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Warpath and Mirage

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Harry's Hideaway - Salem

The two friends talk about the present and future

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[Harry's Hideaway - Salem]

Harry's Bar can best be described as comfortable. The furnishings, mostly darkly stained wood, are old and scratched. The leather seats are worn and cracking in places. Despite the worn appearance, the proprietor keeps the place relatively clean. The back corner is devoted to a dart board and pool table, while booths spread along the other walls. Tables take up the middle of the room, while a long bar stretches along the left wall. Bar stools cozy up next to it, while the traditional array of bottles and mirrors take up the wall behind the bar. An old jukebox is squeezed in between two booths by the bar.

Mid afternoon, early evening. A day or two after the events within the Savage Land. James sent a text to Dani inviting her to meet him at Harry's and that's where he waits. Currently he's seated within a booth, having made a little more room for himself by pushing the seat back somewhat (closing off the booth/table space in the seat behind him). His hair is pulled back in a leather strap, he wears a tight black tshirt and jeans with boots beneath. In front of him is a beer in a bottle and fries that he's hardly touched in a basket. Harry's has various other patrons within as the dinner crowd will soon arrive.

She responded that she would be there after her last class of the day, so she she is, striding through the door. Taking a moment to let her eyes adjust to the gloomy interior she glances around then heads over to where James is waiting. "Hello James." she greets as she takes a seat across from him gesturing for the server to bring her a beer.

He almost stands with her approach, but doesn't make it in time before she sits. His eyes come alive, they dilate and there's a hint of a smile as he takes her in visually. Even her fragrance assaults his sense of smell with happy fun bunnies in his stomach. But he maintains a cool head and represeses his native nature.

"Danielle." Is said in quiet recognition and greeting, "Thanks for coming."

"Well it has been a very long time, and its not like we got much of a chance to catch up in Savage Land." she gives him a smile, any reservations she had about this meetin dissolving. For all she knew she could have been walking into a riot act about her part in Cable's capture. She eyes the basket of fried, it has been quite awhile since her barely eaten lunch and even longer since breakfast "May I?" she gestures to them.

He glances at the indicated fries and with fingertips slides the basket to her side of the table. "Yeah. It has been.". His tone somewhat reserved and as if he's got more to say but instead asks, "You been alright?" trying to /break the ice/ or something along those lines.

Dani nods as she helps herself to the food "Yes, I've been fine." she leans forward, arms cross on the table before her, "And you? How did you end up with X-Force?" she is intuitive enough and has probably known him long enough to realize something is on his mind, but she is willing to go with the small talk for now. Though she is bound to ask about it if it doesn't come up soon enough.

He translates the question posed as one of recent events, not the secret origins. James answers, "We went back to our base. Shatterstar is ambulative now and Feral has been tending to him. We all had a talk. A big long angst filled talk." (then again what x person doesn't have angsty in their personality traits?) "With Cable gone, and who knows if he's going to come back, we were actually able to decompress and figured out a lot of stuff."

Having had more than her fair share of similiar meetings Dani gives him a sympathtic look "Are you able to share what was decided or are you sworn to secrecy?" she nods her thanks to the waitress as her drink is finally delivered.

That brings a slight smile to James' face. He glances up as the waitress brings Dani her beer and she asks, "Honey, what can I get for ya?" which results in making a food order (or not) and then the waitress departing after James denies wanting anything else.

James then relays, "We're gonna stick together until we figure out what's going to happen with Cable."

Dani seems please to hear that the team isn't going anywhere "And where will this sticking together be taking place, your base or the mansion?" she isn't quite successful in hiding her more than idle interest in the answer and her body language would probably show her she is also a little apprhensive as she begins to peel the corners of the label on the bottle in her hands.

[X-Factor] DPS! Mirage throws a 'boss just left for the day to go golf' party.

"Our base. We figure it's best that way. At least until the tensions between our teams settle down and or, well who knows." He states trying not to be dissuaded by her subtle movements, scents, and actions.

She is thoughtful a moment before responding in a near monotone, "I see." the corners of her mouth then turn up slightly "The mansion is huge, but probably still not big enough to contain the combined egos of our teams." she is including herself in that as well.

James nods with a reflective look in his eyes. After a deep inhale he states, "Maybe when things settle down and Alex has been sent to Siberia." then he smiles.

Pushing the now nearly empty basket of fries to the tables edge, Dani gives a chuckle at the comment "He's not that bad, sure a little lax compared to Cable, but so was MacArthur or Stalin." a bit of a strech maybe but she heard how Cable was driving a few of the X-Force members a little nuts, and those are her friends, so she would be a bit biased.

James segues, not wanting to dwell on the conflicts and oppressive situations that they face, "Maybe when all this gets worked out..." then he's abruptly interrupted by the waitress who says, "You two love birds doin alright? Can I get ya anything else?"

"No, I'm good." Dani says quite quickly, her cheeks pinking slightly at the interuption/assumption of the waitress. She doesn't bother correcting the woman though, it would just lead to possible further embarassement. Instead she takes a long drink from her beer and wills the woman to go away.

After being waved off and no thanked by James, he returns to the moment before he was mackus-interruptus, "You know, do something.". Yes, the massive native American is shy when it comes to girls.

And eyebrow goes up inqusitively as Dani pretends she doesn't understand what he is talking about, "Like what specifically? Watch a movie? Play a game?" she pauses a moment "Weave a basket?" the last part is added a bit dryly. Nope, she isn't going to make this easy for him.

Shifting in his seat, James looks down and grins. His response comes in a half broken voice, "...a date." then clears his throat, "Go, on a date." is edited and noted.

Dani doesn't respond immediately, she takes a sip of beer, looks thoughtful and instead poses were own question, "And in the meantime? "I'm supposed to but my love life on hold," not that she has one of those at the moment, "for maybe a date at some undetermind time in the future?

His eyes meet hers again and he states, "No... I just wanted to put it out there." and then a look of disappoinment crosses his face as he realizes that he really had no right to ask these things of her and he says, "I'm sorry. I guess I sort of jumped the gun.". He rubs the back of his neck in awkwardness.

"That wasn't quite a no." of course it wasn't a yes either, "I just wanted to make sure you understood what you were asking of me. You know how I am with waiting. I have changed a lot during my time away, but not that much."

His features soften and he smiles. Relieved that there's a potential yes in the future. That's when another interruption comes. The small bell of his communicator signals his attention. He sighs then says, "Sorry." before touching the item in his ear, "This had better be good." <pause> "Yeah." <pause> his face develops a concerned look then he says, "Alright, I'm on my way." and he'll click the ear bud again and say, "I'm really sorry."

Dani drains her beer as he takes the call from his team "I understand." and she does, she has had plenty of team situations interuppting her personal time. She reaches out a hand to take his "Just be careful. I've just got back from a rescue mission, I'm not ready for another.

Having his hand taken, he places his other ginormous hand atop hers. "We'll see each other again soon, Danielle Moonstar.", he states with some confidence and then will break and depart for the door.

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