Marvel Knights: Prologue 1

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Black Panther & Spider Woman

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07/25/12 13:14

SoHo, Manhattan

Black Panther and Spider Woman fight Dreadnoughts then discuss potential team connections.

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-----==[ SoHo and Tribeca - New York ]==--------------------------------------

This area has the reputation of being a quirky home for starving artists. The reputation is somewhat outdated; first SoHo, then TriBeCa, attracted artists, then galleries, then celebrities seeking to identify themselves with the artists, then people flocking to be seen with the celebrities, in a spiral of costs and gentrification. By now, though there are 250 art galleries in the space of one-fourth of a square mile, the artists themselves are by and large gone.

The architecture in SoHo is still unmistakable - Italianate, neo-Grecian, and Victorian Gothic structures decorated with wrought- and cast-iron. And the converted warehouses and factories still boast the expansive living spaces of their lofts; it's just that it's highly-paid professionals who can afford them, not the artists and sculptors who made them famous.

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SoHo is never quiet, the nature of the neighborhood is that it is rife with life, people, and activity. There are clubs, parties, events, and all sorts of things in this hood that is located just north of Greenwich and south of Lower Manhattan.

However, in the city that never sleeps because there's always danger around every corner, well- there's danger around the corner.

Screams are heard as people flood out of a club trying to avoid a specific threat (or set of threats within). As the people scatter onto the street and sidewalks, the threat is seen. A Dreadnought emerges from the club's main entrance. Flame erupts from its mouth, spraying the area in a wide arch. Missing civilians, but coming darn close to setting many aflame.

Another Dreadnought emerges from the club and walks to the right of the original. It raises its right fist and launches darts toward nearby bystanders.

Those darts are like 2 inch wide metal tacks. They zip through the air and before striking their target, a man-hole cover deflects them. The manhole cover was flung from the middle of the street and sails beyond into a storefront wall only to strike the ground with a clammer.

Standing in the middle of the street, The Black Panther seems poised for his next strike.

Not far from where Spider-Woman generally begins her nightly prowls, she glides through SoHo, pausing briefly upon this rooftop or that. Perched upon one such building, Jess surveys the city street beneath her, looking one way then another. She pauses, blinking as she looks down the street a few blocks, was that fire? SW purses her lips and springs from the rooftop gliding along towards where she noticed the gout of fire.

The first Dreadnought stops producing flame and starts walking toward the Panther. Oddly, they are far more dexterous than one would imagine (being a 8' tall metallic robot). The walk turns into a sprint and then springs to engage the Panther in hand to hand combat.

The two begin melee as they swing, miss, swing, miss and generally have three strikes before the Panther flips backwards and kicks the Dreadnought in the chin knocking it back and onto its back.

Meanwhile, another Dreadnought emerges from the club.

The second Dreadnought begins marching toward the crowd, with the intent of doing damage.

Getting a better look at the situation as she nears the area, Spider-Woman leaves the Panther to handle his crazy robot while she directs herself towards the other. At about forty feet away, she flicks a wrist towards the Dreadnought approaching the crowd, sending a venom bolt its way. She's not aiming to do any damage since most of the energy will have dissipated by the time it reaches the thing, she just wants its attention. She continues through the air, touching down in the next round!

And attention is what she gains. The Dreadnought turns toward the assault and spies Spider-Woman descending upon its general location. Wrist rockets are launched with raised arms sending 4 tiny projectiles toward the heroine. They will be easy enough to dodge with a twist and they will strike the buildings behind her with micro explosions.

Rockets hurt. But, she was expecting something of the sort in terms of a counterattack, so with a little roll she manages to get out of the way and drop to the ground about fifteen feet from the robot. She takes a second to glance the Dreadnought over, trying to size it up before shooting a brief glances Black Panther's way to see how he's doing.

The Panther rushes to the downed Dreadnought and using his claws rakes into the chest rending metal in such a way that it exposes the power source. He then rips it out.

"Good to see you again, Spider-Woman." the Panther announces and welcomes in a calm and peaceful voice.

The Dreadnought directly in front of Spider-Woman rushes her and will attack with two swings of the fist, a smashing down and then a roundhouse if the first misses.

The third Dreadnought rushes toward the Panther, but as it does, noxious gas begins to spray from its mouth.

Spider-Woman glances away just as BP moves to rip out the power source, calling out, "And you, of course..might want to save the pleasantries though." Looking back to her own little deathbot, she dances back a step to avoid the first punch and lifts an arm in an attempt to block the second, which is probably going to at least hurt a bit, depending on how strong the thing winds up being. Her other hand begins to come up as she tries to block, flaring brightly with green bio-electricity.

Spider-Woman is slightly stronger than the Dreadnought, but it'll leave a bruise as metal hits skin and bone. The flare of electricity leaps at the touch. Arcing into and through the robot, shorting out key systems and causing the robot to do the spastic dance before falling.

Leaping toward the third, the Panther has his Vibranium claws out, they dig deeply into the chest of the Dreadnought and then the power source is ripped out. Leaping into a back flip, the Panther lands on his feet in a crouched position. "Police are on the way. We should check the interior for more and their point of entry."

Jess steps back as the Dreadnought goes into robotic-death-throes and looks back to Black Panther, absently rubbing at the already sore spot on her arm. The dark-haired heroine nods, "Those claws are pretty brutal, you know." She comments in her faint accent with a soft chuckle before glancing towards the nightclub, "And you're right. Ready to go in?"

Without hesitation, the Panther springs into action moving into the club. Passing the threshold, he states (now out of earshot of normal persons). "My claws are Wakandan Vibranium. Quite useful in situations such as this."

The club proper is quiet, albeit the lights still flash, spotlights swing around, and there seems to be no one - no wait? a young woman and man are huddled beneath a cocktail table where they hide from the former action. Albeit, there are no true overt threats at the moment.

Following the Panther, Spider-Woman darts into the club behind him, "Vibranium?" She asks curiously while her head turns this way and that, gaze flicking around the apparently empty club. She spies the couple after a moment and calls out, "Are you folks alright? The police are on their way, and I would assume with medical assistance."

The male asks in a weak voice, "Is it safe? Did the monsters go away?"

The female looks around like a scared rabbit.

The Panther steps forward and says in his calm, deep voice, "It is safe; you may exit in a calm and peaceful manner." with a raised hand indicating the way.

Spider-Woman nods slightly, letting BP address the couple as she glances around the club again and hmm's to herself before looking to the Panther, "Shall we take a closer look around? I don't see how those things got in here."

After the couple has left, the Panther will agree, "Yes. I will take this way, we'll meet in the back of the establishment." and with that the Panther will begin walking to check side and back areas.

Nodding to the costumed man, Spider-Woman turns to move off in another direction, looking for clues!

In the rear of the club there is a back door that has been ripped off its hinges. Apparently this was the entery point for the three Dreadnoughts. Exiting, the two heroes will find no further identifying clues other than the Dreadnoughts were walking down back alleys. No true origin point can be tracked.

"It appears that we have encountered a dead end to our search." states the Panther.

Spider-Woman's lips curve into a frown as she glances around the back alley, "It does, yes. Rather troublesome to have super-powered robots just walking around the city and attacking at random." Jess lifts a hand to rub at her cheek, sighing.

"It seems to be the current threat. The Avengers have yet to pinpoint the actual cause, however, mechanical devices, robots, and cybernetic organisms are seemingly out of control." The Panther states facts he is aware of then looks to the arm used as a block, "You should put ice on that."

Jess nods as she listens, that being about the extent of her own knowledge on the current situation. She glances down at her costume-clad arm and absently rubs at it again, "I will." Spider-Woman tilts her head, looking to the Panther, "The people in the club are lucky you showed up. Think the police are here yet?"

Sirens are heard coming into the area. Beat cops were already approaching the scene. He nods, "Yes. But, do not discount yourself, you too provide a service to the people of this great city. I'm sure you would have handled the situation with utmost expedience even without my presence."

SW nods to herself as she hears the sirens nearing. She inclines her head slightly at the Panther's comments, "Thanks, Panther. We all do what we can to help, but I'm still glad you were here."

"Thank you. Now, if you would perhaps be interested in a proposal of mine." Notes and queries the Panther as he looks up between the alleyway walls toward the rooftops. "But not here." and then leap-leap-leaps - his claws dig into the brick giving him leverage with which to scale/leap to the adjacent 3 floor rooftop.

"A proposal? Of course." Spider-Woman says before following his gaze upwards with a soft laugh, and she proceeds to follow him up towards the rooftop. Leap-leap-leaping herself, but using static-cling instead of claws! She leans against the ledge of the rooftop, looking to the man, "So, what is this proposal?"

Receptive to her arrival, the Panther has found a dais of sorts (AC unit) where he crouches and well within just a few feet of Spider-Woman's landing. "I am forming a loose network of heroes with which to address lower to mid level villains - such as those you and Spider-Man face on a regular basis. It is not a 'team' per say, but a group that can call upon one another for assistance if the need arises. We will not have a base of operations, albeit I intend to utilize my Embassy and a dojo I recently acquired as an informal meeting place, and we will all share a means of communication. Would you be interested in such a union?"

Spider-Woman listens quietly to the Panther's little speech before nodding slowly, "It sounds like a good idea to me. Especially given how often we all end up working together anyways. Might as well have a way to call on help if we need it. And there are always more bad guys than good guys, aren't there?" She nods again, "Anyways, yes, I'd be interested."

Reaching into a 'utility pouch' the Panther withdraws a tiny little earbud within a circular plastic case, "This will allow point to point communication between users." Micro circuitry at its best - which is one of the many technical wonders that Wakanda is known for.

Stepping forwards, Spider-Woman lowers her gaze to the little earbud, "That'll be useful. As long as Spider-Man doesn't use it to try and be funny. What's the range on it?"

"Citywide, it will reach out to Long Island and into New Jersey." The Panther states as he gives over the plastic container while remaining crouched on the unit.

Another nod is given as SW reaches for the little container, "Thanks. I'll try to keep it in when I can." She steps back towards the ledge, arms crossing over her chest as she asks, "So, who else is on board with this little idea?"

"Your favorite, Spider-Man." he says with a knowing smile behind the mask. "We'll talk more later." is followed as he turns and vaults from the AC unit and heads into the darkness.

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