Manhattan Under Siege pt. Deux

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Manhattan Under Siege pt. 2

Black Panther, American Dream, Mirage, Night Raven

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The heroes defend the city and some aid workers during the attack.

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The sun rises slowly from the horizon, light gleaming down upon Manhattan as morning dawns yet it brings no respite. The city burns. Distant black tendrils wend their way upwards from smouldering buildings, the already overcast sky plunged into further darkness by the smoke. Large sections of the city have lost power, wreckage mars the streets, some smaller buildings having even collapsed from blazes that were forced to be left to run wild.
Yet still they come. No longer as often, yet now and again dark portals slash open reality to emit more creatures to the misfortune of the city.
The protectors of the city have had a long night, very long. No chance to sleep, rescue workers having done what they could into the night, what national guard could make it across the remaining open bridge are able to hold a beachhead around the mouth of that bridge, but has not been able to advance much farther.
Over the course of the night the tactics of the creatures changed. No longer operating entirely mindlessly, no longer as individuals, they were slowly brought together by a driving force, coming together into larger and larger groups, then moving to attempt and crush what resistance dared oppose them.
The heroes of the city were not absent. High above the city Thor waged battle into the night, and on the ground many heroes have fought the good fight as best as they could...

Tired? You betcha. Stopping? Not on your life. The Avengers have been organized all night, of course. Acting in concert - choosing to independently suppliment NYPD, FDNY, and National Guard forces rather than bunch together in one location. Fighting a holding action while the big guns of the mystical world, Strange and others, gives them information about how to stop this invasion. Hence, American Dream is out there, helping the NYPD evacuate people to emergency shelters. Using shield and disc and natural skills to protect the population as best she can while the real heroes, those without fancy gear or special powers, risk their lives to help others.

Dani looks haggard. It's been a long time since she has had to battle this hard for this long. After having looted a pawn shop and/or a sporting good store her and probably her ally for the evening are restocked with guns and ammo and other equipment that will be useful in their battle against the shadow creatures
She leans against a building in an alley taking a short breather before another wave of the shadow creatures encroach the area that her and Night Raven have been protecting.

Whether she partook or not, Night Raven isn't above looting any downed squad cars or abandoned SWAT vehicle (if they were that lucky). Out of all the nice hand held things he would end up with, he has choosen the classier S&W 5946 semi-automatic pistols. Between police and pawn shops, he's enough 19mm rounds and clips to keep operating it would seem - far less combersome than 6-shot revolver cartridges, fitting more cleanly into his jacket and trousers (pockets) it would seem. Unlike his compatriot, he's not so haggard but its not so evident considering he always has the mask on. "If we need to hole up so you can rest, just say the word," he is standing close at hand as she takes a short breather, "Most citizens are holed up as is." More like he sees what they're currently doing as clean up work or trying to stop advances - even though they're really surrounded by roaming swarms of the dark denizens.

Down the street from Raven and Mirage they hear the commotion of a warband moving. Only hours ago they would not have recognized the sound, but now the gibbering and growling of the massed creatures is apparent to them. It's a sound that grows, bouncing off the walls of the skyscrapers and echoing down the mostly empty streets of the great city.
Then they'll see them, crossing at the corner. Feral-looking wild things that leap and skip and canter as they fan out. Abandoned cars are assaulted, talons and tentacles lashing out to shatter the glass of the windshields if only for the joy of hearing the glass break. Flying creatures slash through the air, slicing between the tall buildings and calling out their war cries. A survivor who had been looking out of one of the windows above the street quickly ducks back in, whispering a prayer that hopes he was not seen.

"Fun never stops." American Dream mutters as she helps load a woman into the back of an emergency rescue vehicle. "Get going. I'll catch up." She tells the FDNY member. Then the turns and runs, cutting through an alley as a short cut. Which, as luck would have it, is the alley that Dani and Night Raven are taking refuge in. "Couldreallyusesomehelp!" She says in a breathless rush as she sprints past. She doesn't hesitate but flings her shield, hoping to bounce and catch off the "head" of one of the lead mad shadows. The trick to fighting with the shield? Never stop moving.

Rubbing her forehead, hoping to alleviate the throbbing within caused by excessive use of her powers, Dani shakes her head. "Resting is not an option. To survive is to fight." taking another deep breath she pushes away from the building "Let's move out." she states as the sounds of more of the creatures reach the alley. She hefts the larger bow that she purloined from a pawn shop and begins to head out when she is passed by American Dream. "Right behind you." she follows at a run, stopping once she gets in bow range. Lifting thebow, three of the psychic arrows form instead of the usual one and she lets them fly, each one designed for a different shadow creature target.

As the woman pushes off the wall, the other streaking past practically, Night Raven says first to Mirage, "I thought we were simply choosing to stay here, to keep shooting things." Maybe that's a joke, either way he's out with the rest of the now trio. "With that help," he echoes of the sentiment of being right behind the red/white/blue woman. "If we can keep up ..." questionable, but good thing Mirage and Night Raven, they're like range, most likely not in the habbit of running right into the middle of the ravaging shadow mobs. He'll take aim at the edges of the mob away from the woman tossing a shield around.

Dream's clearly taken a page from Cap's playbook. One of the best ways to blunt an offensive? Bust them right in the teeth. That shield whirs through the air, blurring into a red and blue flicker of motion and /SLAMMING/ hard into the contorted visage of the wild shadow. It turns only long enough to have its substance crushed by the impact hurtling it backwards into the air even as the shield rebounds, clangs off the ground, and then caroms straight back towards the vaulting sprinting patriot.
A loud cawing _howl_ goes up from the mass of creatures. The surprise attack having a strong effect on them. Two of the creatures wail as psychic arrows imbed themselves in the contorted black carapace of their bodies. The third, a tall brute like some sort of reptillian gorilla, slams its heavy knuckles around and /knocks/ the arrow out of the air, causing it to flicker out of reality.
At first there's that pregnant pause amongst them, hesitation, then that gorilloid /ROARS!/ and the shadows charge. Talons bared, the avians drop down from the sky all while the crowd of creatures gibber gleefully as they dart forth. Rounds from Raven pepper the feathered shadowy monstrosities as the masked vigilante is able to suppress their charge, making some of them veer off while one goes down with a heavy _fwumpf!_ and begins to fade.

Shannon catches the shield while running. Her fingers slip for a moment, the weariness of almost twenty-four hours of nonstop fighting getting to her. She clutches and then begins hopping. Onto the hood of a broken car. Onto the roof of the car. She leaps from there, bounces off the roof of an SUV. In midair the shield goes spinning again. This time, not into a shadow but into a fire hydrant. She grabs the shield on the rebound and lands, slamming it down on the high pressure water spray, trying to direct it toward the shadows. Using riot control tactics on the beasts.

In order to perserve her own flagging energies, Dani has been switching off between normal arrows and psychic ones. Though with them charging her she doesn't switch off, but readies to fire three more of the psychic arrows. As the creatures charge she stands her ground, her aim following the shadow creatures as they veer off and she lets the arrows fly. Only then does she move forward to keep this dwindling group in range so she can continue to pepper them with arrows.

"I," begins Night Raven, training his sight on the next shadow thing, "Am ..." Either he's concentrating or focusing on maintaining his breathing to steady his shots, or catching up from running after the American made woman (Tick reference for bonus XP), "Not ..." he refocuses, either because of psycic arrows or water tricks, "Doing ..." One fire arm lets a spent clip fall, "That ..." the other clip falls. He is talking about jumping off cars and gymnastics, which, apparently, he isn't going to be doing any time soon.

They actually seem to work well together as Mirage and Night Raven support American Dream. She takes the brunt of the attention from the monsters, their focus on this bright red and blue silhouette that moves so quickly.
When she lands and smashes open the last bolt holding the fire hydrant's top together, she's able to channel that spray into a powerful sweeping jackhammer that slams hard into each of the creatures as they draw near. For a time their charge is blunted, and two of the avians are smashed out of the sky by the impact of the highly pressurized water. They're able to be dispatched by arrows and gunfire each in turn, their shadowy forms fading with a flicker of white fire.
In the rear of the warband one of the Possessed opens its contorted mouth to wail its outrage, even as it turns and sweeps a beam of black energy out towards Mirage and Night Raven.
For a moment Dream might be almost exultant, or at least satisfied as the shadowy charge is halted. But then that gorilloid seems almost to appear out of nowhere, the water washing over its massive torso yet not displacing it. Instead the creature raises its twin fists into the air and tries to bring them down heavily upon the nimble hero.

If she weren't an icon of truth, justice, and apple pie? American Dream might be swearing right now. Instead, she mutters something incoherent and brings her shield up to absorb the blow. Thank you indestructable shield!

Dani pulls back the string on her bow, the arrow forms, though the glowing of it is not so bright. Each one fired is getting weaker from her extended use. Before she gets a chance to let it loose though she is hit by the black energy and it flows into her. Staggering back the bow drops from her hands as they clutch her head, her teeth grind together and she shakes her head back and forth as she fights off the mental effects of the attack.

Either he rolls or dives out of the way, or steps aside even, but whichever case, he seems still focused on firing rounds down range. He makes aim for the gorilloid as it seems to be bearing down on their biggest asset currently and he doesn't want to be mobbed while their at a stand off over ther. Still, Night Raven moves over to near Mirage, tucking one of the semi-automitic pistols away and reaching a hand for her, "Its ok Inez, I won't let them get you this time." His posture more defensive of this imaginary person he is defending, who has taken the shape of Dani. Maybe he did catch some of that dark-force and is off into another of his realities.

Those giant fists come down, blurring with the speed of the impact, seeking to crush and rend and smash. They connect and then...
/KLONG!/ The sound reverberates up and down the street, causing the great brute of a creature to stagger back, the other shadows quailing at the noise. Its fist fall, then shadowy impact craters burst all up and down its chest as Night Raven's pistol barks, slamming round after round into its torso. It rocks back, falling to one hobbled knee as its head comes down, it clasps at its shadowy skull with both hands, reeling.
Even one of the paramedics step forward, a 9mm pistol in his hand. He fires at the gorilloid as well and yells out, "Get away from her ya bastards!"
Yet that Possessed creature lifts its hands, aiming the next blast not at the heroes now... but at that paramedic who dares defy them.

"Hey!" American Dream says as she moves to interpose herself between the gorilloid and the paramedic. "You want to fight someone, big and ugly? Pick on someone your own size!" And just to prove her point? She crouches down for a second to grab a piece of scrap metal that's lying about in the street and begins beating her shield with it. "Come on... everyone look at the pretty and indestructable target..." She mutters.

The struggle between Dani and the black energy that is trying to possess her does't last long. She concentrates on the sounds of battle around her, using that to buffer her will and fight "You can't have me." she grinds out and the black energy finally dissapates in puff of black smoky fog. She glances at Night Raven, giving him a nod to say she is okay. Not bothering to pick up the bow just yet, she will do so later, she draws two of her own semi automatic 9mms from the holsters and fires at the gorilloid, emptying the clips if necessary.

Dropping in from above, the Black Panther lands behind the possessed creature before they blast. Instead of using his claws or dagger, the Panther strikes the back of the neck (nerve strike) of the target with significant skill and force to drop a normal human. If his initial attack isn't successful, he'll leg sweep and prepare to continue the fight.

Most likely not fighting off the bad feeling effects of the dark shadow force energy stuff, Night Raven is still focusing on the gorilloid. Even as he unloads a new clip with one hand, the other comes over his mask as his body quivers a moment. The hand that came up, rubs a forearm on the outside of his mask, as if wiping away something from his cheek, just below his eye. If not for the mask and it covering his face, one might almost suspect he's crying in there. Over his shoulder to Dani, he says, "We'll catch Calloway next time he's in town Doll, I swear to you."

The large brute of a creature lashes out in pain, in agony slashing one mighty fist through the air at American Dream. Yet it does so haphazardly, more and more craters pock-marking its shadowy carapace. It roars in pain, reeling back another step, its attempt to fully gain its feet fouled. That's when a single bullet /CRACKS/ and slams right through its cranium. The thing is already fading as it falls backwards, slowly... slowly... and before it hits the ground it is gone.
The Possessed hisses angrily as it extends its hands, the black energy starting to surge. Only to have it abruptly cut off by the impact of Black Panther's strike to the back of her neck. She hits the ground, the shadow smoke flickering around her even as she lies unconscious.
With their leader dispatched, the remaining few shadows howl as abruptly their spirit is broken. They turn, their footfalls heavy as they pound upon the pavement, almost scrambling over each other as they try to retreat.
The paramedic, still breathing hard, looks over at Night Raven. The older balding man in the FDNY uniform says heavily. "I uh, think that one was you."

The paramedic isn't the only one breathing hard. Even someone in the peek of physical condition can only go so long without rest and not feel it. American Dream smiles, though, a relieved, tired sort of smile. "King T'Challa. Am I glad to see you." She keeps her shield at the ready but steps forward, eyes surveying the area. "They'll regroup somewhere else. I hope Doctor Strange figures this out soon."

The Panther's dark eyes look to the Dream and her call. He will straighten from his fighting stance and step toward her, "The pleasure is mine; albeit the circumstances are in need of improvement." After glancing at the other heroes on the scene, offering a nod to them both, his eyes will return to the environment; seeking targets.

The guns stay up for several more seconds after the large gorilla like demon fades and the rest of the creatures break and run, Dani's arms then drop to her side. It's surprising that she isn't dropping as well. "You still with us?" she asks of Night Raven, she probably means mentally more then physically before crossing over to Dream and Panther, "Thanks for the assist." she says to both.

In his world, Night Raven pauses as he looks at American Dream quizzically - perhaps interpreted as a male following the object of the male desire. Though the paramedic seems to say that Night Raven did something. "Sir, it was not me," whatever he's being blaimed for as he trains one of his 9mm's on the paramedic - safety still off ready for the 12-pound pull of a finger to send a report. "Rest assured, I will not be returning with you to the Municipal Insane Asylum ... in fact, I will not be visiting Roosevelt Island this day or the next, nor anytime soon." There he stands waiting to see what his old adversary will do now that the 'paramedic'/orderly seems to have found him.

Meanwhile, as the heroes begin to gather their wits, the shadows continue their retreat. They fade from view, some rushing off into the shattered structures and windows of the skyscrapers nearby, others retreating down the street and turning towards the north. It leaves them with a few moments of time to rest, to gather themselves.
hat is until a great winged shadow flaps its wings, the darkness of its silhouette limned from behind by the sunlight is ominous as it lands atop a roof high above. It is a large thing, perhaps ten feet in height, looking like a hooded man now that it has landed.
And then, for the first time, one of the shadow creatures speaks.
// I am the voice of Gaius Marius, destroyer of the Teutones, and the Cimbri. Founder of Rome. First among equals. Overlord of the Army of Shadow. He would know who dares defy his trial of conquest. // The cloaked bird creature's voice is what could only be considered the devil's own, and the gleam of its eyes bespeaks the downfall of saints.

American Dream's attention is drawn to the very large shadow monster man. Her eyes narrow. "Blah blah blah." She barks, "Through out all the credentials you want. All I hear is bully, bully, bully. You want to know who defies an oversized, gutless blowhard? I'll tell you."

American Dream raises her shield into the air. "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" Then she throws the shield with all her might. A rush of righteous adrenaline giving her strength. But not making her stupid. As the shield hurls towards its target, she speaks to the Panther. "The woman in the corner is Dani Moonstar. She's a valkyrie. I'll buy you time while you figure out how to stop this monster." Then she's running, chasing after her shield and trying to keep Gaius Marius's attention on her. "Come on, you weak, two bit excuse for a Roman! Let's see how you deal with a REAL warrior!"

Putting an arm on Raven's arm Dani gives a shake of her head, she has realized through the night that he isn't all there in the brain pan. "He is not really a paramedic, it's just a clever disguise..." anything else she was going to follow up dies on her lips as the big bad demon lands on the roof above and speaks.
She wastes no time and she lets out a summoning whistle that is followed by the appearance of her winged stallion that dives down toward her so she can launch herself onto his back.

Looking into the sky, the Panther takes note of the creature that addresses the group. There's no point in speaking with the beast, especially since Dream attacks.
The Panther answers the call to arms and leaps into action. "Vakyrie! Mount your winged steed. We shall take the fight to the demon!"
He grips the wall of the structure with his vibranium claws and begins bounding upward. With the creature in sight, the Panther intends to engage it directly. His last bound will see him drawing an energy/vibranium dagger that he intends to drive into the creature's chest.
His motions are nothing more than to call attention to himself and giving the Valkyrie a chance to strike from a flank.

Well if that isn't all confusing as get out, Night Raven isn't sure anymore, good thing Inez (aka Dani) is a voice of reason. Though he's ignoring the general of darkness figure in favor of the paramedic, for his own reasons, not that the real super heroes are doing the super heroe thing. "You're lucky tonight, good sir. I still don't believe your deceptions, drop your weapon and we'll walk away from this standoff as if nothing has happened." Which it hasn't between Night Raven and the paramedic at least. "Two free souls to go as the please, be a good sport now and drop the piece." Even if not the paramedic, he's not sure he can trust the man while he's welding iron.

The creature raises its black talons, its hooded eyes glowing as the distance between its claws gleam with a blue aura. It throws its head back and the hood falls, revealing a wild mangled eagle's beak severely curved and glistening as if able to split diamonds.
The shield whirs through the air and abruptly stops between the energy that shines between its talons. Still slowly rotating in the air, the creature snarls with a grunt of exertion, then lifts its growly voice to snap.
// Actually. // It grunts as it casts the shield right back at American Dream, not at speed, more dispensing with it. // I was a gaul, you ignorant sow. //
While this is happening the paramedic drops his gun to the ground, holding his hands up and backing away slowly. "Look... look buddy, it's alright." And he turns, breaking into a run back to his ambulance.
The winged mount hurtles through the sky, landing beside Dani and rearing its head with pride. It's almost the perfect counter-point to the creatures of shadow, the pegasus being a creature of the light.
Yet for now the envoy turns to glare at Panther even as it rises up on the sweep of its wings. Climbing into the air slowly as it roars, // You would attack an emissary. Barbarians! // It hurtles back from the approach of the King, retreating. Though this does buy Dani a window of a chance to strike before it flees.

That sort of toss? American Dream can definately catch. She leaps up and snags the shield in midair, twisting into a full spin and letting go again. Sending the shield right back at the "emissary". Once the shield is thrown, she begins falling. Her arms come up and she releases two spinning discs, launching them at the same target. Let him deal with the Panther, the shield, and two of her patented Dream discs. All the better for the emisarry of the afterlife to do her thing.

Dani and Brightwind, linked in thought act as one unit. Brightwind, quick as his name implies shoots into the sky even before the woman is firmly seated on his back. This doesn't seem to bother the woman though, one hand wound in his mane the other lifted in the air as her glowing feathered god smashing staff forms in it. "I have a message for your lord and master." with those words she hurls the spear at the emissary before it can escape through its portal.

Situation resolved, Night Raven can turn and focus on watching the unfolding events with General Darkness, the Emissary and those who would stop him. As the area seems to be lacking shadow figures to pluck full of holes for the moment, he can spectate on the cool happenings above him, everyone taking to the air or moving about in a cacophany of destruction for justice.

The Panther presses the attack. His speed is magnificant as he slashes with an open clawed left hand and gripping his vibranium energy dagger with his right. All attacks lauched toward the creature. He knows of Mirage's attack, and he will be sure to stay clear. But he definitely wants the creature's attention. "You and your creatures have no place here, demon. Return to your underworld and leave the living be."

// Foul mortals! // The envoy seems about to go on as it swirls back and away from Panther, the man in black having most of its attention for now. And, to be fair, it is no slouch. It is able to float back, one great wing slapping out to foul the King's attack only for that attack to move it right into the way of those hurtling discs and shield sent sailing by American Dream.
With a whir-crack-crack! those weapons smash into the shadowy vulture sending it whirling to the side where abruptly... it is face to face with Dani.
She raises her spear and sends it flying, the mystical weapon slicing through the air and impaling the voice of Marius. There's a sharp SNAP of white fire that devours the entirety of the creature, leaving nothing of it behind save the feeling of disquiet it caused with its presence.

The discs don't bounce back but the shield does. American Dream catches it and then? She sits down for a moment. And tries to ignore her eyes wanting to close and her stomach trying to rumble.

Noting the creature is dispersed, the Panther turns and moves to the edge of the building to have the American Dream in sight. He leaps from ledge to ledge to finally land before her. "You represent your mentor with honor and vast skill. I shall travel south to engage these creatures further. Continue your good work." then he will depart. If there's a chance to address Mirage, he will offer a nod of appreciation. Then he is gone.

With the emissary defeated, Dani signals the pegasus to land where Dream and Night Raven have gathered and slumps, the only thing keeping her on the stallion is his wings holding her legs down tightly and her gripping his mane "Thanks." she responds to Panther's nod as he goes to scout other parts of the city. "I think we should take awhile to rest. We won't be any good if we drive ourselves to exhaustion. There is a convenience store around the corner, perhaps we should rally there, grab something to eat and drink if it hasn't been looted.

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