Midnight Raid on Westport

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Wolfsbane, Mirage and Thimble

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11/01/12 01:00 am

Westport Orphanage

Wolfsbane and Mirage stage a middle of the night rescue to get Thimble

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==[ Westport Orphanage For Highly Dangerous Children - RP Suite #1 ]==

Halloween and its well past midnight, so technically Halloween is over, but still. The lights are all out in the Westport Orphanage and all the residents should be tucked away in thier beds. A door opens into a dark, empty hallway, the only light coming from the full moon shining in the barred windows at each end of the hall. One would think on the other side of the door would be a bathroom, since that is where the door leads. Instead on the other side is a well decorated office with plush carpets and a fishtank.

Mirage had explained everything to her friend Rahne, about how the orphanage was a cover and it was using mutant kids as pretty much kamikaze pilots, sending them to thier deaths in order to do nefarious acts and not get busted, etc, and they had to pull a certain girl out before she was next to be sent to her death.

Glancing both ways down the hallway to make sure all is clear, Mirage steps out, dressed in head to toe dark gray, and sufficiently armed. She waits for Wolfsbane to follow before closing the door.

That kind of explanation didn't require many questions to be asked at all. Rahne was in. Tonight she's gone with an all black version of her costume, better for stealth under cover of any darkness. The link between Wolfsbane and Mirage is also established, making it easier for them to keep in communication without having to do it verbally. A silent glance toward the Cheyenne and a nod indicates readiness.

Romm 43 in the female wing was dark, the door closed. All the three beds were occupied, the young women in their pyjamas. The youngest was maybe 15, the oldest maybe 17. On the chairs around the table hung the uniformous clothes. Was there anything personal at all in the room? yes... a small blinking light of an alarm clock set for 6:30 in the morning...

Thanks to Ruth and a member of staff that was quite susceptible to bribes, Mirage managed to get the room number of the target, and age. Unfortunately she was unable to get a picture or any other identifiers, which could prove problematic. She gestures down the hallway, for Wolfsbane to go that way and she will take the other way, so the room is found faster. With hope they hit the right hallway. Along the link the two share is a request for watchfulness and care. Periodic bed checks would probably be something they do in a place like this.

Talk before this has included what to do about the orphanage itself. Wolfsbane's concern was simple: even if they rescued one now, what would happen when that person turned up missing? What about the others still there? First things first, though: getting in, finding their target, so to speak, and getting out. She took off all but silently down the other direction from where they entered, eyes passing over the doors along the way.

Ohhh, they did bed checks... and dresser checks... and doom on those that have all the things not in order. Or if the uniform was not on the chair. or if they suspected you not to have brushed your teeth correctly. But room 43 was good - at least tonight. which did not mean that they wouldn't just walk down the hallway to check it anyway. What they did when someone went missing? Well, they did preparations to make people vanish all the time... maybe a small payment here and there or placing a note in the right folder would do... or not.

No room 43 down her end of the hallway, so Mirage heads back down toward Wolfsbane, her mocassioned feet making little noise on the floor. A mental query is sent down the link >>>Find it?<<< is the best interpretation of what is sent, which is followed by a quick sense of concern when she hears coughing and shuffling coming from behind the door she passes, but it seems to be just the tossing and turning of someone, since nothing comes of the noise.

Wolfsbane sends in the affirmative as she counts down to the right door, even pointing at it as soon as she can see Dani again. Soft pacing follows as she more or less circles that spot in place, eyes and ears on the alert for any signs of others who might happen to draw near. Then, an ear is pressed to the door itself.

The breath of three persons goes steadily behind the door, the lock of it clicks slightly as the ear gets pressed against it. Somewhere on the hallways heavy steps can be heard, the squeaking of a thick rubber sole on the linoleum. Room check on the floor abouve them? or below? or was he heading to this hallway? The high ceiling made that hard to hear....

When the footsteps are heard, Mirage pulls the bow from her back. It's not her usual long bow, but one more compact, for close quarters. With a moments concentration, she strengthens the link so that she can hear what Wolfsbane does on the other side of the door. They make the perfect covert team, with them there is no need for verbalization. >>>You go. I'll cover.<<<

The handle is tried and, finding it to be unlocked, Wolfsbane sneaks inside without a sound. In doing so, she shuts it behind her just in case. The sounds from above were too close for comfort. Once in there, she gives a few seconds for her eyes to adjust and checks for the one they were after - or so she hopes, with three of them there - a hand reaching out to nudge the shoulder. "Wake up," she whispers. "It's time tae leave this place."

The room lies dark there, two beds on the floor, one placed over one of the others to save room. One young woman in each bed. three uniformous sets of clothing on the chairs. The blinking light of the alarm clock. And the girl you just nudged nearly jumps from her bed, about to scream. You searched for someone 17, right? someone likely tall... well, THAT was neither the right, nor was she 17. that was the youngest...

Screaming girls, never a good thing when you are trying to do something covertly. Mirage has just the thing for that. She feels no qualms about using one of her psychic stun arrows against an innocent, she knows for a fact they don't do any physical damage nor cause pain to the victim, just stuns them so they can't do anything. So Mirage pivots in the doorway where she stands and quickly fires off the glowing psychic arrow at the screaming girl. She does realize that the scream could bring people running so after the shot goes running to find and block the door that those people will be coming through.

The scream stayed in the throat, but was it too wise to just wake up the girls not knowing WHO you search while the person you search is oblivious that she shall be rescued?

At the entrance to the hallway, Mirage drives several of her mundane carbon fiber arrows into the door jam, her gloved hands leaving no evidence behind. >>>Bring them all if you have too. We can sort it out later.<<< its a complicated thought to express through the empathic link but long years of use has made them both an expert at expressing things "We are going to need a door, now." is whispered into the comm on her collar. It is the only thing she has said up to now.

"Wake up, all o' ye. We're leaving this place so they canna harm any more kids," Wolfsbane finally says. They'll get a bit of a sight in the furred mutant as she goes about getting the other two out of bed, picking up the one Dani nailed with the arrows. "Nae questions, unless ye want th' staff catching us. We've nae time tae worry about any stuff."

Big eye meet the two kidnappers as they force the two unstunned from their beds. On the door the steps get louder - the scream had been silent but arrow hitting wood are quite loud. The girls in their pyjamas slowly climb out of the bed, the smaller one searching for something under the blankets.

Across the hall from where Mirage stands with her back braced against the door and feet firmly planted. On the other side of the door is the same office as before. She doesn't say anything or send anything, though her sense of urgency is clear.

Wolfsbane moves to take up a spot toward the front since she's got 'dead weight' right now. "Hurry!" she says with all the urgency the single word carries when one of them begins rooting around within the blankets. A quick look to Dani follows before she waits for the all clear sign to go, go, go.

The bigger girl grabs for her uniform-dress, while the smaller one pulls something from under her blanket behind her. "I try, I try..." she mutters, the small backpack in her hand as she follows. better not trying to get hurt...

Makes the all clear motion, even though she is being jarred by the pounding on the door behind her and there is lots of yelling too "Go!" she gestures to the door across from her.

On they go, Wolfsbane getting the door in question that leads into the office - quite a strange sight in an orphanage, but it's more than it seems. "Everyone through?" she asks as she looks over a shoulder, setting the one down in a chair carefully. "We've got a bit o' explaining tae do for ye."

The door budges as the staff hammers against it to get in, the girls following Wolfsbane relucantly in their pyjamas. Walking into where a wall should be and ending in an office? the bigger, but younger girl gets big eyes, while the smaller one is more wary...

Once everyone is through, Mirage wastes no time in diving through the door which swings closed, revealing a sparkly women who quickly departs from the office through the same door, only there is a different, brightly lit hallway on the other side.

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