Morning "Coffee" Break

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Scarlet Witch, The Vision

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05/11/13 09:00

Library, Avengers Mansion, New York City

Wanda and Vision run into each other in the Library. They discuss briefly what has happened to them and a "date" is briefly proposed by one of them.

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It's a quiet morning at Avengers Mansion. The previous evening was uneventful for the resident Synthezoid. There were a couple of minor emergencies that the Vision responded to, but nothing world threatening or even city threatening. Time to take a break from the monitor room and decompress. The Vision arrives in the Library and seemingly knows exactly what he wants to do. His path takes him to a shelf of books. He slides a book out and moves to a sofa. One his way to the sofa he detours to a radio. When some classical selection is made, Vizh settles into one side of the sofa.

Wanda walks in a short time later, reading a book as she walks along. Apparently probability control has its advantages, as she doesn't stumble or trip or bump into anything. Moving around, she sits down on the other side of the sofa, not even noticing Vision just yet as she is rather engrossed by the book. The Great Gatsby, to be specific.

Oddly enough the book that the Vision pulled out from the shelf is the same tome penned by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald; The Great Gatsby. It's certainly a story that can be appreciated by the artificial man. The story warning against excess and relying on image to get by in life.

The Synthetic Avenger looks up from the book after Wanda settles into the other side of the sofa. Inhuman eyes cast their gaze towards the book she is reading and Vizh allows a mild guffaw of humor escape at realizing they have the same book. Vizh asks, "Have you read that before?"

Wanda jumps a bit, then smiles, "Actually, yes, it's one of my favorites." She blinks, then laughs a little herself as she realizes Vision is reading the same thing. "Have you read it before?"

Vizh nods, "I have, yes." He turns his head to look back at the book. He raises it up and glances at the front cover and the rear cover of the book. He continues, "A few times, I imagine. It's quite decent. An easy way to pass some time." He places the book down on the nearby side table, noting the page he is on. He says, "I thought most of the team were outside of the Mansion today. Jarvis said he thought I was one of the few left in the mansion this morning."

Wanda chuckles, "No, actually, I'm being a bit of a homebody today. Just one of those days where I wanted to relax and do some reading. Though, well, I'm glad you're here, Vision." She smiles a bit, sliding a crimson bookmark to mark her page and setting it to the side.

The Vision raises his brow a bit and shrugs nonchalantly in response to Wanda, "Where else would I be? If I am not out on a mission, it is a certainty you will find me in the Mansion." He points towards the floor with a thumb, "Honestly; I'm taking a break from monitoring police feeds and Stark Satellites. It's a quiet morning so I am giving myself-" He pauses and smiles slightly, "-a coffee break. Sans Coffee."

Wanda laughs a little, "Well, if you wanted, I could always come visit you down there... frankly, it sounds like you're dreadfully bored." She shrugs a bit, "Days like this, well, I tend to find myself in the mansion anyway. It's a comfort."

"Bored?" Asks the Synthetic Man. He follows that with a shake of his head, "No, not necessarily. There is plenty to do when an alert is not being called for our form of assistance. Plenty of news from around the world to read up on. SHIELD reports. Information from NASA, SWORD and Stark Satellites." A slight smile forms on his inhuman visage, "Though, sometimes I just prefer a few minutes with a book." He moves a hand to pat the book he set aside. When he retracts his hand, he shrugs, "Though company is always nice in the monitor room."

Wanda smiles, "Even if it's me?" She looks over at Vision, and notices the smile on his lips as well, "You know, I haven't seen you smile in... well, it's been a little while I think." Her head tilts, regarding the synthezoid sitting next to her.

The Vision nods, "Even if it is you. That is not a problem for me, Wanda." The Synthetic Man settles back in the couch a bit and says, "I am uncertain as to why it has been the case that we have not run into one another. I have not been away."

Scarlet Witch hrms, "I don't know. It just... well, I wasn't exactly myself, when, well." She coughs a little bit, a light blush touching her cheeks, "Though I have been feeling better, now. More like myself." Having your two kids revealed to be a demonic illusion isn't exactly the best thing for your sanity, after all.

It's certainly enough to justify altering reality and destroying everything you know and love, certainly!

The Vision nods and adds, "For a while I was not my... normal self, either. Ghostly white is certainly not a look I wish to have again. After my latest-" He pauses to formulate the right word, "-Repairs, I have been feeling a lot better as well."

Scarlet Witch lightly places her hand on Vision's. "I'm sorry I wasn't here for that. That was right before I returned to active duty again." She gives Vision a wry expression, "We have had a year, haven't we?"

The Vision purses his lips and his eyes glow a bit as he accesses recent memories and experiences. After a moment of reflecting on them, his eyes dim to normal and he focuses on the Scarlet Witch. He replies, "That is certainly a way to describe our recent history, yes." A pauses and then repeats, "We have had a year. I remain ever hopeful that things will be easier or less... complicated."

Wanda looks at Vision, keeping her hand on his as she says, "I would definitely like that. A little less complication would be good, though I think I'd want to stay with the Avengers and not try to live the quiet life somewhere. It doesn't exactly seem to work for us."

The Synthezoid humphs with mild amusement at the thought of leaving the Avengers. He shakes his head, "I have no intention of going into the ranks of the Reserves. There is too much work to do and I feel I am a better resource to the team if I am active among the ranks." He gestures to Wanda with a motion of his head, "Same for you, you know. The Avengers needs you, too."

Wanda smiles a bit, "Good. And, well, I'd feel better if you were with me... ah, I mean, with the active Avengers. This really is my home, more than anywhere else." She gives Vision's hand a little squeeze, then rises slowly to her feet, "I should probably get going though. I have a few things I need to do today. But after you're done with monitor duty, maybe we could get together?"

The Vision purses his lips again and furrows his brow at Wanda's inevitable departure. He glances off to the side to consider her offer and then relents with a nod, "I see nothing wrong with that. Certainly. I will leave the details up to you to determine. Enjoy the day, Wanda."

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