Marvel Knights: Prologue 2

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MK: 2

Black Panther and Arachne

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Chrysler Building Exterior - Rooftops - New York

Black Panther continues to recruit

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[ Chrysler Building Exterior - Rooftops - New York ]

The view of the Chrysler building is dominated by the hundred and twenty-five foot tall spire -- a spire with a secretive past. Prior to completion of his own building, architect H. Craig Severence (part of the race to build the world's tallest building) added two feet to it. William van Alen, designer of the Chrysler building, was prepared. Unbeknownst to most people, as the interior was being built, the spire was as well. When construction was nearly complete, van Alen crowned it with the spire, thus ensuring that the Chrysler Building earned the title of the World's Tallest Building (which it held for less than a year before taken by the Empire State Building).

Though it shows its age today, it is still easily one of the city's most magnificent buildings. The exterior is dark, gun-metal grey, and under the spire are decorative, sloping windows which glow at night. Six floors below said windows, on the sixty-seventh floor, reside the eight famous and angelic eagle gargoyles. Set two per corner and nearly six feet wide at the base, the enormous beasts stretch out a good fifteen feet, ending in downward-curved tapering points.

Through the windows, one may glimpse the floors that once held the exclusive Cloud Club. Space on the sixty-seventh and sixty-eight floors is now rented out to tenents. However, the bronze and marble Renaissance-style staircase with granite columns and etched glass sconces can still be seen from afar, as well the cloud mural on the high, vaulted ceiling.


Just after midnight, the evening wind is warm and humid making everything sticky. It's overcast and clouds hang low enough to obscure the tallest buildings. Just beneath the cloud layer is the apex of the Chrysler building. It's illumination cast upward against the dark clouds revealing that rain is threatened. Hidden within the long shadows between the rays of light is the Black Panther. His posture is crouched and his perfect vision peers downward to the streets below.

Upon the streets are people familiar with Manhattan's night life. Those dressed for the occasion, regardless of what it is to them. Various vehicles, street illumination, and activity.

It's not the tallest building in the city, but it still has a great view of the surrounding city, plus it doesn't have the protective fence that surrounds the edge like the Empire State building does. It's a good place to go when one Arachne wants a good, unobstructed view. And she makes her way there the quickest way she can, via the rooftops. She runs across the roof, leaping from building to building or if the distance is to great using her webs to brachiate from building to building until she finds herself at her destination. She lands on the side of the building and crawls the rest of the way up, taking a position on the ledge, leaning over to look at the people far below.

Hearing her approach, the Panther listens closely to each touch and padding of her feet and hands up the building. His head turns slightly as she draws near and once she finds herself poised, he will emerge from the shadows. In a crouch, the Panther observes his companion and realizing who she is, he states, "Good evening, Arachne." - His voice is deep with a notable accent bringing a slightly higher pitch to the vowels.

Yes Arachne is suprised by the sudden appearance of a person beside her. The sudden stiffening and jumping into a defensive position gives that away. She doesn't have her male counterpart's Spidey sense. Her eyes, unseen behind the mask, narrow as she takes a moment to determine the man's intention, "It is, luckily." she replies to him a tad warily, but she physically relaxes, lowering herself into a crouch on the ledge. "Hopefully it will continue to be that way."

Straightening, the Panther takes another step closer while offering his hand in greeting, "I am called the Black Panther, but you may call me T'Challa. I have heard good things about you. That you are strong, confident, and can handle yourself in a fight."

Leaning forward Arachne shakes the offered hand, firmly, but not aggresively so like a man would with another man. She has nothing to prove at the moment "T'Challa?" she repeats as a question, probably to make sure she is pronouncing it right. "Nice to meet you." her head cants at what he has heard about her, "You have talked to the right people than." she mouth turns up into a partial smile.

Though unseen, he will smile and it can be heard in his tone, "You've the Avengers to thank for that." then releasing his firm grip, he will back away. "What might bring you out this evening?" he asks making conversation and offering her the opportunity to share.

"I see." Arachne simply says at the explnation. She drops to fully sit on the ledge, her legs dangling over the edge. "Besides the usual crime fighting?" she peers down to where the people and cars going about thier nightly business.

Realizing that she's not a woman of many words, the Panther will move forward in the conversation disregarding the small-talk portion that is often so common in American culture. "Of course." is stated sealing the last remarks off in the void of smalltalk and he segues to, "Tell me, have you had any dealing with Wilson Fisk or Yi Yang?"

She turns her masked face to look at him "I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with Fisk since I returned to the city a few months ago. Years ago though I did." she racks her brain with the other name "Yi Yang though, is not a name I am familiar with. Is she known by something else?" givin a subject she can be more verbose.

Reflectively, the Panther answers while he turns and crouches nearby. More facing the city than Arachne. "Yi Yang is the crime lord of the Dragon Tong. An underworld organization that has most recently expanded into the greater New York area from Hong Kong. She is new to the area and from what I understand, quite deadly. I encountered her nemesis the other evening, a man calling himself Night Raven

"Is she working out of Chinatown or one of the other areas of the city?" Arachne shows some concern at the knowledge that a new criminal element has come to town. The corners of her mouth downturning "What criminal activity is she starting here? Drugs? Protection rackets?" the brow under her mask furrows

"That information has yet to be uncovered in a factual sense." Notes the Panther which is followed by, "I would posit that Chinatown is maintained by the Triad and other minor organizations whereas the Dragon Tong desires that location - if not for aesthetic and traditional purposes. At present, however, we are aware of only the location of an auction that is taking place in three days. An auction that possesses my property."

Looking in the direction of China town a moment "So we can expect Ying's people to either try to take the Triad's terrriory by force or buy them out?" she isn't sure which would be worse, more violence or the two working together in tandem. She turns her attention back to Panther "And you want to get this item back before it is auctioned or during the auction?" she maybe under the assumption that Panther wants her to get in, snatch the item and get out.

"We, Night Raven and I, know when and where the auction will be held. I am not aware of where my property is being stored. Therefore, at the auction. Which is one of the reasons I have presented the subject. In addition to, I have a proposal for you."

Even with the mask covering her face it is easy to tell that Arachne's curiosty is piqued "What kind of proposal are you suggesting?" as fun as breaking into auctions and taking stuff back sounds, mysterious proposals sound much more interesting.

"As an Avenger, you know the importance of having someone who is there to assist you in times of need. Not only in combat, but in ideas and thought processes. I am forming a loose organization on the street level - what the Avengers consider minor power threats. It is not a team, but a network with open communication between members to call for assistance and to have an actual means of contacting one another - not get lucky one night when both individuals happen to be on patrol. Additionally, there will be no 'secret or public' base. However I have secured a dojo in SoHo and the Wakandan Embassy is always open. This group would bond together to fight a common or identified foe and when the mission is complete, go their seperate ways until another threat arises. Would you be interested in something of this nature?"

Arachne listens silently as Panther explains his offer, though she can't help but chuckle at the suggestion of getting lucky with the partner du jour. She doesn't have that kind of least she hopes not. Though if she does she is going to totally blame Spider-Man for spreading such rumours about her. "If we aren't a team and don't patrol together how are we supposed to know when one of the others need help? And who is we?

Reaching into a hidden pocket around his belt area, the Panther withdraws a small, circular plastic container. No larger than a quarter in diameter. He offers it to her with an opened palm. Inside the plastic container is a tiny ear bud that would likely stick to the auricle than into the ear. Wakanda is known for exotic and advanced tech, this is an excellent example.
"With this."

Taking the box gingerly, Arachne opens it and studies the device a moment before she snaps the box shut and it disappears into a hidden pocket "There is one quesetion answered, and the other, who else is part of this alliance? Anyone I know or have worked with before?" she has turned fully toward Panther now, her attention to the city streets below nominal.

"So far, Spider-Woman, yourself and I. I intend to speak with Spider-Man, Night Raven, Moon Knight, Cloak and Dagger, Daredevil, and a few others."

Arachne nods, recognizing most of those names, if not knowing them personally at least by repuation "It will be nice working with Spider-Woman again. It has been to long since we have spoken to each other." she gives a partial smile "Between your group and the Avengers reactiving the reserve members I should be a busy woman over the next few weeks."

"As will we all." States the Panther. He then leans forward overlooking the edge of the building and as he begins to fall he notes, "We will speak again, soon." and then goes over the edge in some acrobatic feat of prowess.

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