Meet any Ant-Girls

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Meet any ant-girls?

Spider Man, Ant Man II

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08/16/12 15:30

Rooftops, Northern Manhattan

Ant Man finds Spider Man for a brief conversation

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"C'mon man, hurry up!" Are the hurried words uttered quickly between two young men both standing in the confines of a rooftop arboretum. It's one of those old arboretums that have seen better days, a communal garden area that represented hopeful dreams of an age when this particular apartment building was to be offered as affordable housing for the city's disadvantaged. Today it's a shattered thing with broken glass, overrun with nothing growing except weeds and grass. What few windows that remain are entirely opaque with grime.
Though right now some of those windows have apparently a coat of spray-primer on them. Partially hidden from view, two young men with loose clothes and backpacks are shaking up various spray cans of paint. They're getting set, going to try and tag this piece quick as possible.
"Can't hurry art, man." The one looks to the other, then proceeds to start spraying with the can, sweeping movements and motions that are mixed with a few colors and accompanied by the tinka-tinka-tink sound of spray cans being shaken to get the paint flowing.
It takes a bit of time, but eventually they've got a good chunk of the arboretum covered near the door, their efforts having moved them to a large shattered window area. It's, of course, at that time when their fortunes change.
A casual sing-song sort of voice lifts announcing his arrival by stating, "You guys really have some talent,"
There's a whirl as the two youths spin around, spray cans in hand. "I'm serious. That's pretty neat. The whole big face of the guy, and his general lack of hygiene, let me guess... the building super?"
Perched on an old heavy industrial radial that serves as the antenna for the televisions in the building is Spider-Man. He's balanced on one of the lengths of wire, swaying with the wind. The two teens look at each other again, then back. "Y...yeah?"
"C'mon guys, I know it's cliched but you really got something there. What happened to that youth center down on 45th? They have those contests and stuff." He recalls from a few years ago when he helped out down there with MJ.
"Closed down, man."
"Really?" Spidey's features drop behind the mask, though it's hard to tell with him.
"Yeah, sucks!"
"Alright, just you know I can't let you still do this stuff while I'm around. Get outta here, consider yourself being chased alright?"
The two teens quickly exchange glances again and then immediately beat feet towards the stairwell.
A small sigh comes from the vigilante as he looks again at the artwork on the windows, "Really not bad."

Weeds and grass on the rooftop are actually a good thing for Scott Lang. Following his foray into the first spider colony and its affects on the insect worlds ecosystem, he's been curious about certain things. Such matter might be addressed with someone he knows on rooftops. At a half inch, it takes him time to search those rooftops, unless there are ants present and then, they can relay to him what he's looking for. Out of the ordinary occurrences, from spray cans that clog the atmosphere of the little world to the people trampling around them.
Thus, arriving out of context, Scott Lang comes in mounted on a flying ant and takes note of several things. Spider man, abandoned spray paint, and a wall masterpiece unfolding. "I didn't know you had it in you," comes a call on his loudspeaker to address the web slinger, "I mean, its great, but if you put it on canvas, they pay you for it now." All rhetoric, as he hopes to simply grab the man's attention. Not usually the jovial perhaps, he makes the attempt to join Spider man in his level of comfort - maybe.

One eyebrow cocks behind the mask as Spidey remains on his perch, looking over at the sudden tiny arrival of Scott Lang. He offers a 'harumph' good-naturedly then says, "Oh you know me, all sorts of hidden talents." He holds up a bewebbed hand and waves to the side, as if dismissing such praise.
"You know it's weird, makes me want to do some experiments on my spider-sense. It didn't tingle for this, it tingles for robberies sometimes, is there a universal morality it keys into? Does it sense intent? Malice? But it tingles when robots attack, so it can't be something that senses other minds." He takes a deep breath and then stops, "Anyways, sorry. What's up?"

Pondering it all, he hovers closer on his ant, for simple conversation purposes. Scott Lang offers, "Can you program your senses for morality by Hume or Kant? I'm sure they'd give you ear fulls of guidance on the topic." Just a thought, probably won't be taken overly serious. Letting go where he is holding, his tiny hands come up expressively as he talks. Not overly dramatic, but enough to make emphasis. "I'm curious about Spiders actually and their erratic behavior of late. There have been entire colonies wiped out lately. I've ran into someone who seems to control spiders. But its a misappropriation of use in my books." He lets that ride with the blue/red masked man, seeing if he knows anything or might want further explanation.

"And if I programmed it by Hobbes, would it just disappear?" Spidey grins behind the mask and drops down off his perch. "Despite my name I really, and this is perhaps a failing in me, not been paying much attention to bugs and arachnids lately. Except for the occasional ones in my apartment."
Landing lightly upon the rooftop with a thip-thap of light feet, he steps over to peer at the graffiti left in the arboretum windows around its greenhouse. He tilts his head to the side, then looks back. "Met someone who could control spiders? Anyone I know?" He asks this perhaps too casually as the number of Spiderry people he knows is... actually quite large.

A light chortle from Scott as he listens, and a nod to the question, as if that's the point he wanted to actually get too. "Well, I was hoping you could help me there. See, I met her briefly when the Klaw was soundly defeated by Ares. I was hoping you could point me towards her because I want to plead a case for my friends." Aka, my workers, the source of my powers, etc. "She is done up like porcelain, commands spiders and seems to be a super ninja, that ring any bells?"

"I umm, wha?" Spider-Man glances over his shoulder towards where tiny Scott flitters around, then looks back towards the graffiti. He finds what Scott just said much more interesting, despite the efforts of the artists. He turns fully and rests his hands on his hips, cocking his head to the side. "I umm, well take any one of those things and perhaps I could help you, but all those combined..."
The wallcrawler steps out of the small greenhouse area and hops over with a casual flip to land on the lip of the building overlooking the neighborhood. Still no tingle from the spider-sense as he considers the surrounding area. "That doesn't really, I mean... no. What happened?"

Following to the view, Scott will land his ant there to give it a break. Then he'll stand arms akimbo surveying the city, rather than looking down into the street. "Well, you were my hopeful lead on this one I have to admit. Spiders naturally eat ants as prey, but ants do the same. They are insects. But spiders are larger predators and hunt alone usually, so its balanced. This woman literally seems to travel with spiders in the thousands. They can devour colonies in minutes, even wasps don't stand a chance. Its a tiny balanced world, but insects serve a vital role on the streets here. And I mean more than taking care of gum that people spit out at random or candy dropped. The soil under the streets are overlooked but vital to supporting the island as a whole."

Scritching a fingertip over his chin, Spidey tilts his head to the side to consider Ant-Man part Deux and then hms. "Well, I wish I could help you more. Though I admit I'm curious now. Yet another Spider-Woman, though. Sheesh." Spidey doesn't elaborate on that, however.
He taps a fingertip on his kneecap, then looks back towards Scott. "I'll try to use what resources I have to find out what I can, but I'm not exactly the chief when it comes to that. If she's as super of a ninja as you say you might want to try that angle. Check the martial arts community and ping folks that way?"
The Spectacular Spider-Man starts to climb to his feet, "I'll run down what I can and we meet back here tomorrow same time?"

With a nod, Scott agrees, "That works. I'll see who I know." Then moves back towards the flying ant. "If nothing comes of this, maybe we can consider a mutual patrol. I can't move as fast as you, at this size you could carry me. I might be able to use the insect network to track down this new Spider-woman." Mounting up like he's riding a Harley, he get on the back of his ant.
As wings beat the air and he starts to hover he ponders, "How many spider women are you talking anyway, you say this like its a growing trend. I mean, if you meet any ant-women, let me know, I'd be happy with just one."

"Dozens and dozens it seems." Spider-Man replies even as he grins towards the mounting up Ant-Man. With that having been said he snaps off a small salute, then leaps off the side of the building. After there's a thwip and he breaks into a smooth swing the other vigilante will hear Spidey call over his shoulder, "See you tomorrow!" To casual on-lookers he's talking to himself, but luckily he's not quite that crazy.

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