot jets and rushes forward, sliding straight across the ground at high speed. Right toward Richenda.

As Sentinel Six fires its jets it might not notice the approach of the Wolverine rushing up the driveway. He picks up some speed, moving in leaps and bounds, closing the distance faster than a normal human being. Just as it's roaring across the ground he makes one final jump, snarling as he leaps forwards claws first and tries to stab into the robot's side, looking to slash viciously and claw his way upwards, trying to climb the monster as if it were some great ladder that just needs rungs carved into its metallic hide.

"Enough!" Cyclops growls in anger and frustration. His parry worked and now for the follow-up, "Alex, get ready to power up." Scott scans the area, with two of the sentinels are stationary. Cyclops thinks back to the Professor's lesson on spatial geometry and his time as a teen in pool halls. "Let's hope this works." Mentally saying a prayer, Cyclops once again opens fire attempting to calibrate the blast to be powerful enough to blast Sentinel One and hopefully knock it into one or both of the stationery ones.

Leyu is safe... Chenda, on the other hand, might be the least safe person here at the moment. She's climbing wearily to her feet when she sees the Sentinel she just tripped doing a creditable impression of the Wabash Cannonball, straight at her! She stumbles back out of the path of the thing, barely, falling to the ground as her exhausted legs give out.

And, unfortunately, she's far from out of danger. While she was distracted by Casey Jones's spiritual descendant, the one she's been fighting for quite some time now decided that the direct approach was best. Chenda yelps as she feels that gargantuan hand close around her and begin to squeeze. Her agonized scream echoes back from everywhere. She can't last long like this!

Shaking her head, consciousness clearing, if sluggishly, Leyu glances at the pained blue-furred form over her and smiles, for a moment touching Kurt's cheek. There's something there, unspoken, in her expression. Then? "Run." She doesn't yell. There's no whipcrack of command in her voice. It's just a soft-voiced suggestion to a friend who risked his very life to save hers. A friend who has proven himself just as much of a hero as she has always known him to be, despite the doubts of others.

In the next moment, Sunpyre, bruised and battered, reaches down inside herself and erupts in solar plasma, launching from the ground as she fires a wake of plasma at the elbow of the Sentinel trying to grab Richenda, pouring it on.

"Finally," mumble Kurt, in his exhasting state, as he tumbles with Leyu, "I got that hug." As he's standing up to give her room, however, he's hit with a sonic blast and his hands go to his ears. Trying to fight through the pain, he shakes his head and starts to stumble towards Chenda now. He has a choice, the groper or the rocket sled. With his remaining strength, he'll have to be more dramatic. Choosing between the two, he chooses groper and aims a teleport for the forearm. Even as dry heaves start to wrack his stomach, he'll hold on long enough so Chenda isn't completely crushed, but hopefully rocket sled Snetinel can slam into his friend, then he'll teleport out. Either way, after this he's keeled over and heaving onto the ground, open target and, if targeted, in need of saving.

Blindfold crawls out from the rubble in her uniformbut her blindfold lost in the debri, oddly though not her cane "Mmf! Richenda? Is everyone uninjured so far?" the present was a tricky fickle thing

The Brothers Summer unleash their fury upon Sentinel One. Against one of them, the Sentinel's charge would not be stopped. Against both, unleashing all their power? It slows down. Then staggers, fighting the concusive force of the twin blasts. Pieces of it flake off as it takes another step. Then another and then... it is flung backwards! Sentinel One goes flying and slams hard into Sentinel Three. The collision is hard enough to crack them both open. They twitch on the ground, attempting to get up. Clawing at each other like a drowning man might at his rescuer. Sentinels One and Three go down hard as they destroy each other.

Richenda vanishes from Sentinel Two's hand, teleported away by the increasingly sick to his tummy Nightcrawler. It stares for a moment, as if confused about its hand being empty. Then the heat is poured on. The Sentinel's elbow joint cracks open. It turns, flailing a hand out, trying to slap Leyu down.

Sentinel Six begins spinning, digging a huge trench in the ground and exposing plumbing. Water sprays into the air, along with raw sewage. Apparently, Logan hit the robot's guidance system because instead of cannonballing into Richenda or Sentinel Two, it goes careening off into the forest, digging that trench the whole way and knocking down about three dozen trees.

Sunpyre launches herself upwards, higher and higher, twisting away from the sweeping blow of that mighty sentinel fist. She cannot be sure why it is that this sentinel is so much more resistant to her fire, but she has little choice. It must be stopped, before more die. She inverts, diving towards it, launching wave after wave of superheated solar plasma down at the sentinel to precede her. She is proving at the least to be unrelenting.

With both claws dug deep into the side of the Sentinel, Logan rides the robot like some cowboy on a bucking bronco. It skids across the lawn into that forest, tree limbs and leaves slapping his burnt features as he grits his teeth and endures. It's only when the thing comes to a stop that he draws back a claw and starts hacking at it again, trying to make the thing non-functional as quickly and brutally as possible.

Somewhere near the Summer's Brothers, Nightcrawler comes out with Richenda and is bent over, his stomach seeming to spasm of its own accord, pushed beyond his own limits, there is nothing he can do now but try to not loose everything. In this condition, he can't even come up with witty banter, he can only shake his head, as if to signify to the others he's out of tricks in his bag. More likely, his bag is just out all together, bending over to put his forehead to the ground, he simply convulses as a hand grabs a fistfull of green lawn as he tries to fight the battle raging in his stomach muscles.

As Sunpyre continues her attack, Cyclops quickly checks on his fellow mutants. "Where is Wolverine? Havok, Nightcrawler, Showstopper, get underground. . .now!" The order is shouted and in a tone that should be respected. As he is a distance away as Leyu attempts her attack, his visor flickers and flashes a moment ready to release a blast into the Sentinel Two should she not prove successful.

Chenda does indeed arrive with poor Kurt, and that's where she stops, falling to the ground as Kurt collapses, trembling with exhaustion and pain. All in all, she's about as likely to move again as her valiant rescuer. "Ow..." One hand moves weakly to clasp Kurt's in gratitude, before she sighs wearily and goes limp, spent. But her hand is still there in Kurt's.

Blindfold turns her head side to side before running forward stumbling over things toward a sentinel fist dislocated from the body. Taking a nearby rock she starts chipping away and breaks off a piece. "Kisha..Kisha..." seeing where Kisha will be she runs stumbling and tripping in that direction and hands the other female the piece of the sentinel "Please, I'm sorry, you MUST take this, it's very important!"

The sound of primal fury in the forest signals the end of Sentinel Six's existence. Logan's claws dig down to the core and then rip it apart. The Sentinel will hunt mutants no more.

Sentinel Two is assaulted from three sides. Ruby energy. Cosmically powered plasma. Solar plasma. the fury of three X people ends the battle. Like the Wicked Witch, the Sentinel melts down until nothing but feet and slag remains.

The Sentinels are destroyed. Six of them taken down by members of the X-Men, X-Factor, and even a student. The cost, though? Everything above ground is destroyed. Much of the ground is on fire thanks to the napalm attack on Wolverine earlier. Indeed, Storm rises to the sky, freed from the configns of the rubble, and summons forth the rain. Storms converge on the area and unleash their fury, putting out the fire.

Put of the forest is destroyed, trees hundreds of years old torn from the ground by a crashing Sentinel.

It is a dangerous time to be a mutant. A dangerous time, indeed.

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