Manufacturing Madhouse

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Manufacturing Madhouse

Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Amora the Enchantress

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07/17/12 10:30

Endo Electronics, Staten Island, New York City

What at first appears might be another attack by the Ghost turns out to be some of the manufacturing robots in a clean room going dangerously nuts. Suzi has to save her workers. Sally and Amora help. Weird, hunh?

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Between the issues with Amora and the challenges with the Ghost, 'May you live in interesting times' definitely seems to apply to Suzanne Endo's life of late. Then again, it has for years, since that rift in spacetime opened in her lab. But today, things may get even more interesting. Suzi is seated at her desk at the Endo Electronics campus on Staten Island, going over reports and data on her computer when an alert comes up, followed almost immediately by the distant sound of a klaxxon alarm sounding. Suzi glances at her screen first, and then up to the blonde woman seated nearby. "Grab the case, Sally. Something is wrong on the manufacturing floor of the microprocessor line. It could be our phantom friend." She locks and shuts down her computer, then sets the physical security as she is getting up from her desk, preparing to run /towards/ the trouble, rather than away from it.

What does one do when looking like she's supposed to be a PA? The job she's actually paid for. Files sit on the desk, she's assigned, along with a laptop, no signals to or from the device, as she's typing at it, notes from one file or another.

At the sound of the warning klaxon, a quick set of key presses locks and sets the security on it the laptop, the files are placed in a drawer of the desk, and locked, and she's grabbing 'The Case' as directed, moving to follow after the protectee once she's up and moving. She doesn't say much though, more frowning at her decision to wear heels...again.

Heels are all part of the 'cover', the expected attire of the modern businesswoman or her personal assistant. But the wise woman who knows lives can be at stake at such foolishness finds some way to deal with that challenge: spare shoes and quick changes; choosing boots with ankle support; or whatever else it takes. For Suzanne Endo the solution is moderation in all things: her heels aren't very high, they aren't stilettos, and they are solidly built shoes with proper support, good gripping soles, etc. Footwear can look sexy and still be functional, damnit.

Suzi leads the way, though carefully not by much. At any moment now this could turn out to be an attack by the Ghost, and Sally could be her only way to survive. Galling, perhaps, but she will do what she has to do. They sprint out of the administration offices building, past the research buildings, and head across the campus towards the warehouses and the manufacturing building. Most of the others they pass are running in the opposite direction, away from the sounds of the alarms - that's what alarms are for, after all. But there are those who running towards the sound: security guards in uniforms; and specific staffers like safety officers and the like, those whose job it is to head into the danger.

Suzi forms up quickly with some of the lead guards, pushing the whole party on towards the facility where the klaxxon sounds. As they push on, the people they pass now are suited up in white coveralls with facemasks and hair coverings. Some of these take the time to babble to the guards about lasers and cutting torches, that the manufacturing line has gone nuts.

She's getting good at moving quickly in her heels though. Ooooh, as soon as her day is over, she's going to grab one of the floor attendants, and get a foot rub. Oh yes. She picks up what she can, once she's at the building, the line workers, the stories they tell. She steps closer to Suzi though, just behind her, and to the right. A slow breath, but she doesn't speak. She listens and looks around, looking for those that really don't belong...

Currently there are no signs of anyone who does not belong, though there are plenty of folks present who don't want to be, and are making their way out as quickly as possible. Suzanne comments, "The manufacturing line is a clean room. That means those people are largely trapped inside. They can only cycle out a few at a time. Ideally, we could cut the power and whatever is going on with the line would cease. But that would also seal the clean room and shut down the air handling systems. They would suffocate in short order. Looks like we're going to have to come up with an alternative plan." That said, Suzi pushes her way forward in spite of the restraining hand of one of the security guards, advancing on the hallway leading to the clean room in question.

As predicted, the scene ahead is pretty depressing. It looks like twenty to thirty people are queued up inside the clean room, visible through the heavy ceramipolymer windows, all pushing and shoving, trying to be the next into the very small airlock chamber which cycles slowly - best case, the cycle to get someone in, sealed and back outside is a minute, and it's taking three and four times that because of the struggling at the inner door which the safety sensors are preventing from sealing until the junction is safely clear.

Beyond the queued up folks, the room is a series of long, wide, flat table surfaces emitting light, with machines at each table. Those machines are not still or controlled, however. They seem to be going berserk. Die cutting lasers are being fired, sliced at the room, at the safety 'glass' of the windows, and at the people in the room. Cutting torches are doing the same. Power grinders are the worst. It is a madhouse of murder inside, and those staff are a captive audience.

"You might have to sacrifice the sanctity of a clean room to get your people out, and to get in there. The facility can be repaired, those people cannot." she says with a slight frown, "Unless you don't care, then cutting the power is always an option." she adds as an afterthought. She does not bring her power into play, yet.

Suzanne glances at Sally for a moment, and then nods. She can understand the woman's point, even if it doesn't make her happy. None of this does. "I don't see anyone controlling this." she comments, thinking, as she looks at the guards and safety personnel. "Go check all of the other lines and report back. I need to know if this is the only line having a problem." It should be, as it is the only one that is active, currently, working on a series of prototypes for testing on the joint Frost-Endo project.

To Sally, Suzi then says, "Back down the hall. Over there." She points to a door - it leads to little more than a glorified storage closet. She then herds the woman in there with the case. "You're right. I'm going to have to compromise the room to get those people out alive. Assuming this is the only room, the best case scenario is to get them out, then cut the power. But I'll have to override almost a dozen different high-priority safety interlocks, so that I can open both the inner and outer doors at the same time." She starts tapping in a code on her smartphone, and the case in Sally's hand gives a beep as a layer of its rather stringent security is overridden and shut down. Two more layers to go, and then she can extract the suit.

She moves, the blonde 'Personal Assistant' carrying the case and following along with Suzanne to the 'storage closet'.

A roll of her eyes as she talks about breaking security protocols and computer messings with type things.

"There's a much simpler option." Sally offers. A quick glance to the briefcase, "Make a hole through which people can get through quickly and with less trouble than messing with a computer." She holds up the case with the suit, "What's in here, can more likely do what needs to be done, rather than futzing with a computer." she says, already kicking off her heels. Anticipating the use of her power already.

Suzanne chuckles gently, shaking her head. "You misunderstand. This has everything to do with what is in that case. But I am not going to cause explosions or do more damage than has already been done, seeding more chaos, if I do not have to do so." She continues disabling the security on the case, as she motions for Sally to set it down. "There is a reason why the armor is called Cybermancer." It wasn't just about a pretty play on words.

Suzanne flicks open the latches on the case and tosses it open as she steps out of her own heels, shucks her jacket and blouse, laying these atop boxes on the storage shelves, and then shucks out of her skirt. The suit lays in the bottom of the case, in all its purple, silver and diode glory. The inside of the case is a perfectly reflective metal surface, save where the thin wires have been soldered in place connecting the demolition charges inside.

Of course, the reflection inside the case? Not Suzanne at all. Instead, Amora the Enchantress looks back out at the executive. Normally, the reflection is passive - a perfect mirror of Suzanne's expressions and mannerisms... except for it being Amora doing the expressing. This time, however, things change. Amora the Enchantress smiles when Suzi does not.

"My, something horrible seems to be happening." Amora glances ot the side, as if she can see the chaos from her position within the reflection. "All those workers who came to you, trusting you would care for them and guide them. Now, dying because they are trapped in your security system." She pauses and then says, "Well. We can't have that, can we?"

Amora leans forward, physically leaving the reflection so she can plant a kiss on Suzi's cheek. Then she sinks back into the polished surface. "There. Don't worry about the price. Your workers have already paid it."

Indeed, sensors might very well tell Suzi that there are no workers in the clean room. Every single one of them has vanished... teleported away. And all it cost them? Was a year of their life. Each. Isn't that better than dying?

A small sigh as she listens to the woman, "It's alot easier on-..." she stops though as Amora leans out of the reflective surface, and speaks, making herself know. Sally just pauses, a touch perplexed but then sets the case near, atop a set of boxes. That golden-yellow field forming around her, "Can you shut off security footage from this building? I don't need it out there that I am here..."

Suzanne was doing her best to ignore the mostly-undressed reflection of Amora in the case's inner surface, but when that reflection chooses to speak, and then lean /out/ of the surface, there is little she can do to ignore it. "They're trapped in a lab that is going wrong. And /I/ am taking responsibility to get them /out/." she admonishes Amora. No one is just going to lay the blame for this at /her/ feet. She didn't cause that stuff to go haywire, and she is here, taking responsibility and taking action.

The kiss startles her silent for a few moments, shaking her head. "What did you do, Amora? What did you /do/?! Their safety is /my/ responsibility." And if there is a price to be paid, it is hers to pay, not theirs. Suzanne growls in annoyed frustration. "I do not have time to debate this." she grumbles as she activates the suit. It unfolds itself and seals around her rather quickly. In truth, it would not be impossible to notice the similarities between the fully-suited Cybermancer and Suzi Endo, but it does make her look taller. It helps she no longer touches the ground.

Cybermancer's fingers flick rapidly. "Security cameras are no longer recording, and are showing white noise to those watching the monitors live." she comments, an altered, cybernetic voice. A few more flicks. "The overrides on the safety interlocks are engaged. I am cycling both doors open." That said, she flicks her hand and the door opens, the powersuited woman floating out and down the hall towards the former cleanroom and its out of control manufacturing robots. "I am snapping a copy of their current state for later analysis." Even as she says so, she floats through those open doors, becoming the primary target for every machine in the room, as lasers sweep towards her, cutting torches flare blue-white, and glittering golden discs - processor die wafers - are launched like buzzsaws towards her.

"Just call Emma Frost when you're done, dear. She's caring for your lost lambs" Amora's voice sounds in Suzi's ear and then... the goddess seems gone. Still in the reflections, of course. Amora does look good in the Cybermancer armor. But beyond that? No sign of her presence.

With the door of the storage room open, Sally darts out. With lessened amounts of friction, and much time in the field manuevering and picking up speed has become something quite easy for her. The blonde mutant 'skating' along to the clean room entrance, letting Suzi lead, she doesn't bother trying to dodge flame or laser or even teh occasional buzzsaw styled processer wafer. Each deflecting off of the field's surface. Once in the clean room she pushes forward, just a touch, to keep between Suzi and the oncomming onslaught of projectiles, "I can't put up the field in an area and move, so I can't do much about the fire, but mostly anything else I can stop for you." she calls back.

Most frustratingly, it takes Cybermancer far more than just a second or two to get the copy of the current operational data from those robots. That time has to be spent right in the midst of that clean room, exposed to the robot's attacks. Sally's defense keeps many of those attacks off of Cybermancer, but even so more than just one or two do get through, from gouts of blue-white flame to lasers or wafers. These strike the powersuited woman, setting a field of energy shimmering around her form as they seem - at least so far - to do no damage.

Finally, Cybermancer's altered voice calls out, "Got it! Cutting the power." Two seconds of flickering gloved fingers later, and the power in the room is cut. The robots slow, whirring in complaint, and then finally freeze in awkward positions, unmoving, no further attacks forthcoming.

"Alright. Back to the closet, fast." Cybermancer comments, about-facing and heading for the storage room from whence they came, before any gawking security or safety personnel can show up to notice that this was actually stopped by what would certainly appear to be 'superheroes'.

That was...suprisingly simple, and easy and not at all, drama filled. Sally's not quite sure what to make of it all, but it's much easier this way really. She looks back at the be-suited woman, and slides in a half loop to keep her speed up, back down the hallway to the closet, gliding along with ease, her body leaning this way and that to control her speed and direction.

She slows and then comes to a stop inside the room, waiting for Cybermancer to enter before quickly pulling the door shut.

As soon as both are sequestered in the closed storage room, Cybermancer turns to regard Sally carefully for a moment - it's pretty obvious she's scanning her bodyguard. "Alright. According to their comm traffick, none of the other rooms have been affected by this. With power shut down we are in no further danger. And I am not picking up any sign of the Ghost in any of this." Which is rather odd, in her opinion. "I'll go over their code and make sure of that later. Thank you, for helping." That cyber-altered voice goes quiet as Cybermancer lands and then pulls off the helmet, starting to unsuit. The case opens once more, reveealing Amora's reflected image, as Suzi puts away the Cybermancer suit. Then she works on dressing herself and making sure she passes inspection, rather than appearing like a woman who has recently stripped naked and then redressed rapidly. "I had not expected to need something like your Amora's help. But I appreciate it nonetheless." she comments, as she is brushing out her hair. "I trust you are unharmed?"

"I wasn't hurt in the slightest." she says with a smile, pulling her heels on once it's more apparent Suzi is ready to face the public of her company. "Though, you'll need some explanation as to how thirty or so employees ended up in Frost Tower." she reminds. Sally adjusting her clothing, and waiting to take posession of the case once again, and follow the woman from the room, "And hope noone sees us leaving the room, it could give a bad impression."

Some things cannot be easily avoided. "We'll come running down the hallway, having cut the power. They'll just be returning from searching the rest of the building as I ordered." Which is why Suzi ordered it. "Thank you, Sally." Her employees are at Frost Tower? Well, that /is/ going to be a challenge. "Let's go." she affirms, as she reactivates the security lockdowns on the case and returns it to Sally, opening the door so they emerge, close the door, and start jogging down the hallway again. Sixty seconds later, the security cameras and other systems will come online.

The blonde inwardly winces at the thought of running or jogging in heels...again. Oh yes. Massage. Say it again, massage. That will be so what Brandy will be doing later. The blonde is on the heals of Suzi, case held by it's handle, some steps behind and to the right of her 'boss'.

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