MGH Plot: Who Would Do Such a Thing

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MGH Plot: Who Would Do Such a Thing?

Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Vision

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06/19/12 21:30

Computer Center, Avengers' Mansion

Black Widow and Vision catch Carol up on what they've found so far on the MGH investigation.

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Black Widow was speaking to Vision in the computer, with several schematics of the equipment used in the MGH operation on display, as she summoned Ms. Marvel to join them, as Natasha had discovered some new things that she felt should share right away.

The Synthetic Avenger is tethered to one of the main terminals by a couple of USBs and cables. These cables come out of various ports in Vision's arms. Vizh is also manually skimming through data on a monitor as well as tapping away at a keyboard. Though it looks as if Vizh isn't paying attention to Black Widow as she speaks to him, he's certainly following the conversation. Vizh admits, "It appears Mockingbird came across a well organized endeavor."

Black Widow nods "Yes, an extremely well organized and a very efficent, it was luck that Mockingbird came across it when she did, otherwise the implications of this setup would of been very bad for everybody."

The Vision offers Black Widow a stiff nod of agreement, "One could certainly say that about a future trace our current information to that theoretical future scenerio." The ghostly-white Avenger turns his gaze away from the screen to look at Black Widow, "We have an advantage now that we need to press. We have several angles to persue, so thankfully we are fortunate to know now what we know."

The door beeps, and then hisses and slides aside, as the Chairwoman - Ms. Marvel - steps inside. "I got a message you two needed to see me?" she comments, as she makes her way towards the computer center terminals, glancing at anything big enough to read at her distance as she does so. "What's up?"

Black Widow looks toward Carol and speaks "Yes we did, I had finished reviewing the tech stats on the equipment and I have something you should see." She taps a few keys and a simulated person in a chair like what was found in the warehouse comes up with a circle around their head a tube extending from the circle to a central machine aslo like what was found "Normally, when individuals have attempted to extract MGH in the past, they always attempted to extract as much as possible in one attempt." She pushes a button and the tube fills up and goes into the machine. "What I have found with the setup Logan and Mockingbird found is much different, and much worse." She push a button again and the liquid moves slowly this time, in almost a pumping like fashion "Apparently what they found was a setup to extract MGH on a consistent basis." She stops for the moment in case Vision or Carol has anything to say.

Again the Vision gives the appearance of being distracted, but he is adept at multi-tasking. Vizh provides a raise of his hand as a wave of greeting to Carol upon her entrence into this room. Black Widow begins to explain the situation to the Chairwoman, and Vizh is quietly working. When Black Widow pauses, Vizh adds, "A process not unlike milking at a dairy farm, it would seem."

"Meaning that they wanted to prolong the usefulness of the donors and go for the long haul, allowing the donors to actually regenerate MGH before extracting more, as a continuing source." Ms. Marvel offers. She caught that part, since it was part of the medical review on the kids. But she's sure this connected to something important for Natasha, so she waits to see what it is.

Black Widow continues "Yes, and there is more, because these devices" zooms in on the circles "seem to send to out a electrical signal that convinces the brain to produce the chemical, to detriment all other functions of the brain." She pushes some buttons and a picture of brain waves, though slightly less than normal "This 24 hours after the extraction proccess begins. 48 Hours. 72 Hours." and she continues push a button and each time brain get straighter, until they are completely straight "Within 2 weeks the subject is clinically brain dead, but extraction continue for another 24 hours before stopping." she stops again to let other speak on what she said.

Carol cannot help but shudder at that. "Alright. So someone went to a lot of trouble to figure out the biology, biochemistry and anatomy of this process and perfect it mechanically, with the /intent/ of terminating the subject but harvesting the maximum. You have the part numbers. Adaptoid was researching those to track down suppliers and the money trail. Have either of you found anything to tie this to a government project? A patent?" Widow wouldn't be pointing it all out if she hadn't found something. Carol is just prompting. Next slide in the show, please.

The Synthetic Avenger is quiet now during and after Black Widow's elaboration. He's hooked into the computers and goes back to his typing. After dozens more keystrokes, Vision lowers his hands from the keyboard and rests them at his sides. He looks at the monitor for a brief moment more before stating, "Algorithms setup and functioning properly. Data is streaming and I am processing and filtering as soon as data arrives." It is more of an announcement than anything else. He adds for no one's benefit, "Putting together those algorithms consumed more time than I had originally anticipated."

Black Widow listens to Vision and Carol "Well we don't have everything, but the death was not appartently a intended effect, at least according to the man Vision found." she hits a few keys and brings up a governmemt data file a balding, middle-age man with glasses "Meet Dr. Eli Johnson, PhD in neurobiochemistry and had some skill in electronics. Dr.Johnson worked in the Mutant Research section of DARPA, and had working on a way to stablize the effects of MGH on people, which was unsuccesful , but he did develop a way to produce enough MGH to use for research." and pushes a button, and photos of the machine warehouse pops up next to schematics of the same thing."The photos are from the warehouse, the schematics came for Dr.Johnson's proposal, notice any similarities?"

"That looks like a pretty tight pattern match on those circuit boards." Carol comments, glancing at Vision. "How tight is the match overall? Conclusive enough to get us a warrant? What other data do you have on Doctor Johnson?"

Vision states they are identical and Natasha speaks after him "SHIELD is already looking for him, because Dr. Johnson has several vices, including a gambling addiction which caused to gain a serious debt to several figures, so in order to pay it off, he attempted to contact OsCorp to sell his research to them for a large cash settlement, but we got word of it moved in on the sale. Oscorp of course denied they knowing buying classified research, and in fact the person in the doctor's stead was carrying fake research, as he intended to cheat them. He has since disappeared, and our best estimate of the situation is that his backer has provided protection and/or covering of his debts in exchange for his work. That is all we have at the moment, but I am investigating several leads based on our friends's habits." She finishes and waits for futher questions.

A near match to the systems' circuit pathways, allowing for manufacturing tolerances, is definitely enough for the warrants they'll need, which is helpful. That makes what else they are doing a lot less illegal. "Alright, then. Obviously, we need to find Johnson. Vision, load up a copy of everything you can find from that project's research, and send it to my account, SHIELD, and the medical facility where the children are being treated. And send a copy to Doctor Richards. I want us using every resource available to help them." Carol looks to Natasha next. "If the backer is covering his debts and protecting him from the collectors, then we can assume security around the doctor will be tight. I obviously trust you to get in if you need to. But just remember that backup is available, even if all you want is for us to make noise as a distraction."

Black Widow nods "I can and will if the opportunity arises, but remember a man, especially a man such our friend here." points to the dossier "with vices like his has openings no matter what security surrounds him, as I found over my career, and he probably could be led to a less secure spot if you desire to have brought him alive at least." Natasha offers in her version of being helpful.

Carol nods. "I would prefer alive, so that we can squeeze answers out of him, to expose as much of this operation as possible. He won't know everything. But every little thing he does know, I want on the record and useful in court if we can manage it."

Black Widow suppresses a chuckle "Court?, Trust me, men like him have too much value on, or shall I say in their head to be wasted on trials on jails, no Dr. Johnson is only likely to see the inside of a coffin, unless he can show his research has more to it than draining mutant kid's brains for drugs. As for information, I am quite skilled at the squeezing part on my own, without any uneccassary complications." and her tone indicates what kind of "complications" she means.

"I don't much care about putting /him/ on the stand, Natasha. But I want the statements legal and above-board, to bring down as many as we can of those behind this, as publicly and humiliatingly as possible. Court, so that their names are mud and everyone sees the bright, glaring light of day shined on their misdeeds. No more hiding in the shadows for these bastards." Carol offers, coldly. She knows what Tasha is capable of, and she wouldn't hesitate to unleash her on this bastard. But they're going to do this smart, and permanent. Whether his compatriots decide to splatter Johnson's brain over the wall afterwards isn't her problem, frankly.

Black Widow suppresses a smile at Carol's statements and says to her "I would of thought, considering your background you might have some understanding on the ways we could deal with them permantenly without outside influences or even how deep the shadows really are, but you are really set on this course, I will indulge you." For now anyway and long it doesn't infere with what she needs to do, she thinks to herself.

Carol smirks and shrugs her shoulders. "Sure, I worked intel, Natasha. I know how it can go. But I was military intel long before I was CIA, DoHS or SHIELD. I believe in the cleansing power of sunlight and outside attention. Besides, we're here to be the heroes, the ideals everyone else tries to live up to. Best way to do that is never get ourselves sucked down into the muck and the shadows if there's an alternative."

Black Widow shakes her head, How naieve Carol is if she really sunshine can penetrate all shadows, but says to her "I have worked military intel as well, long before you or any those groups existed, and I have seen how deep some shadows really are, but let us agree to disagree, I didn't come to debate philosphies, I came to do a job and if you wish to do it in this way, then so be it." Perhaps she would come back to the subject someday, but not today.

"Good enough. You need backup, you know where to find it. The rest, I trust you to take care of. And thank you for your hard work." Carol offers. She can agree to disagree, sure. But from what she knows of Tasha's background, she was never military intelligence. She was KGB all the way. Which probably means the dossier she read wasn't accurate. Damned shell games.

Black Widow nods "Don't worry I will take care of what needs to take care of, but I appreciate your thanks. So is there anything else you wish to discuss at this time?"

"No, nothing. I'll let you two get back to it." Ms. Marvel offers, and she heads out. Other pressing matters, to be sure.

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