Mob Problems

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Rogue, Seth, Cyclops

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06/08/12 22:00

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

The process to recruit Seth continues, but discussion about his recent problem with the Russian Mob ensues

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Having spent the afternoon amongst his kind in Mutant Town, Cyclops feels the need to grab a bite to eat, so stopping outside a mutant-friendly dining establishment, the X-Man leader heads in. Dressed casually in khaki pants and a blue and black stripped button down shirt, he heads in. His eyes are glowing red, the awesome power of his optic blasts kept in check by contact lens. A clerk behind a counter welcomes him as he peruses the menu for food options.

Seth's never been to Mutant Town, to be honest, even though his school is just blocks away. But, being a mutant himself, he felt that maybe he should have a look at the area, given the increasing grief he's been giving ever since he came back to school after his bereavement leave. Carrying his school backpack, he takes a look around, and moves over to an empty table. As for Cyclops, he gets the impression he saw him once, but doesn't quite place him where...

At the counter, Scott Summers orders a small sandwich, ham and cheese on white. Very plain, but tasty. After placing the order, he makes his way towards a table specifically the table next to Seth's. As he is being watched by Seth, he turns to face the mutant teen, who he did encounter previously. Red eyes spy the kid as Scott notes him. The clerk behind the counter brings him his sandwich rather quickly, which he nods his thanks and sips from a clean glass of water.

"Uhm... hi", he replies to the observing Scott, and he grabs the menu. He orders a sandwich and an orange juice as the waitress arrives to take his order. "Have we met?", he can't help but ask.

Looking at Seth and nodding his head, Scott offers, "Yes, you nearly killed a woman who bumped into you." He quirks his eyebrow, "And then you were whisked away by someone else." He does offer a smile, "Gotta be tough being a mutant teen. Been awhile for me." His red eyes clearly indicate that he himself is a mutant. He takes a bite into his sandwich and takes another sip.

Looking at Seth and nodding his head, Scott offers, "Yes, you nearly killed a woman who bumped into you." He quirks his eyebrow, "And then you were whisked away by someone else." He does offer a smile, "Gotta be tough being a mutant teen. Been awhile for me." His red eyes clearly indicate that he himself is a mutant. He takes a bite into his sandwich and takes another sip.

Seth remembers that, sighing. "Yes, that's what happens when you get a lot on your head. You lose track of your surroundings, and..." He just shrugs, leaving that sentence unfinished. "And I'd say 'you have no idea', but you've obviously been in the same boat as I am." Well, not exactly, given how personal problems are unique, but the mutant kid doesn't go into that. He gets his order, and prepares to dig in.

Taking his meal and moving over to Seth's table, "I take it you would not mind the company?" Scott takes a seat as he looks to Seth, "And I have been there. . .All mutant have in some form or another." With a friendly tone, Scott asks, "If you do not mind, I can fire beams from my eyes." He points to the contact lenses, "These keep them in check. What about you? What is your mutation?"

Rogue makes her way to the diner after getting a call from Scott to come by and help talk with Seth, so she makes her way into the diner and looks around for the two of them.

Seth shakes his head after a moment, but his eyes are scrutinizing Scott. "No, I guess I don't." He sounds neither cheerful nor displeased. "And as for my mutation... I'm pretty good at blowing stuff up." He notices Rogue as she walks in, waves to her some. Returning to Scott, "I've also found I can find my keys in the dark pretty quickly, nor do I need a light to read a book at night." An attempt at humor that sounds pretty sarcastic. But he smirks.

Standing up when the Southern belle and his teammate enters the diner, Scott offers a smile and waves gesturing for her to join them. He even goes so far to pull out a seat for her. Then he adds, "I take it you two already know each other." The waitress at the mutant friendly diner comes by with a pad ready to take Rogueas offer.

Rogue smiles as she sees Scott and Seth and especially when Scott pulls out the chair and she sits down "Careful now Scott, Jean might start thinking ya been seeing another woman." She laughs even though she knows a relationship would be doomed and turns to Seth "Hey Seth, how its goin?"

"Hey, Rogue...", he shrugs. "I'm holding on, so guess better than some, worse than others..." He looks at Scott. "Sorry for my rudeness. I'm Seth. Seth Garland", he finally makes a presentation. After that, he looks between the two X-Men. "So, lemme guess... This be about the enrollment?"

Laughing himself and almost blushing to the point that his cheek match his eyes when Jean is mentioned, he takes his seat. The waitress leaves after Rogue places her order. Nodding his head Scott offers, "Seth Garland. Nice to officially meet you. And this may be about enrollment. Cerebro found you, but not every mutant is automatically accepted. Tell me what are your feelings about the school? I know you were given a pamphlet. What do you think from what you read?"

Rogue places her order sits back in the chair, remaining silent and lettinng Scott do the selling, but being ready provide support if necessary.

Seth nods slowly, "It sounds pretty good, from what I read about it." He munches on his sandwich, annd drinks his orange juice - and from the look on his face, it's much better than that school cafeteria food. "But I got some questions." And, from the look on his face, they won't be easy ones for any of them to answer. "First off... What's a 'Cerebro'?"

"It helps us find mutants like ourselves." Scott gestures to himself and Rogue, "Unfortunately there are many mutants in need. Many need training. Young ones. And sometimes even adults." Scott and Rogue are examples of X-Men who are not able to completely control their abilities without some external assistance.

Rogue nods "Yeah, there is a lot mutants that don't realize they got powers or that don't know how to use 'em, so try to find them and help them as best as we can before they go and hurt people or draw the wrong attention."

Seth nods in understanding, "So you say this Cerebro found me... And it didn't find all these other mutants around us?" He is confused, but his expression means that this is a /very/ tricky question. "What made me so special?"

"Many mutants have been found. You are among the many. Mutant Town did not exist when I was a kid. While the world is still averse to the idea of mutants, this is a section of the world that is accepting and open to all mutants. But some mutants have varying degrees of abilities. You are an energy manipulator. One with a power that can be more dangerous and more powerful than others? Accidents can happen. Things can happen." Scott eyes Seth as if Seth knows what he means by accidents and things happening.
Rogue listens to Scott before speaking "What Scott said, but if ya were mutants come from, ain't nobody really know, folks got theories that involves nuclear power and stuff, but nobody can't definitely how we all came along."

Seth nods, "Well, you have a point... Accidents can happen", Seth replies. He looks at a blank point in the space between Rogue and Scott. "Things have happened...", his face becomes grim, and his eyes intensify in glow for a moment. "But anyways...", he says as he snaps back into reality, "this brings me to another question... I registered. Reluctantly, but I did, although I don't put much faith in that. I did it to easy off a lot of crap that happened in my life about a month ago since. Now, you're saying I can be more powerful than others around me..." He sighs, "How can I know you're not here to just carry me off to some secluded place, and...?" He points two fingers, like a gun, to his head, and makes the firing noise.

Nodding, Scott looks to Rogue for a moment and to anyone familiar with psi-speech will recognize that Scott is receiving a telepathic message. He hmmmns aloud and then stands up, "Well, Seth, it was nice to finally meet you in person." With that he bows his head, "I must leave now, but your meals are covered." With that Scott heads out of the diner.

Rogue shakes her head "Well we ain't judge you none for being registered, thats a choice ya made for ya own reasons, and so far only people like FBI and SHIELD got access to the database so I hear. And for the other thing, well despite what some have said, we are the ones that actually want to help mutants, and live in peace with other people."

"Okay, I'll rephrase...", Seth says. "How do I know you're not from the government, and found me too dangerous to carry on with my insignificant teenage life?" As bluntly as the question is now put, it's compensated by Seth's calm as he munches on his sandwich and drinks his orange juice. But his eyes are scrutinizing Rogue.

Rogue sighs as she doesn't really an aura of trustworthiness, or anything like that as she speaks "Look Seth, ya remember we first met or when ya fought with Loki? We didn't yet ya either of those times, so we ain't going to get ya now. Ya gotta trust me, we are the good guys."

Seth takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes as he mumbles under his breath. Then, after a while, he replies. "I'm sorry. I'm jumping at shadows, here. All this crap... it's all new to me." He looks at the rest of the food on his plate, and sets it aside. He lost his appetite now. "About a month ago, I was just... your average teenager, then all of a sudden, shit happens, and the whole world around me falls."

Rogue tries to smile comfortingly as she speaks "Trust me, Ah know what its like to suddenly find that ya ain't like everybody else. Can Ah ask what hapoened?"

"I hate sobstories...", Seth mumbles under his breath. "Well, I don't suppose you heard of my father, Jason Garland?"

Rogue shakes her head after thinking for a minute "No sorry, can't say Ah have. Should Ah have?"

Seth shrugs at that, "I guess you wouldn't, unless you had some connections to the police force operating in New York City." He leans back against his seat. "He was a police Captain, and a higly respected officer; an example to follow for many of the men working with him." He pauses. "And for me." The glow in his eyes intensifies. And let's not forget the tear that is falling off his eye.

Rogue shakes her head "Nah, Ah didn't grow up anywhere near here." As if couldn't tell by the accent "Are ya alright to talk about this, because Ah can understand if ya not."

"I was always a good son, y'know?" Seth has enetered trance mode, so whatever Rogue has told him right now... just words in the wind. Plus, he becomes allegorical. "And the good son keeps his family together, while his dad goes on to work in law enforcement. But there is this one case..." He stops at this point, memories burning in his mind. "This one case concerning some very evil men, and he cracked it gloriously." He claps, as if applause were being held. "But... it did not sit well with them. So, one night, while every Garland in the house was sound asleep, they come like shadows in the night, and whisk them away, for the leader wanted to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty." He scoffs. "Better to have finished it there and then, for the nightmare was just beginning." He smiles, though it's far from a healthy smile.

Rogue listens to, having a sinking feeling on what happened but says "Oh mah God, how much worse did it get?"

Seth wants to say more, but his voice trails off. He clears his throat. "Well... It's... Well, let's just say everybody had a front row seat to dad's demise... The leader grabbed the good son's mind, and made him hold the pipe in his hand as he bashed it into dad's skull and bone..." He hits the table with a closed fist to simulate the impact. *SLAM!* "On a leg!" *SLAM!* "The shoulder!" *SLAM!* "The face!" He goes silent for a while, then resumes. "The good son's kid sister doesn't speak since... and the loving mom doesn't seem to be hanging on." He shrugs, "I guess the good son has to thank the fact he was a mutant, given he blasted the leader out of existence there and then. And many others to escape." He scoffs again. "Good riddance to them." He wipes a tear away. "Am I a murderer? Because I can't figure out if that's a good or a bad thing. I guess I should be thankful I am."

Rogue isn't really sure what say, and does manages to fight back tears as she finally speaks "Ah'm so sorry that happened to ya, but no ya ain't a murderer, that scumbag made ya do that and then ya defended yourself against somebody that was trying hurt ya and ya family."

Seth holds up a finger, pointing out, "Managed." He reiterates, "He didn't try, he managed." He growls under his breath, "I was made to watch, powerless to do anything as the psycopath giggled and I screamed inside my head!" Yes, the guy was a telepath, the description is evident. "Now, my sister may never speak again, my mother's running on automatic and I fear alcohol is gonna be her next gasoline." His expression is dark, "And, motherfucker number one vaporized... What am I gonna do about his buddies?"

Rogue tries to calm him down a bit "Ah understand, telepaths can in ya head and make ya do stuff ya don't want to do. As for his buddies, who are they? Maggia? Some of Kingpin's people?" as she tries to think of other organized crime groups that have supers in them.

"The Russian Mob", Seth finally says.

Rogue nods "Ah think Ah understand, ya worried that ya family is in danger from the mob as well right?"

"Worried...?", Seth almost chindrops. He clears his throat sarcastically. "Okay, I'm going to explain to you why I don't have faith in the system, so listen up closely. I'll make quotes and schematics, it has nothing to do with you, okay?" He is visibly angry. "Dad screws up Russian Mob operation bigtime. Mob takes family away. Boss kills dad, tortures family. Boss killed in turn, minions die tragically as broken family escapes. News get out from survivors and escapees. Minions choose another leader. Mob will not let this affront fly!" He tries to keep his cool, "This has been the rundown version I gave the idiots from the witness protection program. Their moronic, robot-like reply: 'We do not think they'll be a problem anymore.'" And that's when he really loses it, taking his hands to cover his face in desperation. "I've run out of names to call them. Please, feel free to throw in a few!"

Rogue shakes her head in disgust "Ah can't believe it, don't those people that mob people ain't known for their forgiveness and understandin', Hell they might be lookin' to recruit for their ranks if know what ya can do. Thats why we are here though, we can help ya and maybe even help ya family as well, 'cause obviously you ain't the help from the feds."

Seth nods, "And I registered because I expected to get some help from government officials, and not be considered a criminal in the eyes of the law, and I could be with my family..." He sighs. "Clearly, I forgot to check those registartion guys for horns and hooves." He frowns, "Recruit...? Oh, god help me!" He starts looking outside, and the rush to leave floods him. Yes, it's panic!

Is there wonder why Rogue doesn't do the recruiting normally as she tries to talk to Seth "Please calm down Seth, Ah'm sorry Ah said that, it was mistake, Ah just need to be calm. Can ya do that for me please?"

"Well, I kinda have a hard time calming myself when I realize my kid sister could be kidnapped so I'd do stuff for them", Seth admits. Yes, he hadn't realized it. He keeps looking outside. "I think I'll be picking her up in a few..." He grabs the orange juice he'd put aside, and gulps it. "So, not meaning to impose all my concerns on you... What measures can be done to keep my family safe?"

Rogue thinks for a minute "Ah sorry about scaring ya, Ah really am. As for measures to protect ya family, Ah would have talk to Scott or somebody else about it, but I think we could do something about it." She hopes anyway, because crime lords aren't usually go after the X-Men, except for Wolverine, but there are few groups that haven't gone after Logan at some point.

Seth shrugs, "Short of killing them, I don't see an alternative..." He considers this, "Right now, they're just licking their wounds. When they come back, they'll be coming in full force."

Rogue tries not commit to anything as she speaks "Well Ah ain't saying this is will happen, so don't go saying Ah promised ya anything, but we do have alternatives, like for instance ya mob friend wasn't the only one that can get in folks's head."

Seth nods, "Fair enough, just... keep your friends off my head, and I won't make a scene." He sighs, "I have to go. I'm gonna go grab my kid sister, before anybody else does." He starts heading out the door. "Wish I could stay a while longer, Rogue... See you soon." And once he's out the door, he rushes along the street.

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