Midnight Snacks and Codenames

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Midnight Snacks and Codenames

David, Blindfold, Jeanne Foucault

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07/12/12 00:01

Kitchen, Xavier Mansion

Blindfold, David, and Jeanne meet up in the kitchen. David decides on a code name.

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It was late at night and someone snuck back in but couldn't manage to sleep. So the blind resident of the mansion was in the kitchen cooking.

"You're up late," David observe, sitting on a stool near the center of the room, with his own little midnight snack."

Blindfold nods "Yes, I'm sorry, did I wake you? I couldn't sleep" she was chopping up an onion and some bell pepper. a couple slices of bread already had cheese on them.

David blinks. "Umm.. No... You didn't wake me up," he replies in a puzzled tone. "Why would I be sleeping in a kitchen?"

Blindfold sighs shaking her head "No reason, no, I'm sorry, still a bit out of sorts, I guess, my apologies" somehow managing not to chop her fingers she felt the pile of produce for how fine she'd chopped it and then scooped it with her hands to put on the pieces of bread "Are all set with your snack? I could certainly make you a sandwich here if you would like?"

"Umm... Thanks, but yeah, I'm all set," David replies. "You're pretty good with that knife," he observes.

Blindfold smiles shyly "Thank you, yes, my aunt taught me to cook. She knew she wouldn't be around all the time to fix meals for me and freshly cooked she said 'always tastes better then reheated'. She was a chef"

David nods. "I have to agree there, most of the time. Especially if you use a microwave. Stove usually tastes better than the microwave if you have to reheat something."

Blindfold had snuck out to a rave, yeah she'd get in trouble for thatone...and had snuck back in. Alas, though sleep tonight, after what visions she'd had, was not her friend. Now she'd given up on sleeping tonight and was in the kitchen cooking while David had his own snack. She nodded her head toward him and put a pan already prepared on the stove and felt the controls to turn it on "Yes, I agree, though the microwave is quick and easy but not everything can be reheated on the stove. I think after this I'm going to clean the floor in the gathering room..."

It's not uncommon for Jeanne to keep to weird hours in the lab, especially of late, as some of the students may have heard about the peculiar Jack O'Lantern left for her. Seems like she's finally ventured out for a drink, as she walks into the kitchen, looking a bit surprised to find people there. Nevertheless, she doesn't even speak a word of greeting, she just nods her head faintly and heads to the fridge to get herself a cold drink. Chilled green tea seems to be her drink of choice.

David nods to the unfamiliar Jeanne, "Hey there," he says. "Popular location tonight."

Blindfold wouldn't even know there was a third person entering the kitchen if it weren't for the sound of foot steps, to which direction she turns "Oh excuse me, I'm sorry, I don't think we've met. Would you like a sandwich or am I in your way?"

"It is unusual crowded for this hour, and this age group," Jeanne comments at David's remark, easily walking around Blindfold to reach the fridge as she takes out her green tea and takes a sip, before answering, "no, we have not. I am Jeanne Foucault, I take it you're my roommate, Blindfold?"

"Nah," David snarks. "She's Iron Man."

Blindfold smiles "Oh! well It's good to finally meet you, yes, thank you, I'm Ruth Aldine. I couldn't sleep I'm afraid, sorry. I felt a need to go to a secretive party and stop someone from showing off with their powers. I saw him here at the school, but I suppose time will tell. The past is written in stone, it has already happened, the present is ever changing but the future can always change if people are aware of it"

"Nice to meet you Ruth, my codename's Finesse," Jeanne mentions as if to put them on even ground of knowing each other's names as well as codenames, though it's likely it was already known by either girl. She absolutely ignores David's snarky remark, it doesn't seem to draw any reactions from her at all, as if she hadn't heard him. Her attention goes right back to Blindfold, "you're a party girl? Hmmm, so long as you don't bring the party to our room, we should get along fine regardless." Jeanne ponders Blindfold's words for a moment, and then offers her own version, "as you said, nothing to be done about the past, best to forget it. Future is ever changing, it is the now that dictate with nearest probability what will happen next, focus on that. I like it." Another couple of sips from her drink, and she asks, "so you're a precog?" The obvious sense that Jeanne might have a question for her roommate is already in the air.

"You already have a code name? Wow," David says. "I don't have one yet... I haven't thought of one."

Blindfold smiles shyly putting her sandwich in the pan on the stove to grill "Not usually, no, I'm sorry. I've just been meeting alot of people lately that are into music and I wanted to get a better idea of modern music but it turned out nearly disastrous, I'm afraid, I apologize" oh thank god! for a subject change! which has her nodding her head "Yes, thank you, among other things, yes I'm a precog...and you have a question for me, sorry, you're welcome" smiling softly to David's remarks as she pushes her sandwich around in the pan "I thought everyone had a code name, I'm sorry, my apologies. Any luck on thinking of one?"

"A codename is easy to come up with," Jeanne remarks as she flashes her gaze at David, "think of a single word that holds the very essence of what it is you do, or perhaps what you are about, what stands out about you." Jeanne smirks at Blindfold's apology, "no need to be sorry, you're in the right to not be a party girl. It is a silly waste of time to let your life revolve around parties." Hearing Blindfold's genuine-seeming desire to help David come up with a codename, Jeanne offers, "let me know what it is you do, I can help you come up with a codename." She then turns to Blindfold, approaches her very carefully, and leaning towards her ear whispers, making sure that David cannot hear her question.

David sighs. "Well, first thing that came to mind was 'Multiple Man,' but apparently it's already taken."

Blindfold thinks aboput david's dilema as she flips her sandwich over "What about Dupe? short for duplicate maybe? or Perhaps Deuce? Since you duplicate yourself but can't do more then two of you? Echo might work as well maybe, cuz multiplying yourself is kinda of like making echoes of yourself? I don't know, just ideas, I'm sorry, don't listen to me" then turns her head to Jeanne "It is likely, yes, but I am uncertain at this time, I'm sorry, my apologies. I will certainly let you know if I see anything that involves you. I think it would likely be preferable to what I saw from Micheal Morbius"

"Similar to the Multiple Man, huh? Try Duplicity," Jeanne offers about the same time Blindfold suggests 'Dupe', which makes Jeanne smile at her roommate, "it does strike a chord. If you don't like that, how about Cloner? Xerox? Ditto?" Jeanne tries to give David a variety of choices. Hearing about David's limitation of only making one copy of himself, Jeanne quips, "in that case I do like Ditto best." Jeanne's eyes seem to light up at Blindfold's answer to her question, an air of excitment seems to hang about her, "thank you Blindfold...I appreciate the gesture, and I won't ask what you've seen from Morbius, I assume these visions are private matters."

David makes a face. "Okay, I can actually make more than one copy, it's just that my brain can't handle it and it knocks me unconscious. Dupe sounds too much like fool," He adds, listing the various choices offered, "Cloner? Nah.. Xerox? Last thing I need is come company filing a trademark infringement on me.. Ditto? Like the pokemon? No way."

Blindfold smiles to Jeanne shyly "You're welcome, yes, I'd be quite the rotten person if I didn't. Yes, thank you, let's just say it involved alot of death and blood...and some man riding a motorcycle with a flaming skull for a head" the part about ghost rider causing the seer to make a puzzled face "Made me freeze in place at it all" then smiles to David "Then you definitely don't want to go with pseudo woodo. What about mirror? Like thosehouse of mirrors and mirror mazes at carnivals people tell me about?"

"Xerox has long since been used as a verb, they cannot sue you on that, I mean that's tantamount to Donald Trump suing someone for using the words "you're fired" which is just plain dumb." Jeanne interjects to David's reluctance to go with either of their choices, before being completely stumped at the last bit, "Pokemon?" She clearly has zero knowledge of the pocket monster phenomenon. Nodding at Blindfold, and shrugging, Jeanne quips, "his problem not yours." She then tries again for David, "Doppleganger? Replicator? Mirrorimage? Double? Duality? Twofold?" Rolling her eyes, she adds, "I would have gone with Ditto, I can see why you're having trouble, you're too picky and care too much for other things in the environment then to center on yourself."

"Picky? I just don't want to have to ask to change my codename in a week because I don't care for it," David replies. "Too much focus on the number two, I think.. Hmm.. What about Manifold?"

Blindfold thinks as she flips her grilled sandwich out onto a plate "Hmm, sorry, my apologies, but when I hear manifold, I think engine manifold" the look on her face saying how she didn't like shooting down his ideas "Would Clone work maybe?"

"Who is going to ask you to change your codename?" Jeanne rolls her eyes and empties her bottle, before discarding it in the recycle bin, "Manifold? Didn't take you for a math buff, I guess I'd go with that if you were more of a full freeform shifter, such as say, Mystique." Looking back at Blindfold, Jeanne quips, "I doubt he'd like that, Manifold is something he came up with on his own, maybe it's best he goes with it. Plus, it's not often you happen into connoisseur of mathematics, I like that. Unexpected."

"Well, it's pretty much synonymous with all of the other suggestions," David explains, "And Cloner was already suggested, and Clone's pretty close to that.. But manifold means, 'of many kinds' and it /also/ can be used to refer to a copy or a facsimile." He pauses for a moment. "I think it suits me. Besides, when I duplicate, it isn't exactly... umm... cloning."

Blindfold nods with a smile to Jeanne "It will definitely be unexpected, yes" and then nods to david as she puts a splash of water in the hot pan and swishes it around before dumping it out and wiping the pan off "So, you've decided then?" then turns back to Jeanne "Pokemon was a cartoon, they don't come in braile, about this world based around living in harmony with their animals they called pokemon. they battled and fought and bred and trained pokemon and researched them. Ditto was a jello like pokemon that could change form into any pokemon it saw. Pseudo woodo was a tree pokemon that mimiced the powers of other pokemon"

"It is primarily a main concept of Geometry in math, as a manifold of dimension n is a topological space that near each point resembles n-dimensional Euclidean space. More precisely, each point of an n-dimensional manifold has a neighbourhood that is homeomorphic to the Euclidean space of dimension n. Lines and circles, but not figure eights, are one-dimensional manifolds. Two dimensional manifolds are also called surfaces. Examples include the plane, the sphere, and the torus, which can all be realized in three dimensions, but also the Klein bottle and real projective plane which cannot." Jeanne seems to really get into it before it dawns on her that David did not choose the name for it's mathematical implications. She doesn't anticipate much interest in her mini-lecture, and so doesn't linger on it. Jeanne facepalms when Blindfold explains about Pokemon and the quality of the one for which David did not like the choice she most favored. "I see the animals being researched, but the part about harmony is nonsense. Homo Sapiens are predators by nature, and some of the most vicious ever to walk this planet." Waving her hand, Jeanne starts to head out of the kitchen, "well, I've wasted enough of my time, I have to get back to my research, good night guys, I guess I'll see you later, Ruth, take care."

David blinks, and gawks at the mini-mathematic lecture, "Umm.. Yeah. That too," he says finally, then follows up with "Good night then."

Blindfold first looks confused as heck at Jeanne then frowns and waves goodbye to Jeanne "Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to waste your time, I apologize, we will meet again, Jeanne" and turns to david after putting away her pan and took a seat with him "So why are you up at this time if I might ask?"

"Woke up hungry, decided to grab something to eat," David replies with a shrug. "Kinda nice to have a codename now, y'know?"

As she walks away, Jeanne says loudly at Blindfold, without looking back or stopping, "Ruth, you're my roommate, better develop some self esteem. Just because I wasted my time, doesn't mean you're to blame...don't apologize for something that's not your fault."

"I'm trying to break her of that habit," David adds. "She's a nice girl, but she throws in a lot extra 'thank you's, 'please's, and 'sorry's."

Blindfold smiles and nods "Yes, you're welcome, I'm glad you like it" at the call backward from Jeanne she blushes embarassedly and opens her mouth to apologize for it but forces herself not to and blushes even MORE when david agrees with jeanne.

David says, "Wow, you're beet red," observing the blushing blindfolded girl.

Blindfold hadn't even realized she was but just like telling someone not to look down...she only blushed more and kept her mouth busy with her snack.

David decides enough is enough and stops teasing Blindfold, and finishes eating his little snack.

Blindfold finally turns her head back up in his direction "Thank you for saying I'm nice, it's nice to hear, thank you, it's appreciated"

David swallows hard, then replies, "Oh, um. Yeah. No problem."

Blindfold smiles and nods to him "Least now you'll have your name on the plaque by your door right? Your codename yes?"

"Yeah. Now all I have to figure out is a costume," David replies.

Blindfold looks surprised and a little dismayed "We have to figure out costumes?" greaaaat, she didn't even know how she looked most of the time.

"You could always just go with the classical oracle look... Although depending on which one you go with, you either wouldn't be able to move around very well, or get arrested for indecent exposure," David replies.

Blindfold grins amusedly at him "How can they arrest someone for how they dress who can't see what they look like? Though I don't know what either oracle look..well looks like, I'm sorry"

"Well, some of the outfits are very revealing, and having your breasts exposed, or other areas, is a crime in most of the US," David points out.

Blindfold nods grimacing "Yes, I agree, I don't mind revealing long as the..necessities are covered"

David suddenly snickers. "I bet if you did do that, it would take the entire department to arrest you."

Blindfold smirks chuckling "Quite probable since I'd know where they were and could avoid them"

Blindfold smiles shyly as her cheeks unwittingly turn pink "You really think so?"

David nods, and says, "Well, you're not exactly unattractive, you know."

"Actually, I was just thinking that they'd be too busy gawking," David says.

Blindfold shakes her head "I never knew. Just thought I was average and plain looking"

David nods. "Well, you're not plain, at least, you definitely stand out." He rises from the chair, and clears his dish away, "Anyway, I'd better try to sleep. You should too. We're not even supposed to be up and about at this hour."

Blindfold smiles warmly at him "Thank you, sleep well. I don't think I'll be getting any but I hope your dreams are pleasant"

"G'night," He says, striding out of the kitchen.

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