Meet the Baldies

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Shatterstar and Dagger continue the investigation…

Shatterstar, Dagger

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10/18/12 21:43

The Bronx

Some street gangers get interrogated

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It's a few days after Shatterstar, Elene and Grice first met up, time enough for the forensics folks to do their thing, and for reports to be made. So Grice summons Shatterstar to the station where he works. And Dagger too, given Elene's disappearance, Dagger being someone who the NYPD have occasional, if rather off the record, dealings with in the past.
Grice is loitering around outside the police station, waiting for the superheroes to show up, so he can quickly rush them into the building with the minimum fuss and bother.

Shatterstar appears around a corner and approaches Grice directly. Given his colorful costume - some might say 'garish' - he's easy to spot coming. Rather than a staff his sword is transformed into a pair of baton-sized sticks this time, tucked through his belt while he walks. "Hello, Detective." He greets. "Are we going to visit the 'gang' today?"

Making a conscious effort to keep her facial marking from glowing, Dagger wore the only things she owned, her white outfit and a salvation army jacket and cap to hide her identity. She and Cloak were still wanted for many things and if the police wanted to keep it low key she'd play along. Taking a circuitous route over to Grice she nodded with a smile to the detective once she got close "Hello Detective, I hope I can be of some help"

Grice offers a forced smile. He looks quite haggard, eyes sunken, the faint scent of booze about him perhaps, though you'd need a sharp nose. "Hi. Glad you could make it." he says to the two of them. "Lets get inside quick, I don't want to be talking on the street.".
And with that he hurries into the station, a few of the local cops looking up at the odd trio heading into his office, which is down the end of a dingy corridor.
He promptly settles into his chair behind a desk covered with papers and assorted crap, and indicates the two other chairs opposite. "Take a seat, guys." he mutters, before rummaging around on the desk, drawing out a folder.

Shatterstar follows dutifully into the office, not as wide-eyed as before since this is second time in the room. He sits carefully on the street, then takes a moment to look over Dagger as they wait.

Dagger follows along not unused to police department. She unzips her coat and folds herself into on of the chairs with the poise and grace the only ruch and priviledged were drilled into. She folds her hands over one knee and gives the detective her full attention.

Grice draws out some papers from the folder. "I thought I'd tell you what the forensics guys found. Dagger, I assume you got my message about what this investigation is about, right?" he asks, looking over to her.
Looking over the sheaf of papers, he pores over them. "Okay, so there were five Baldies killed, no survivors. Looks like the main weapon used was... claws. They don't match any known animal. But the spacing suggests roughly human sized hands or paws involved...". He glances up over the paper at the two of you. "I assume you know more about mutants and that sort of thing than I do.".
"The report says that it was a frenzied attack, no forethought, not really any subtlety or obvious skill, just a berserker rush.". He glances up at them again. "If you got any questions do butt in and ask, I'm just reading the executive summary here, there's quite a pile of stuff.".

Shatterstar hesitates, then leans forward. "Were there any survivors from the attack? Perhaps some of the other gang members? We can get more details when we go the rest of the gang."

Dagger nods as she listens the mark on her face beginning to glow slightly as her attention is divided "Well, mutants aren't that different from humans when you set aside the powers. A feral mutant with claws narrows down the list considerably but it could still be a someone else looking to frame someone for the attacks. Were there any metal gragments in the wounds? Any residue?"

"We think there were about 20 Baldies, so there should still be a few out there. They used to hang out at a pool hall not too far from here, maybe they are still there. We can check it out in a bit if you like." Grice tells Shatterstar.
And to Dagger, he shakes his head. "No metal, though there were a few DNA traces, especially in the wounds, which don't match any of the five victims. Doesn't match anybody we know about. Male, apparently human, thats about all we know. There was something interesting at the crime scene which we think the perp left behind though - a few fibres of flourescent yellow material, the sort of thing you see on high visibility garments - the things road workers, paramedics, that sort of thing wear. Unusual.".

Shatterstar raises his eyebrows. Flourescent yellow? That sounds like the costumes of half of X-Force, all of the X-Men and some of the X-Students. Ahem. "Yes...yes, that is unusual," he agrees unsubtly. Then he blurts out, "Well, I suppose we should go see this pool hall!" He stands up, twisting back and forth to make sure his posture hasn't been affected by that cheap police station chair. "Shall we?"

Dagger blinks "Well if the human was anti-mutant that'd be a good motive but humans don't have claws. If they're a gang they may not like to talk to police. They tend to want to handle things on their own, their way. Worth a shot though" The pieces of the puzzle just didn't fit together..

"Well, you're not police. Maybe for the best." Grice tells Dagger. He skims the papers. "Hard to tell but they are reasonably certain there was only the five dead Baldies and one other in the alley at the time of the attack. Whatever or whoever clawed them up had a lot of strength, sort of weightlifter power. We scoured around for witnesses, but we've not had any come forward yet.". He nods in agreement. "It is peculiar. Especially the motive.".
He half rises from his chair. "I can see you're eager to get out there and find the other Baldies, though." he notes, more to Shatterstar than Dagger. "I'll have some copies of the forensic report run off for you two if you like.".

Shatterstar looks at Grice blankly. After a bit he turns to Dagger. "So you're not with the police?" He says to her in a whisper, but it's loud enough and the room small enough to be heard clearly by everyone inside.

Shaking her head Dagger turns to Shatterstar "No, I'm not with the police. ThoughI have helped out Rusty now and then. I'm Dagger, I work with Cloak, nice to meet you" even her speech had the polished aire of aristocracy

Shatterstar whispers his own name, "Shatterstar. I'm with the X-Men," he adds importantly, then shushes and turns back to listen to Grice again.

Grice ahs. "Sorry, she's another one of you folk." he tells Shatterstar vaguely. "Some other helper of mine. Come on, we can go in my car anyway.".
And he gets up out of his chair, straightens his crumpled tie, and makes his way for the door.

Shatterstar heads after Grice, looking as they approach his car for what kind of vehicle the good detective drives.

Dagger nods to shatterstar before turning to Grice and rising smoothly to her feet to fasten her coat again and follow on their heels as they headed out. The car wasn't important to her it was luxury

Grice has a beat up old car, but it's not that far to the pool hall so it makes little odds. The pool hall itself is a place called Mickey Flynn's, judging from the big sign outside. The car pulls up into a shady spot.
"I'm not sure if you guys want me to go in with you or not. They'll probably recognise me, if they are in there, this is my neighbourhood after all. They are pretty small time really, I've never had any trouble with them before, but you never know, given the situation. Your call.".
Shatterstar looks from Grice to the bar and back. Finally he clears his throat. "Yes, maybe it would be better if we go in alone. That way we can blend in better." Stepping out of the car, he checks to make sure that his batons are in place. Blend in, right. Then he heads for the front door.

Blend in? Is he serious? A fed would have a better chance of 'blending in'. Dagger nods to Grice "Thank you for the ride but I think your presence would deter witnesses from speaking rather then aide. Gangs frown on a snitch and I would hate to put someone in harms way" Tugging her cap down into place and popping the collar of her jacket couldn't tell it was her right? Yeah there was no hiding, but this was all she had!

Grice nods. "Good call. Good luck in there... I'll wait in the car. Don't take all /that/ long.", he tells them, shifting around on the squeaky front seat, trying to get comfortable.

The pool hall from the outside looks a little shabby and rundown but nothing too spectacularly bad, just a fairly normal place really, in a slightly rougher than average neighbourhood. Hardly unusual for the Bronx. As you push through the doors, you find yourselves in a large pool hall, with a bar off to one side. It's quiet, quite oppressively so, as you two enter. A bar is off to one side, a bartender eying the two of you with open suspicion.
There are a couple of people shooting pool nearby who look like ordinary folks, but at the back of the hall is a big gaggle of young men, all with shaved heads. There's over a dozen - they look quite quiet and non-threatening though, huddled into a corner by the last table in the hall. Talking among themselves earnestly.

Shatterstar pans his gaze over the interior of the bar, lets his eyes linger way too long on the shaved-headed group, then turns to look at Dagger, nodding significantly in their direction. "That must be them," he says, unaware of how obvious it must be. "Do you want to talk to them or should I?"

Shatterstar may have skipped subtlety class but Dagger didn't. Giving the place a quick once over as her eyes adjusted, Dagger unfastened her jacket a bit letting some skin show but not her full dagger cutout on her front. "I will, you just order a drink and chat up the barkeep" Then walks over to the bald headed group with a slinky stride as she took a nondirect path over to them.

For a street gang they look more scared than intimidating. When Dagger draws near, a few of them start noticeably and look over at her quickly, only relaxing when they see someone who looks rather non threatening. Overtly, anyway. When she gets within conversational range, one of them mutters, "Hey, this is a private chat, lady."
The bartender watches both newcomers as best he can, with a slight frown.
Shatterstar walks over to the bartender as directed. "Hello," he greets, nodding politely. "I would like to order a drink." He pauses and then adds, "I only have ten dollars." He turns his head so that he can follow Dagger's progress, and keep an eye on the gang for any signs of sudden movement. But something tells Shatterstar that these guys aren't going to be a threat.

Smiling Dagger was the picture perfect model of 'nothing to fear' young she didn't look like an adult yet, if there was a definition of sweet and innocent her picture would be right there in the dictionary. "Hey, I'm not looking to start anything. I was just hoping you might talk with me?"

"Look, this is a dangerous place." the Baldy who muttered to her just now tells her, none too eager. But some of the others are a bit more interested. Such a sweet and innocent thing. Frightened as they may be, one of them pipes up. "Sure, darling, these guys are boring tonight anyway. Whats up?". And one of the younger Baldies splits off from the pack, to head over to Dagger with a wide smile.
The bartender meanwhile blinks. "Only ten. Well hand it over, then." he tells Shatterstar, pouring him a pretty stiff whiskey.
Shatterstar glances back to examine the drink. "Ah...I believe I'll need two," he mentions. "I'll just have a coke if that makes it less expensive." He pauses, seems to think of something, casts another glance at Dagger, then adds. "Make that two cokes." Then he turns back to watch the questioning. Next time maybe he should bring a telepath.

Dagger smiles genuinely and nods to the brusk baldie "I know, this won't take long" before turning a smile to the younger one who's more eager "I've heard some kids got torn apart a few nights back. Can you tell me anything about it?"

"Hi, I'm...". The Baldy's face falls at that topic of conversation. "I'm not sure I believe it, but that's what that lot have been going on about for the last week." he tells Dagger, indicating the rest of them with a toss of the head. "Seems crazy to me, but then, those guys /have/ vanished... Marv over there said thought someone set a dog onto them. A real big dog. No cops around though, you would have thought there would be. Weird.". He sighs. "I'm trying not to think about it really." he admits.
Meanwhile over at the bar Shatterstar gets a whiskey, and a coke, and some change. "Woulda been nice if you said that before I poured it..." he tells him with an eyeroll. Goddamn freaks.

"Shh!" Shatterstar hisses at the bartender. He's trying to listen. Then after a bit. "Thank you." Can't forget your manners, or so Cannonball is always trying to tell him. He considers what Dagger has gotten the Baldie to reveal. A dog? A real big dog? That sounds about right. But... "What's this about people vanishing?" Shatterstar calls out from across the bar.

Dagger smiles to the kid "Don't worry, let's say we boost your rep with your friends hm? You tell me everything you know and have heard about the vanishings and to your friends over there we'll make it look like you got lucky? I'm not the police, but I do live on the streets so maybe if I can know more we can both avoid this thing" And there was mr subtlety.

"Mmm, well, I don't know that much..." the Baldy tells Dagger. "Five of our guys vanished, Marv over there says they got ripped up by a dog or something. I'm not sure I believe it. They were all old guys, kinda scary guys in truth, been in the gang for years. Marv is in charge now." the young guy says, pointing to the Baldy to tried to usher her away. "Thats Marv over there.".
"You want to shut your big mouth, whoever the hell you are!" Marv is meanwhile shouting out to Shatterstar. "You don't look like cop. It's none of your business.".
And the bartender shakes his head almost imperceptibly, talking to Shatterstar in a conspiratorial whisper. "They're just the local bullies, but something bad happened a few days back, a few of them disappeared. Rumours about them being cut up by some psycho or something. I guess I should feel sorry for them, but it's a little hard." he admits, making sure none but Shatterstar can hear him.

Shatterstar frowns slightly at Marv's shouting, but then turns back to the bartender. "I see." He leans closer and then whispers, "I know what you mean. I should feel sorry for them to. But I don't," he finishes matter-of-factly. Then he turns to watch what's going on once again.

Dagger nods with a smile as she cozies up to the baldie youngster "Does Marv any idea who's behind it? Anyone you've ticked off recently?" Giving a soft giggle as she looks to be flirting with the kid "You got a pen?"

He shakes his head at that, after patting his jeans. A pen isn't exactly standard equipment for thugs. But he looks a little sad that he is unable to please, while glancing over at the other Baldies out in the cold with a smirk. Woohoo!
"Uh, well... up till last week we were being quite hard on some of the factory workers around here, shaking them down, getting in fights and stuff..." he admits, a little sheepishly. "I heard Steve beat the crap out of a few of them real good. But they were just zeroes. Work in the old clothing factory a few blocks away.". A slight pause, and then he adds, "Steve was the old boss, he's one of the vanished guys.". And then he adds, "Thats what they are talking about, whether those factory guys did it or not. Maybe we should back down. Wouldn't look good if we did, though.".

Dagger smiles "My best advice from one street peep to another, do what you think is right and you'll never have any regrets. I bet the bartender has a pen, if you want my number?"

Ah! Numbers. "OH!" he exclaims, and digs out a phone from his pocket. It's kinda crap but it's still a phone. "No need for a pen for that, this thing does it all." he says, poking at buttons. "What's your name?".

Dagger gives the boy a number to enter into his phone, since she didn't have a cell phone herself she gave the number to the payphone on her block in the bowery district "Call me Dagger" and gives the boy a kiss on a the cheek to really sell it.

The young gangbanger flushes, smitten. Wow. This the luckiest day of his life. "If there's anything else I can do to help, just call me!" he gets out, with some difficulty. And he smirks over at the rest of his homies, half of whom are now looking on in jealousy.

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