Med-Bay Visitors

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Jean's recovering while Sally and Blindfold visit. Doctor Leyu is a good doctor.

Jean Grey, Sally, Leyu Yashida, Blindfold

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07/17/12 20:00

Med-Bay - Xavier's Mansion

Jean's recovering while Sally and Blindfold visit. Doctor Leyu is a good doctor.

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With classes canceled and headmaster duties shifted to Scott Summers for the next couple days, Jean Grey is left with an aching mind and jaw. She lays in one of the uncomfortable beds in the Medical Bay of the mansion because of doctor's orders, and the evening draws bored in full fury. Rather than a medical dress, she is wearing pajamas with slippers peeking from the covers at the end of the bedding. Despite the pain she feels around a still mouth, Jean is fairly calm, having seen visitors in the faces of students and faculty a like. Many of them are worried, others more angry than anything - but Jean is calm as she reads a magazine that is provided to her by one of the intern medical assistants. She looks up briefly as the familiar sound of a technologically advanced Shi'ar door swishes open for another visitor or patient to enter.

A brown paper bag in one hand, and pillow in the other. Jean may recognize the pillow, being from her own bed. Thebenefits of still having access to the grounds. "I come with gifts." she says. The blonde smiling as she makes her way over to the redhead and her assigned bed. Pillow held out, "From your room, and the only thing I did purloin from there." she says with a smile. She doesn't yet pull the contents from the bag, which is set down at Sally's feet.

A very familiar visitor, Jean's eyes grow bright and she pushes herself up into a more fitting position, saying, "Sally!" Her tone of voice fills with surprise, as Jean has not seen the blonde in quite some time. "For me? Thank you!" The offered pillow is taken, and is much needed as Jean immediately positions it on her lower-back. A small glance goes to the paper bag that is dropped to Sally's feet, but the patient does not question its presence just yet. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I do read the paper. Things being levitated, field trip, leads me to think of only one person." she says with a smile. Sally grinning some, "And I had an early day, so, figured a stop in, some provisions for an old friend, and a little visit home." she continues, shifting to lean against the bed a little.

Out from the office attached to the medical bay comes the form of Doctor Leyu Yashida, emerging to check on her patient and make sure that whomever her latest visitor may be - Leyu was not spying, but the monitors in the office notify her whenever the outer doors open, and no one called out in need of aid - isn't overtaxing Jean. Leyu is swathed in a long white coat, a clear badge of her profession. But her attire beneath is somewhat out of character to most folks' expectations. A very brief, flirty black skirt tries its best to wrap around her hips, but there is a limit to what can be accomplished with so limited an amount of fabric. A belly-baring hip-length crimson babydoll top with black lacing and thin shoulder straps adorns her torso somewhat immodestly. Short black leather ankle-boots with platform soles and four-inch stiletto heels adorn her feet. A black velvet choker surrounds her neck, a small silver medal clipped to it at the nape of her throat. Her hair is, as usual, pulled up and twisted into a pair of mid-back length pigtails arranged to either side of the back of her head. "Everything alright?" she inquires, softly, of her patient. It is Jean's comfort that matters, not anyone else. She doesn't recognize the visitor, so awaits Jean's response with curiosity.

"Yeah, that..." Jean says, sighing off the media interactions heavily and waving a hand in the air in representation. "Well it's good to see you back, safe and sound." Another pearly smile makes its presence known to Sally. A mental tingle announces a familiar psyche before she joins the room from the office, and Jean turns in Leyu's direction as her smile fades just slightly. A quizzical look goes to the doctor for a couple seconds before Jean nods her head in response to the inquiry, saying, "Everything is fine. Leyu, this is Sally--" An open palm introduces Sally, as its opposite does the same for Leyu. "--and Sally this is the wonderful doctor that has been keeping pain pills in my hands, Doctor Yashida."

The blonde offer the arriving doctor a smile. "Well Wonderful Doctor Leyu, I won't keep your patient too long. Just a pillow and some supplies." she says, food making the bag rustle some with the contents. Sliding off the edge of the bed where she had been sitting, and kneels down to pick up the bag, setting it on the bed near Jean's feet. Reaching in, she pulls out a 6-pack of and familiar to those who enjoy ginger ale, Canada dry. A few more things are pulled free, 2 packs of Milano cookies, and some recent magazines and a medical journal. "I was one of Jean's trainees a few years back, she helped me and a friend, and helped me with control of my power."

The young doctor smiles slightly and nods, pleased that Jean is in a good enough mood that she is so sweetly complimenting her, even if it's a mite embarrassing. If she catches the dimming of Jean's smile, she says nothing about it. "Well, kind of you to reach out to her when she's not feeling well, Sally. Nice to meet you. Try not to keep Jean too much. She needs rest for her headache and strain." Leyu turns and starts checking on a few monitors and readouts, obviously butting out to let Jean and her visitor talk without her in the middle.

As the interaction between Sally and Leyu commence, the mention of supplies - plural - causes Jean to take another glance downward, leaning just enough to see the paper bag on the floor. "Ooh," Jean responds at the sight of refreshments, more magazines, and a journal. "You're too good to me, Miss Blevins. Though, I don't think I'll be able to eat the cookies, which makes you terribly evil." The joke lifts a grin into a smile, and the palm of a hand lifts to a redden cheek. Leaning forward, the patient does confiscate the ginger ale, pulling three free. Telekinetically, one goes to Sally and the other to Leyu, floating with a pink aura surrounding the can. "Take a break, Leyu," Jean says in the doctor's direction. "There are Milano cookies and ale to be consumed."

Blindfold walks in with one hand skimming the wall and in her other was a platter of philly cheese steak sandwiches cut up into halves for easy eating "Excuse me, I'm sorry, is this med bay? I'm afraid I'm getting lost a bit easily"

A smile, as she takes the offered can of ginger ale. She pope the tab and leans over to switch it for the closed one Jean kept for herself, "Mmmm, well, that's why I brought you two. One for now and one for when you are able to enjoy them." she says with a smile. She turns back to Leyu, "Come, join us, milano cookies, friends. I remember good company and environments help with someone feeling better...i'm no doctor though, I could be wrong." She pauses in her talking to pull out one of the packages of cookies, peels it open, "But I did bring cookies..." Sally says, holding the newly opened bag towards Leyu.

The young Japanese doctor lifts her gaze when she is addressed audibly, and extends a hand to scoop the can out of the air, shaking her head slightly at her patient. "Jean, you are supposed to be resting. That includes not using your powers, to give your mind a rest so that it can recover." She's not going to /really/ lecture, but she has to say /something/. It's her job, even if some would find it difficult to take her seriously as a doctor in her current getup. Still, she approaches smiling, nodding towards both women. "Thank you kindly, for the invitation. And your willingness to share your cookies."

Of course, when the door opens Leyu's head snaps up, immediately on-duty. But it's just another visitor, and this one is lost. Leyu may not be quite sure how she got lost, but that is largely neither here nor there. "Yes, this is the medical bay. Come in, Ms. Aldine." Quite fragrant, the addition of those sandwiches. She asides to Jean, "Apparently the plan is to make sure you gain a few pounds before I let you out of here to exercise properly."

The small piece of lecture that Jean does receive is taken in unquestioningly, nodding her head in agreement. "You are right, Leyu," she says, accepting trading cans with Sally, and then taking a sip from it. "No more powers. But after taking over as headmistress for the school, rest has become somewhat optional, even if I tried my best to do so." Perhaps she needs sleeping pills and pain pills. Upon hearing the door to the Med-Bay swish open once more, Jean looks passed her first visitor to see a second, Ruth Aldine, and she comes with a gift as well. "Apparently, so," is her reply to Leyu before greeting her student with a heart-felt smile. "Thank you so much, Ruth. Doctor Yashida has been taking great care of me, and a former student here has been doing the same. But seeing you has definitely made my day all the more brighter." At the mention of Scott bringing in a student to visit, Jean remembers clearly the conversation she had with the headmaster a day before. "Be sure that he enjoys himself while he's here, Ruth. Thank you."

Another sip, a smile to Leyu, "Cookies are to be shared." Sally offers to Leyu in a pleasant tone. Setting the package down next to Jean's feet. A means to make the good Doctor come closer. As Ruth makes her appearance, she pauses, looking to the blindgirl, and the platter she carries. Wondering just as to the how. Turning back to Jean, "Well, my intention was to not get you to put on a pound or two, but...well, chocolate, cookie, things I know you like, and if anyone deserves things she likes, it's you of all people."

It should come as no surprise that Scott is in no hurry to show off his current doctor on staff. Leyu stops by Jean's bed, watching Sally and Blindfold interact with Jean and noticing how strong that caretaker's bond seems to be from Jean to these two, and others she is sure. Leyu smiles a bit more warmly at the sentiment offered by Sally, though she doesn't reach for the cookies at Jean's feet just now. "I am glad you feel I am taking good care of you." she offers the redhead. To Sally, she offers, "It is quite good of you to reach out to a former teacher. Proof of the close bonds formed here." She sounds admiring of that.

"I am sure Ms. Grey will find plenty of opportunity to meet this 'Vaughn' soon enough, Ms. Aldine." Leyu offers, gently. That'll be enough of putting more pressure on Jean to get out of here sooner rather than later. "For now, thank you for your kindness. Do you need any assistance finding your way back upstairs to join Mister Summers?"

Blindfold smiles and nods "I will do my best, hopefully if he likes it here he will join as well. Please, yes, enjoy and get well soon I will be back to visit again...and accept my punishment for disobeying you" gently placing the platter on jean's lap and giving her shoulder a soft squeeze "Perhaps..Ma'am you may need to delegate to more then just you and Scott everyone needs their rest, please, thank you. Sooner you get better sooner other will feel better too" giving jean a smile and a light pat before taking her hand away quickly as the doctor spoke, her words bringing an chagrined blush to the blind girl's face "Yes, of course, my apologies, I..I didn't's just..well, I hope you feel better soon, Ma'am"turning her head to the doctor "No, thank you, I can find my way...but thank you" ducking her head as she turned to head out

"I think I can afford to gain pound or so." Jean has learned to accept the improbable when it comes to Ruth Aldine, the tray delivered onto her lap and the firm grasp on her shoulder evidence of the blind teenager's generosity. Once the student departs, the red-head takes in her words before returning to the two individuals around her. "So... anyone want a Philly Cheesesteak?" Jean asks, raising the plate to them, the crisp aroma enticing the senses somewhat.

Her expression shifts as she listens to the briefly arrived and then gone blindgirl. Telling someone else what to do, the Headmistress of all people. She bristles slightly, "Well, Jean and Scott and the others really helped me, I owe all of them alot." she says, calming down a touch as she speaks to Jean's caretaker, leaning in closer to Leyu, "Just...keep your eyes on this one, she'll try and sneak in paperwork." she half whispers, wanting Jean to overhear. She slips from the table, "Let me take care of that Jean." she says, moving away to go through the medbay and get a rolling instrument tray, and set it close to Jean's bed, and then place the tray atop the table, "Not sterile, I know, but better than it resting on your lap."

"I am well aware of Jean's sneaky paperwork proclivities." Leyu remarks, smirking in amusement. Apparently she intends to run with that joke. "And I think putting the sandwiches to the side is a good plan." Leyu takes a moment to inhale their scent, and then asks the question, "Do you think she actually went to the Philadelphia to get these?" Leyu has nothing against eating more. In her opinion Jean could probably use to gain a few pounds. "I am pleased to know I am not the only one who feels so beholden to the 'family' here."

"No paperwork from me, I'm afraid. Not today at least." Though, Jean is known to work through pain. With the sandwiches placed to the side, Jean finally leans back into her initial position in the bed. She smirks at Leyu's remark about the recently offered food, shaking her head lightly, saying jokingly, "I hope not. She is still grounded." Another sip comes from her Canada Dry, and Jean secretly debates a milano cookie, attention swept up suddenly by the Japanese woman. "Everyone needs a family, whether they agree to it or not. Logan doesn't keep coming back for the lack of beer in the kitchen."

She smiles to both women, standing near and not sitting on the bed. "This was really the only family i've had." she says with a small, pleased smile. Sally smiling, "Family's not who you're related too, it's...who's there for you. Something I came to see with all the help Jean and Scott and the others gave me." she offers, smiling to Jean, then to Leyu.

Jean nods to both women, very pleased that the mansion has not changed in regards to its familial respects. Allowing them to speak for the time being, Jean reaches for a cookie, convinced and confident that she will be okay to eat one. Reach, reach.

A quick adjustment of items, and she brings the package of cookies up to Jean's side, nothing said as she adjust things. "Well Doctors. I've got an early day, and still a commute back to the city, I do remember something about a junior partner's meeting and...refreshments being needed." she says. Taking a few steps back, "I'll try and drop by again soon, Jean." A smile to the woman, "And it was great to meet you, Leyu."

"It was a pleasure to meet you as well, Sally. Travel safely." The young doctor offers Sally a warm smile, and helps see her to the door. She doesn't stop Jean from reaching for the cookie. She even lets her pick it up and bring it towards her mouth. It's only about then that she turns around and eyes the redhead. "I mean no offense, Jean. But are you one of those people Sybil told me about, who enjoys pain? If so, please, go right ahead. Otherwise, I care for you deeply, and I would rather you not torture yourself like that." Apparently Jean isn't the only one who can be mothering to others.

A swift 'Thank you' in the form of a nod goes to Sally, and Jean pulls one of the cookies from the open pack. She looks back to her student, saying, "Thank you again for the visit, Sally. I really appreciate the gifts, and I'll be sure to fill in some pages of the journal. But you have to promise to return soon to see it." Watching the doctor walk Sally to the swishing door, the cookie lifts and Jean's mouth opens slightly - but nothing goes in, her movements pausing as the doctor's words reach her. Knowing the physician is right, the red-head places the cookie back into the package. "Damn you, Scott, for picking someone that actually knows how to do her job." It is said loud enough for Leyu to hear, purposely.

Leyu comes back to the bedside and lays a hand on Jean's forearm, gently. "Sorry. It's not really Scott's fault. I just care about you, and I don't want you to be hurt worse." She ponders that for a moment, and then offers, "If you'd like, I could scrape the chocolate off and you could just enjoy it melting on your tongue?" Hey, she'll do what she can to help. Even if it is weird.

"That would destroy the cookie," Jean replies, shaking her head at the offer. "I think I'll be okay waiting a couple days until I can have one." Speaking of caring about one another, Jean shifts the tone of conversation, asking, "Are you okay, Leyu?"

Leyu hmmms, and then nods when Jean surrenders the idea of having the cookie until another time. She helps gather things up and seal them up, so the cookies will still be quite fresh for enjoyment later. She looks like she might have headed back to her office, but Jean's change of topic causes her to stop, then take one of the seats beside the bed. "Am I OK? I am not hurt, if that is what you mean. But ... the truth is, no. I am not 'OK'. I am rather upset." That would seem to track with the fit of temper. But the change in attire just seems so weird. Is Jean insightful enough to know what it means?

As Leyu sits next to the bed, Jean repositions herself once more. Her face a touch serious and concerned, the telepath wraps fingertips over the railing of the bed, leaning over slightly to listen to the doctor better. "What's wrong?" Jean asks, thinking to herself what could possibly be troubling the other woman. And then a particular subject is remembered. "Does it have anything to do with the date you went on?"

"More particularly, the date I wanted to go on." Leyu answers, voice soft and sad. "Before I could invite her on the date, and show her the pretty dress I'd bought her for our date, I found her packing. She was ejected from the team and banished from the Mansion. And now she won't even return my calls." Clearly, this upsets Leyu a great deal. "Everything on the team seems to be falling apart. Kurt has been suspended. Now Sybil has been banished. And we have evidence that those who are in control of the team have managed to clear the records and protect a murderer. Nothing of this is like it should be. And my supposed team leader goes on as if nothing at all is wrong." And that puts a pretty big hole in her ability to put faith and trust in him.

Jean is quiet as she listens to the other woman explain the reason why she is upset. While most of the information is not new to the telepath, who Leyu planned on taking out on a date is. "Gypsy Moth?" Jean asks, using the telekinetic's codename rather than her real name for clarification. After the woman finishes, Jean maintains her silence for a few seconds to collect and analyze the situation. "Do you know why she was asked to leave the team?"

"Sybil Dvorak." Leyu corrects. But she nods to affirm the identity. "I know what Alex said the reason was. I also know that doesn't quite fit. I will be the first to admit that Sybil is no saint. But she hurt no one." And there is something else, but though Leyu starts to stay it, she clamps her mouth shut after a moment, sighing and hanging her head. She shouldn't reveal that. It might be dangerous, or important. Sybil told her to stay, that it was important she stay. But what that implies, Leyu can barely begin to even guess.

"If the government can sponsor and protect a murderer, I see no reason why Sybil's largely victimless activities are such a problem. Or why Kurt should be suspended from the team for /teaching students/. That's what we are all here to do, is it not?"

"Unfortunately, Leyu," Jean begins, a small amount of hesitation going into the syllables of the words, "The distribution of illegal substances, as well as maintaining a club without the proper licenses, for sex no doubt, are not acts that are condoned." The red-head states the facts mentioned to her the easiest - and lightest - way that she could, in hopes of not offending the other woman or setting off her temper. "Everyone has a past, and I am not one that judges. You know this. But we make certain choices in life and deal with the consequences of our actions, the very same principles we teach the kids above our heads. The only difference is we know better and are experienced; that's what makes us the teachers."

"Sybil's club was already known when she joined the team, Jean. This isn't about examples to be held up to the students. If it were, we would be doing something about Sabretooth. And Kurt would not be on suspension when he has done nothing wrong." Leyu doesn't bit Jean's head off, but she is firm on this point, almost inflexible. But that may simply be because she is very convinced she is right. And from her point of view, she likely /is/ right. "I don't know why Alex is doing this. But I don't like it. I am worried for her." And not at all worried for Alex, apparently. "If you backed his decision to banish her from the school, I can understand why. I don't approve, and I am not happy. But I understand your reasons. I just hope you understand my reasons. Now, if you'll excuse me, I should get back to my work, and you should get some rest."

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