Marvel Knights: Prologue 3

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Black Panther & Firestar

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08/01/12 11:14

Osborn Industries Rooftop

The Panther and Firestar discuss his organization.

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The humidity and heat of a New York summer is legendary. The city is often sweltering and obnoxiously oppressive. The only true escape is to get high and away from the street level. This is where we find the Black Panther. Though he's African and enjoys the warmer temperatures, it's nice to get away from the chaos that is the city below.

Standing on the edge of the northern face of Osborn Industries, the Panther balances perfectly against the sheering and twisting winds. His dark eyes peer over the city as he ponders recent events and conflicts.

Helicopters dart overhead and off in the distance commercial and private aircraft streak through the skies in and outbound of local airports.

With the recent attacks of the robots, Firestar and the New Warriors have been much more visible in their attempts to help as possible. Taken to increased patrols with a growing concern for the people of New York City, Firestar is very visible as she flies in the air, keeping an eye for trouble, and leaving a streak of flame painting the air in her wake. As she flies over the Osborn building, she thinks she sees someone on the roof, and veers around for another flyover to make sure.

The notice is mutual. Little escapes the Panther's attention as his head tilts upward to gaze upon the flaming heroine. He will let her set the pace and topic of the pending conversation as she is approaching him. Therefore he remains silent until greeted.

Firestar flies closer to Black Panther, hovering in the air infront of him while he stands at the edge of the roof, "the Black Panther, and here I was wondering if someone was trapped on the roof top and might be needing my help getting down," Firestar says with an awkward smile.

"No saving needed here." Is replied in a calm and welcoming tone with the hint of an accent. "Though your presence is a welcome one, Firestar.". The latter statement is accompanied by a slight nod - a formal greeting - with his fingertips touching one another just in front of his solar plexus.

"I don't expect that the Black Panther would need me to save him anytime soon," Firestar giggles at the very suggestion, shaking her head a bit, "glad you're not taking offense at that. Flattering that you'd say my presence is welcome." It's always a flattering then when the New Warriors are acknowledged rather than being dismissed as kids playing at being Superheroes.

"Quite. As your name came up in conversation just two days ago. When speaking with Cloak & Dagger, she mentioned that you would be a good candidate for our organization. Would you have time and the interest to hear my proposal?"

"That so? Cloak and Dagger were talking about me? With you?" Firestar seems a bit unsure about that, half expecting to hear Black Panther is having her on candid camera or something. "Organization?" Firestar comes to land besides Black Panther, looking up at him, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to listen. What is this about?"

Turning to face her as she lands, the Panther raises his right hand, palm to her as if to wave away concern, "We were discussing your current status and possible interest in the organization we are forming. In brief; I am setting up a loose network of heroes to face the lower to mid ranged threats that are often posed with the likes of villains that are seen on the street level. Such as the Green Goblin, the Kingpin, his agents, HYDRA, Dragon Tong, Maggia, the Lizard, and so on. The difficulty in being an effective solo hero is communication and support. For example; Spiderman faces the Rhino. He has clearly demonstrated that he can defeat the villain on a number occasions. However, if the Rhino were to team with the Sinister Six, then Spider-Man would likely need assistance. In this, I propose a means of communication and support between heroes."

"That only seems to make sense, plus, I would be pretty excited at a chance to meet Spider-Man, he seems so cool," Firestar says with a glint in her eyes, extending her gloved hand to Black Panther, "so, we shake on it? Or is there a more concrete infrastructure involved?"

Reaching to his hidden utility belt with his left hand, the Panther withdraws a small plastic case containing a tiny chip sized device that appears to be able to fit in or around the ear. It is Wakandan tech and will be resistant to Firestar's microwaves as well as heat damage.

"Indeed." the Panther agrees to the handshake and will take her right hand with his own. He will also note, "This will serve your needs as a multiband communication device."

Taking the offered device, Firestar gives it a brief look, and then reaches to place it on her ear, while asking, "I won't fry this thing, will I? Not sure how much you know about me, but I tend to not be friendly to technology," she offers as light-heartedly as she can. "I do like the idea of answering cases of villains working together, would be nice if more heroes were open to cooperation."

It's not even necessary to place into the ear, as it is like a tiny dot that will electrostatically adhere to the skin in and around the ear canal. "It is specially designed for you and shielded from radiation. You will find that the signal is clear and uninterrupted. However, the range is limited to that of the tri-state area."

"You really have heard about me then, haven't you?" Firestar flushes slightly, touched by the fact Black Panther would specifically look to have her work with him. "I appreciate the gesutre, I hope I can lend a hand when needed. Tri-state area is a good limit, I mean, I still go to school, so can't venture too far away," she winks playfully.

Another nod is offered as the Panther states, "It is a wise man, or woman, who knows other's needs and desires."

"That sounds pretty clever, is this some kind of Chinese philosophy stuff? I know I heard that kind of talk from Tai before..." Firestar shares, forgetting for a moment Black Panther may not necessarily have heard of Tai to begin with.

"Wisdom is universal. Not limited to one culture or species." He then changes direction and states, "If you are in need, activate your communicator and call out. Others will be listening. It is requested that you do the same. But know that you should take time away from being a heroine and engage your life first and foremost." Thereby suggesting that no one should be on duty 24/7.

"True, that's a very good point, way to make me feel narrow minded," Firestar says sheepishly, looking a bit embarrassed perhaps at the tendancy to attribute wisdom to the Chinese. "Good call, I certainly found out about that the hard way...well, more like my Dad let me have it for my grades dropping."

"My apologies." is stated by the Panther and then he states, "Now, if you would excuse me. Robots do not sleep." and the Panther turns as he taps his ear, "I'm on my way, Wasp." then will start bounding across the rooftop toward the opposite edge.

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