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More Team Talk

Havok and Mirage

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Med Bay - Xavier's Mansion

Havok and Mirage discuss the repercussions of what happened at Gypsy's Club

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[ Med-Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]

Upon entering this room, one could easily feel as if though travel into the future of some science fiction flick had actually taken place. Technology that surpasses anything most human beings could possibly comprehend make up this vast room. This facility is capable of accommodating every aspect of the medical arts and science known to man and many that are not. Not only does this complex allow a scrub room, operating arena, intensive care ward and therapy department but also has holographic diagnostics, cloning and techno-organic tissue bonding facilities thanks to the alien Shi'ar technology.

Through out the main center area of the room are numerous medical 'beds' that resemble something similar to metal tubes which can open and close depending on the severity of the occupants wounds. Robotic limbs that hang from the ceilings and robotic beings that move through out the room conform to their programming and aid in the healing process of patients. The computer networking and the presence of this amazing technology offer an immense sense of hope to anyone that is brought here.

Having been stiched up, bandaged up and quite possibly drugged up, Dani now lounges on one of the beds that are in the room. Her LBD has been exchanged for yoga pants and tee, though she is covered from the waist down by a sheet so her legs are hidden. Although she should be sleeping as she was ordered to do so by Leyu, Dani has never been real good at following orders. Instead she has her Stark pad out and headphones on, apparently watching a movie of some sort.

Entering the med bay, Alex is dressed in his standard business attire, super suit. His head gear is pulled back and off his head to hang loose on his neck/upper back. He has Dani in his sights and starts walking her way, he says, "Hey." in a quiet greeting with a look of concern on his face.

Facing the door, Dani sees the movement of someone coming in and glances up from her the device. She taps the screen, pausing the movie before she pulls the retro looking headphones off, wincing slightly as she does so, "Done with the briefing already?"

"Briefing, but not the talk." he states with an inflexion on the word talk indicating that there is more trouble on the horizon. He disregards the potential of discussion and presses on, "How are you doing?"

"I'll live. Leyu did a good job with the field medicine, and gave me something for the pain before she went to crash herself. It's not as effective as I would like. Certainly not effective enough to make sleeping come easy." she does frown slightly "I'm not going to be able to draw a bow for awhile though.

A disappointed look crosses his face as he hears the news of her inability. He sighs as he looks across the room, "Damn." is said quietly, "Sorry."

Puts her starkpad on the table beside her bed along with the headphones, "Sorry that I got hurt, or sorry that with my injury you are now down two players on your team?" her tone isn't accusatory, more curious, perhaps cautious.

"Sorry that you got hurt..." is said in a considerate (to her situation) tone. He pulls one of the backed stools over, puts the back toward her and straddles it to sit. He's able to lay his arms across the back support.

Dani gives him a dubious look as hs sits, but is hardly going to argue with him about it, "Thanks." she says simply, giving him the benefit of the doubt "It comes with the job. If I didn't at least expect to get shot at, and up occasionally I wouldn't have signed on for it.

"You did good out there.. except for not wearing your suit, but that's a whole other story." Alex comments in regard to the situation, and it seems he's biding his time till he can formulate words to his unltimate subject.

"It's hard to change when you are dodging bullets." Dani glances down at her shoulder "And failing at it." she does grimace slightly "I'm not much use against robots, except as a target apparently." she looks back up at serious Alex face "You have something on your mind?

There's a moment of gathering additional thoughts before he says, "Leader to leader..."

Then he continues, "What would you do if you found out one of your team members was a drug pusher?"

Dani hmmms at the question, giving it some thought "Depends? How long has this person been on the team? Are they indispensible or can they be replaced by someone else easily enough?"

"Dani... you know who I'm talking about. You were there. Did you not see the illegal substances all over her place? At least before you were shot?"

"You were the one being cryptic. If you want specificity you shoulda just came right out and asked what you should do about Sybil." she gives a shake of her head at him, "Yes I noticed, but was a little to preoccupied to care." she then arches a brow, "She runs an illegal sex club, why are you suprised about the drugs? I'd have been more surprised if she didn't have them.

"When we had our initial meeting she said her club was legal and no drugs were involved. I can see the legality of the club as long as sex is not paid for... So, what would you do?"

Arching a brow at him, "Right all the club the money makes comes from rainbows and unicorns." implying that of course the sex is paid for, it maybe called club fees or something, but the members go there for sex, not yahtzee, "Call her on it at the very least. Ask her why the lies about it? If it all smells of rot, boot her.

"Guess that sort of kills my black and white take on it..." he states and follows with, "I was thinking more like, 'Either she drops the whole illegal stuff or she's off the team.' idea."

Dani stifles a yawn, the evening is finally starting to catch up with her "Right now we can't afford another blow to the team. Kurt's benched, I'm injured." not to mention others beind MIA or across tne pond, "and with the reek coming from Val with the whole Sabertooth thing you need as many people in your corner as possible, drug pusher or not."

He stands, the look on his face is close to throwing in the towel and doing something else, but he says, "Cool, thanks." and then adds, "Get some sleep."

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