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American Dream, Network and Topaz

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Rooftops - Manhattan

American Dream calls Network and Topaz together to tell them nothing is new

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==[ Northern Manhattan - Rooftops - New York ]==

The rooftop level of the Upper West and East side as well as Central Park is quite diverse. Central Park has little to no rooftops, nothing for a Spider to swing upon while the west and east sides have vast apartment towers. More east than west, while the west has countless brownstone homes. Either way, getting from one side to the other may require using the Helicarrier (if present) as a swing point.


The call went out. To the Voodoo Lounge and to the email provided to American Dream by Network. Meet at 9:30 in the morning on Thursday the 19th on the rooftop of 151 7th Street in the heart of Manhattan. Dream's already there, shield on her arm, looking out over the great metropolis of New York City.

With the buzzing sound of her electromagnetics, Network hovered up from the fourth sory level just to some feet higher than the top of a roof, staying one foot away from the actual building so the buzzing street was under her feet. From time to time small pieces of dust did meet her forcefield, producing violet and blue shimmers around her as she kept hight easily in the slight breeze. "Someone with a shield as icon placed some info on my blog. So It was not a wild guess to asume it was you."

One second the space near the two woman is empty the next second there is a spark, followed by a small puff of smoke and Topaz! She is dressed in what in american culture would probably considered pajamas, but the violet silk outfit in her culture is perfectly reasonable out and about garb. She carries a to go tray with three to go cups of what appears to be hot beverages of some sort, she holds it out "Morning ladies." she greets cheerfully with her softly accented voice.

"It was me. Thank you for coming, Network." American Dream offers the other heroine a confident smile. Then, puff! Like a genie, Topaz appears. "Ms. Topaz. Thank you for coming. I wanted to give you both an update on the investigation."

Network lifts an eyebrow under her mask, as Topaz does the geenie from the lamp-trick "Either someone has a nice Teleport device, or we do have occult backing here." she comtemplates, then nodding to American Dream and eventually landing on the roof. "So an update. Something not in the police reports I guess? I think they pinned down the source to a given degree."

The smoke from her arrival quickly dissapates in the early morning breeze "How could I not accept your invitation. It is not often I am privy to such activity." she takes a quick sip of her tea and glances at Network, "So it seems does the creator of the drug." she then moves her gaze back to Dream "I have asked a few of my resources for names of mystics capable of golems, but have heard nothing back as of yet. What of your news?

"How many of them can turn people into golems?" American Dream asks Topaz. "That's the more important thing." She shakes her head and then proceeds. "We're dealing with a new strain of MGH. Topaz has determined there's magic being used to make it. It is being sold at a higher price point than normal MGH so, thankfully, there have only been a dozen cases so far of people turning into these golems. Each time, they revert back quickly and then slip into a coma. So, we can't question the suspects."

Searching Wikipedia is no real task for NEtwork, even if it is not too informative. "Golem, hebrew hor unshaped form or embryo. It's central point of some discussions in the kabbalah and a jewish legend about rabi Judah Loew ben Bezalel from prague. It is seen as being enlightened if you can create a golem." Nodding on Dreams explanation she pulls up another file that is even more rudimentary "You mean Mutant Groth Hormone, right? Well, the higher price could be an indicator of either a higher concentration of hormone, or a better source. Considdering that both cases I met show beings made from dead matter, I guess it is the former and the later at the same time."

Topaz listens thougtfully to what the two have to say, "The creation of golems is a long dead practice, or so I thought." she gives a slight nod to Network suggesting that her facts are pretty much correct "You mention this is a second strain of the drug? Is the inherent rage that comes with the drug a new side effect or is that the same?"

"Normally, people who take MGH are high but in control for the most part." American Dream explains. "Or, at least, our files suggest that. Chemically, this doesn't seem too different from other strains. Which is why the magic is important. Obviously, the magic is boosting it somehow. So far, we don't have a lead on who is manufacturing this strain. The formula for MGH is open market. Several different organizations make it to sell."

"Don't quite some reports tied to MGH state that it is enhancing violance?" Network tosses in, looking around if there is some kind of screen availavle. "However you are quite correct - it is disturbingly simple. It can be extracted from any mutant, especially young or powerful ones. What if they have an Omega threat all drugged up to get their stuff? I am no genetic expert, but a wild guess is, that it might be a more powerfull drug."

"Do not most of this organizations but a 'tag' in thier drug to make it thier own?" Topaz asks her brow furrowing "A signature so to speak?

"Sometimes." American Dream says, "It does increase aggressiveness but it doesn't induce beserker rages, normally. And it usually doesn't induce transformation on this scale. Sometimes, there are tags. Markers. But some organizations don't do that to avoid detection or because they're doing it for a quick, cheap buck."

"So, what about our source? did you pinpoint it?" Network asks, pulling up some charts on where how much drugs were taken from the streets by the police. "Seems there was not too much irregular stuff happening. They did not bust more than average dealers and just the usual suspects hat MGH with them."

Topaz bites on her lip, looking thoughtful as she listens to the other two, "So two things have changed in the formula. The physical and mental aspects. Historically golems were used as servants, not as rage filled killing machines. There were exceptions of course." she tacks that last bit on as a disclaimer "If a mystic is involved they may have left a tag that can be read. As I said earlier, I would need a bigger sample.

"If there are golems. So far, they're mostly people who have turned into something. That's not quite the same." Dream points out. Then she continues. "So far, we haven't been able to pinpoint a source. The one place that we know was dealing, the Oil and Soaps shop, was destroyed during the first case and any dealers either fled or are dead. None of the police's informants have a handle on this, either."

"So they are in the dark? Well, is there a clue if the substance is stable and how long?" Network asks "Because that could pin down where it is produced."

A sigh comes from Topaz, "That place had some really good oils too." its a wistful side comment, but her regret for the place being gone quickly leaves considering what the place really was, "The victims are still a good source of information, you just need a strong telepath."

"I'll see if Jean Grey is available. That's a good idea." American Dream says, thoughtfully. "As for the chemical composition. That's the problem, Network. Its regular MGH. What little the police have to analyze shows its no different from most of the MGH out there. Bland, ordinary stuff. The kicker comes from the magic and Topaz doesn't have enough to analyze it." She glances around. "That's it, really. I wanted to bring you both up to speed. I'll tell you more when I know more. Thank you for coming."

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