Marauder Ambush

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Havok, Shadowcat, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Arclight, Riptide, Prism, Scalphunter, Vertigo, and Mutant Thugs

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08/21/12 09:45

Mutant Town

Hey I've got a great idea, let's pretend to be bait! -Nightcrawler

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-----==[ Kitchen - Xavier Mansion ]==-----------------------------------------

The kitchen of the Xavier Mansion is reflective of a professional restaurant kitchen. Large stainless steel fixtures and appliances line the walls with a central stainless steel work table down the center running the length of the room. There is a walk-in freezer and a separate walk-in refrigerator.

Here, one can make food enough to serve an army if need be. The appliances, portable and fixed, are all modern and highly maintained.

There are three exits from this room. The south exit leads to the dining hall while there is a northern exit to the outside. The third exit is a dumb waiter (industrial sized) that descends into the lower level for storage and shipment of foodstuffs and items.

+smell used here


Alex and Kurt are found in the kitchen. They accidently ran into one another right before the dinner rush. The kitchen is for food prep. The person in charge of said prep is Laurie Collins' (Wallflower) mother. The kitchen staff is often students who are filling their quota of chores for the week. The doors into the dining area are open and there's quite a bit of hustle and bustle going on. It just so happened that Kurt and Alex came into the room on their own accord looking for something to eat before everything else was prepared. Metabolism and all that.

We open the scene with Kurt and Alex standing out of the way and over to the side of the kitchen and Alex just asked, "What happened yesterday with Harpoon?" between bites of a sandwich.

Pondering steaks or some high protein foods even (fish ... mmm), Kurt nods at Alex's question. "I don't know but I think Harpoon bears some weight for us. Considering Rahne used to be with X-Factor and we're either public hero or public enemy number one in the mutant world after what happened recently, it sort of falls on our shoulders to go dig around, fruend." Looking at the activity starting to pick up in food prep for the next meal, he throws in, "Worse case scenario, we go down to Manhattan, nothing comes up, we hit some clubs again."

"What sort of weight? All I heard is that you and Rahne ran into Harpoon. What happened with the situation?" Alex asks, trying to get clarity on the actual event.

Blinking confusedly at Alex, "That was Ant Man who was with Rahne, yesterday I was kissing Kitty by the fridge and Chenda walked in on us. Do you want to know about my situation or Rahne's?" Then a slight smile from Kurt, "I'm thinking it could be important if its not an isolated incident, if Maruaders are starting to hunt down X-Factor members that served under you, then it could affect us all. Or it could be isolated, all I know is she was attacked by Harpoon, Avengers took over and detained him."

"Slow down there... you were kissing Kitty?" Alex asks disregarding the Marauder situation for a moment and then taking a drink of the soda. Marauders can be gotten back to, Kitty rumors are better.

Blinking again, Kurt realizes he did just slip that out. "Ja, something like that. Freien markt? Excalibur was complicated, we are free here." He shrugs, not sure where else to take it for Alex, but he grins the same, obviously he enjoyed it.

Alex will place his drink and sandwich onto the counter to his left and right sides respectively then push himself up onto the same counter. His back presses against a recessed steel cabinet and he says, "You ain't getting away with that. I thought you and Richenda were a thing, or at least she's dropped her pants for you more than anyone else. So it's you and Kitty now?"

"Oh, they're both lovely women, and perhaps Chenda has dropped her pants for me accidently, but she is young," a whole year younger than Kitty, "It was harmless kissing. It always felt like she was interested in other opportunities. I persued my other opportunities just the same. I mean, its Kitty, a bundle of fun growing from cute to hot?" Kurt's tail flickers a moment in consideration, either of Kitty or some mutual prank they're now plotting as revenge for styrofoam shower.

Alex smiles and nods, "That's totally cool. Glad someone's getting a little somethin-somethin. So back to our Maurader friends, what's the deal there? What went down with Rahne?"

Still grinning, Kurt's smile fades slightly as the return to serious topic. "From what I gather Harpoon got the jump on her, if Ant Man hadn't of shown up to assist her in some fashion, we might be down one tough little wolfin girl. One less cute face to walk the halls you know. I don't think the Avenger did much but distract so she could get to Harpoon and deal with the situation, but enough to make a difference. But seeing as he was an Avenger, authorities had to be called to legally detain Harpoon. I don't know what's happened since then with the Marauder."

"What's your plan then?" Alex asks, sure that Kurt has already come up with part two of the plan. He picks up his sandwich and continues eating in a relaxed posture against the stainless steel cabinet.

"We head down to Manhattan, Mutant town, dig around a little, make ourselves assassain bait, see if we draw anyone out of the woodwork." Its that simple, they don't have the same information network when they were government, foot work may be required, Kurt adds, "And, if nothing comes up, we're already done there for some club action later - just if we're baiting, I need to be blue elf, not image induced ..."

"Sounds like we're looking to get egged... but if you're down with it then let's roll." Alex slides off the counter top with sandwich in hand taking his soda in the other. "I've got a brownstone down in the upper west side, so when we're done there, we'll need to shower and change.

"I can take an egg, I've taken pitchfork mobs on before," chuckles Kurt. "Won't hurt our reputation to show we can take a hit from the public if needed you know." Then he indicates the sandwhich and drink, in case Alex wants to finish.

Shadowcat came slipping right thru the ceiling in a flip, holding lockheed in her arms. No baloons, just an energetic Kitty as she looks around and sees them both "Oh food, great I'm hungry"

Tossing both into the trash as he walks by, Alex heads for the exit. He announces over the com, "Mirage, get suited up and meet us in the garage. We're going to mutant town - and bring extra clothing, we're going to a club afterwards."

Shaking his head, Kurt grins to Kitty, "No time, work to do, come with us. The jeep and some Sonic on the way down. All in good fun, it has to do with your dance partner, Harpoon."

Shadowcat chuckles at Kurt "We're going to come back here for showers and a change of clothes though right?" grimacingat the mention of harpoon "Yeah that harpoon is nasty" her mind already working on a strategy to avoid getting screwed up by the energy harpoon and mess him up instead


The Black Cadillac Escalade was taken from the garage by Havok who wears his super suit beneath a red light wind breaker with X-Factor written in black on the back. With everyone aboard, the team travels south down the turnpike toward the city. In route, he exits the turnpike and pulls into a Sonic where everyone orders drinks then they're back on the road again.

Pulling into Mutant Town, the team will note the typical mutant spectacles therein. Alex will ask Kurt, "Where too, navigator?"

Kurt slips in something with eggs, burrito style and as they get back on the road, he says, "I think somewhere close to Mutant Town, if we're going full view, might as well go to a place where we might be expected to show our faces." Looking at Alex, "Ugly mug in your case, handsome devil in mine." Then a grin, "Kitty is like secret weapon, she won't get booed out or egged, the new face - cute and all." Not in the PSA's.

Alex smiles because he knows the secret, but says nothing.

Having taken a seat in the back, Dani, again wearing her revamped uniform snoozes in the back. It does appear that she might not have gotten a full nights sleep. She does awaken once they hit Sonic and she gets her usual cherry limeade. The rest of the drive just has her sipping on her drink and gazing out the window watching the passing scenery.

Once they hit the city though she sits up and seems to have shaken off her tiredness.

Alex likes Mirage's new super suit.

Shadowcat blushes at kurt "Should've let me grab the water baloons Alex" she'd chosen a breakfast omelette sandwich on french toast and some bacon and sausage for Lockheed who perched on the back of her seat. She was wearing one of her old super suits, not having time to get a new one made up.

Moving through Mutant Town, Alex will find an underground parking garage on the southern border between MT and Chelsea. The garage goes down two levels before they find a place to park. Once parked and exited, Alex will note, "The MRA Building is right down the street. Is that what you were thinking?"

When Dani comes into view, Alex will glance over to her new design - even though he had the Russian trip to ogle it, there's still the random glance of belly button that is hard to avoid.

Balloons, Kurt is probably thankful there are no kicks (either directly at him or to the back of his seat depending on seating arrangements). With a nod, "Can't get more visible then that. Really though, if they're watching for X-Factor's past and present members down here (the city), they probably know we're on the move." Jumping out of the car and bamfing to land on the ground just to do it, he adds, "We walk publically enough to gain a tail, then veer off to see if they're drawn out. If nothing happens, we go wash off the eggs at Alex's place and find a club."

Shadowcat nods "We thinking of going in the MRA building?" Just give kitty enough time and she could crack those computers and the mutants would be safe. Exiting the v ehicle after Kurt as she did a flip and like all cats lands on her feet. After this? Get a new super suit!

Sliding out of the Escalade with a frown Dani straps her pack with all her equipment in it across her back, "I think I prefer the jeep Alex." since they are going to be walking around as bait all her weaponage is stored in the pack. As for the ogling if she notices it goes without comment. "Should we pair off? Or are we going to assume they may attack no matter our number?

"I'm not sure what's going to happen." Alex answers Mirage's query and adds, "But we're not going by the MRA building. This is Kurt's plan to draw out the Marauders by walking down the street and being targets. If we split up, we're just making ourselves weaker. Overall though. I'm just expecting that we get egged by the locals."

Indeed, as they talk and walk, Kurt confirm's what Alex said. "As fun at it would be to go in there, just walking targets. Either the suspicion is true and we get attacked, or its a bad excuse to get everyone out of the Mansion so we can visit a few clubs. Though it might not be eggs, it could be tomatos, or rocks, or whatever is on hand. Or simple boos and hisses." As if that's everyday, he further amends, "Or a pitchfork and torch even, been a while ..."

"No excuse to go to a club is a bad one." Dani replies to Kurt as she walks with the group. She keeps an eye on their surroundings, looking for any people acting suspicious, whether they are just disgruntled mutants or possible Marauder assassins. "Don't you mean lattes and smartphones?"

Shadowcat grins "Kurt, you better never go back to the days of super stition. Though I sure feel a target without my weapons" keeping a watchful eye around them as she walked with the group "Smart phones if we're lucky, might be laptops"

Alex will walk with everyone through the outskirts of Mutant Town. He'd like to be in the back of the team watching the costumed figure of Mirage walk, but he knows better and suspects that she would punch him or something - is that really a bad thing?

Speculation is tossed out there as the team tries to discern the path and hopefully provide enough bait for the Marauders to bite. Bait?. Belly button. There is a theme there.

Then things go south for the winter when several mutants step out of an alley in front of and on the same side of the street that the team walks. Most are punk kids about teen ages wearing gang signs/tattoos (M) and some carrying bats, chains, and spiked gloves (or maybe that's the mutant's hand). 11 mutants all together. All looking pissed.

A brave one says, "Sellouts!" another says, "Traitors!" and even another says, "We're gonna take revenge for those that were killed!". Suddenly rocks are thrown and they charge toward the team.

Chuckling back at Kitty, Kurt grins, "Nein, nein ... don't hate on the bavarian gypsies and back woods villagers for using what they know as reliable tools against their superstitious beliefs." Then they are walking ... (sneaks that in, then rolls init).

When the come out and rush, Kurt calls, "This isn't going to go the way you're planning fruends," Then silently to the group, "I'll distract, lets just try to get away from them and regroup." While he doesn't think anyone will listen, Kurt bamfs into the midst of the group, will grab for a bat and a chain and simply try to port away with some of the weapons in the group (teleport, attack, attack, teleport away with weapons assuming he hits).

Mirage winces at the thought of being hit with a laptop when SC brings it up, "If only this were a backwoods village..." the rest of her comment dies off as the thugs come out of the alley and move toward them "Beating up a bunch of teens certainly wouldn't make us look good." so she agrees with NC in that regard.

Backing up as the mutant toughs advance, she isn't against having something else fight the battle for them. It's Manhattam right, where the stray animal population outnumbers the human one by a good amount. She casts her mind out searching for those creatures, enticing them to come out an play with the nice thugs.

Weapons are taken, but there are still 11 combatants and some have useful powers. Lurching ahead, one of the stronger looking mutant teens will close the gap between himself and Havok and punches the ever loving shit out of the hero. Alex is knocked back 33 feet into a metal railing where he hits the ground on all fours, bleeding from his mouth. He looks up, pissed, glows and then from a crouched position releases his plasma - FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - and knocks the heavy back into the crowd of mutants.

Meanwhile, the other mutants have Kurt right where they want him. Struggling with one of the mutants holding a bat. They attack, Kurt quickly realizes that he needs to port and will in the next round.

Three other of the collective charge Mirage and Shadowcat. Two of them are taken out by the guy that Havok blasted and the third gets tangled up by a parking meter.

Shadowcat with all the dexterity and grace of a cat, Shadowcat flips and handsprings forward phasing as just enough to not get hit as she nears the thugs and grabs the pants of one thug. The pants phase right off him as he moves forward, left in red disney racecar whitey tighties.

From every nook, crack, and cranny as well as the sewer grate, thousands of rats begin to flow and converge on the thugs. Mirage herself knows the plan, she turns and will start moving toward Havok to retrieve him in the flight. She announces, "Fall back!"

The rats are nothing more than a distraction at best.

Some of the thugs scream like little girls. Others just dart off to get away. Two of the remaining thugs land blows on Kurt, nothing significant, if anything just annoying and embarrassing.

The thug that lost his pants looks very confused then decides running away is the best option.

Havok is pulled to his feet by Mirage and they duck down an alleyway with the intention of moving out of sight before the cops arrive or the thugs regroup and want to bring it again.

Kurt teleports away from the circle, grabs Kitty and says, "Ve are out of 'ere!" and will teleport the both of them to a nearby rooftop overlooking the alleyway that Havok and Mirage ran into.

Shadowcat tosses the pants up onto some power lines and gets bamfed away "That trick never gets old"

Well give Mirage a flute and call her the Pied Piper of Manhattan...actually better not you might get hit. Ducking down the alley with Havok in tow she moves around a dumpster glancing over her shoulder to check for pursuit then to Havok "You okay? Need to make a pitstop at a dentist?" she doesn't slow down though, until she comes to the end of the alley, which seems to be a smaller street...or maybe just another alley intersecting.

Once the dragging stops, Havok has an opportunity to wipe his mouth. He spits blood and say, "I'm fine. More pissed off that the punk actually got a hit on me than anything." he corrects his jaw and then looks both ways down the alleyway.

Meanwhile, from the rooftop vantage, Kurt and Kitty are able to see Dani and Alex's position (T alleyway intersection). They're also aware of the dumpsters, trash and such all within those corridors.

Shadowcat looks at kurt with a smirk "I think we should give a flute for haunakuh" then looks back down and gives a soft whistle to get their attention and waves "You both alright?"

As Havok checks the other alley Mirage digs through her pack. Out comes her compact bow, "Lucky shot. I'm sure." hearing the whistle she glances up to see the other two and gives them the okay sign "We can't overlook the possibility that those people were either a distraction or supposed to lead us somewhere, like into a trap or other ambush."

From an adjacent rooftop, Riptide leaps down into the center of the T alleyway a mere 3 yards from Mirage/Havok. Shuriken are thrown (10 in all) at the nearby targets. Each Shuriken does 6 points of damage and ignores armor.

Mirage is hit with 5 (6x5=30 points damage) and Havok is hit with 3 (6x3=18 points damage). They cut deeply and hurt like a son of a bitch. He then speeds off toward the north exit.

From a hidden location (behind Kurt/Kitty and on another rooftop) a shot rings out from a sniper rifle. The bullet strikes Kurt square between the shoulder blades. His body armor stops 10 points of the damage, but the other 10 points gets through and the bullet is buried in his musculature. He does not pass out from the pain nor does he fall off the roof.

Suddenly, to Kitty's immediate left (by 6 feet) someone appears. A beautiful blonde girl (Vertigo) who has the initiative and bathes the heroes in her disorienting attack which causes extreme vertigo, nausea, and the inability to do anything worthwhile. Kitty will need to +roll/feat E and get a Green Result or better to be able to go desolid to escape.

Down the alleyway (to the south), there's the yell of a woman's voice (Arclight) who slams her hands together sending a shockwave toward Havok and Mirage. (+roll/feat A) to keep from falling down, and take 10 points of damage regardless of fall)

From the east side of the alleyway, Prism emerges and will have captured the ambient light to then focus it toward the two heroes. It will flood their area with blinding light and they will need to type +roll/feat E to recover within the next round.

Shadowcat groans holding her head and her stomach as she doubles over beside kurt, sinking to her knees she starts heaving over the side of the rooftop...can anyone imagine the splash up? ew!

At the sudden onslaught of shurikens that peirce through her armored uniform, Mirage cries out, in either pain, warning or both as she tactfully retreats back down the alley, she staggers slightly, but keeps her feet under the shockwave from another directions. Her attention goes in the direction the blinding flash comes from and it is only a matter of seconds from attention to glowing psiarrow flying toward Prism.

Nightcrawler is shot in the back, and it really hurts. However, it's the one thing that keeps him from falling under Vertigo's complete control. He doubles over just as Kitty did, reaches out, grabs her ankle and then with a Bamf! the two are teleported out of harm's way and onto another rooftop three buildings to the east. He pukes. And will take the rest of the round to recover.

Havok spies Mirage's target and chooses the other - Arclight. He misses and blows out the wall a few yards down from her. He was too 'shaken up' to hit the broad side of her ass. He does start moving toward her however, as it's the best option to attack her up close.

Prism does not go down. Instead the arrow strikes his body and causes him to glow slightly. He smiles. He is still within 2 areas away from Mirage.

Arclight sees the challenge and will charge Havok. She closes the distance between the two of them and will try to grapple with him. She misses and moves past him by a foot giving him plenty of a target of her right flank.

Riptide appears in the alleyway next to Prism and begins rushing Mirage's position. He hurls another 5 shurkien, 3 will hit (3x6=18 damage). They cut deeply and spin away not burying themselves into her. He also closes to within 1 area of Mirage.

Vertigo discontinues her assault of that area since Kurt and Kitty are no longer there. She looks down in the allway and will hold her next attack so as not to hit her teammate.

Scalphunter remains hidden amid the rooftops far away. He does not reveal his location.

Prism moves behind Riptide (far more slowly) and will start his charge toward Mirage expecting that Riptide will zoom past her in his next round.

Kitty, it should be known that you are at least 6 areas away from the battle. You can NOT get there in time to interact with the current battle. It's up to Kurt to port you back, so if you want to hold this round to go after him, it's best.

Mirage frowns but is not overly surprised when Prism doesn't fall, it was a weak psiarrow, but it was worth the shot. As Riptide rushes in with shurikens flying she takes a few retreating steps back as they hit and ricochet off her. She really hates being a pincushion. In retaliation another psiarrow flies, this one at Riptide and brighter and more intense then the first one.

As Arclight passes Havok, he turns and unleashes a plasma blast at point blank range FOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!. She is struck in the right flank and blasted against a nearby dumpster (15 yards away). She will take 90 points of damage, lose one rank of endurance, but not be stunned. She will get to act in the next round.

Kurt says, "Kitty, I'm going to port you back to where we were, go desolid the second I do." He grabs, ports and both of them are standing upon the ledge where they left. Vertigo is still there, until Kurt leaps upon her and teleports them both away.

Kitty will have the opportunity to see Riptide fall to the ground and skid along the pavement after Mirage's arrow pierces his chest and his psyche.

Shadowcat nods to kurt and phases the second he bamfs her in. Leaping off the rooftop she takes a deep breath and falls thru the ground right behind him and into the sewers below the streets.

Despite the fact that both of her targets have been in front of her, Mirage is somewhat aware of what is going on behind her. The sound of the plasma discharge followed by a crash, it's not hard to put together the auditory clues even in her pained state. Riptide down and only Prism in front of her she fires again, though hopefully that will be the last. After Prism she can't fire anymore of the psiarrows without the one effecting Riptide fading.

"Stay down!" Havok yells before releasing another blast toward Arclight. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! She's struck square in the chest and then blasted back into the dumpster where she slumps unconscious.

Prism falls to the ground and there seem to be no other apparent targets. Kurt is off somewhere dealing with Vertigo (and will port in at the end of the round).

Leaning against wall nearby, as Prism falls, Mirage glances over her shoulder to see that the other all the threats have been handled. Dropping her back to the ground, she is quick to follow it, though not in the passout manner, just in the dang I hurt all over kind of way. She may need help to the vehicle once she is banagaged.

Shadowcat rose up from the ground and looked around. Seeing Mirage badly hurt she ran over and rummaged in mirage's pack...why the heck was all this stuff in up she took a maxi from her back pocket and unwrapped it, holding it firmly to the worst of Mirage's injuries.

Kurt teleports in. He appears in the center of the T of the allway in a crouched position. He looks around at all the fallen targets and asks, "Did ve vin?"

Havok and Kurt will both converge on Mirage to render aid.

Kurt will be instructed to teleport Kitty and Mirage back to the SUV and see to Mirage's medical needs. Havok will stay to address the authorities who will arrive within a minute after the battle ended.

The End

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