May Auld Acquaintance Be Remembered

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Phantasm and Sandman

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Sandman goes to visit Mike in the hospital

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Michael Hannigan. He would LOVE to forget the last week of the previous year but the ever present ache as he lies in the upscale hospital room that is most definitely NOT at Bellvue stands as a reminder of the horrible 3 days spent as Cadmus's guest. He lies back, staring at the ceiling as he just waits for the meds he's been given for the pain to kick in. He's exhausted. So much so he has yet to bother to wipe at the lipstick mark that has mysteriously ended up on his neck between when he went to sleep last night and when he woke this morning. What the hell is it with people? The most he's done energy wise is to shove off some of the blankets with the hand that's not currently hooked to the IV. It's too friggen warm in the room to be having those layers on anyways. Not with the layer of bandaging he has to keep on at least.

There is a knock on the door and it opens slightly. A man’s eyes peer in, “Mikey? You awake?” The voice is distinctive and recognizable. Familiar from a few years ago. The door quickly closes and sand begins to filter through slits on the side and on the ground. It filters in quietly as it begins to take a humanoid shape, clearly denoting who it is.

The rocker grimaces in distaste of the name being used. He closes his eyes for a few moments before opening them again, looking to the building form. Upon Sandman taking full form, Mike looks at him blankly.

Now fully formed into his recognizable form, Bill looks down on Mike in the bed, “Dang, you look like shit.” Bill half-laughs as he takes a seat near the bed, “Moving up in the world. This place is better than Bellevue, that’s for sure.”

"What happens when you don't leave it up to first responders to pick." Mike murmurs, eyes following Bill as he sits down, "Guess it sells the rehab story to have a cushy setup." He gives a weak, forced smile before letting it drop, "Haven't seen you much."

“Yeah, been busy, you know. . .” Bill looks away a second as he takes in the move lavish room, “And you? So what exactly happened and what have you been up to? Still getting into trouble I see.” He smirks again as he looks to Mike.

"Wasn't looking for it." Mike replies, shaking his head slightly before resting his head back on the pillow, "Lost my powers so no more meds for the sleep, Did some touring, released another album, did some acting roles... movie did better than I thought..." His voice dies away as he frowns.

Noting the frown, “So movies did well, but sucked critically, huh. Well it happens. When a lot of musicians act, it doesn’t necessarily translate well. I’ll check them out if I get the chance. Any of ‘em on Netflix?” Bill asks as continues to peer about the room.

Mike shakes his head, "No, they were fine with it. Was supposed to be just an independent film. Just, wasn't expecting the reaction to be that positive." His eyes close as he sighs, "Papers and Ruth were wrong."

“Well, you never can tell with critics.” Bill hmphs a moment, “Ruth? Oh jeez, I haven’t seen or heard about her in forever. How is Blindfold doing? Her powers gone too? I haven’t really followed up with the X-Men or the students to see how’re they are doing.”

"I don't know," Mike murmurs, shaking his head, "Been going all over the place. Don't think th-" He pauses, "Cadmus isn't dead."

“Oh wow. Well, time to maybe get some other people involved, dude. You got connections to the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. . .maybe stop trying to do this on your own and get some of the others involved.” Bill offers.

Mike's brow raises. "Yeah." He replies, tone very much sarcastic in nature, "I'll go do that. When's the next open availability they have to pretend to give a shit about my problems? 2020? Perfect. Pencil me in for that then." His eyes roll, "Kind of like how I got 'HELP' building a case against the order the first time around when I asked for it."

“Well timing is kinda bad. The Xers just got Utopia and still dealing with the power loss. Osborn got those fake Avengers and the real ones are who knows where. Try calling Ben though. FF might not be as busy.” Bill does not note the sarcasm.

Mike looks over at Bill blankly, he shakes his head. "You don't get it, they MAY be good for helping with the short term problems. But they're shit with following through on helping with the long term ones. The moment something else comes along, they will forget and then you're BACK to square one." He shakes his head, "But the hell with it. It's not like I'm chasing after the order anymore. If YOU want to, then be my guest. I got absolutely zilch more to offer you other than Cadmus was there holding the knife and the order's some fucking cult now."

“Well, sorry about that. Not to turn you down, but I have no idea how long I will be here for? At the very least talk to Ben. Everyone else has got bigger problems than the Order. X-Men have mutants world-wide losing their powers. Avengers gotta deal with Osborn and these dark Avengers. But yeah, I know the feeling about them not helping out when something comes along. They don’t even help their own. Ben’s your best bet. The FF do not have a lot on their plate.” Bill offers.

Bill's offer is met with a sardonic chuckle, "Exhibit A." Head tilting back, he closes his eyes, "But really, don't feel bad about whatever happens. Should have died or been locked up a long time ago. Just, stealing away time..." He sighs, feeling the effects of the pain killers, causing his lips to relax into a smile.

“Even if I could. . .I’m not with the Avengers or friends with any of em or any of the mutants, so. . .yeah. I only came here to see you since I was in the state of mind to visit ya.” Bill stands up and leans over the bed a bit, “There’s the smile.”

"Stay in this state as much as you can." Mike murmurs, eyes still closed "But either way, you're a friend." He gives another chuckle, "One good thing about no more powers...It's that-" Mike doesn't get to finish the sentence as the meds end up not just relieving the pain but also making him fall asleep.

Smiling as Mike falls asleep, “Well, Phanties. . .good night. I figure I should go check on my daughter. Hopefully it won’t be another 3 years.” Bill looks up at the vents and his body turns to a sand form and he flies through it and out of the hospital.

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