Medbay Blues

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Ambrose Blindfold Jean Grey Thimble Wolf Cub

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Medbay - Xaviers

Some Mutants are held in Medbay after Mad Gods III and receive a visit

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Blindfold came tapping her way in carrying a platter of food from the dining hall.

Nicholas is lying on one of the beds in the medbay, still unconscious after the events of the previous night. His wounds have been treated and bandaged, but he hasn't woken up yet from his comatose state. Only the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathes show that he is not dead.

Thimble herself was sitting on another bed, on her lap a stitching ring. Not that she would touch the needle, but she did work on it slowly. A black piece of cloth and yellow yarn, silk yarn on a thin cotton fabric. But she seemed to create a rather huge yellow part.

Blindfold frowns at the two and walks over to put the food platter over on a bed between them as she poked around in nick's head "Hello Janie it's good that err got you back yes please. If you don't mind my asking please, how are you feeling?"

Nick is as unresponsive inside of his head as he is outside, the young mutant completely out to the world as a whole.

Janie looks up from her stitchery. Just one line next to the other. "I am ok." she mutters, the thread moving like moved by a ghost. "They got in in time."

Blindfold sighs and carefully climbs up onto Nick's bed to lay beside him, guilt written on her face. "Thank goodness, that is good to hear, yes thank you, it was scary to see and now they are attacking all over the country" yawning as she hadn't slept yet

"They had losses." Janie claims, starting another line of the stitching. It's hard to guess what it might become. "One was killed by themselves. And Mirage cracked one hard on the head. Some wolf man. Maybe he lost something else too."

Nick's form shifts slightly on the bed as Ruth climbs into it, but unfortunately that's only because of her getting into it.

Blindfold nods "What could make native American gods go blood thirsty like aztec and inca deities I wonder, yes sorry. Congratulations on making one screen like a girl though, yes thank you" gently holding Nick and petting his head. She hadn't gotten any sleep and guilt had drawn lines on her face.

Janie quirks an eyebrow "you spy on the past again? Or you foresaw it?" she asks over, stopping with her work a few seconds before she continues. "I have no clue. Maybe someone pissed into their lawn, maybe they lost a bet."

Jean comes into the medical bay, glancing around with a concerned expression. A light sigh as she takes in those present, as she's still in her costume. Or more likely, she probably changed it for a fresh one since last night, as she speaks quietly, "Hello children."

As one might expect there is no response from Nick when Jean enters into the room or speaks to those present. His body is still warm and there's the occasional sound of his body breathing, the autonomous functions working perfectly fine and his wounds slowly healing.

Blindfold nods "yes thank you" answering both questions with one answer before turning her head toward Jean "hello miss grey, I'm afraid Nick is...he's quiet even in his mind, yes sorry"

Thimble hadn't changed her costume - and she was just in here for a look on her as she had been captive. As her Coach and Dean enters, she looks up from her work again, stopping to move the silken yellow thread through the stronger black fabric. "Mirage?"

Jean sighs a little, "I can try an extended probe on him, but those so-called gods did a real number on him. On Dani too... I need to check on her at some point."

"I hope she will be all right, Ma'am." Janie muttered, resuming the stitching. Another line over nearly the whole width of the stitching ring. "Is there some debriefing? Like in the movies?"

Blindfold was carefully lying beside Nick on his med bay bed, exhausted and worried. "Lockheed almost died, students were almost killed, Miss moonstar and others were controlled....I hope everyone is alright yes please, thank you miss grey. Other areas are being attacked; New York is only one of their targets, yes sorry. From my reading though I didn't get the impression that native American gods were blood thirsty, so what could make them turn to sacrifices and such like the Aztec, Inca, and other miss and south American ancient pantheons, please if you don't mind my asking?"

Jean Grey shakes her head, "I have a suspicion that one of their own Tricksters is deceiving them about this. But it's merely a suspicion. Manitou seemed to come to his senses, if only for a moment, when I confronted him." A small frown and she focuses her attention on Wolf Cub, telepathically exploring to see if anything is there right now.

"There were old westerns about bloodthirsty Indians," Janie remarks, continuing to stitch the yellow into the black fabric, without a needle. "And the wolf one seemed pretty human just before he got a head treatment from Mirage."

Ambrose comes shuffling in, with the help of someone with authority to be here. He had an ice bag on his hand as he cradled the thin limb against his side, glancing about a moment. He starts then, and drops the ice pack in surprise as he sees Wolf Cub. "Err, sorry. My hand slipped." he was getting used to some of the more unusual students but it was still a surprise to the 'normal'.

Blindfold turns her head toward the voice "Mr Smith, it's good to meet you again, yes thank you, you're hurt, please, what happened? I couldn't sense anything from him miss grey, Nick was just...still in his head, yes sorry. He had such potential for our fight but is it even my place to ask it of him, please sorry"

Jean hmms softly, moving over towards Nick's bedside, "Yes, it's vacant... but not /that/ vacant, let me see here." She lightly places a hand on Nick's forehead, concentrating harder as she looks mentally for Nick, trying to find him.

"A ... book fell on my hand. Actually many books did. The stack tipped over in my room." explains Ambrose, watching Jean carefully. He tenses a little, but does not speak, not wishing to interrupt as he picks the ice bag up.

Nick's mind isn't vacant, it's just inactive right now, the result of his conscious and normal personality being forced to the side by his involuntary rage. With no cause for the rage anymore that aspect is gone, but his normal self hasn't returned yet.

Thimble looks over to the teacher. Well, she does not stop to stitch that yellow silk into the coat she works on, but at least she does not do freehanded anymore. Only lacking the needle now. "Careful with paper?"

"Its not the paper itself, but the large quantities of ... that's a curious outfit you're wearing Miss Gre-' The man blinks, stares, his eyes widen, his face goes white again and he drops his ice pack a second time.

Thimble eyes over, wearing her New Mutants costume herself still. "Something wrong?" she asks, taking a bundle of the silk she works with in her hand. She could keep him where he is... if Jean says a word.

Jean glances up at Ambrose, and smiles a bit, "Well, there's a few things about the school we haven't quite explained, have we?" She gives Ambrose a wry expression, "Familiar with the X-Men?" She glances sidelong to Thimble, and sends, >> Don't worry about it, we can trust him. <<

"Eh? Oh! I suppose not. This is just a day of many unexpected surprises." remarks Ambrose, picking up the ice pack as well as he peers over at Thimble now, his eyes practically inspecting her head to toe. Then a similar, hard look at Blindfold "I am not used to seeing Miss Grey out of... what would you call it then? Mundane clothing? " the ice is returned to his hand, although he still looked a littl uncertain of... something, his mind crashing forwards at full power as he starts to peice together various things. He nods then at Jean "Indeed. This school is layered like rock strata it seems, with deeper secrets buried. "

Blindfold chuckles, something she needed with all the bad weighing on her, as she poked around in nick's head again. "Yes Mr Smith, many of the teachers here are X-Men, many of x-factor are former students. The hellfireclub trends to teach at the Massachusetts academy and recruit the students from there, yes sorry" well that summed up much of it right? "You should see the danger room, you'd get a kick out of it, even more at the lab, yes please"

"Not need to what?" asked Ambrose of Janie, confused by her terminology. He then nods to Blindfold "I had expected some were former students, but not to this degree. I expect this of course covered under the nondisclosure, which I would have agreed to either way. But is it safe? You know, for me to know?" wether he meant for himself or them was hard to tell.

Jean gives Janie a reproving glance, "If I didn't think Ambrose could be trusted, I'd not have let him come down here. Nick... will need some time. But he should be okay." She tilts her head to Ambrose, "Obviously, this falls under our confidentiality agreement."

"I meant the who is who. It's likely not more dangerous than having a school full of gifted children." Janie remarked. Proceeding her stitching, she worked down the fabric to get untill the middle of the fabric, where she turned to have an avgle. like a V.

"Ah. That makes sense. " A nod to Jeanie "and I think I prefer NOT knowing who is all in which superhero group as well. It is safer for everyone involved." he then nods to Jean "Then it will not pass my lips again. I will continue as though - ow - as though everything were as it was before." he shifted uneasily nonetheless. "Your secret is safe with me."

Blindfold breathed a sigh of relief at Jean's proclamation but stayed in his head waiting for him. "This is the safest place for us students, where else could students be protected by so many heroes, yes thank you. We have survived many attacks here, even when the school was leveled we had no casualties, and sentinels are good at what they do, yes please, we can speak freely in the school about such matters but off campus we keep it a secret" yawning again tiredly

Jean smiles, "I wasn't planning on telling you everything, but since you caught me in my work clothes..." She shrugs a bit, then looks at Blindfold, "It was rough, Logan or Laura would have been left in roughly the same shape, I think. It just takes time."

"There are probably worse things to catch you in ma'am." remarks Ambrose with a bit of a smile "If you would excuse me now though, I have to go compile this new information and get some painkillers for my wrist." he guestures, aiming to shuffle off to have that done.

Thimble grunts a bit "Time... If She is right, then we have none. But I am not allowed off the medbay for now," she remarks, looking over to the empty bed "where is Radiance?"

Blindfold gives Ambrose directions to leyu's office for the painkillers before nodding to Jean "Should I have encouraged him to fight and try to change things for the better, if you don't mind my asking please? He could be such a powerful asset and I've seen what he can do but..."

Jean shrugs a little, "In time, he'll be ready... but I don't think he's quite there yet. It's a bit rough of an adjustment for about anyone, especially someone that's been through what he has been."

Janie grins a bit "Sounds like what someone said about me." she said, as she worked up the stitching the apparent coat. For some reason she was not able to use her powers on her uniform, so... that accessory is more standard material.

Janie finishes the part of the stitchery, she had been doing, having created a big V up to now, but turning the fabric to start on the other side another one, so it will create an X in yellow silk. "I hope they did."

- - - Fade to black - - -

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