Massachusetts Academy sparring

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Massachusetts Academy sparring

Force and Armand

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09/03/12 14:00

Massachusetts Academy

Sparring match between student and teacher.

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-----==[ Training Center - Hellions Complex - Massachusetts Academy ]==-------

The empty hollow feeling of vacant space fills this huge room. The steel walls reflect the glaring halogen lights hidden in the ceiling. Fine cracks line the walls, floor, and ceiling in a crosshatched pattern. Thick, dark fiber-filled padding covers the flooring around the room. A steady hum of machinery can be heard and felt coming from all sides. Set about thirty feet up in the wall is a wide viewing window, allowing people to look into this room. A set of elevator doors have been set in the wall beneath the window. However, the door into the room seems to have disappeared.

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[O] - Hallway - Hellions Complex - M

Force taps his foot as he looks over the note pad...there are several names on the list. Dressed in his battle armor, his helmet on a table behind him. Hmmms softly, speaking mostly to himself, "sparring...usually is the pits..." Glancing up at the clock on the wall, waiting for the next student to show up, there is about ten minutes to go before the sparring class...session is set to start...

There's a young man...or woman who enters the area, Armand Pierre, and he makes his way in wearing a pair of comfortable black exercise pants and a fitted black tank top, hair pulled back out of his face with a simple black tie, sneakers on his feet. He's quiet though, clasping his hands together before leaving his golden backpack and leather satchel near the entrance and taking a deep breath. "Bon Jour, Monsieur..."

Force turns as he hears the voice, taking a few seconds to look Armand over and hmmms softly. Glancing at his clipboard, a glance at the clock and then back at you. "Just in a nic of time...besides my classes I teach, I was asked to give some hand to hand training as well and your next on the list..."

Armand nods slowly and clasps his hands behind his back as he looks around sheepishly. "Oui...ah yes, I am Armand." He bows his head and looks back up, taking a deep breath and the young Frenchman just looks a tad nervous.

Force smiles and nods his head slowly, with the attached pen to the clip board he gives a check and then turns alittle, moving to put it down. With his left hand, picking up his helmet letting it hang by his side. A right hand moving out, offering to shake it. "Very good, we will just do light sparring...well, I will go light, you are instructed to go all out"

Alright...guy with a helmet and a suit...and Armand is even more self-conscious about his size as he nods slowly, listening closely. He reaches out to accept the hand, shaking it as he takes another deep breath. "Light sparring, oui, this sounds...o-okay."

Force nods his head slowly, lifting it his helmet. "Well, I will go light..." pauses, "this is all part of your studies...besides schooling and learning to sure your natural abilities to their fullest, you need to know how to use them in defense of yourself" He smiles slightly, "the head mistress feels it is best to learn that that doing..." Pulling his helmet down over his head. Hissing as the helmet pressurizes. Looking back into the center of the room, "After you"

This isn't what he does, attacking and all so but Armand worries his bottom lip and lunges forward, aiming a testing punch towards the man's arm as he seems to be...steeling himself for a returning blow.

Force was expecting Armand to move into the middle of the room and start from there...taking the punch in the arm, he does not show any reaction however. His battle armor taking the blow. Turning to look at you, "very good...clearly, you know when to try to take advantage...but when faced with someone like me, none superhuman strength attacks do not have much chance...instead perhaps try to knock me off my this" Dropping down, turning slowly as he kicks his right leg out clearly trying to sweep you off your feet.

Armand is easily swept off his feet, landing on his backside with a soft French swear and he winces, taking a deep breath before kipping back to his feet, brushing his pants off and nodding slowly as he listens to Force carefully, attempting to mimic/copy the man's actions, brow furrowed with concentration.

Force would have offered to help you up...but sees you kip up. Impressed with that, move. Speaking up, "ok now...try that sweep with me...either try to knock me off my feet by sweep or just kick out aim for the ankle.." Raising a hand, beckoning you towards him as he finishes speaking.

Armand sighs softly and nods slowly as he follows Force, darting in quickly as he aims a kick for the ankle, wincing at the contact of his shin against the ankle but you can't say he doesn't try his best.

Force nods his head quickly, as you come and kick out...not attempting to move out of the way. "Good...very good, clearly if I was not dressed in this that would have hurt..." Both of his hands are held up, fingers closing into fists. "Now block the swing with a cross block and then counter strike..." Letting an right fist swing out towards you...a simple punch towards your chest, moving slowly.

Armand's body actually learns towards the punch when it comes towards his chest, almost falling into it as his free hand tugs his hair free and...the dark strands fade into a jet black shade and grow out a couple of feet as he lets a few tendrils snake like tentacles towards Force's neck and a couple other tendrils wrap around the forearm of the hand throwing the first and he tugs, hard.

Force was not expecting slow to act as the tendrils of hair wrap around several parts of his armor. Getting pulled forward and off his feet. Getting flipped over onto his back, landing with a thud on the ground as he does. Lifting his head, "not what I was expecting, but very good...." Lifting himself up slowly, pressing himself up.

Armand's breath has sped up as he regards Force's fall with wide eyes and he nods slowly, the tendrils unwrapping and withdrawing a foot and a half or so as he takes a step back, hand fading into the prism shades (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), rainbow and he raises his hands in self-defense as he watches Force like a hawk. "A-are you okay monsieur?" A concerned expression flickers over his face.

Force stands up slowly, nodding his head as he does. "Oh would need to do a lot more then that to hurt me while I am wearing my suit..." Watching you pulling back into defensive stance. Smiling under his helmet, "Now for something alittle different..." raising his left hand, towards you. A very low impressive beam of energy. Would be just enough to knock you off your feet it does hit. Aimed at your chest.

"Sacre blu-" Armand sees the hand lifting and he dives to the left taking the hit instead in his stomach as he tucks into a ball to absorb the fall/blow into a flip, landing on his back and giving a little 'eep' before he's kipping back up to his feet and closing his eyes. "Okay...oui...was different..."

Force grinning under his helmet, watching you kip up..."Very good, when you can not avoid the blow and you have to take it, you want to take it where it will do the least amount of damage..." Pauses for second, "But what would you do if I was to..." Suddenly charges towards you, clearly moving to try to grab you around the waist...

Armand watches Force, listening and he throws himself backwards into a back handspring as the man charges him and those tendrils of hair reach out to wrap around the man's ankles if he doesn’t move in time.

Force watches you spring back, he would look impressed under his helmet if you could see it. Not seeing the hair wrapping around his ankles. His charge grabbing just air. Not noticing the tendrils around his ankle. Raising both hands, "You are pretty quick on your feet..." Repulsors firing at low level one aimed high and low aimed low...

"Oh...lovely..." Armand sighs and can't exactly dodge as quickly as Force can fire so he tugs hard at one ankle with his hair as he withdraw the other tendrils to wrap around the wrist of the hand doing the firing and he tugs even as he takes a shot in the shoulder and stumbles sideways.

Force stumbles and pulled from his feet by the tendrils of hair. The shots going wide. Landing on his back again, giving an ummghf as he does. Laying there for a few long seconds, before speaking up. "Ok ok...I think that is enough for today..." Pushing himself up slowly, looking at you. Wanting to make sure, you are ok as well.

This was a good Armand stumbles back a few feet, falling back on his backside as he lets his hair withdraw to its original length and he nods slowly as he gets back to his feet, brushing off his pants as he tilts his head to the side. "Th-thank you Monsieur, yes...oui..."

Force pulling his helmet off with a hiss, holding it in both hands. Turning to look at you, "This was a good did very good" He smiles and nods his head quickly, "No need to thank me, just part of your training to ensure you are handle to handle any challenges that come you way..."

Force smiles as he looks over at you, "Next time I am expecting you not to hold back at all...understand?" Tilting his head slightly, "Of course, that means I will not hold back quiet as much as I was this time..."

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