Meeting with Mercury

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Mercury and Mirage

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History Classroom - Xavier's Mansion

Mercury gets her golden ticket

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--[History Classroom - Xavier's Mansion]--

It's a typical school day at Xavier's, students go to class, get lectures, homework and the usual day-to-day school stuff. The only different about the day is that there is a subsitute teacher in 4th period history class, that being Miss. Moonstar. She doesn't typically teach, at least not after she got promoted to Dean. But the normal teacher for the class is an X-Man and they had to go do X-Many things so she is covering for the day. As the class ends and the students begin to file out to head to thier next class or lunch she will flag Mercury down before she gets to the door "Cessily, can you see your for a few minutes?" while it is phrased as a question, the tone implies that there is only one correct answer.

Mercury was happily on her way out, when her name is called. She turns her head toward Moonstar and blinks softly, "Um... Sure? I mean, yeah, sure." she nods softly, as she turns away from the classroom exit door and approaches Moonstar, the silvery girl still holding her books against her chest loosely, "Is there something wrong, Miss Moonstar?" she asks, smiling a bit.

Shaking her head she gives the girl a reassuring smile "Nothing more than the usual, Cessily." moving around to the front of the desk the pushes some papers to the side and sits on it, quite informally "I'm sure you have heard the rumours going around the school." she cuts to the chase as to why she is singling out Mercury "About how there is a student based team in the works.

Mercury oh's softly and nods, smiling a bit as she is relieved she did nothing wrong, and after Moonstar sits on her desk, Mercury goes to pull a chair from one of the students' desks to sit on it, facing Moonstar, "Mmmm... Yes, I've heard about it." she nods softly as she thinks about it, "Some of the girls were talking about it a couple days ago in the cafeteria, during lunch." she says, nodding gently.

"Were they?" an eyebrow goes up and Dani hms about how there is no such thing as a secret at Xavier's "Ms. Grey has decided to bring back the student run team of New Mutants." its common knowledge that the orginal incarnation of the team was lead by Dani, "We are in the process of deciding which students should make up the core of the team." her eyes follow as Mercury takes a seat "Your grades are good, you have shown good leadership potetial and you do well in training exercises." she pauses she let that all sink in.

Mercury listens to everything, giving a soft nod before she thinks, and blinks softly. 'Please, god, that she isn't thinking of making *me* the leader of that team...' she thinks to herself. Truth be told, she wants to join the team, but she just can't see herself LEADING a team. "Well..." she asys, smiling a bit embarrassed, "I try my best to keep my grades up." she says, not knowing how to answer all that.

A nod is given, "When the New Mutants were first formed Professor Xavier was our mentor and teacher, and wisely he did not assign leadership roles." Perhaps Dani could see the concern on her face or maybe she is just explaining how things were when she was on the team, either way she continues "He allowed us to work together and we figured it out on our own. I will be doing the same with this new team." a tired smile comes to her face. "I'll be throwing you all together and we'll see who comes out on top.

Mercury nods softly as Danielle explains how the first New Mutants was made, but she blinks softly at the last part. "A 'free-for-all'? So we'll face against each other, and the winner gets to lead?" she asks, tilting her head softly at Miss Moonstar, the metallic girl obviously confused by that method. "Isn't that a very inefficient way of finding a leader?" she asks, rubbing the back of her head in confusion.

A laugh escapes Dani at the misinterpratation "No, I don't mean you are going to fight for it. I mean you, the team, will decide who is the leader, in what ever method you want." a subtle shrug is given "I could assign someone to be the leader sure, but I think if you picked as a team who is leader it would be more meaningful." she pauses a beat "And it won't be easy.

Mercury ooh's and nods softly, "Yeah, that makes more sense, yeah." she chuckles, smiling, and she lightly baps her head at that, "I think we can do that. Well, depending on who's in the team, of course." she says, and then she looks down for a moment, and something clicks in her mind. She looks back up to Dani and says, "Oh, and... as a team? Do we get to keep our current uniforms?" and then she looks down at her combat uniform. She likes having her arms free and stuff! "Or do we have to change it?"

"A new uniform will be given to you, but your abilities and powers will be taken into account in its design." Dani gestures to what Mercury is currently wearing "We can design it to look like that one, but in the proper black and yellow. You will need to come up with my office when classes are over to pick up the requsition forms.

Mercury blinks, "My abilities? Oh! Right, my abilities, yes!" she says, trying to correct her little slip with a goofy grin She wanted it to keep that way because she liked it that way. The fact her current outfit's design didn't hinder her powers was just a pleasant bonus. "Well, I guess it'll have to be a new uniform, then." she smiles.

"I take it that is a yes to joining the new, New Mutants than?" Dani of course already assumes a yes but she needs to hear it out loud too.

Mercury smiles and nods, "Yes, I would love to join the team, Miss Moonstar." she says, and she nods again, "I'd love to!" she repeats, but now with more enthusiasm, and then she stands up, "And, hm... is there anything else, Miss Moonstar? I wouldn't want to miss the lunch period..." she chuckles a bit, rubbing the back of her head.

Shaking her head Dani makes a shooing motion, "That's all Cessily." she scootches off the desk and begins to prep for the next class which is already beginning to file in "Oh and make sure you stop by my office later for the forms."

Mercury blinks. Forms? She doesn't voice her question, though. All she does is to nod and smile at Moonstar, before she picks up her stuff and heads out of the classroom in a bit of a hurry. Lunch time is half over already!

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