Mirage Remains

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Mirage and Havok

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08/13/12 13:00

Horse Yard

Havok confronts Mirage about recent issues. Asks her to stay on the team.

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It's late in the afternoon and with the team situation still up in the air, sorta and no classes to teach in the afternoon, Dani is left with some time on her hands. Having all that free time and nothing better to do she decided to come down to the stables and offer her assistance in getting the horses settled into the rebuilt stables.

She leads one of the newest acquisitions around the paddock by his reins, her attention on the horse, stuying the way it moves and behaves so she can possibly pair it with a student later to take care of.

She is dressed casually, jeans, tank top and boots. Also notable that it will be quite a few months before she wears her signatures braids again, for a good foot and half of her hair is gone.

Alex walks from the southeastern path toward the horse yard. There he will move to the metal fence and observe the handling of the horse(s) by Dani. Both arms will go upon the high rail and will dangle there casually. He watches a moment and will allow her time to notice him.

Securing the reins around the horse's neck she gives him a pat, sending him galloping around, she turns in a circle, watching the horse follow the fence around. As she turns her eyes lock on Alex. She quickly realizes that there is probably only one reason he would come down here, and it isn't to check out the horse flesh.

Calling to one of the stable hands she gestures for him to take over and crosses the yard to the gate to let herself out.

Alex will give her time to cross the distance, emerge from the gate and turn with his left side to the fence so that he may look upon her directly. "Hey." he'll say somewhat quietly as an informal greeting.

Dani brushes her hands off on her pants as she approaches. Her expression is a calm which could either be really good or really bad. Glancing in the direction of the school a moment its turns to one of curiousity "Hey." she returns "What brings you down here?" she probably knows full well but for sake of appearance she asks anyway.

Forgoing the collateral noise, Alex says, "I wanted to apologize." Apparently he's starting off slow as there's a brief pause between his initial statement and the rest. He continues, "The whole Sybil thing. I intended to tell you - and only you. But Jean wasn't there to put the blocks in your mind and then you left for Colorado - well then you know about the attack. Anyway. I really wanted to tell you but didn't have the right opportunity."

Okay so she wasn't quite expecting that part to come out so soon, which is obvious by the surprised look she gives him. It also leaves her speechless a few long moments as she processes what she has been told. Nodding, finally, "I'll accept that." and hand starts to go up, probably to tug on a braid that is no longer there, then the hand drops back to her side "You're not expecting my to apologize for punching you? Are you, cause I would just be lying."

Alex smiles, somewhat relieved that she can come back with such a question. He denies the query, "No? actually I'm.." then he pauses and changes the subject, "So anyway, I was hoping that you'd stay with the team."

Another curious looks crosses Dani's face as he drops a sentence and goes to another topic. "Give you a second chance you mean? Possibly, but tell me first, how many of the mutants we arrested and were sent to that camp...did they make it out alive?" she looks a little haunted as she asks, as if it has weighed heavily on her mind and conscious.

"I've no idea. I saw two or three of them fleeing. From what I could tell all the mutants that could, fled into the Canadian wilderness. The agency was handling the cleanup last I checked. Meaning, they're doing an inventory of the dead to try and ID them. I doubt we'll ever truly know the count, because the agency will likely lie."

Closing her eyes Dani almost dreads the answer and by the time he is done answering she is staring at the ground "I guess knowing that a few of them got away will have to do for know." looking up again her eyes flash with fiercness that only comes when she is going head long into a challenge "I'm still with you. The backlash of Neverland is going to get worse before it gets better and I'd rather face it with the rest of you.

Somewhere in the back of Havok's mind he envisions himself and Dani holding hands, skipping through the various horrors of a war torn Europe (which is translated as a Neverland concentration camp). They wear smiles on their faces and have bunny slippers on their feet.

There's a brief smile, or the hint of one as he hears that she's staying on the team. He'll then say, "Thanks." and break away from the fence. "I guess I'll leave you to your horses."

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