Midnight Spopping

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Tigerstripe, Wolfsbane

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Mutant Town / NYC


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Late night on the edge of Mutant Town. Wolfsbane's been, for all intents and purposes, on patrol, on the lookout for any signs of minor danger. Big things she can place a tip to the cops for, but thugs and street toughs aren't a big deal for her. She's in a half-form now, complete with a short muzzle and tail, a black bodysuit of some sort worn over most of her frame. It leaves arms bare from the shoulders, legs uncovered from the knees down. At the moment she's down in an alley but she moves toward the rooftop for a better view.

Tigerstripe does not like mutant town too much, but it is most likely the safest spot for her to get the items of daily need and then head home without getting hit by a mob. As she exits a small grocery store with her shopping bag, she looks to the sides. on the left noone. on the right... a movement...

Mutant Town has its good and bad sides, but one positive about it is an obviously different person, mutant or otherwise, can go around without drawing /too/ many stares. People are just used to 'freaks' here. That doesn't mean it's always safe, though. After taking to that rooftop and moving a couple blocks, Wolfsbane descends back to the street. It happens to be to the right as Tigerstripe glances that way, though the wolfen mutant is ahead of her and not looking in her direction.

Tigerstripe eyes down the narrow street as she notices the movement, gripping her bags faster to make the upper legs a bit free so she can move faster. Even if Mutant time was somewhat safe, she didn't liked to be here at all. Especially with people that stalk around crouched.

Perhaps it's the sound of the bags, maybe a shift of the breeze. Wolfsbane pauses to glance behind her, the black-clad mutant wearing a look of curiosity as she spots Tigerstripe over there. Rather than run or attack or anything like that...she lifts a clawed hand to wave, a hint of recognition there.

The outfit does make one thing clear, once light hits as Wolfsbane moves closer to a streetlight: she's slim and in shape, not carrying any weapons or anything of that nature. Granted, claws and teeth are weapons enough. "Hey, how have ye been? Do ye need a hand with any o' yuir bags?" Well, that doesn't seem aggressive.

Tigerstripe notices the familiar voice, lowering the bags a bit "uhm... what was the name again? something with... C?" she tries to remember, her feet still trying to get a good stand. those damned instincts. Fight or flight.

"Rahne, actually," the wolfen woman answers. "Or..Wolfsbane," she adds as her head tilts while drawing nearer. Is it that she can tell the feline is trying to decide what to do? She's got enhanced senses of her own.

Tigerstripe stretches her legs slightly, still not able to get rid of the tension in them, but managing to at least surpress the most visible parts. Not her ears however, that twitch between fear and fight. Rahne. Oh, sorry. My name memory is not too good." she explains.

Wolfsbane nods once, partial attention kept on their surroundings. "It's all right. I'm sorry, but I forgot yuirs as well. It's been a while." She gestures toward the bags, asking, "Ye needed some things, I guess? Just be careful. Some parts o' Mutant Town can be worse than others a' night."

Tigerstripe smirks as she eyes her bags a second, then the tighly clad Rahne "I bet you are part of that worsening then?" she asks, managing to flatten her forehead a bit "Monique. Coppersmyth."

Wolfsbane shakes her head a few times. "Nae, I have a place here an' I'll go oot an' keep watch for people trying tae take advantage o' others. If I canna handle it on muh own, I'll call th' police an' let them know what I saw. Just trying tae make it safer around here..Monique."

Tigerstripe eyes the half-wolf closely, still her feline senses tingling. "so you try to do the police?" she asks, unsure how to get them under control.

"Neighborhood Watch is more like it," the wolfen mutant corrects, shaking her head once more. "Because sometimes ye need tae look oot for th' people who canna defend themselves alone."

Tigerstripe is a bit confused by the dialect, her ears twitching on that baaad and foul smell "canna... can not you mean?" she asks, her eyes turning to behind her to check what makes this smell.

Wolfsbane nods once. "Aye, th' people who canna...can not..." she says it more slowly, trying to limit the accent, "...defend themselves. "Usually it's just a robber or someone with a knife. They're nae trouble for me." She sniffs as well, head tilting as she looks int he direction Tigerstripe is. "What is it?"

Wolfsbane nods once. "Aye, th' people who canna...can not..." she says it more slowly, trying to limit the accent, "...defend themselves. Usually it's just a robber or someone with a knife. They're nae trouble for me." She sniffs as well, head tilting as she looks int he direction Tigerstripe is. "What is it?"

Tigerstripe snorts as she tries to get an analogy. "smells like... uhm.... foul eggs and something... else"

Wolfsbane sniffs again, brows furrowing. "It might be sulfur?" she supposes, before looking around again. "We'd best na dally here, though. If ye need tae be off, dinna let me delay ye."

Tigerstripe nods as she pulls her bags closer, looking back at Wolfsbane "I'd prefer not to..." she starts, but the sentence gets cut short as something behind her pulls back her attention.

"Hold on," Wolfsbane says, eyes narrowing as she moves past Tigerstripe, a hand pausing briefly at the feline's shoulder. "I'll see what it is."

Tigerstripe turns her head as wolwsbane passes her without too much distance, her tail brushing along her leg as she passes it, resulting in an instant stiffening of her body to go to fighting mode "don't get yourself killed"

Wolfsbane glances back at the shift in Tigerstripe's stance, brow lifting. "I dinna aim tae be," she answers. "But best I see if I need tae call someone about this or if it's nothing tae worry about." She continues along, moving into the alley.

Tigerstripe decides to better go to flee as there is time "Keep safe... I am out..." she sais as she dashes down the street.


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